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Countdown to Jeongguk’s birthday: 3 days!


I love waking up on Valentine’s Day and finding out that 

my supreme forever boy Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in a NON-MARVEL/NON-FRANCHISE film to be directed by Richard Linklater – 

whose last five films average a 91.2% on Rotten Tomatoes (and who also directed arguably my favorite Downey film, A Scanner Darkly).

I love this.

I’ve waited so long I’m almost crying.

What a wonderful way to start my day.

Me: *snuggled in bed about to go to sleep* man I’m almost done with my work week, thank the gods and-



Inktober Day 19 - Walk Away

Notes: I’m so sorry guys, I wrote this yesterday morning but I had wifi problems. It happens quite often but I didn’t have time to post this from my phone so I decided it was best to wait until the rooter started to function again.

Anyway, this is for @grootiez, who helped with the prompt by writing “For walk away, how about teen Groot running away from home after an argument with the other guardians?“. As per usual, it’s not exactly what you asked for, your suggestion inspired this (and again, I’m truly sorry I’m late). Hope you’ll be satisfied anyway!

“I miss my best friend.”

“I’m right here, dude.”

“Flark off Quill, I wasn’t talking about you.” Rocket throws a wrench at him to make his point. Peter manages to catch it right before it hits his nose. He’d probably make a sarcastic remark, but Rocket really isn’t feeling okay.

“Have you tried talking to him?” he asks.

“What’s the point?” Rocket shrugs. “He’s a teenager. A big boy. He thinks I’m dull.”

Groot’s behavior has changed a lot, recently. He’s been in full moody-teenager mode for a few weeks, now. He doesn’t enjoy the Guardians’ company as much as before, he wants his own space, he complains that no one understands him - he just sighed and walked away when Drax pointed out that “That’s impossible, we’ve all learned how to comprehend everything you say.” -. All he does is spending the day alone in his room, playing hologames.

For Rocket, this is torture. He cares for the young tree more than it’s safe to admit. Damn, he raised him. He’s been used to Groot needing him, looking up at him in time of need, for years. Now, he feels left out. This leads to the team finding the raccoonoid sulking in different places of the ship at different times of the day.

And they have enough of it.

“Just ask him to spend some time with you. You can do something together, like old times.” He suggests. Rocket lowers his ears.

“I tried. He didn’t want to make bombs with me. I even allowed him to work on death buttons and he still looked bored! He used to love death buttons!” he complains.

“Then you’ll bond over something else.” Peter promises. Fully aware of the huge risk he’s taking, he lifts Rocket and mercilessly drags him away from the couch.

“What the hell are you doing, you disgusting-“ Peter ignores the colorful string of insults that follows. He also ignores the scratches and bites. He reaches Groot’s bedroom, opens the door and all but throws Rocket on the bed before closing the door, locking it from the outside.

“I’m going to kill you!”

“I am Groot?”

“You both listen to me now.” says Peter in a tone that means business. He uses it so rarely that it makes Rocket and Groot instantly shut up. Flark just got serious.

“We’re all sick and tired of both of you. We know you miss each other, so you’re not leaving this room until you sort this out.” Peter proclaims. He hears protests, and he knows that Rocket could hack the door in a second if he tried. He also knows that Rocket won’t try. This is too important to him.

A couple hours later, the room is still locked. Peter decides it’s been enough time and goes checking on his friends.

What he finds doesn’t exactly meet his expectations.

“Uhm, guys? Dinner’s almost read-“

“I am Groot.”

“Go away, Quill.” echoes Rocket, eyes never leaving the screen, hands moving fast on the joystick. “I’m not moving until I beat Groot’s high score!”

Knowing he’s made a terrible mistake, Peter closes the door once again. He leans against the wall.

“Everything all right?” asks Gamora, when she finds him like this. Peter shakes his head.

“I’ve created a monster.”


types of love | Resident Evil series.

I decided to step back from the spoops and draw Nyo! Nevo in a kimono bc she looks good in a kimono

tbh this could be male Nevo cross-dressing too

Either way, Nevo is a beautiful self-proclaimed God

Hands up who wants to see Mundi in a kimono (or just some dresses)


(also click for transparent)

anonymous asked:

Magnus is crying because he's been petting this dog for three hours and it won't let him leave to pick angus up from school. he's tried to take the to dog with him but it Won't Move

god what a mood. magnus is like half an hour late and angus is like “its okay sir i understand.”


in which camila tries to tickle dinah back (and dinah refuses to take it)


thank you guys so much for all the good vibes, and the happy birthday wishes! this day may not be ideal, but all your sweet thoughts and comments have made it much less crummy haha. ;;___;;

It probably wasn't tactful of john to announce that he got his braces caught in karkat's carpet this weekend when dave asked him what he did so casually