god will renew you

Whatever limitations you have, God is not limited by them. You may feel limited because you live in a certain city or because you are not as educated as many of your peers. Perhaps you feel that your personality or the way you look is what’s keeping you from finding a healthy godly relationship.

If you find yourself feeling this way, know this: God is not limited by your limitations. He is not fearful of what you are fearful of. He does not need everything to come together in your life the way you think it should, before he does a mighty work in your life. God may very well bless you with that job, that relationship, or whatever it is you’ve been praying for, but remember that you won’t get there because you led the perfect life, but because you were wrapped in perfect grace. His grace.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Our weaknesses do not keep us from God. In fact, they do the opposite. Our weaknesses force us to draw closer to Him and come face-to-face with the reality that we are merely human and can’t make it without Him. Our weaknesses force us to see where we fall short in ways where only God’s divine and perfect grace will be sufficient.

This does not mean we have permission to live any kind of way and God makes up for it. It’s actually the opposite. We must strive to live our best lives before God knowing that day by day, through our humility and obedience to Him, He will strengthen us from the inside out, making us better and better with each passing day. Just a few chapters before, the Apostle Paul reminds the Corinthian church of this:

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. - 2 Corinthians 4:16

Don’t lose heart! Though you may feel at times that your weaknesses are just too much of a burden to bear, God is renewing you day by day! Nothing else that anyone says can take a away from the fact that He makes you strong.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

Rain (A Baekhyun Drabble)

Summary: Sometimes rainbows appear even before the rain stops.

**This was a Drabble Game request: Baekhyun + “Rain”

Drabble Game: Send me an EXO member and a word (any one word) and I’ll write a short little thing about it!

NOTE: Do yourself a favor and listen to [this] while you read. It’s what I was listening to, and it really adds to the mood :3 // If you don’t want to click on the link and get redirected, just go to YouTube and search “dream baekhyun piano” and click on the video with the rainbow piano. 

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You awake to the sound of rain. Pattering softly against the window, gently pulling you from the tendrils of sleep and out of bed. Your ghost across the carpet, out of the bedroom, out of the house, and onto the porch, the paneled wood hard under your bare feet. It’s summer rain, the warm kind that saturates the green in the grass and makes the world smell like fresh soil. You cross the porch to lean against the railing and smile as droplets find your face, the sensation inevitably taking you back to a different time, another wet day.

You hurried down the sidewalk, by all accounts a walking catastrophe. Your jacket was half on, half sliding off your shoulder and exposing your bare skin to the downpour – not to mention that you were wearing a skirt too. Above, the gray skies were merciless in their pursuit to drench you, and you impatiently tugged your bag higher, raking a hand through your soaking hair as you made your way to the bus stop. Your heels clacked against the pavement. Your feet were slipping in your shoes too – and damn, these were expensive pumps. Why on earth couldn’t you have chosen a job where you could wear jeans and sneakers to work? Why on earth couldn’t you have just checked the damn weather before you left the house?

The bus stop was nearing though, and the bus was there, waiting. Thank god, you thought, walking faster with renewed energy. But no – fuck – it was leaving. It was leaving!

“Wait” you shouted and started to run. “Wait, stop!” But it was pulling away, picking up speed, and unless Usain Bolt suddenly appeared to piggyback you, you just weren’t going to make it.

He didn’t appear. And a moment later, the bus was gone.

You let out a high-pitched noise of despair and kicked off your shoes in frustration. They were ruined anyway, and your feet were already wet. Might as well make your drowning as comfortable as possible.

In retrospect, you knew that being caught in the rain really wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But it just felt like a metaphor for your whole life lately, and there didn’t seem to be any rainbows waiting for you at the end of the storm.

And that’s when the rain stopped. Or…no, it was still coming down – but there was something shielding you from it. An umbrella. But you hadn’t brought an umbrella.

The boy standing next to you did though. You looked up at him with wide eyes, watching his hair slowly get darker as water plastered it to his head, and his clothes began to cling to him. He wasn’t looking at you, simply staring straight ahead as he casually held his own umbrella over you.

“Thanks,” you laughed, and he finally glanced down at you with a smile. The world might have been dark and gloomy at the moment, but his eyes were as bright as the sun.

“No problem.”

“Are you waiting for the bus too?” you asked him. You’ve been to all the buildings on the block surrounding your workplace, and you’ve never seen the likes of him before.

“No,” he said, and you raised a brow. “My car is actually parked down the street, but I saw you chasing after the bus and felt bad when it left you behind. So I thought I’d wait with you and help you stay dry – although maybe that’s a lost cause,” he added, taking in your damp outfit and shoeless feet with a chuckle.

He was laughing but your heart skipped a beat, and instead of replying with something witty or funny, all you could manage was, “But…now you’re getting wet too.”

The boy cocked his head with amusement and nodded. “True. Maybe we can fix that.” And then, keeping his eyes on you in case you showed signs of unease, he stepped closer so that now the two of you were under the umbrella. “Better?”

You looked up at his now-shadowed face only inches from yours and said softly, “Better.” And from that day on, you no longer minded the rain.

Arms wrap around your waist and pull you against a warm chest, and you lean back with a happy sigh.

“It’s a Sunday morning,” Baekhyun murmurs sleepily, his chin on your shoulder. “What are you doing up so early, baby? Even the kids are still asleep.”

“It’s raining again,” you say, and you don’t even have to look to know that he’s smiling.

“It’s raining again,” he agrees. “I’ll go get my umbrella.”

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You know what I'm fucking proud of? For the noise we're still making. For our own con, that is all about LGBT representation. That our ship, even if lexa is dead, was relevant and will be relevant, while there's will sink between all the other m/f ships. We're the reason they even got a third season. We're the reason that no one takes this show serious. With every lesbian that dies on tv they'll name theloo as an example how NOT to do it. I'm god damn proud even if this shitshow got renewed.

you can write it: this show will die. nobody will remember it even existed. even the blarkes will outgrow it and say it was a stupid teen thing, IF they even remember they liked it. the only place they’ll ever be remembered is as an example of bad rep. meanwhile, lexa will keep being the symbol she is and inspire people. but not because she’s a character they created, but because we made her bigger than a show. 

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you by the renewing your mind. Then you will be able to discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2
The pressure today is to conform, to the culture, the traditions that surround us. You may say, “Isn’t it better to mingle with the crowd and just get along?” But God calls us to stand out. How do we do that? By filling our mind with God’s word and letting Him transform us so that we will know what exactly He wants us to do, how exactly He wants us to live. He Himself will give us the strength and courage to live such a life that will bring glory and honour to His Name.

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(1/2) I know you're not as active on here as you were a couple of years back, and that OUAT activity has died down the past year, but I just want to let you know that despite that, I've been following your blog since the beginning. Even now that you're branching off to other things, I still come to your blog DAILY because you're just a wonderful, amazing person and just coming on to this blog makes me feel safe and welcomed. Like coming home after a couple of years to visit an old friend :')

(2/2) I guess I’m sending this to tell you that a lot of us follow you for more than just your works/analysis/commentary (which are AMAZING, btw)– we just love you for you because you’re a fucking joy. Thank you so much for everything :)


oh my gooood who areeee youuuuu ilys!!!

i’ve got such big fat tears welling in my eyes, honest to blog, like i’ve such a long stressful day and then i saw this message and my little heart can barely take it!!!

i don’t know what or if anything brought this on, but like. really. thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. i honestly feel like sometimes i pull back from putting too much of myself in this blog and keeping it mostly analysis/meta posts because that’s what i feel like people want to see, so this hits right into the sweet spot of some of my latent anxieties and i feel like i can’t really properly express how much this message means to me. 

i’m really also just so touched that you feel like this blog makes you feel safe and welcomed because that is everything i set out for this space to be! and i hope to be more active again soon, i’ve just been sort of musing on where i want this blog to go, now that ouat has changed so much and i’m starting to get more into other shows. i’ve been lurking a lot lately, but my inbox remains always open! 

i’m just

so, so verklempt 

There’s also the argument ‘Books are supposed to challenge you!’ which is an interesting argument, but I don’t actually like it very much. Most of my books aren’t actually supposed to challenge you, they’re supposed to comfort you because life is a hard country and we all need a little kindness along the way. (It is totally fine if other people’s books are supposed to challenge you, just…err…#NotAllBooks or something.) I do not actually feel bad about this, because I think comfort is hard to do and generally worthwhile.
—  Ursula Vernon, and as if speaking directly to me

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31
God wants to strengthen His children so that they can accomplish His will and purpose here on earth.
- God wants to renew your strength.
- When God strengthens you, you can accomplish the impossible.
- This new strength comes as we make time for God in our lives.
And, when God, the Creator of the universe, strengthens us, we can soar like an eagle above the storm and become an over-comer.

UGGGH, But seriously; imagine Dean Smith coming out to his family
  • Dean: Listen, Ma, Dad... Jo, before I go off to Stanford, I just... how do I... uh...
  • Dean: OK deep breath...
  • Dean: When I come back for holidays... don't be surprised if I bring a dudeAND just so we're clear, it's entirely within the realm of possibilities that I'll bring home a chick.
  • Jo: So you like boys.
  • Dean: AND GIRLS!
  • Ellen: Dean, Dean, There's no reason to get upset. We understand. And we're fine with it.
  • Dean: And you guys still love me?
  • Bobby: 'Course we do, boy! What kinda sick question is that?!
  • Bobby: But I'll tell you this, just like I told you to treat every woman with the respect she deserves, if a man ever treats you like you're less than a goddamn treasure I will-
  • Dean: -Bust down his door with a shotgun?
  • Bobby: Damn straight!
  • Jo: Or bi.
  • Ellen: Joanna Beth.
  • Dean: Nah, that was funny... So what do you think li'l sis?
  • Jo: I think it's beyond lame when you call me li'l sis.
  • Jo: But if we're talkin' about you liking dudes... You try to steal my boyfriend, I'll cut you, understand?
  • Dean: You kinda need a boyfriend for that dontcha half pint?
  • Jo: Ten dollars says I beat you to it.
  • Dean: You're on.
Give Me A Shot.

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Pairing : DeanxReader
Word count : 1.848
Author : Mel

Part 6 of ‘Well, Hello Officer’

His eyes never left your body as he licked his lips and continued to take you in. His warm hand still on your crossed ankles, his thumb brushing over it softly back and forth.

“Dean.” No reaction. “Dean!”

His eyes finally shot up from your lace covered bosom to your eyes. “Hm?”

“The movie?” You reminded him. “Putting it on some time tonight?”

“What?” He got a confused look for a second, but when you cocked your eyebrow he seemed to remember. “Oh right, yeah.” He chuckled. “Sorry, got a bit… distracted.”

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There is a way to live your life in such a fashion that seems to conform to every Christian standard of obedience to God and to do it utterly sinfully, always wondering how close you can inch towards the line, always desiring the sin that God despises, always begrudging the boundaries which God has graciously placed between you and your destruction. It is not enough to conform your outward behavior to what you expect God to approve of. You must be renewed and have your heart washed clean. You must have your very desires reoriented such that you desire God and not the sin that he hates. 

Satan often times will try to fill your mind with lies, to feed you with destruction. Don’t fall for it, turn to God whenever you feel weak, God will renew your spirit and give your new strength to face with all the hardships. 

Rite of Passage to Adulthood

This is an example of a ceremony that can be done to mark the transition to adulthood and adult sexuality. Modify and use as desired!

Introduction and First Blessing
(This can be done by clergy, or by either parent as priests in their home)

[Full Name] The world was not formed by a single act. Each and every day God renews the work of creation. May God grant you the strength to constantly renew your own creation.
May you open your heart and mind to continuous growth, unexpected change, and the perpetual unsettling, liberating expansion of being alive.
May you have the courage to name and sanctify this moment of change that is shaping your body and soul in the image of the Divine….(allow space to mention moments that we are marking, either First Ejaculation or First Orgasm).
Blessed are You, El Shaddai, our God, the Renewing One of the world, who has kept us alive and sustained us and allowed us to reach this time of transformation. And let us say: Amen!

Young man/woman is asked whom they would like to have perform the acts of worship on their body. This is oral, By hand, or a combination. For boys, this may include someone who will voluntarily receive his living seed.
For girls, this includes who the wish to choose to break her hymen with the sterilized artificial penis, or even with one insertion of a real one (if permitted by law).

If a Girl, she says the following prayer:
“Father, I offer this orgasm to you in 
thanksgiving for the image of God within 
me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, 
and I worship you with all of my body 
and sexual strength as I climax in orgasm.
May the anointing fluids that my vagina produces be a sweet smelling 
sacrifice of praise to You. Amen.”

If a boy, he says the following prayer:
“Father and giver of life, I offer this orgasm and
the living seed that it will produce as a sacrifice
of thanksgiving and praise to you. Thank you for
granting me the ability to produce seed and to
one day do so to become a father.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I worship
you with all my body and sexual strength as I climax
to orgasm and release my seed. May the living seed
I produce be a sweet sacrifice of praise unto you. Amen.”

Time of self pleasuring aid by those they have chosen begins, ending is orgasm. Boy’s seed is deposited in the mouth or on the body of a female volunteer.

Person receiving living seed from the boy prays this:
“Father, I receive this living seed in my mouth 
and on my body as a witness to the new life 
You have placed within me. Amen.”

Final Blessing by one or both parents:
Child’s name], you are my [daughter, son], whom I love; with you I am well pleased. You are no longer a little [girl, boy] You are now a [woman, man]. You are well equipped with everything you need to fulfill your destiny as a [woman, man] of God. Before the foundation of the earth, God Almighty planned for your life and planned for you to be a [woman, man]. Psalm 139 says that He created your inmost being. He knit you together in your mother’s womb. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. All the days ordained for you were written by God even before you were born. There is nothing that you will ever need to do to become a [woman, man] because God has made you one. Tonight, we are simply recognizing publicly what God has done in you. [Child’s name], [Here, name all of the wonderful attributes and character traits of your child. For example, for your daughter you might say something like, “God has made you intelligent–you have a strong mind. God has made you beautiful. I’ve also noticed since the time you were a little girl that our Lord has given you a great ability to understand right and wrong, good and evil. You are able to quickly read and understand people. You get along with everyone and are well-respected and well thought of by others, young and old alike. You are a leader and have used your leadership skills to make wise decisions concerning your friends and in many other areas of your life.” I am beyond joyful that God has given you to our family as a gift. You are a wonderful [daughter, son]. I love you and bless you with the promises of God. You are His and have been set apart from the world for his Holy purposes. I bless you with God’s everlasting love, wisdom, peace, and joy. I bless you with sexuality and holy nakedness before God, and many children of your own. May God continue to keep His hand of favor and prosper you in all that you do, and may you serve our Lord Jesus Christ all the days of your life. Amen.

[Present ring, necklace or other symbol of the blessing.]
[Start celebration and feast!]

Reminder to myself (and whoever else wants to take it in) that sometimes it’s better to pray, clean off your ruined makeup, get into bed with your favourite movie, and let God deal with the problems of the day while you renew yourself with sleep. A night of worrying and prolonged upset isn’t worth it when it can be in greater hands as you dream away what is now yesterday.