god why do boys like him exist

honestly, isak probably has a mental list of “reasons why even and i are the absolute fucking cutest.” he’s barely acknowledged it to himself, but he’s secretly smug when even laces their fingers together, when he peppers his face with kisses, when he whispers into isak’s ear in that silky smooth voice of his, because no matter how many people are there, even can make any moment between them intimate. they’ve come so far and godisak’s so proud to be with this boy, to show him off to all their friends like hey, i managed to snag this amazing boy on my first try at a boyfriend, and yes, we’re a little bit gross, and yes, this is totally payback for all the hours i sat listening to your heterosexual shenanigans.  

midnight moonlight | pjm

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summary: when the ghost of beloved idol park jimin shows up in your apartment one day, everything in your lonely little life changes. (ghost au)

• genre: angst with a dash of fluff

• word count: 6.37k

• warnings: swearing; death mention

→ note: written while listening to serendipity on repeat. in advance-i’m so sorry for this.

The ghost boy sitting so casually on your couch should frighten you, but at this point, you think you’ve seen everything.

You’ve had your fair share of difficult weeks in the past. Finals week, for instance, has always been hell, with students forcing themselves to remain alive through inordinate quantities of energy drinks and sheer will alone. Sometimes, your manager schedules you to work forty-five hours a week during the holidays and then demands you to stay overtime, all while you have projects and homework and the newest films to inevitably catch up on (though you never do). Other weeks, the ability to unravel yourself from your blankets appears so far out of reach that there’s no attempt to even try to abandon your bed.

This has been one of those weeks. Exams and work and stress and insomnia and all of the above, all at once, all collectively kicking you in the ass until you are not sure how long it has been since you’ve last enjoyed the presence of the sun. It has been early mornings and late nights, espresso shots taken at 2 a.m. and the high of caffeine. A constant cycle of a half-sleeping consciousness, a tired closing of your eyes in daylight, a blacking out from lack of sleep with your face crushed against a laptop keyboard and waking up with the letters “asdf” printed on the side of your cheek.

Today alone, you’ve spent nine hours in the library studying textbooks with font so small your eyes burn, fifteen minutes eating a healthy combination of sourdough bread and peanut butter for a meal, eight hours at work handling customers who won’t shut up about the excess of cinnamon in their goddamn pumpkin spice lattes, and, finally, an hour walking home from work with black coffee staining your sweater and the aroma of chai tea clinging to your hair.

And now there’s a fucking ghost taking up residence on your living room couch, and honestly, you just want to go to sleep.

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Oh, could you please do Yandere!Jungkook, Smut? (Please and Thank You)

Warning: Smut

He was handsome. There was no doubt about it. He was the typical shy type. Not much emotion was showed towards others, though as soon as you entered a room he was in, you noticed he would always perk up a little. Like he was waiting for you. You never thought much of it, just that maybe it was a stupid little crush he had on you. Though your friends told you otherwise. That he wasn’t necessarily the person you thought he was. Not as innocent, and his face was all a mask of what hid deep inside. But something inside you just couldn’t resist what he had.

“Y/n, you made it!”

Your class mate said as you walked through their front door of their sorority house. They were holding a small party for one of the girls boyfriends birthday, though you noticed almost everyone in your year was already there. You smiled towards your friend and headed towards the kitchen, instantly wanting to start drinking. 

2 hours later

“Dam girl slow down, who you drinking for?”

You skulled your 6th drink quickly, already feeling way past tipsy seeing as you also had 3 shots earlier in the evening. 

“I’m not drinking for anyone. Just me, myself and I boo.”

You slurred looking around the room to see if you could spot a cute guy. There were many but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t looking for Jungkook. Tonight was the night you were going to confront him about the weird behaviour, but being the drunk state you were, something else was burning inside of you. You wanted him. The thought of him just got you going. The mysterious and somewhat dangerous stare he would give you when you looked at him, how perfect his hair always looked, and the occasional smirk he would do when he knew you were looking at him just made your heart beat like crazy and your core heat up quicker than any other guy you’d been with. He was honestly the sexiest guy you’d seen in your whole 20 years of your existence, and that’s why your heart skipped rapidly when you spotted him talking with a group of boys you always saw him with. His attire complemented his body so well, with his tight black jeans and white v-neck shirt, his black hair parted and those god dam earrings he always wore just made him look like a dream. 

“Don’t do it girl.”

Your friends voice shook you out of your thoughts. You cleared your throat and looked away from him.

“Do what?”

“Do him. We’ve been telling you he’s trouble from day one for a reason.”

You rolled your eyes. Yes he was taller and more muscular than you but he seemed so harmless. Like he couldn’t hurt a fly. You couldn’t stop your thoughts running wild. Just imagining him pinning you against a mattress, his body against yours as he kissed you desperately made your knees weak and the more you thought about it, the more you wanted it. 

“I know, I know. I won’t go through with it. You know me.”

You lied, acting like the innocent girl your friends all thought you were. This seemed to be the only reasonable opportunity for you to sleep with him so you were going to take it, but discretely. 

“I’ll be back in soon, I’m going for a smoke.”

You said, rummaging through your purse for the pack you bought specifically for tonight. Although you were only a social smoker, you felt like you needed this right now to calm your emotions. 

Stepping outside in the cool air, you took a deep breath, quickly lighting up your cigarette. What were you going to do? He was getting to you so badly. You even recall watching him lick his lips and feeling way too turned on by it. You suddenly jumped feeling a hand placed on your shoulder, and turned to see who it was. Instantly your head started to rush when you saw him, and how close he was to you. A small smile came over his face as he looked at yours, almost like he was studying your reaction.


He whispered, and you felt your face get hotter with how low his voice sounded. You bit your lip, subconsciously looking him up and down, somehow gaining your confidence back. You let a smirk play on your lips as you looked into his eyes, bringing your cigarette up to take a quick drag. 


You said a little more seductively then you intended. He just smirked and bit his lip hard. 

“Do you mind if I have one?”

You honestly didn’t take him to be a smoker, but then again, you didn’t know him at all. Reaching into your purse, you pulled out one and handed it to him along with the lighter.

“You don’t look like you’d smoke. I’ve never seen you on campus with one.”

He sighed, expressing a cocky grin as he leant against the porch railing, your shoulders now touching. It had honestly felt like electricity surged through your body for that split second, soon being replaced by warmth. 

“I keep it on the low. Though I haven’t been for long. I saw you having one one day and thought you looked so hot, so I thought why not take it up, maybe you’ll notice me.” 

Maybe your drunk state made you think that statement was cute, because the little voice that you couldn’t even hear anymore was trying to break through telling you that it was a little weird. 

“You’re so cute. Though you didn’t have to pick up such a bad habit for me to notice you. I’ve known who are for a long time now.” 

Your back was leaning against the railing so you could see perfectly inside the front window to the party, as well as two of your friends glancing at the two of you on the porch. You mouthed an ‘it’s okay’ towards them, hoping that they would think you’re just talking and nothing more. You wanted them to stop watching you so you could just sneak off with him somewhere. You turned your head and attention back towards him and watched him take a drag from his cigarette. God he looked so good. His innocence he gave off was totally masked by this sexy, bad boy image he’d pulled out tonight and it wasn’t helping your body stay calm at all. 

“Is that so?”

His eyes were baring into yours know and you could feel the heat between the two of you. He was so close to you now that the faint musk of his cologne was clouding your brain over the smell of burning tobacco. You couldn’t help but look at his lips, wanting to taste him so badly. 


Your friend had burst through the front door to come out and distract you. You groaned in frustration but not loud enough for her to hear. You moved away from him quickly, putting your cigarette out in an empty cup on the outside table. You went to follow her inside and as she entered first, you turned around to look at him again. As you saw his eyes on you, you held up all of your fingers, mouthing ‘10 minutes’ to him, pointing over towards the dark section of the front yard over the porch, against the house. He nodded towards you, smirking as he flicked his cigarette over the railing. 

The only excuse you could think of was faking a call. You had to leave with him otherwise it wouldn’t happen. You watched him talking with his friends, just like any normal guy. When he looked up at you from across the room, you snapped and pulled your phone out instantly, walking off with it to your ear away from your friends. You were no actor but right now, it was coming so naturally you were shocked with yourself when you returned to your friends with a saddened expression on your face.

“I’m so sorry guys, I’ve got to go catch a cab to my parents place, something bad has happened and I need to be there with them. I’ll talk about it on Monday just right now isn’t a good time.” 

Every one of your friends felt terrible for what random shit you just decided to come up with but you didn’t care. Your mind was so clouded with lust that you would do anything for it right now. As you headed towards the front door, your friends following behind you, you winked towards Jungkook. He saw, and smiled softly towards you, making you think he got what you were getting at. 

You started walking down the street towards your dorm building on campus, which luckily for you, was so close to your friends house, though as you turned around to see if your friends had gone back inside, you ran to the nearest bush, hiding out of sight to sus out what you were going to do. You waited a few minutes, realising your 10 minute request had expired. Though from where you were standing, you could faintly see someone standing right where you pointed to meet Jungkook down the side of the house. Your stomach turned and you just went for it, running close to all the houses along the street just to get back to meet him. If you weren’t highly intoxicated you would have thought you were being beyond stupid and the effort you were putting into this was ridiculous but, you were determined to get what you wanted. 

“You took your time.”

He whispered laughing at you being out of breath. Though you just giggled and walked up to him, pushing your body against his. Your hands made their way around his neck and he leaned down, your lips finally connecting. God he felt good. His smell and his taste. The way he moved his tongue against yours was making your head spin. It wasn’t long before you were moaning into the kiss, his hands gripping your ass under your short, black dress, only pushing you against him harder. You suddenly felt him harden against your hip and he instantly pulled away, clearly not wanting things to get too out of hand out here. 

“Come back to mine, it’s just down the road.”

He whispered, his eyes half lidded as he caressed your cheek. You nodded and sneakily followed him away from the house, holding his hand tightly.

5 minutes later, you reached his dorm. You were wondering where the somewhat cocky, confident Jungkook had gone. The trip to dorm was quiet though you were both rushing, and now seeing him slowly unlock his door, in no rush at all, made you question if he still wanted what you wanted. 

As his door flung open, he pulled you gently towards his bed, suddenly making you feel fragile. You sat down, watching him rummage through a box that had something written on the side. You rubbed your eyes thinking your vision was off when it looked like the end of half of your name, though his voice made you look away and back at him instantly.

“Sorry, it’s just that, you’re important to me. I want this to be important… and amazing for you.” 

You smiled, thinking he was sweet. Though this was a one night stand, right? You didn’t know anything about him and frankly, you only ever thought about having sex with him, nothing else. He stood up, kicking the box gently out of sight under his desk. His hands were filled with candles, and as he started placing them around the room, you stood up, giggling a little.

“Jungkook, we don’t need those, honestly. Just come here, I’ll make you feel good.”

He didn’t stop placing them, and just laughed at your words. You watched him intensely as he started lighting each of the candles. A not so good feeling stirring in your stomach suddenly. 

“Y/n, I want this to be all about you.”

He whispered lighting the last one. You were confused now. His words were making you think too much because this wasn’t how you thought it would play out at all. He stepped over to the front door where the light switch was and flicked it off, leaving you visible in the dull orange hue of the candles. He stepped towards you, his forehead resting against yours now as one of his hands gently cupped your face.  

“Tell me what you want me to do baby.”

His tone made you forget that weird feeling you had in your stomach and you clung onto his shirt, wanting it off. 

“Kiss me.”

Was all you could say. His lips were gentle against yours, not like before against the house. He was taking his time, though you could honestly say you were ready to go now. You attempted to initiate the excitement from earlier by kissing him harder though he just laughed and pulled away from your lips. 

“Can we just, go slow?”

You pouted your lips a little, not understanding why he was being like this. He chuckled softly, lifting his thumb up to brush against your bottom lip.

“You’re so cute. Don’t pout like that, you’re driving me crazy.”

“So are you. C’mon, this isn’t our wedding night, just fuck me already.”

You whined, Pulling up his shirt. Surprisingly, he let you take it off, and everything about his body was driving you crazy. He was so toned and strong, you couldn’t hold back the moan in your throat as you dragged your nails down his stomach lightly. You didn’t regret that action either, the soft whimper that you heard fall from his lips went straight to your core, and you looked up at him with pleading eyes. 

“Please Jungkook, just fuck me. I need you so badly.” 

Your fingers were hooked on the waistband of his jeans. You wanted them off so badly but with how he was acting, you knew to be cautious. 

“Just relax baby, I will. But I want to see all of you first.” 

The words coming from his mouth made you blush for some reason. He was treating you like you two had been in a relationship for years and were having sex for the first time. It was annoying the crap out of you, so to hurry things up, you lifted your dress off quickly, chucking it somewhere in the room, and as soon as your hands went behind your back to remove your bra, his moved to stop you.

“Hey y/n, I said slow down. Let me do it for you.”

You had given up, your arms dropped to your sides and you decided to ride out this weird fantasy he had going.


Was all you could say as you looked down. His hand lifted your chin up to look him in the eyes and his smile made everything feel like it hadn’t just happened. Why the hell did he have this affect on you?

“Don’t you dare apologise beautiful.” 

He had decided to take your words somewhat into account as his lips hit yours again. His hands now gripped your hips, pushing you towards his bed again. As you fell back, your lips disconnecting from his, he knelt in between your legs, staring at your body. It was like he was nervous.

“Take it off Jungkook. Just take it all off. I want you too.”

You tried to sound sweet and encouraging because that seemed to work with him better then sounding desperate. A shy smile came across his face as he hooked his fingers around the waistline of your panties. You lifted your hips so he could pull them off, and he did, but incredibly slowly, which brought you to more frustration which you somehow were hiding well. Once he had finally got them off, he was just staring at you, his hands moving slowly up and down the insides of your thighs. You bucked your hips that way he’d get the idea as well as shooting him an encouraging look. You watched him get out of his jeans awkwardly and noticed the bulge already obvious in his grey briefs. How could he be so turned on but so calm? He decided to hover over you, finally letting you feel him against your core. You moaned a little when you felt how hard he was and he kissed you once again. 

You couldn’t lie, he was an amazing kisser and although he was taking his time, you were slowly starting to enjoy it. Your hands were tangled in his hair, your hips moving slowly with his as you both occasionally moaned against each other. His hands had finally moved down to remove your bra, and once it was off, his attention was redirected to your breasts. He moved down, taking one of your nipples in his mouth, your back arching as his hand played gently with the other. Your whole body was writhing underneath him and the more he teased you the more you just wanted to take control over him. 

“Oh my god, you’re so beautiful y/n.”

He whispered as he kissed down your stomach. You watched his head stop right above your core and you thought to yourself, finally! Your eyes were pleading as he looked up at you and all you could do was lightly push his head further down. He laughed quietly but complied easier than he had all night, his tongue coming in contact with your clit softly, making you whimper. He teased you with gentle strokes of his tongue against your folds, working you up to a complete mess. He didn’t feel too experienced, though he wasn’t entirely bad either. His tongue was focusing on your clit directly now, his tongue swirling almost every way possible and your moans were becoming louder and louder as he continued.

“Fuck, Jungkook. Keep going.”

The words were breathless out of your mouth but finally, you were so close to your release. Pulling at his hair, you composed yourself, pulling him away. 

“Now Jungkook, please.”

He didn’t take long to remove his briefs and your eyes widened as you licked your lips. My god he was a good size. No one would think just from looking at him but dam, the boy had something going for him. 

“Oh god, you’re so big baby. You’re going to feel so good inside me.” 

When you didn’t hear anything from him, you looked away from his length and back up to his face. He was blushing. Like crazy and for some reason, that was turning you on even more. Was this boy really that innocent? Then it hit you.

“Jungkook, are you okay?”

He finally looked back at you, a small smile forming on his face. He laughed, nodding his head. You cocked your head to the side because no guy had ever acted like this with you before.

“Are you… a virgin?”

It was all you could think of that would make all this weirdness make sense. And if that was the case, you wouldn’t consider it weird, if anything you felt for him if it was his first time. He had tried so hard to make it work if that was the case. 

“Um, no. I just… you’re taking my breath away with how perfect you are. I never thought I’d get this far with you ever.” 

Well, okay. He really wasn’t good at trying to keep things mutual. You wanted to forget the awkwardness and just feel him though. You were so determined. It had been so long since you had slept with someone and you were almost there with him. He’s hot, just focus on how hot he is. 

“You’re so sweet Jungkook, you don’t have to win me over though. Just relax and do it.”

He smiled, resting his forehead to yours as you felt him position himself at your entrance. You couldn’t think straight now, his lips were on yours again as he slowly pushed himself inside you. He was filling you up so good that it was hard to believe you probably would never do this with him again. Once he was all the way inside of you, he stopped kissing you and stared into your eyes as if he was trying to connect with you. It was intense you had to admit but you just wanted him to move, so you bucked your hips gently, making you moan softly. 

“God… y/n.”

You did it again when he didn’t decide to move even after the first attempt, and you just watched his reaction again.

“Jungkook, please move.”

Right after those words left your mouth, he moved, thrusting out of you half way, really slowly, and then back in a little faster. It took him a while to find a good pace but you knew he wasn’t going rough on you at all. His eyes were on you the whole time and you were clinging to him like crazy as he managed to gently hit that spot inside of you. You had never experienced sex like this. Not even with your first, serious boyfriend. If you and Jungkook were dating you felt that this would have been so amazing and emotional but you weren’t, so you weren’t sure on how to feel about the whole situation. But your mind zoned away from your thoughts as soon as you felt pleasure slowly overcome your body. His low whimpers were filling your ears making the heat in your body rise. He sounded so sexy and the way he moaned your name was bringing you closer to the edge. You could tell he was close too just by the way his body was tensing up. 

“Jungkook, I’m so close baby keep going.”

He moaned against your neck as he marked you softly, finally speeding up his thrusts a little more, and that was it. The feeling of his hips smacking harder against yours, along with his amazing aim at your g spot sent you over the edge screaming out his name. Literally seconds after, the choked moan that came out of his mouth caused you to tighten around him subconsciously and as you felt him fill you up, your eyes rolled to the back of your head. He kissed you passionately as you both tried to calm down. He pulled out of you, lying down next to you as he traced your stomach. 

You didn’t know what to do now. Were you supposed to leave? Usually you would but you didn’t know with Jungkook after all that. 

“Can you stay the night?”

And there was your answer. You just nodded and cuddled up to him, closing your eyes, hoping to fall asleep quickly. 

The next morning, you woke up early, being in a foreign bed and all. You remembered last night so well for some reason. Most times you had a one night stand and you were that drunk you only remembered parts of the night but this one, you remembered almost everything. You remembered the weirdness, the comments, but you remembered how good he made you feel too, which made you feel guilty about doubting his personality. But then you remembered something else, the box.

You slowly moved away from him, hoping he wouldn’t wake up. When you managed to get to the edge of the bed without disturbing him, you got up gently, putting your dress on quickly. Now, you wanted to double check that box, just in case you thought what you saw wasn’t at all what you saw but, you felt so rude. What happens if it wasn’t what you thought it was? Not that you entirely knew what to expect in the box. Fuck it, You thought. You were going to look. Just a quick peek nothing more. 

Kneeling down, you pulled the box out quietly, looking back at Jungkook’s sleeping form. As you saw it clearly, the box did have your name written on the side. You gulped, scared but so curious to see what was inside it. You opened it slowly and the first thing you saw, were copies of your class schedules. Why the fuck did he have those? You lifted them out to see what was underneath. You couldn’t help the shocked expression on your face. There were pictures after pictures of you, and not ones you were posing for, ones that were taken from afar. Why the hell did he have these? You were panicking a little now. The more you looked around the box, the more little things you found. Stuff you had lost in class, to notebook pages of things he’d written down from over hearing you conversations. 

You quickly put it all back. You didn’t know what to do. You stood up, staring at the box. Do you take it? It was full of stuff about you. You wanted to burn it. He had no right to have this stuff of you and it was scaring you. You thought for a few more seconds and just decided to get the hell out of there. Grabbing your underwear and purse, you left quietly, not even thinking about having to deal with everything that just happened in the future.  

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Holy crap this is long but my god I hope you like it anon! I found it hard writing Yandere for Jungkook just because I can picture him as such a non creepy guy like he is genuinely so sweet and just fluff but! I tried and I really hope you enjoyed it. (Sorry it’s so long omg ;-;)(I need to work on my smut too omg ;-;)(Actually, this is my first proper smut I’ve written for BTS and I’m so happy it’s Jungkook ;-;) #Jungkookyousexymofogoddam

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Number 15 with Jason Todd please!

A/N: From this prompt list (https://livinginthesuperheroage.tumblr.com/post/163341239511/send-number-and-boy-name) these are still open but not for long!

“I love you, god damnit!!” You scream at him.

“Yes, that’s exactly why I need to do this,” the man you love response not even meeting your eyes that are full of tears, already shed and ones not yet.

“I swear Jason Peter Todd if you get on that plane, I will never speak to you again, it will be like you never existed!” You yell at him your voice breaking from the weight of your words. You can’t imagine a world without him, can’t imagine what you would be without him. Maybe that’s why your not physically going over there and stopping him or calling his family, you need to know who you are without him because sometime ago you forgot what that was.

He stops in his tracks and turns back to look at you. Now as your stareing into his eyes you finally realise what exactly you are doing and where you are. Your trying to stop your fiancé from getting on a plane to god knows where to kill someone you love, which is someone he hates. And your causing a scene with your red rimmed eyes in the middle of Gotham busiest airports.

You walk closer to him trying to mend the physical gap between you two, “Jason I need you to think about what your doing.”

“I’ve thought about this for a long time, you should know that better than anyone,” Jason tells you, he turns back around resuming his walk to his terminal.

You groan at this, you know you can’t stop him he’s relentless, he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants. That’s how he got you after all.

You jog up to him and stand directly in front of him, preventing him from passing you, “You can’t stop me,” Jason says.

“No I can’t,” a man just bumped into you which caused you to waver a little bit, Jason glared at him, the man apologized so you let it slide, you continue your statement, “you can’t just leave. If you do you’ll leave your life, me, your brothers and your friends. All for some stupid vendetta!”

He grabs your arm a little to forcibly, reminding you of when you first met him, you wiggle a little to show your discomfort, which he mustn’t notice. “It’s not some stupid vendetta Y/N you know what he did to me and my family!” He says.

Tears well up in your eyes threating to break, “I know Jason but I can’t let you kill him, I’ll stop you before that happens,” you tell him.

He pushes past you but for some reason turn back to you, “I’ll like to see you try,” he smiles at you.

This surprises you, you now exactly what he’s doing. He’s challenging you, it’s he’s own way of telling you to follow him and stop him because he knows you can and he can’t himself, “Is that a challenge Mr. Todd?” You find yourslef returning his smile from earlier.

“Make it whatever you want Mrs/Mr.Y/L/N,” He responds smirking at you.

You smile wide, “Well I’ll find you and stop you, you know I can.”

You hear over the intercoms at the airport that Jason’s flight is loading, he looks down at you “That’s me,” he says finger pointing up to where the voice came from that announced the flights. He looks back down too you as if calculating something, he leans in to where his lips are a inch away from yours, “Good luck,” he leans in closer now he’s just a centimeter away from your lips, “and godspeed, Y/N.” Right when you start to lean in to complete the kiss he pulls away with a smirk, then he walks away from you too his terminal.

“Damn you, Jason Todd,” you whispered to yourslef, “why do I love you.”

A/N: I hope you liked it anon and I might continue this story if enough of you guys liked it!

Jungkook Smut: 'Bully'

“Don’t FUCKING TOUCH ME!” You yelled being kicked in the stomach.
Some stupid bitches at your school decided to target you and bully you. Why did you HAVE to go to the bathroom and why did you HAVE to walk out into an empty hallway.

Just as those bullies had pushed you into the lockers and you had readied yourself for another punch in the face, you heard someone walk down the hallway.

You thanked the lords that you might finally be able to escape. You turned to look at who it was. It was…Jungkook.

Yeah…that kid. They popular kid at school part of that popular boy band. He was near perfection but to the point of being cocky.

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