god what a powerful line


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

Luke is overwhelmed by the truth, and is suddenly protective of his sister.

God, thy will be done

Take your only son

I will drink your cup of poison

Nail me to your cross and break me

Bleed me, beat me, kill me

Take me now, before I change my mind


After drawing this last night cause of reasons, I decided I liked how it came out and clearly needed to draw more. Lil’ older here and more of em’. X3

Enjoy the ded from cute, everyone! :D

anonymous asked:

listen i'm not the other anon but !! i am really curious: which one of the au lexas you've written is your favorite lexa? (while we're at it, which au clarke is your fave clarke?)

u have no idea how much i love questions like this omg ok so ive done some In Depth Thinking and i actually have two answers for each

slytherin au lexa has to be my fave. what an honest to god babe like….. born into this crazy powerful line of slytherins, literally groomed to be a future minister of magic since she was a tiny brilliant babe…. overacheiving loser extraordinaire……..head over heels in love with her best friend, 100% KNOWS IT and doesnt bother trying to deny it anymore but she knows its Her Problem and hers alone, so she never once tries to sabotage clarke’s relationship with raven, never once even has a bad thought about raven even when there’s very! clear! evidence! that raven has feelings for someone else…. i just love slytherin au lexa she’s kind and good and ambitious and she wears ties and rolls up her sleeves and generally owns every inch of this ass

downside of her being my fave: none of you have fucking met her cause ive yet to finish that oneshot rip. so if i had to pick a fave au lexa of something i’ve actually written, it’s fake dating au lexa. also a complete babe. 23 y/o documentary stanning hoe who just loves her expensive wine and organized life and fancy clothes and her PRIVACY but on the lowkey also loves her disastrous hot mess of a neighbor/long lost best friend/fake girlfriend i just. love fdau lexa a whole lot

as for clarke my fave is also sadly unwritten and thats criminals au clarke. total badass, attends every anti-police riot within a 25 mile radius, an artist but a delinquent you know what THAT means….. g r a f f i t i. a cop once got in her face at a riot saying “you started this” and she just got even closer and said “you shouldnt have shot that kid, you started this” alsdkjd she’s a complete and total babe, a bartender, at one point a car thief but only outta necessity, honestly its no surprise lexa falls in love with her before she can kill her (sidenote holy crap i just realized the plot i planned for criminals au where clarke’s got a bounty on her head works really well with the whole wanheda concept) but i digress

as for the au clarke i have written, boarding school au clarke for sure. you dont really see this in chapter 1 as much as you will in chapter 2 but bsau clarke is such a sad little hoe :( an emo kid. but damn if she aint a trooper. on top of all that: a total party girl, hot as fuck, the kinkiest clarke ive created which is saying a lot cause lets be real, canon clarke is already pretty damn kinky on her own.

Patrick Weekes: "There are a million different ways to play our game. In Inquisition, you can look at it as a story about building a powerful organization. You can look at it as a romance and elfroot-gathering simulator. Or you can also look at it as a story about faith. 

A lot of people immediately shy away from that, they’re not comfortable with it, that’s not the story for them. And that is absolutely fine - we’re never really going to force you to engage with that if you’re not comfortable with it. But I think, if you look at it as a story about faith, then that’s where Corypheus’ plot arc and character motivations really shine through.

It’s funny, I look at Leliana and Corypheus as two of the closest characters. It never occurs to most people, but they’re both burned believers. They’re both people who believed really deeply and had it turn on them. 

Leliana was (in Origins) this faithful, optimistic person who believed in the Maker and believed that she was chosen for something and believed that the Maker cared. And when you get to Inquisition, with the death of Justinia, Leliana has suffered such a loss that she has lost her faith and doesn’t know what to believe in anymore.

And Corypheus is like a dark mirror of that. If you piece [the information about Corypheus] together, I think you can get the picture of a guy who was a believer. Someone who was a believer in a time when Tevinter’s religious power was waning. He was the High Priest of Dumat, doing a kind of desperate pilgrimage with the other priests of the Old Gods to re-establish power.

And it works - he cracks open the Fade with his buddies, and they go in, and, (in his words) they got there and the Seat of the Maker was empty and black and there was nothing but ugliness and Blight. According to him at least. What if you went to Heaven and found it covered in Blight? And you got covered by Blight just by going there? And then you come out of a centuries-long fugue state. How are you going to deal with that? Well, I was the High Priest of a god, but then it turned out there’s nothing there. Not only is there nothing, there’s nothing but spiky black ugly darkness. How are you going to react to that?

So his decision is to say, ‘Nope, the universe has to make sense. So I’m going to be the god the universe needs.’“

Interviewer: "That’s honestly what I was believing he was doing. The idea of faith is so prevalent in this game. The idea of what is real and what is fake. There’s a line in the game that goes, "What are gods but very powerful beings?” That line really stuck with me. The idea of power, of what a deity really is, is so blurred in Inquisition. You start to question. We have these beings of almost infinite power, but are these beings just really powerful people? Or are they actual deities?“

Patrick Weekes: "It’s really interesting.”