god what the hell is wrong with me

Some people are God damn insolent bastards

Before I start, you can tell that I am pissed off! People who know me know that I use other words to replace cuss words. So, ever since the whole Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are racist and what not. But the people who are saying that are god damn ignorant crybabies! They are helping a friend! You some people may not realize this but Sean @therealjacksepticeye and Mark @markiplier care about Felix! And some of those people who actually agree with me would do the same. I know @pupylvr4905 would. Now think; Are you going to keep threatening people who make other people’s lives better for helping a friend, or realize what the hell you’re doing wrong?

RP starters: Heated argument.

content warning: death baiting.

  • “Are you even listening to me?”
  • “Leave. Leave right now.”
  • “What more do you want?!”
  • “I really wish you were never born.”
  • “I hate you!”
  • “Can you just fuck off already?”
  • “Shut up! Just.. Shut up!”
  • “All you do is whine.”
  • “What the hell is wrong with you?!”
  • “I can’t do this anymore. Not with you.”
  • “How did that feel?”
  • “Oh my god, I don’t care!”
  • “No wonder nobody likes you.”
  • “Is this how little you think of me?”
  • “That hurt you son of a bitch…”
  • “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!”
  • “Leave me alone!”
  • “I can break your nose if I want to.”
  • “Are you going to cry now?”
  • “I wouldn’t miss you. Nobody would.”
  • “You’re so pathetic!”
  • “I won’t forget this.”
  • “I’m going to break your jaw if you keep talking!”
  • “Why can’t you listen to a single thing I say?!”
  • “I have a right to be angry.”
  • “This would have never happened if you wouldn’t exist.”
  • “Get out of my life!”
  • “You’re nothing! Did you hear me?! Nothing!”
  • “You ruined everything.”
Antigoddess by Kendare Blake.

So I found this amazing book on amazon, bought it immediately like the crazy impulsive person I am, and I’m completely in love with it. So so in love that I just NEEDED to come here talk to you guys.
This book it’s about the greek gods and how they are dying. Something is making them weak and it’s slowly killing them. Athena and Hermes are working together to find out what the hell is happening, and I don’t know if I can say anything more them that. There is danger, adventure, funny moments (thanks, Hermes!), and so much more.
I want to make sure you all understand this not - I REPEAT - this is not Percy Jackson. Even thought it makes you laugh sometimes and it’s bringing greek mythology to the modern days, this book it’s a little more mature.
Don’t get me wrong, I love PJO. I do. Really. I write PJO fanfics, I do PJO fanart. And there’s nothing wrong in liking it (I’m also dying for the next book of Trials of Apollo). The point that I want to get is that Antigoddes it’s a little darker. I mean, our gods are dying, people. So for those who doesn’t like PJO and hesitate on giving a chance to new books about greek myths in modern days, please, don’t do it. Take a chance on this one!
I want Antigoddess to have a huge fandom, because it deserves it. Truly.
Oh! And did I mention that is a trilogy? Yeah, baby. It is.
If you are reading it, or if you already read it, come talk to me! I’m not done yet, but I would love to fangirl with you ❤️

Je te promets.

I will love you when you’re sad. When your clothes pile up on the floor because you have no energy to fold them, I will fold them for you. I will bring you breakfast in bed, kiss you even though your lips are sticky with jam. I will listen to you cry, and I will wipe your tears away when you’ve purged yourself of the darkness inside you.

I will love you when I am afraid to. I will trust you even though sometimes it scares me, because you’re too damn good to be true. I will hold your hand proudly even though nasty people in this world will think we’re disgusting for doing so. I will look God in the face and tell Him that I love you even if I’m condemned for doing so. I will burn in hell for eternity for you.

I will love you when you’re angry and I’m angry too. I want you to yell at me. I want you to tell me what’s wrong, what I did, even if it means you have to scream every word. I will get mad, I may yell back, but this does not mean that I don’t love you. Eventually, we will sit down with two mugs of hot chocolate and stay up until the sun peeks over the horizon, and we will apologize, but we will talk through the problem. I will love you through these arguments.

I will love you when you can’t get out of bed. I will slip under the sheets beside you and hold you close. We’ll research outlandish conspiracy theories until we’re convinced that every celebrity is a clone, and then we’ll laugh about it because how weird are we to believe that?

I will love you when we’re old. You’ll have crow’s feet around your eyes and sag in strange places, but I’ll still think you’re so beautiful and I won’t regret one second of my life. We’ll reminisce about our pasts and plan our futures. We’ll sit by the fire and warm our stiff bones, cats purring in our laps, coffee in my hand, hot chocolate in yours. I won’t be able to take my eyes off you.

Je te promets que je t'aimerai toujours.

—  A Promise | s.p.r.

me, a person who doesn’t know what flirting is: Lena was hella flirting with Kara, god damn dude. no chill with these flowers that overflowed Kara’s office. the heart eyes all over the place. and this “Kara Danvers, you are my hero.” etc,,

book of mormon-actual song titles
  • Hello!: If You Don't Believe In God You're Going To Die Alone
  • Two by Two: Congratulations! You Are Not Being Sent to Orlando
  • You and Me but Mostly Me: I'm Better Than You- That's What The Universe Says ft. Elder Price
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai: Our Life Sucks and So Does God
  • Turn It Off: Depressed? Compress.
  • I Am Here For You: Cunningham Just Wants A Friend
  • All-American Prophet: Wildly Inaccurate, Yes. But also a Bundle of Fun.
  • Sal Tlay Ka Siti: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Up
  • Man Up: Gotta Be Like Jesus; Now Flex!
  • Making Things Up Again: It's Okay to Lie, It's Right In Theory.
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream: Think Committing Crimes Is Bad?! Local Mormon Proves Hundreds Wrong.
  • I Believe: Even if Things Don't Make Sense They're Still Correct.
  • Baptize Me: Mormons' Excuse For Sex
  • I Am Africa: We are Africa, Not African.
  • Joseph Smith American Moses: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Shattered but At Least They Tried
  • Tomorrow Is A Latter Day: Ignore Your Impending Existentialism Because At Least We Have God
heathers soundtrack: a summary
  • Beautiful: public school
  • Candy Store: the overplayed one
  • Fight For Me: violence is sexy
  • Freeze Your Brain: surprisingly fucked up for a song about the Slurpee(TM)
  • Big Fun: property damage
  • Dead Girl Walking: SEX BREAK
  • Very/Veronica's Chandler Nightmare: voyeurism gone wrong
  • Me Inside Of Me: how in the name of fuck do you write a suicide note that fast im calling bullshit
  • Blue: the other cursed song
  • You're Welcome: hamilton's what the kids like these days right?
  • Blue (Reprise): does Not have the right to be this fucking catchy fuck you
  • Chainsaw: weird euphemisms
  • Our Love Is God: partners in crime
  • Prom Or Hell?: going steady even after he kills three people
  • My Dead Gay Son: gay dads
  • Fight For Me (Reprise): violence is no longer sexy
  • Seventeen: teenage homicide (don't do it)
  • Shine A Light: i don't care what anyone says about ms fleming this is the best song in this goddamn musical ok fight me
  • Lifeboat: jesus she's on the freakin' bus again
  • Shine A Light (Reprise): I CAN'T GET THE CAP OFF
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: surprisingly not a melanie martinez song
  • Yo Girl: she will never leave the cul de sac
  • Meant To Be Yours: bang bang, ma'am. bang bang. stick em up ma'am. this is a robbery
  • Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): why im terrified of pep rallies
  • I Am Damaged: sayonara slushfucker
  • Seventeen (Reprise): if i see one more edgy purgatory theory about this song i'm gonna eat a fridge
Lance didn't text Keith back (text version)
  • Keith: Lance!
  • Lance: ?
  • Keith: why didn't you text me back!?
  • Lance: what do you mean?
  • Keith: *shows phone* I texted you AND you didn't text me back. It's right here.
  • Lance: I didn't get a text from you
  • Keith: such bullsh*t Lance. You're SUCH a lair!
  • Keith: I don't want to hear from you Anymore!
  • Keith: See! This is why we broke up before, and then we got back together- Do you want me to break with you again!?
  • Allura: woah, woah. Keith, calm down.
  • Lance: Allura! Please, please, yes! thank god
  • Allura: what's going on here?
  • Keith: You wanna what's going on? *whispers* he didn't text me back
  • Lance: ...
  • Allura: ...you mutherf*cker- what the hell is wrong with you!
  • Keith: Yea, Its Ridiculous!
  • Allura: I can't believe-
  • Keith: Look! it says delivered!
  • Allura: what kind of guy are u!?
  • Pidge: hey, hey. What's goin on?
  • Lance: Pidge! Pidge, please
  • Keith: you wanna know what's goin on?
  • Lance: nononononononono
  • Keith: he didn't text me back
  • Pidge: you motherf*cker! WHY DIDN'T YOU-
  • Lance: oh my god!
  • Keith, Allura, Pidge: *Arguing*
  • Shiro: *walks in*
  • Lance: Shiro!
  • Lance: Please bro, please help me
  • Keith, Allura, Pidge: *still arguing*
  • Shiro: yoyoyo guys, WHAT's the problem?
  • Keith: You wanna know what's going on!
  • Pidge: He f*cken didn't text him back.
  • Shiro: You did not! You didn't text him back!? Why the f*ck didn't you-
  • Keith, Allura, Pidge, Shiro: *Arguing*
  • Lance: -__-
BTS stuck in a traffic

yoongi: *is honking non-stop* “FUCKING MOVE OUT OF THE WAY MOTHERFUCKERS” *trying to move*

namjoon: *gets hit by yoongi* “YO BITCH WHAT THE FUCK”



yoongi: “oh, but I DID.”

hoseok: *is trying to keep the two from fighting* “guys please…it’s all just adding to the stress”

jimin: *was taking a selfie but noticed yoongi and namjoon are fighting so he records it* “YAS I WILL GAIN MORE SUBSCRIBERS WITH THIS”

jin: *fixing his make-up in the car but runs out of bb cream* “OH MY GOD, NO. NOT TODAY. LORD, NOT IN THIS HELL. PLEASE. WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG”


jungkook: “oh…well…got a lot of time to clean my car” *even though he had just cleaned it yesterday*

jimin: *realizes jungkook is there so he tries his best to get close to his car and low-key takes pics of him*


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app: wattpad
user: jiminsidekookie
book: Totally Bangtan

When I'm talking to people I really like/people I look up to
  • Me: *Sends text*
  • Friend: *Doesn't respond right away*
  • Brain: Why aren't they responding what did we do wrong did we upset them did they die were we too awkward what the hell did we do oh no oh god-
  • Friend: *Responds with something really short and sweet*
Ghost Adventures Starters
  • "Come fight me in the dark!"
  • "Little kids shouldn't growl!"
  • "Why is it me? Because I'm the one talking all the shit."
  • "I'm sorry. I'm not taunting you, I'm just talking. Talking loudly."
  • "Heights, snakes, and crazy-looking dolls. Those are on my top three 'I-don't-like' list."
  • "I'm serious, if you hear me yelling or something, something bad probably happened. Come quick."
  • "It smells like death in here, what's wrong with you?"
  • "Was this spirit screwing with us?"
  • "You have reached your final destination; Hell."
  • "Did you just touch my thigh?"
  • "OH MY GOD."
  • "Was there a fucking earthquake?"
  • "I heard there's some gnarly entities in here."
  • "Why do you feel the need to scare children?"
  • "Why are you making my stomach feel pain?"
  • "I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to a spirit as a butthead before."
  • "You're kinda weird? So am I."
  • "This right here is where a person would go crazy."
  • "Enough with the double entendres, dude!"
  • *unexplained loud noises*
  • "I don't know what 1-D means."
  • "You wanted us; you got us."
  • "Now I'm really starting to feel like we are in, like, a Dracula movie."
  • "That's not a good thing, honestly."
  • "Quit being a pansy - I think you're a joke!"
  • "I wanna make him so mad he gets the biggest rocks he can find and throws them at our heads."
  • "...She didn't ever castrate anyone, did she?"
  • "So step up!"
Party embarrassment

Could you do a one-shot where the reader is an avenger but really really shy? And at one of Tony’s parties when he approaches her she becomes nervous because she likes him and she embarrasses herself, so she leaves early and stays up in her room. And later that night Tony goes to see if she’s okay and see what’s wrong and she tells him about her crush on him? Fluff and maybe some smut?(((:

“I swear to god, I can fight the bad guys but I can’t even think of walking in 7-inch heels, what the hell is wrong with me?” You murmured in a low voice as you kept your eyes glued to the floor.
It was Tony’s monthly ball he hosted at the tower, everyone was invited and you were part of that everyone. You had got the invitation just a few days earlier and it was brought the host himself. The word was out that you were not fond of parties, and in the years of avenging, you hadn’t gone to a single party so he was making you go there as an obligation as important as saving lives. You just couldn’t say no.
The small card of the invitation didn’t say anything about a dress code, but as it had the word “ball” well you thought that a dress would be more than appropriate. You kept a dress in a bag so it wouldn’t ruin due to time effects, it had been forever since you last wore one. You took the comfiest looking shoes and you had your outfit ready.
The two days previous to the party you spent hours and hours just looking at YouTube make up tutorials; you had bought one of those palettes girls used to get the perfect make up and you were a quick yet patient learner. The day before the party, you dared to try to do your make up, it took you a good hour to get it perfectly done. You appeared with a paper bag on your face and went to brag to Natasha who was truly impressed. You had just learnt the basics and you were ready to use it for these kind of moments.
The party itself was great. Music was great, people were great and you were having the time of your life. The only thing that you were missing was a good drink. The glass on your hand had some fancy drink you were not fond of. You wanted a good old beer and you were on your way of making it.
The heels were making things hard, and as you had your eyes glued to the floor you couldn’t see up. You were really near from the bar, but on your way appeared someone out of nowhere, making you spill your whole glass on your dress and the other person had also spilled a bit of their drink on you.
“For fuck’s sake, can I be that unlucky?” You growled.
“I’m sorry” A manly familiar voice dragged you out of your whining “You should’ve seen where you walk (Y/N)”
“I know Tony” You pouted, finally looking up “Is just that being pretty is quite painful and dangerous” You pointed at your shoes and your shaking legs “God, I even spilled some on your shirt” You threw your head back in “I’m more than embarrassed right now” You rolled your eyes “Excuse me, I’m gonna go change” You started to walk away but he held your arm tightly.
“You look really pretty” He said before letting you.
You blushed uncontrollably as you took off your shoes and made your way again to your dorm. Enough embarrassment for the night.
“(Y/N)?” A soft voice joined by a knock startled you. You were already in your jammies ready to call it quits for the night. You had embarrassed yourself for the hundredth time in front of Tony and you were not going to do it one last night before the night was over… Perhaps you would; the fluffy pink pajama was enough disgrace. You had your hair tied in a high bun and your make up was well placed on a wet towel in the litterbin in your bathroom “Are you awake?”
“Yeah, come in” You sighed.
His hair was already messed up and the first button of his shirt was open. His tie had disappeared from his neck and you thought that maybe it was stolen by his pick up for the night. Everyone thought Tony would go back to his old self, but apparently he had learnt a lesson. Soon you realized the tie was wrapped on his hand. He looked incredibly hot now that he wasn’t that formal; not like he didn’t loo hot all well-dressed. This was a nice change.
“I thought you’d go back to the party” He said, closing the door with his weight “I kinda missed you back there–I mean, we” He hurried to add “We all did” He stopped for a second to look at you. You were on your worst look, considering how pretty you had been just a few hours ago, you looked like a hobo now. Somehow, a smile still sneaked up his lips “You ok?”
“Yeah, I mean, after embarrassing myself in front of you and the most eccentric people in New York City, I’m totally fine” You shrugged “Are you on your way to somewhere? Cause if you are I don’t want to interrupt you” You asked after a slightly awkward silence.
“I was actually here to see you” He flashed you with a smile and finally took the daring steps to sit on your bed “I kinda wanted to tell you again that you looked really pretty today, well, you are gorgeous”
“Too bad I took it all away” You said almost apologetically “Tony, are you drunk?”
“No” He shook his head and frowned completely confused “Why?”
“There’s this one thing I’ve been wanting to tell you for like a long time, and I need you to listen to me really, really carefully, ok?” He nodded twice so you could go on “This super hard and I swear to god that-”
“Spit it out” He let out a breathy chuckle.
“I kinda, not so kinda, like really like you…” You pursed your lips when you finished, eliciting another puzzled frown from the millionaire “I like you Tony, like a lot”
He threw his head back with a great smile on his lips; you were the one perplexed and frowning now. When he looked at you again, he still had that huge grin across his tired face. By then, you held your legs tightly to your chest and rested your forehead on your needs. Tony hopped closer to you and placed his hand on one of the arms that wrapped your shins.
He draw formless trails on the portions of skin that the pajama couldn’t reach. You looked up and only found a pair of hazel eyes looking straight at you. The corners of his thin lips were curled up into a soft smile. He was just centimeters away from you and you could feel it in yourself. Your heart pounded in your chest quickly and a buzzing filled your ears. You bit your lip every 2 seconds, only in anticipation. Anticipation because he was leaning closer and closer and closer…
His lips were gently pressed against yours. The first few seconds you were like a statue; immobile. Tony tilted his head to the side to gain more access to you, and your hands slowly crept their way up to his unbuttoned shirt. The soft material seemed to blend with your skin. He made you spread your legs and adjusted himself in the space they now granted him. You threw your bock back into the pillows and he followed you.
Your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, only making the kiss deepen as he tentatively made you open your mouth. He rocked his hips gently against yours and maybe it was because he had a belt on, but something was hitting your wetting core and it felt pretty damn good.
He had his strong arms on each side of your body, helping him not to crush you on the bed. You held on for dear life to his shoulders and lifted your body just enough away from the bed.
His lips left yours as he traced a path of open mouthed kisses down your jaw and to your neck. You arched your back and gasped for some air as his hands slid down to the hem of your ridiculously oversized shirt/pajama.
“You should wear things your size, (Y/N)” He crooned when the fabric was covering your face and revealing your torso “And you should get an anti-scar cream too…” He whispered after throwing it onto the floor. Tony took a lustful look at each one of the tiny scars that decorated your chest “How did you get this one?” He asked and gently kissed one that conveniently laid on the valley of your breasts, just above your bra.
“A year ago…” Your breath got caught in your windpipe when he sucked on the wounded skin “We–we were… I–I don’t know” You ran your fingers through his dark hair and pulled his face closer to your skin
You hurriedly pushed down his arms his fancy vest and impatiently tore his almost immaculate white shirt apart. His perfectly trained torso had you hypnotized. He complained, but he was silenced by your mouth devouring his. He had some scars too, ones worse than the others. He sank on his knees on the bed and you followed. Your fingers parsimoniously traced the marks on his pecs.
“How did you get these ones?” You purred “My god, they give you such a badass look…”
“I’m not sure” He breathed when your lips met the rough skin “I can’t quite remember”
“This one is cute” You said as you leaned to kiss a scar on his neck, eliciting a soft moan from him “Crazy ex-girlfriend?”
“More like a crazy suit” He corrected “Blame it on the Mark 42”
You threw yourself to him again and made him fall back onto the mattress. You unmade his belt and he lifted his hips to help you remove it completely. You folded the small leather piece in half in your hand and made it sound loudly. You licked your bottom lip in anticipation and threw it away. You were straddling him and slowly rolling your hips back and forward and in circles. Tony had his eyes shut tightly as he held your hands again.
“Don’t be such a tease, (Y/N)” He choked “Let’s just fuck already”
“Is that the way Mr. Stark wants it?” You leaned and spoke softly to his ear, making him shiver with your warm breath.
Following a path of kisses and nips on his neck, you kept rolling your hips against his growing bulge. His hands squeezed your ass, making you throw your head back. You helped him get rid of his pants and finally free his erection. You gave him a knowing look, but he had some other plans in mind. As a revenge for his expensive shirt, he ripped in two your cheap booty shorts, exposing your moist pussy.
Overpowering you and pushing you against the mattress, he teased your entrance with his thick fingers making you whine in pleasure. Once he made sure you were ready to receive him, he slowly pushed himself into you. This also counted as payback for all the teasing you did to him. You maintained the eye contact every second he took in filling you; your jaw quivered and you bit your bottom lip every once in a while.
“Keep looking at me like that and I swear to god I’m gonna come right now” He said before placing a rough kiss on your lips.
Once you had adjusted to his size, his pace gradually increased its speed and your sighs became cries and pleas. Tony nibbled the sensitive skin of your nipples, driving you even crazier.
After working your breasts with his mouth, he lifted his torso and decided to play with your throbbing clit. You closed your eyes tightly as he drew rough circles making you writhe under him; he was driving you mad and there was no way of over powering him at all. You cursed the Lord’s name uncountable times.
Tony hoisted your legs on his inner elbows, reaching a deeper point inside of you. He hit your sweet spot perfectly, and you were truly about to come when he pulled out from you. You looked at him with a frown.
“Turn around” He said. His voice was deadly serious. His eyes were dark and filled with lust.
You obliged, and he slid inside of you again, way quickly this time. The angle he had gained was completely different, and it was glorious. You felt in outer space now. His fingers traced a way down your spine and to your hips, where he dug his fingers. You arched your back and threw your head back.
“Fuck, Tony!” You yelled “I’mgonna…!” Your announcement was left unfinished as the fire that pooled on your abdomen spread throughout every inch of your body. Your head rested on the beddings as your body shook uncontrollably. Tony followed suit a bit later.
He pulled out and threw himself on the foot of the king sized bed. The sheer layer of sweat that had found its place on his forehead made gave him a strangely innocent look. You crawled and curled next to him, burying your face in his chest. His heaving chest and beating heart were soothing, but the night was slightly cold.
“Wanna crash here for the night?” You sheepishly asked, not daring to look at him.
He answered to your question by placing his hand on your chin and kissing your lips tenderly. You didn’t even care about putting your pajamas again. He had already seen you naked and on your worst state. After standing up to turn off the lights, you turned on the lamp of your night table. You rested with your back against his chest while he crossed an arm over you and pulled you closer to him with his hand on your stomach.
“Do you like me, Tony?” You asked in a barely audible voice, feeling the guilt of a one-night stand with the guy you liked creeping up your spine “Like… really like me?”
“Why do you ask?” He asked back “Of course I do, silly bird” He nuzzled against your neck “And after you say yes to being my girlfriend, I will buy you jammies of your size, are we clear?”
“How do you know I’m gonna say yes if you haven’t asked yet?”
“(Y/N), after this incredible first time and considering the undeniable chemistry between us, do you want to be my girlfriend?” His voice was serious again, but you could tell he was being honest.
You turned around and placed your hand on his chin, the same way he had done with you. You looked at him and smile; then, you leaned to kiss him one last time before calling it quits for the night. You still had a few hours before dawn to have a nice rest. You turned around again and dozed off to his soft breathing. The silly smile on your face lasted until the next morning.

  • <p> <b>Parents:</b> wow you never talk to us, almost as if we are horrible to be around or something!!<p/><b>Me:</b> *talks to them about my interests*<p/><b>Me:</b> *talks to them about my friends*<p/><b>Me:</b> *talks to them about my day*<p/><b>Me:</b> *talks to them about my problems*<p/><b>Me:</b> *talks to them about my views/opinions*<p/><b>Parents:</b> oh my god that's so stupid! you're so stupid what the hell is wrong with you?<p/></p>
i wrote down all the lyrics 2 big beautiful day bc i have no fuckin life

there are men in every town who live to bring you down 

make themselves feel bigger making u feel small

my advice is to look incredible as you make their lives 

regrettable by being your damn self 

god its so exhausting




aint no fuckin way youll fuck up my big beautiful day

there are men everywhere who cannot help but stare when they see you cause they cannot understand 

within those men there are boys who have never had a choice but to grow up and be scared to be your friend

jesus christ lets help them



CURSE EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO TELL ME THAT I CANNOT BE WHO I WANT aint no fuckin way youll fuck up my big beautiful day 

my day

me @ god

Please let 7x10 get here so that my brain can be delivered from the following endless loop:

  • Track 1: This show has dashed your hopes and destroyed your soul so many times so what the hell is even wrong with you?
  • Track 2: This is going to be Everything Cubed™, the heavens will open and the angels will sing and nothing will ever be wrong in the world again.

when a hufflepuff gets mad at you you better run the fuck away

Prompt List

I’ve been asked to write a prompt list, so here are some I have thought of. Feel free to request them if you can’t think of something to request!

Send me a number and with what character you wish it to be about.

1. “I can’t marry you” 
2. “What in God’s name is wrong with you?”
3. “I’m not okay, thanks to you”
4. “You can’t possibly imagine how happy I am right now”
5. “What is that on your arm?”
6. “He made me do it”
7. “I couldn’t imagine a life where I didn’t love you”
8. “Why is there an oversize hamster in my living room?” 
9. “Do you want to get married, or run away?”
10. “Let’s run away to the country where it doesn’t have to soc against greaser”
11. “Are you stupid? What the hell were you thinking?” 
12. “I’ve missed you, but I cannot come back to you.” 
13. “I’m not going to the circus with you.”
14. “Have you lost your mind?” 
15. “I know the ring ain’t much, but will you marry me?”
16. “You’re crazy, you’re out of your damn mind. But that’s okay because…” 
17. “If God is real then what kind of monster would let this happen?”
18. “I’m not going to cry if that’s what you think”
19. “If you want to, you can leave. I won’t blame you”
20. “Y/N, I can’t have kids…” 
21. “I’ve been conscripted…” 
22. “I’ve got a serious question for you, Y/N, did you take the last damn piece of chocolate cake?”
23. “Oh God, there’s so much blood…”
24. “I need tampons.”
25. “I got told today that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, are you going to help me find it or what?”
26. “I heard you masturbating last night.” 
27. “Can you leave me alone for five damn seconds?”
28. “How can they be dead? I was only on the phone to them yesterday?”
29. “I think I’m pregnant…” 
30. “You still sleep with a stuffed bear?”
31. “You’re not keeping it, I don’t care what you say.” 
32. “Fuck me, no, really.”
33. “I’m sick of your goddamn bullshit.”
34. “If you really loved me, why the fuck did you leave me?”
35. “I promise, if you stay you can have every part of my soul, my body, my life”
36. “Were you ever going to tell me the truth?” 
37. “The worst part about this whole thing is that I actually believed you.” 
38. “What happened to my clothes?”
39. “We used to be best buddies, and then you went and fucked it all up”
40. “Who is she?” 
41. “I want to know what happened to my best friend, the guy/girl I thought would never hurt me.”
42. “I thought I could trust you, clearly I was wrong”
43. “Our love was made for movie screens.”
44. “I used to think I was impure, but then you cleansed my soul” 
45. “I wish you’d actually buy me a present instead of stealing shit for me”
46. “Have mercy…” 
47. “You’re an idiot.”
48. “You’re my best friend…”
49. “I didn’t realize what I had until it was taken from me”
50. “I’m not going to apologize for what I’ve done.”