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aAUGHHH okay so after some lovely screaming with @picnokinesis the Fordscape AU took a really odd but interesting turn, and I’m not sure how on earth we went from point A to point B, but it just sort of…??? Happened???

The whole meal deal summary of what happened is: This AU’s Ford eventually becomes the being known to the multiverse as the Axolotl.

Crazy, but I’d like to think there’s at least a little bit of sense in our thinking further on in this post… XD

Okay, so first off… Taka (picnokinesis) suggested the idea that long after Stan, Dipper, and Mabel were gone and it was just Ford, still remaining in the mindscape, that Ford eventually is able to peer into other dimensions and becomes some sort of multi-dimensional guardian to people. 

(some transcribed chat below)

Ford also definitely helps his fellow multiverse-faring Fords! :D

We decided that- like some theories suggest Bill is- this version of Ford integrating with the mindscape and becoming some powerful protector is basically a near-zero probability. So this Ford is the only one this happens to.

And then there was some random musing over the workings of the mindscape. And how Ford and Bill are unable to interact with each other because they don’t actually inhabit the same space within the mindscape…

And then later we chatted about if Bill would actually be defeated in this AU, or if Ford would just oversee how the canon GF-verse defeated him. We decided it would be best to actually defeat Bill in this AU too, for character story arc reasons. :DD

The current thought is that over time, Ford eventually comes across some individuals who address him as ‘Axolotl,’ having heard stories of such a being of his kind. At first Ford is kind of confused, unsure of what they mean… but perhaps he remembers seeing some inscriptions and paintings about this being in the caves in Gravity Falls. He remembers reading a legend about how the Axolotl was once tricked and betrayed by Bill, but rose against him and defeated him. And the more he thinks about it, the more it fits. The more it makes sense that these inscriptions referred to HIM.

I have a few more thoughts about an ultimate confrontation between this version of Ford and Bill later, but I gotta eat lunch and run to class so I’ll add on later!


Alpha Kids God Tier Photoshoot at Närcon Winter 2015, Sweden.

Roxy: lordspongle
Jane: salmonini
Jake: fishymemermaid
Dirk: hstuckers
Photographer: mrevilfaget