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“i’m a biker and one day i was biking in your neighborhood while you just happened to be outside watering the plants and since you’re so goddamn cute i accidentally steered into a pole and now you’re giving me first aid (holy shit you’re even cuter up close)” au JIKOOK PROMPT with Jeongguk as the biker!!

Hahaha, this is so cute! Thanks for the prompt! I hope you enjoy this fic.

Title: Shirtless Neighbor
Genre: Humor; Fluff
Word Count: 932

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He was shirtless.

Who watered plants shirtless? It wasn’t even warm out. Sunny, sure, but not warm enough to be half-naked.

Jungkook couldn’t help looking at him, though. At first, it was a few glances as he rode his bicycle down the sidewalk in the neighborhood. But the glances soon turned into a stare as he rolled closer. From his distance, he could make out an attractive face, a lean, muscular physique, and a round and prominent butt that looked way too good in those basketball sh–

Crash! Thud!

And that was a light pole.

Now Jungkook was lying on his back on the street next to the curb, blinking at the blue expanse of the sky. He felt a mild sting at his elbow and some minor aching in his back from landing on it. Other than that, he felt fine.

He was sure his pride suffered more, though. Way to look cool.

“Hey!” called a voice, and Jungkook closed his eyes and groaned to himself. Please don’t make me feel stupider than I already do.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Jungkook heard the smack of flip-flops rush to his side, and soon, his view was blocked by the shirtless neighbor’s face.

The shirtless neighbor’s face

Jungkook gawked at him, heat swarming his head and neck. For the life of him, he could not form words or thoughts except for, wow.

He could die here happily under his dark, beautiful gaze, his plump, pink lips and the sexy, messy fringe covering his brows. He didn’t mind being surrounded by his scent either; right now he smelled like yard work, earthy but fresh. He radiated a pleasing, friendly warmth, enough to melt him. 

Jungkook’s face continued to heat to boiling point as he mutely stared up at this slightly sweaty Adonis about a foot from his face. The guy might be saying something, too, but Jungkook wasn’t paying attention; he was too busy committing every angle and slope of his face to memory.

“Hey!” the boy called, for what was probably the umpteenth time. He waved a hand in front of Jungkook, and without thinking, Jungkook reached up and grabbed it.

Well, not only did he grab it, but he intertwined his fingers with his. Palm to palm.

It’s so… small. Tiny against his hand and adorable.

He watched the boy’s expression change from one of concern to one of pleasant surprise.

“Oh,” he squeaked, his cute, smooth cheeks turning pink. “I guess you’re all right? I’m Jimin, by the way.”

When Jungkook realized what he had done, he sputtered out an apology and quickly withdrew his hand.

What was he thinking?

“I.. I guess I hit my head a bit,” Jungkook joked, forcing a laugh.

“Did you?” Jimin asked with a frown.

Jungkook was about to dismiss his concern when Jimin’s hands reached into his hair, his fingers brushing through, pressing into his scalp like a much-needed massage. Jungkook hitched a breath and closed his eyes.

“Sorry, I’m just assessing your head,” Jimin said sheepishly. “I recently started nursing school.”

The corner of Jungkook’s mouth lifted. Convenient.

“I’m going to take that smile to mean that nothing hurts up here. Do you feel dizzy?”

“No, nothing hurts.” Jungkook opened his eyes, finding the boy’s face closer than before, his lips just above Jungkook’s nose. And don’t get him started on the shirtlessness surrounding him.

He swallowed. “No dizziness, either.”

Jimin’s gaze shifted downward to catch Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook’s heart hammered in his chest as he felt gentle breaths against his face. He could lean down and kiss him, if he wanted to. Jungkook wouldn’t have minded.

“All right,” Jimin said softly. “Let’s get inside. I’ll take care of that scraped elbow.”

He wanted to invite him into his house. Well, for first-aid purposes, but still.

“I-It’s fine,” Jungkook said, his voice cracking a bit. “You don’t have to go out of your way to–”

“I insist–sorry, what’s your name?”


“Well, Jungkook, let’s get you on your feet and I’ll fix you up.”

Jimin helped him up with no trouble. The first thing Jungkook noticed, now that they were both on their feet, was that Jimin was a lot shorter than he thought; his eyes reached just above his shoulder.

Oh, and he was still shirtless. Glistening, muscular, smooth-skinned, and shirtless.

“Your bike still seems to be in good shape,” Jimin said, going over to the dreaded thing and standing it back up.

Not the only thing in good shape, he couldn’t help thinking, his eyes boring into Jimin’s back, at the way his basketball shorts seemed to sit so beautifully at his narrow hips and how the fabric draped over his rear. Jungkook was convinced that everything about Jimin was god-tier attractive.

“So, are you going to keep staring at me or am I nursing you back to health?”

Jimin was suddenly standing in front of him now, holding the bike next to him. Jungkook flushed. Just how long did he zone out, thinking about how hot he was? 


Jimin laughed a little. Even that sounded good. How was he real? “It’s okay, Jungkook. I’m not offended. But… I think I should to be taken out to dinner for my first-aid services.”

Jungkook froze, the words barely registering. “What? Me?”

“Do you see any other cuties with a scraped elbow?” Jimin asked impishly.

“You think I’m cute?”

“You’re really cute,” Jimin said, giggling at his incredulity. “Now come on.”

Jungkook followed him as he wheeled his bicycle up to the porch, grinning widely at his dumb luck.