god why do boys like him exist

honestly, isak probably has a mental list of “reasons why even and i are the absolute fucking cutest.” he’s barely acknowledged it to himself, but he’s secretly smug when even laces their fingers together, when he peppers his face with kisses, when he whispers into isak’s ear in that silky smooth voice of his, because no matter how many people are there, even can make any moment between them intimate. they’ve come so far and godisak’s so proud to be with this boy, to show him off to all their friends like hey, i managed to snag this amazing boy on my first try at a boyfriend, and yes, we’re a little bit gross, and yes, this is totally payback for all the hours i sat listening to your heterosexual shenanigans.  

Jungkook Smut: 'Bully'

“Don’t FUCKING TOUCH ME!” You yelled being kicked in the stomach.
Some stupid bitches at your school decided to target you and bully you. Why did you HAVE to go to the bathroom and why did you HAVE to walk out into an empty hallway.

Just as those bullies had pushed you into the lockers and you had readied yourself for another punch in the face, you heard someone walk down the hallway.

You thanked the lords that you might finally be able to escape. You turned to look at who it was. It was…Jungkook.

Yeah…that kid. They popular kid at school part of that popular boy band. He was near perfection but to the point of being cocky.

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Title: girl talk

Prompt: Friends/Genderbent

I wanted to write an actual drabble for this prompt but my writing fumes are utterly and completely spent today… so settled for writing a little dialogue!fic. :)

“So Mitsuki asked me out again yesterday.”

“Oh, did he? How’d that go?”

“I turned him down. Duh.”

“Again?” Laugh. “Chouchou, how long are you going keep to torturing him?”

“Until he mans up and stops being so oblivious. He needs to learn to act on his feelings instead of always, always talking them out.”

“I thought you liked that Mitsuki was a gentleman.”

“Yeah I do. But can’t he be like–a hot, push-me-up-against-the-wall-to-kiss-me kind of gentleman?”

Another laugh. “Do those even exist? Man, your standards are so high, Chouchou.”

“Not really–but yours are terribly low.”

“Are not! Besides, why even care about boys right now? I’m sixteen, and the only thing I have on my mind is getting to ANBU status.”

“That and pretty blue eyes.”

“I–oh my god, will you ever let that go? What does that matter that I think Boruto has pretty blue eyes? It doesn’t mean I like him!”

“Oh man, drowning so deep in the river of denial, Sarada.”

“Ugh, whatever.”

“Well, we don’t have to worry about you having dark haired, blue eyed babies anyway–because when would your dad ever allow you to be with the idiot’s brat?”

“…Papa doesn’t hate Boruto.”

“He will if he dates you.”

No. Ugh, no. That’s never going to happen.”


Bemoan. “Oh, please, let it go.”

“Hmph, whatever. How is your dad anyway? Still hot as ever?”

Roll of eyes. “You saw him two weeks ago, Chouchou, you know how he looks.”

Slow smirk. “That I do. Your dad is such a dilf, honestly.”

Ew! Never say that to me again!”

“What? I’m not blind!” Laughter. “Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway. He’s got your mom. And they’re happy, right?”

Fond smile. “Disgustingly so.”

Chuckle. “Yeah, my parents are pretty happy too. I guess war does that to people, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I wonder if something like that will ever happen to us.”

“I hope not, Chouchou. I really do.”


“By the way, have you ever walked in on your parents going at it? Because Inojin was telling me about how that just happened to him last weekend, and he was telling me about how your dad’s–”

“Oh my god, no, Chouchou. I am not talking about my dad’s ass to you again.”