god tier dirk strider

TG: god tier furries

TG: shit i mean uh i got a request from @nightfurywitch
TG: “Ok, weird ask, but, the kids but they all have a God Tier situation similar to Jade (animal parts) So, the Striders would have wings (maybe tail feathers), the Lalondes would have cat ears/tails, Jane and John would have rabbit ears/tails, and Jake would have the same as Jade.”
TG: “Hey, I’m sorry if this bothers you, but for the God Tier kids with animal parts, could you make Dirk a Pegasus with crow wings? I just think that’ll fit much better than a crow. “
TG: so here we go

TG: im like unusually happy that imm somehow the only one who doesnt fit in the furry category out of everyone in this post
TG: we got rabbits dogs cats and kind of a horse and those all have fur
TG: and then there is me a humble furless bird
TG: the lord has spared my unworthy soul
TG: jesus plays favorites and i won
TG: im the favorite
TG: its me

I finished my God Tier Roxy cosplay, and I’m so happy! Me and my alpha nerds group got to have this really cool photoshoot at the con last weekend and the pics ended up great! All thanks to our fantastic photographer! Go follow her for some more of her talent!

I was gonna make a big post with some cool pics later on, but I just got so excited to show you guys, so I’m posting this little gem now!