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My cosplay squad and I were at Connecticon as the beta kids! If anyone has any pictures of us, I’d appreciate it if you could send them my way!

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Hi! For a Klance prompt, Lance or Keith (your pick) gets infected by some alien thing that makes them tell the truth so they admit their feelings for the other person, but after being 'cured' they don't remember doing it? thanks!

For sure! Hope you like it :D

           “Lance, what are you doing – get away from that!” Keith grabbed the back of Lance’s armor and hauled him backward as the flower exploded a white puff in his face, making Lance sneeze violently. He rubbed the residue off his face, inspecting the white smear it left on his glove.

           “It’s just pollen,” he shrugged. Keith glared at him.

           “Do you know how many people are allergic to Earth pollen? Who knows what alien pollen might do to you?” Lance rolled his eyes.

           “You’re being dramatic. Look, I’m fine. I feel better than ever.” Keith narrowed his eyes.

           “Let’s just keep moving,” he said, shifting his grip on his bayard. “We can probably find a cave in those cliffs up there, hole up there for the night, try and contact the team again in the morning.” Lance nodded.

           “After you,” he said, gesturing grandly. Keith just rolled his eyes and set off, hacking a particularly thorny branch away with his sword.

           They made it to a shallow, unoccupied cave in the cliff face with about an hour to spare before sunset and managed to build a fire before it got too dark to see. They negotiated guard duty and Keith got first watch, leaving Lance to stretch out and go to sleep beside the fire. Except, in typical Lance fashion, he started to talk instead.

           “I’ve never built a fire before. I never thought I would have to,” he said. Keith groaned quietly.

           “Lance, we’ve got a long night ahead of us. You should really try to get some sleep.”

           “I never went camping as a kid. My family didn’t have the money to make a trip like that.”

           “You can tell me about it later. If you absolutely must,” he added under his breath. “Just please be quiet.”

           “We thought it was fancy when they managed to take us out to dinner and a movie. That was a big day. There were four of us plus my parents, and that’s a lot of kids to pay for, so we couldn’t do it very often. But camping was never an option. My sister really wanted to do it. She begged my parents for months. But they wouldn’t let her. It was pretty awful to watch how crushed she was, but to tell the truth, I thought she was being selfish.”

           “Lance?” Keith asked. There was something off about Lance’s voice. It sounded too flat and monotone, as if he wasn’t actually hearing what he was saying. Lance continued as if he hadn’t heard Keith.

           “She knew they couldn’t afford to take all of us, so either she wanted to get special treatment and go without us, or she was just being a whiny brat and harassing my parents because she got fed up with having no money all the time. I got fed up too, we all did. She could have sucked it up like the rest of us.”

           “Lance.” There was definitely something wrong. Lance never talked about his family like this. Certainly not to Keith, at any rate. He sprung to his feet and walked over to where Lance was flat on his back, eyes glassy and unfocused, staring at the ceiling.

           “Of course I still love her but God did she get on my nerves when we were kids sometimes. But I don’t really think about that these days because I’m so homesick. I just think about all the perfect times we had together. You don’t understand it, you know. I don’t think anyone else on the ship understands how close I am to my family and how much I hate being here sometimes. At least Pidge is trying to get her family back. Voltron just keeps me further away. But you especially don’t understand because you don’t have any family.” Keith slapped Lance hard across the face.

           “Snap out of it!” he growled. “What the hell is…?” He bent closer. Something was glowing faintly white on the edges of Lance’s nostrils. The flower. It had infected him or something, and now he was talking without any kind of filter. “I told you that alien pollen was bad news,” he groaned, rubbing his forehead. Lance’s eyes were still just as glassy as before. He barely seemed to register the fact that he had been slapped.

           “It makes me miserable how much you hate me,” he said. Keith, in the middle of searching for some kind of leaf or cloth or anything he could use to try and scrape the gunk off Lance’s nose, paused.

           “You think I hate you?” he asked.

           “Yes,” Lance said. He started at receiving a direct answer and slowly turned back to Lance.

           “Why do you think I hate you?”

           “Because you’re so much better than me, and I annoy you by trying to compete with you. You know you can win so it’s a waste of your time.” Keith sat down heavily.

           “Lance, no. That’s not… that’s not…”

           “Of course I realized recently that the real reason I want to compete with you is because I want you to notice me,” he continued, “because I’ve had an awful crush on you since the Garrison. I thought I just wanted people to think I could be as good as you, but the real issue is that I like you a lot and I’m terrified of you finding out because I know you’ll just laugh at me.” Keith covered his ears.

           “I don’t want to hear this,” he moaned. “Lance, please, stop talking.”

           “I think you’re the most talented and beautiful person I’ve ever met and I started fantasizing about kissing you about two months ago. I even love the mullet even though I still think it’s ridiculous that you have it. I keep flirting with aliens to distract myself but I only do it because I know I won’t have any success. I don’t want to actually date anyone but you.” Keith’s head was between his knees. He wasn’t supposed to be hearing this. It wasn’t fair the way Lance’s confession made his heart speed up in his chest, made him think of the times they’d both caught each other staring lately, made him remember Lance saving his life on their most recent mission and brushing it off like it was nothing. It wasn’t fair to Lance. “I think I might love you, Keith, and I’ve cried twice about the fact that you could never love me back.” Lance’s speech ceased abruptly, leaving a few seconds of silence. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now,” he announced, and closed his eyes. Keith heaved a sigh of relief, coming over with a leaf to rub away the white residue on his nose. He dropped a hand on Lance’s shoulder.

           “You do that, Lance,” he said. “You do that.”


           Lance woke up to morning light groggy and with the worst crick in his neck he’d ever had. He sat up, yawned, and noticed Keith sitting at the edge of the cave, staring off into the woods. He frowned.

           “Dude, why didn’t you wake me up for guard duty?” he asked. “Have you been sitting there awake all night?” Keith jumped at the sound of Lance voice, turned to look at him, and scrambled to his feet.

           “Lance!” he said. “Are you… You seem normal?” Lance blinked.

           “Yeah, why… why wouldn’t I be?” Keith hovered uncertainly, unsure whether or not to move forward.

           “Do… do you not… do you remember last night?”

           “Yeah, we planned for guard duty, you said you’d wake me up in a few hours, and then you just never did! Come on, man, let people help you sometimes, you’re going to be exhausted now.” Keith bit his lip.

           “So… nothing else?” Lance stared.

           “What happened?”

           “Nothing!” Keith said hurriedly. His cheeks were slightly red for some reason. “I… I tried to wake you up but I couldn’t. You were too sound asleep. So yeah, I’ve been awake all night, asshole.” The insult was only half-hearted and didn’t really seem to land. Lance blinked.

           “Okay,” he said. “Well, we probably better see if we can’t find a way to signal the castle. It looked like there were settlements further up the cliff, let’s see if we can find some alien friends.” Keith nodded in agreement, heading to stamp out the fire. As Lance gathered his Paladin armor, he kept glancing sideways at his rival and his friend, wondering what had really happened last night – and why Keith was lying.

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A ballet of sorts

The permission
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Sakura:</b> Mama, Papa, Sasuke-kun and I have something very important to discuss with you<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> your pregnant aren't you?<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> I knew this would happen one day😭<p/><b>Sakura:</b> WHAT! NO!!!<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> ( ignoring their comment) Sakura and I have decided to get married, I came here to ask for your permission.<p/><b></b> ...........................<p/><b>Both parents:</b> EEEEHHHHHHH!!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> I know this may come as a shock to you. But I love Sasuke-kun and I know he loves me too!! So-<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> (ignoring sakura and looking at sasuke) Ya sure you want to marry my daughter?My tomboyish daughter who can't even cook if her life depends on it?<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> The same daughter who AlWAYS forget to put the shoes on the rack? Who forgets to do the dishes even when I remind her a 1000 times!!<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> Kid there's plenty of fish in the sea!! And your such a handsome boy!! Just like I was when I was your age. I tell you I had soo many admires!! Girls used to-<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> ( waving her hand to silence kizashi) yes yes whatever but seriously honey you can tell me did she blackmail you or something? Cause I know some very charming and ladylike girls you can settle with😄!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> ( red faced) What kind of parents are you??? Stop setting up my fiance with someone else when I'm sitting right here! SHANNARO!!<p/><b>Both parents:</b> ( starts laughing 😂) We were just kidding!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> IT WASN'T FUNNY!! God you guys are-<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> ( smiles slightly while watching the haruno's bicker loudly with each other) there all so annoying.<p/></p><p/></p>
#45 [Adam Cole]

Requested, #45: “You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.” from here.

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It was day four of being medicated to treat a nasty case of bronchitis. While the z-pack of antibiotics hadn’t yielded any side effects, the codeine cough syrup certainly had. For some reason, that particular medicine was causing your sleep time to become, you guessed, what an acid trip felt like.

The first night you’d found yourself dream-working in an underground department store, where sharks and fishes shopped as though they were humans, and paid in seashells.

A nap had yielded a very vivid experience of being a horse-back jumping champion, where you were apparently Russian, and almost disqualified from the Olympics for using a certain type of hand lotion which was banned.

The second night brought you the vision of going for a midnight snack in your house, only to open the fridge to the pickles putting on a cabaret-type show. Dream-you had applauded them and closed the fridge as their curtain call.

After that, you’d taken a break from the medicine. While the dreams had been funny to recall, you didn’t like waking up feeling confused and still as sick as before.

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hummingbird heartbeat pt31

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )

Fuck. Bitty let out a soft breath. Penance. “What do you mean,” he asked slowly, “when you say you did penance?”

Kent’s brow furrowed. “I went to confession,” he said, as if it were obvious. “The priest gives you – I guess an assignment? After?”

An assignment? “Why?” Bitty asked.

“To make up for it,” Kent said. “There’s a lot of praying.”

Bitty’s chest hurt. “For being gay?” his voice came out much weaker than he’d planned. Did Kent go to some kind of conversion therapy?

Kent swallowed. “I – I don’t want to talk about this any more,” he said.

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WARNINGS: Details of abuse, suicide, slight torture, reader injured/kidnapped

“Can I please have a hint as to what you ‘announcement’ is?” He begged for the hundredth time

“I am literally around the corner okay?” You smiled “you will find out over dinner like everyone else”

“Okay fine baby girl, everyone’s here now, so you better have a lot to eat”

You laughed “Have you ever known me to be under prepared”

“That is very true babygirl, love you”

“I love you too” you smiled as you turned down the last corner, you felt one of the handles on the bag snap “crap” you whispered

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PULSE CHECK: Does anyone here even remember Subreality? 

This is all @iwritevictuuri‘s fault. She made me open the vault doors. 

You know,
I saw the sun in us.

I know I talked about galaxies a lot.
galaxies are distant 
and cold
and foreign

You were none of those things.
You were the hometown girl 
who lived down the road
who smelt like home
who made the summer out of winter 
dawn out of dusk.

You were the sun
we spent years orbiting each other just to accept the collision course.
I think my poetry got in the way
blinded us
made us into these heroes and gods and unworldly infinities
when we were really just two reckless kids looking for love after heartache.

I tend to make monsters out of Mondays and
death out of a burnt tongue.

But us ending
that was something else.
Janus cried while shutting the door on our future,
having to open the one you walked out of that last Tuesday before flying away.
He told me in a letter,
he told me a lot of things in letters,
something I wish you would have done more of.

But the past is past
and dust will be dust
and we will die
just not in the same glorious ways I wrote about.

—  Z.M.  “I Start So Many Letters Without Ever Knowing How to Finish Them”
1 minute ‘till midnight // k.j.w

Inspired by a scene in one of my favourite movies, L-DK. Yo I spent all night writing this shit because I really have no life. And hey I tried out a new writing style (ish) so I hope it sounds good.(+ catch the GMW ref!)


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“Goddamnit who knew that baking a simple cake would be this fucking hard?”

December 21st on a cold Friday night and here you were in a sweatshirt, Adidas sweatpants and slippers, your hair up in a messy ponytail with an embarrassing frilly pink apron tied around your body. If that wasn’t weird enough, you were also baking a cake in a baby blue bunny embroidered bowl, stirring the rainbow-sprinkled batter with a pink spoon covered in multicoloured hearts. Batter occasionally flew out of the bowl, splattering your cheeks, hair and apron but you were too concentrated on making sure it was the perfect consistency to care.

No way in Hell would you have ever thought you would end up in a situation like this, but then Kim Jiwon was born and suddenly you were willing to go to drastic measures to make the little bunny happy.

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No, It’s Bucky : Part 2

Reader and Bucky reunite after the reader returns home to work after 6 years of no contact.

AU story

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Words: 1,026

Warnings: language and such.

A/N The story will now refer to Bucky as well Bucky. But the reader will still call him James because of reasons…

No, It’s Bucky:  Part 2

| Part 1 |       | Part 3 |

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

 “Now that’s not nice to say to your two oldest friends.” Bucky walked down the steps, a smirk on his stupidly attractive face. No… not stupidly attractive. Just his stupid smug face that made you want to punch him over and over and over again. “Are you really not going to hug me? I’m hurt, (Y/N). You’re still not going to speak to me after all these years?”

“I’m too tired to deal with this bullshit. I have a car to unpack and an apartment to fill. Go away James.”  Storming past Bucky, you stomped up the steps to your new apartment

Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle, a big smile crossing his face. “Missed you too, doll but no can do. I have officially been asked by our number one best friend Steve here to help with the furniture and honestly, you couldn’t pay me to leave.”

The look you shot Steve could have killed a man. If only.

“Steve did what now?”

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Mystic Messenger Male MC Fourth Day Casual Route 3:24 am Don’t Drink Coffee

Pervious Hour | List | Mobile List  |  Next Hour 

01001000 01001001

Zack didn’t know what time it was when he finally rolled over to his side as he scrolled through his playlist. After picking a song he brought the blankets to his chest and closed his eyes. Then he opened them. He just couldn’t sleep. Rolling over again he noticed he had gotten a text. Oh, it was from one of his classmates, Dal-Sung. “Oh damn, I left my book behind.” He rubbed his eyes suddenly feeling tired at the thought of school, and responded. Just as he closed his phone the RFA notification lit up. Well…what the hey, what’s one more hour of no sleep?

He felt himself automatically smile. It was Seven.

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anonymous asked:

L O V E U for the ask thing ;)

Awwwwww, you are very sweet!

L- longest relationship?
0 as I’ve never had one. One guy wanted to go on a date 3 times in one week and he was invading my free time. That is the most I’ve ever done… Apparently it takes a lot for me to commit time to other people.

O- one wish?
To always be able to draw. What I draw will always change, but I want to never stop doing it.

V- violent moment?
My younger brother whipped me with an arrow once when we were kids and I swear to god if I had been able to catch him I would have murdered him. I’ve never seen him run so fast.

E- easiest person to talk to?
Okay, I’ve had my younger brother and the internet so the third would be… there are a couple internet friends I am pretty honest with, more so than others. Talking to them is often calming.

U- 3 biggest wishes?
Since I started with drawing in the other one:

  • To be able to create what I see in my head
  • To be able to make things that make other people happy
  • To be satisfied with what I can make (hahahaha)

There are the unfinished stories lying in my room, they were our stories. Old pages just dying there, red ink seeping off the faded parchment, words, memories, history. Just disappearing. We were lost. Some stories never written, it was too hard. It hurt too much. Things I never got to say, written down. Letters I never sent. Answers I would never get. We fade with time, from words from forgotten memories we’d rather forget than keep. Those words I could never forget scared into my memory, ‘I would write about you, about us’. Somehow I forgot, we were lost in decaying pages. In the years to come I would remember us, how we were in the books I would write. The tragedy that we were. The tale that would become us.

I always knew I would write our story, but I never thought it would be so difficult to write down, the memories we had, the kisses we shared, the love we had. The lies we told, the promises we could never keep. The hearts that would soon be broke and the one that would never beat again. Our story was never an easy one; it was rushed, messy and too painful. I put myself through hell for you. I wrote the story I think we could have had, if our timing was different. Maybe in another universe, we end up together. Maybe in another life we were not just stories written among pages of lost love and tragic ends.

I wrote the story of how we died; did Shakespeare take you first just to spite me? There was no heaven or earth just the myth of fate. I know I will write about us, the way we met, the long full looks, the playful smiles, the forbidden kisses, our tragic downfall. The letter I wrote of our ever dying love, the reply that never came. Our fate wasn’t kind; we both knew that, we knew it would be difficult. We were against two different worlds, against our selves. We were against the gods, the prophecy. As kids we were told our love could overcome anything. Our history would be repeated, it would be for centuries. We will be remembered as the lovers who overcame fate but at the cost of themselves.

Tell her I’m sorry for all the things I could not do, for all the things I never said.

—  but i guess somethings are better left unsaid, but you were everything to me then.//t.c

listen, I know it’s over a week after April Fool’s Day but I got this idea in my head so I wrote it anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Dean caught Cas’ eye from across the room and smirked. Sam and Charlie, sitting at the cafeteria table with Cas, would have no idea what hit them. He ran over what they had planned in his head, then strode toward their table.

“Hey babe.” He planted a kiss on Cas’ cheek before dropping into the seat next to him. Charlie and Sam’s heads whipped up, looking between the two of them with expressions so comical that Dean had to press his lips together to keep from laughing.

What did you just call him?” Charlie demanded, her eyes narrowing.

“Oh,” Cas said, pretending to look abashed. “I suppose now is a good time as any to tell you.” He laid his hand over Dean’s on the table. “Dean and I have been secretly dating for the last month.”

Charlie and Sam were stunned into silence. Then Sam made a sound that was something of a snort and Charlie’s face spread into a huge, delighted grin.

“I knew it!” she exclaimed.

“I – what?” Dean said. That was not the reaction he had expected. 

“I knew that those meaningful gazes and lingering touches meant something! At first I thought it was just a fuckton of unresolved sexual tension, but I knew it had to be something more!”

Dean felt his face grow hot. “Uh, Charlie—”

Sam clapped Dean on the shoulder. “Congrats, you two, I’m really happy for you. Especially that you finally got the courage to tell us about it.”

Dean moved his hand away from Cas’ to cover his face. “Oh my god, you guys, we were kidding.”

Sam frowned. “What?”

“April fool’s?” Cas said weakly.

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