god tier vriska cosplay


Scourge Sisters for life

Vriska: aph-ackerman
Terezi: pyrope-inc

Photographer: gemstoneperidot


rly shitty fast sketch but like, basically i just did the long cape bit and the end of it basically goes a little bit past my knee, in panels they look like different lengths lmao so i mean as long as its relatively long, ur pretty good, the head hole doesnt need to be that big since i used cotton (that stretches btw so yeah, definitely doesnt need to be that big, just find the right size where u can get yer head through with ease) but yis just make two of those, sew them together and turn it inside out!!

for the hood, to make the swirl stand out, i needed to stuff it so i needed like an inner-hood to have a wall that makes sure that no stuffing falls the fuck out, i had some extra fabric on the end so when i have the hood parts all sewn together, i can just adjust how low/high it needs to be when connected to the cape and then i can mark it, sew it, and trim the extra parts

but yeah thats it lmao im not that good at sewing but this was a fairly easy project tbh!!!! good luck!

TRIED to add progress photos but i guess i had less than i thought i did lmaaoo,, 👀


Homestucks at San Japan pt. 1

I recently got into Homestuck and didnt plan a cosplay for it this year, but DEFINITELY did not expect this many cosplays! It made me happy to see them and sad not to participate

If you see yourself, feel free to comment and ask for a tag, but also walk me through that shit cuz i dont know how to do it and I just wanna be nice

Meulin Leijon- lovesthebooty

Trickster Jane- @mintytier

Fem!Trickster John- ladykaylin

Sollux Captor- chillyrainbows

Damara Megido- @koolkorra

(it wouldnt let me tag some people)

my first katsucon cosplay: god tier john, 2012 | vs. | my most recent katsucon cosplay: fancy dreamer vriska, 2014

i still like to dust off that john and where it around but i like seeing the improvement i’ve made as well!! i hope to keep learning and improving and work on bigger and bigger projects!

(photo on the right by cccphotos )