god what are my emotions

  • Family: Why are you in a bad mood?
  • Family: *acts like jerks for no reason*
  • Family: *gangs up on me*
  • Family: *lectures me for being upset because I should be happy at all times*
  • Family: I think you just have a bad attitude

Anyways I feel like Matt and Esther are that type of couple where like one of them could be like doing something, like Matt talking excitedly about the new book he’s reading or Alec Lightwood or Esther modeling or running around Italy or London or some great city, and the other is watching them with a full on, soft grin on their face, so content and happy and in love

I always end up really down and depressed for the first few days after leaving a visit with my boyfriend. Won’t see him for weeks now after getting home tonight and I’m just bleh. Laying in bed not wanting to move. I know that’s sad and whiney and pathetic. Long distance relationships just suck. It feels like it gets worse every time now. I need to get a job, get an apartment, and get my freaking life back on track.

best things abt writing with splickedy

-both like the same tropes

-”I have an idea, what if <thing happens>?  and then <character> is like <blah blah blah>” “HAHAHA YES and then <other character> could be like <blah blah blah>” “<blah blah blah>” “<blah blah blah>” *five minutes of out-loud roleplaying*

-similar writing styles mesh well

-talking through big changes, patiently hashing things out + not taking crit personally

-”oh! OOOHHHH” “what” “oh my god oh my god what IF <devastating emotional twist>” “YESSSSS”

-quality friend time with hot chocolate and good music

-”fourth song” / *furiously typing* “I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW”

-”I don’t know how to say this, write the sentence for me” (I think it’s usually me saying this lol)

-”okay if you’re taking over this section for me, here’s what I was thinking would happen”

-the satisfaction of closing a gap in the writing

-solid 50/50 effort

-hilarious typos

-scrolling through the doc and noticing there’s a chunk of writing you didn’t see before and it’s always quality as hell

-shameless behind the scenes OC/canon shipping

-every interaction with other people Red has in Live Free

-stories get so damn long, how did this happen, who authorized this


so I drew these a while ago and thought I’d actually post them bc why not???

also I can’t draw faces to save my life but I guess it kind of works so hooray for westallen/slightly slenderman-y art am I right?!?!


The Monster in my Bed

Sorry, I think I blacked out there for a second. Is that art not GORGEOUS?! It’s by @brigadierbanana. To whom I dedicate this piece of fiction, The Monster in my Bed. Nana’s joy and energy has been infectious throughout this entire endeavor. THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU DEAR SWEET THING.

Notes: so…what started as a fun little, ‘Hey, let’s play with this ship, huh?’ ended up pretty epic. It is with great joy and fierce excitement that I present to you my first multi-chapter One Punch Man fic.

A few notes here: this takes place after the Garou arc. It’s not really spoiler-heavy, but it does allude to events in the webcomic, so be aware. I am still mulling over if I want this to be a part of my series “Boys Who Like Boys,” because at this point Saitama and Genos have an established relationship, but meh.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy it. These guys are way too fun to write.

Here’s a teaser from the prologue!

“Come on, through here. If my brother finds out I brought you home, he is going to be really mad.” Zenko glances back at the creature that is shambling into their garage. “He really doesn’t like it when I bring home strays. So you’ve got to keep quiet and – no no, don’t lay down there!”

He’s on his side now, on the cool cement space, curling up, and it’s becoming harder to coax him towards the door.

Zenko slaps her knees, trying to urge him up. “Please. You cannot stay here. It’s gross out here. Up, come on, it’s just a little farther.” She finally resorts to walking behind him and pushing his back, but only a little, as he emits a low growl. Slowly, he returns to his feet and shuffles up the small set of stairs to the kitchen.

“Big Bro?” Zenko calls out, using her body to block the wounded animal from moving further into the house. “You home?”

There’s no response.

“Okay, good. He must be at a meeting or something. Let’s get you cleaned up.” She puts one small hand on him, guiding him down the hallway to the bathroom. The light turns on, and he slinks inside, once again letting gravity win and sliding in a lump to the floor. Zenko lets out a breath through her nose, hands on her hips. “What do I even call you?”

“Garou,” the creature says, disappearing into the shower and closing the sliding door. The faucet slips into the hottest setting, and he rests his head next to the drain, watching the swirls of pink and red run out of his hair. The heat runs through every wound, a clean pain, and he can finally slip out of the world.

one of dino’s fansites bought him a bike for his birthday………..


He knew I had no choice in the matter.


Thank you once again for warming our hearts.”  | #4YearsWithBAP #StillWeAre6

Pro tip: do not get emotionally invested in a ship where even kissing may very well be a physical impossibility


May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young

(I was inspired by this beautiful video)

i cannot believe that “the offspring” started with me literally crying happy tears and ended with me rocking back and forth and bawling from the emotional pain oh my god tng what the fUCK are you tryna do to me i ain’t got time for this

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That scene tonight where Dean was telling Chuck about how he’s let humanity down…it slayed me. I’ve been looking forward to this scene for weeks because Jensen’s teased that he took the less obvious route acting-wise with his delivery. I see what he meant - it would have been easy to look at those lines in the script and think “Yes, this is an angry scene for sure” but the fact that Jensen didn’t play it that way, the fact that Dean was less angry and more devastated, it fucking blew me away. I felt every one of Dean’s emotions in that scene - his disappointment, his confusion, his frustration, his anger, his pain. And I swear to Chuck, I cried when Dean cried.

Of course, everyone’s acting in this episode was on point as usual, but that one scene has to be one of my most favorite, most heart wrenching moments in Supernatural history.