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Things I wanted in the MCU:

“Shellhead” “winghead”
“You gave me a home”
“I’m not half as good at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth”
“Good morning, beloved.”
“This is Captain Handsome ordering you to rock n’ roll on that 45.”
The hug and fly
“Cap and Iron Man couldn’t make it. CSI and Grey’s Anatomy are new - they’re fighting for the remote.” “Be funnier if it wasn’t true…”
“Any excuse to get me to hold you” “you see right through me”

What I got in the MCU:

“Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off what are you?”
“Everything special about you came out of a bottle.”
“Did you know?” “I didn’t know it was him.”
“I’m sorry, Tony. But he’s my friend.” “So was I.”

Why is Superman so cocky while battling Steppenwolf? I get him being confident and all but he’s all smiling and giving one liners like “This guy’s still bothering you?” “Well, I believe in truth and I’m also a big fan of justice(?)”
I read some people compare his smile to Wonder Woman when she smiled in Batman v Superman but you have to consider that Diana is an amazon, she was trained all her life for battle, so her smiling during the Doomsday fight is acceptable because it shows her amazonian-warrior side, it tells us how she miss battle after hiding for so long. Just like how General Antiope is smiling when the Germans arrived in their island.
So i don’t think we can compare that moment to Superman’s in Justice League. He is not a warrior like Diana, his battles before Steppenwolf only includes Zod, his Kryptonian army and Doomsday. I don’t understand how he can smile and act a bit cocky with Steppenwolf, feels out of character to me. Like its such a huge leap from his old self in BvS.

when you get hate for criticizing Joss Whedon…


VIDEO: China Trailer (Beijing Press Tour Footage) - JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE

[ I was getting my copy of Dollhouse Season 1 signed by Enver Gjokaj at Montreal Comiccon on Saturday, who was sitting right next to Nathan Fillion, when Nathan popped up, the prankster that he is, and he took my DVD cover for a second, flipped it on its back and signed tinily over Enver’s face!!!!! (which Enver replied to him with “You weren’t even on this show!” ]

so this took me forever to figure out how to articulate but my biggest problem with Nat’s characterization (or lack thereof) was the way she was flirting with Bruce.

Like Steve said, he’s seen Natasha flirt up close and personal. She uses her sexuality as a weapon or a distraction, whatever fits the mission. That’s what she was trained to do by the Red Room. She was trained to be all flirty and coy to get what she wants. That was her training.

Which is exactly why it felt so wrong in the movie. Natasha wouldn’t flirt with Bruce if she liked him because any kind of flirting would feel like subjugation and deception after using it as a weapon in her arsenal for so many years. That’s how she was trained to kill. The way she was flirting with Bruce felt like she was buttering up a target or a mark. It was awkward and forced and just so wrong because if she really cared about him, she wouldn’t beat around the bush, she would say so straight out because that is the exact opposite of how she was trained to interact with people.

Natasha Romanoff was trained to use sex and her looks as weapons and you really expect us to believe that she’d be comfortable using those same techniques to interact with someone she genuinely cares about? No fucking way.

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I remember both Chrises kind of bringing up how some of their lines made them question said lines. To me it just seemed like Whedon didn't really know what to do with certain characters or maybe didn't entirely like them. Unfortunate that some of what Whedon introduced with the characters can't be undone.

They did! They’ve been…slightly passive aggressive about it, but they’ve talked about it at cons and a few interviews after the release of the film. I think it’s a matter of both, mixed in with some sort of self serving ego thing. He’s a terrible, lazy writer and it shows.

One of the biggest complaints involving Thor’s storyline- which was supposed to go more in depth with what the infinity stones were and drive the film more towards the inevitable battle with Thanos- was that it was cut so severely that all we never got see how he solved the issue in how to defeat Ultron. Not that the gratuitous shirtless shot in the tub wasn’t nice, but Hemsworth’s bare chest can’t save the plot hole no matter how much we wanted it to.

As for Steve….OH MY FUCKING GOD @ WHEDON IMMA FIGHT YOU IN A PARKING LOT I S2G. I don’t know what it is about directors that work with Chris, but they continually cut scenes that are so vital to his characters’ arcs that including them in the final edit would have changed everything. There’s this one deleted scene from AOU where Steve is in the process of putting his helmet on while emerging from the quinjet, only to look up and see an image of Captain America with the words “fascist” written above, and he tosses the helmet to the side and leaves without it. Not only does it explain why he’s not wearing it during the battle scene, but that right there is the evidence as to why Steve’s attitude towards his alter ego didn’t change so significantly from then until Civil War and where he began to give up the mantle of Captain America. The symbolism of what Cap represents changed into something he wasn’t, and Steve is beyond tired of having to repeat that time and again which makes his decision to drop the shield a relatively easy one. It’s not Captain America that makes Steve Rogers Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers is what makes Captain America Captain America. Clearly no one understands that at Marvel better than Chris himself. If I’m frustrated that we got an Avengers 2.5 rather than an actual Cap film for his last solo time as Steve, I cannot even begin to imagine how Chris feels.

I don’t know how the Russos are going to avoid these issues in Infinity War, but given that there’s 60+ characters, I’m not entirely optimistic. The only thing I’m focusing on is that we’re getting a bearded Steve Rogers, because that is something I know will never disappoint me.