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You know it’s the Heneral Luna fandom when
  • First of all, they’re also called LUNAtics.
  • They call an ensaymada their son
  • You say/show anything Goyong/Gregorio del Pilar and you hear several ovaries explode from the distance.
  • Bayani (Hero) is called   B a e y a n i.
  • Nicknames for the following historical figures: Aguinaldo = Aguigago, Gregorio del Pilar = Gregorgeous del Pilar, Mabini = Mabaeni/Mabinibini, Paco Roman = @chinupacoroman
  • They relate someone’s hair to a coffee table
  • They have a lot of things to say about Aguinaldo’s hair.
  • They can recite the Artikulo Uno
  • They say ‘Punyeta’ with intense feelings
  • Screaming of “TRAYDOR”(TRAITOR) and “DUWAG”(COWARD)
  • How could I forget “Negosyo o Kalayaan. Bayan o Sarili?! PUMILI KA!” (Business or Freedom. Country or Yourself?! CHOOSE!)
  • States quotes like “Nasubukan mo na bang huliin ang hangin?” (Have you ever tried to catch the wind?) / “Ganito na ba talaga tadhana natin? Kalaban ang kalaban, kalaban ang kakampi”(Is this really our fate? An enemy is an enemy, an enemy is a friend) — And many more (you’ll know it’s a quote from the movie when they get that really dramatic tone in their voice)
  • There is a certain aura/atmosphere of hatred when someone holds/see/hear of the 5 peso Philippine coin.
  • There is also some kind of fangirling and praying to the heaven for forgiveness if the 10 and 5 pesos of the Philippine coins are added together.
  • They stare at a ketchup bottle.
  • Bringing unoccupied coffins to sass someone out seems to be a good idea.
  • There is also the line “I am quite sequestering this train”
  • You don’t English them in their own country.
  • It really hurts them: Mabini’s resignation letter to Aguinaldo, Rusca as the lone survivor of the Luna assassination, Joven Hernando in general– Buencamino and Aguinaldo being a bunch of liars.
  • Ensaymada is the food of their life or something.
  • ODK(Oh Diyos Ko) is the OMG(Oh My God) and Ensaymada is their Cinnamon roll.
  • They really pray a lot.
  • Because they really sin a lot.
  • But none confessed though so far, I believe

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to start this off, i apologize muchly for the graphic. okay now that that’s out of the way, WOW, thank you so much for following me ?? and interacting with me ?? and being so kind to me, like really, i feel so at HOME on this blog and in indie rp in general and i hope this continues for a long ass time, even just as a part-time hobby. so, i’m just going to name off a few people i really have to thank, and give some love to ‘cause i’m usually i little shit to them but it’s out of love, ALWAYS, out of love.

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