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useful things for sprite edits

the beta kid sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the beta troll sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the alpha kid sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the alpha troll sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the beta kid symbols and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the beta troll symbols, blood colors, and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the alpha kid symbols and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the alpha troll symbols, blood colors, and text colors, edited from the MSPA wiki

the god tier aspect symbols and colorschemes provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the god tier class sprites provided on the MSPA wiki, compiled

the god tier sprites, edited from the MSPA wiki

feel free to use these as you wish. if you need a sprite made, send me a message and i’ll do it.

What are fraymotifs?

Fraymotifs are abilities used in battle which have music related names. They come up just a handful of times during Homestuck’s narrative, mostly seen as Combo Attacks. Fraymotifs are optional elements for Sburb, but it’s indicated that the troll’s used theirs in their session and we see the Kids using them too.

Remember this?

As we can see they can be purchased on the Kids’ planets and there are ‘solos’ and ‘combos’. The solo is only for one player and there are combos for all player combinations.
A player has 3 solos and judging by the increasing prices on them they also get more powerful from the latter.

First time we saw a combo fraymotif it was done with Dave and Jade while they were fighting with Bec Noir on LOFAF.

Unfortunately we only know the names for John’s list from the shop and Adagio Redshift, and we don’t really know what any of them do, we can only speculate. They also appear in [S] Collide, which we have some idea of what they do or what kind of effect they have but we don’t get names for them.

There’s the Roxy-Rose-John combo

The 2 John-Rose combos and one of them has to be Myxolidian Maelstrom, and Rose and Roxy are also shown to perform 2 fraymotifs

Dave and Terezi do a combo twice, both to bring back Dirk from the dead by changing the timeline

And the Striders also perform a cool combo

— On this blog we want to create fraymotifs for your Godtier, either 1-3 solos or a combo. We give it a fancy name relevant to your Aspect and some form of music, dissect the name’s meaning, and tell you what awesomness it is capable of. Give us an ask, tell us your classpect(s), and if you want a solo from either of the three power levels (low, medium, strongest) or all three, or if you want a combo with your fellow Godtier.

—Mod whovianofmidgard—

Knight of Rage

Knights are active exploitation classes that focus on utilizing and weaponizing their aspect in an advantageous way for them and their session.

Rage is the aspect of fear and passion, with minor themes of negative thoughts/emotions, anger, and falsehood.

The Knight of Rage actively exploits (with) Rage by using fear, passion, and negativity.

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I like to imagine that Godtiers do give very limited powers to players before they’ve even played the game

A seer of heart who grows up being told that he has a very vivid imagination and that he needs to “stop talking to his imaginary friends”
Truth is that since he is able to see/understand Heart And Soul he has the ability to see ghosts and spirits

A Maid of Hope who grows up to be the best damn public speaker her country knows, and eventually helps contribute to world peace

A light player and a doom player team up and because the greatest hacker/video game developer duo you’ll ever see

A seer of mind who everyone thinks is just really great at guessing games, but she can actually see what the people are thinking of

Aspect Analysis: DOOM

You cannot escape. 

  • Pos/Neg: Doom is a Negative Aspect.
  • Nature: Doom removes Resolve from a closed system.
  • Counterpart: Doom’s opposing Aspect is Life.
  • Symbolism: Skulls and other bones. Black cats, ravens, broken mirrors, and all manner of ill omens. To a lesser degree, old age and associated afflictions and symbology.

What goes up, must come down. Two plus two equals four. E = MC^2. The world around us has incontrovertible rules. These aren’t rules we “must” obey, in the sense that there is a consequence for disobedience. They are rules we cannot help but obey because they are simply part of the world. Those who concede to the inevitable are given form and structure. Those who rage and fight with the way of the universe are slowly crushed by the weight of their own Doom.

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Alright finally get to post some art I’ve done! carrying this massive laptop to starbucks is… tricky. Anyway, Here’s something I did last year of me, @fluff-of-legend , @stars-and-reblogs , and @puffsandcoconuts and our god tiers and worlds. took me…. about three days to draw it all then set up the last picture.

our galaxy and homestuck

in case you didnt get the space symbol: its our galaxy. the milky way consists of a center (the so-called bulge) and six arms spiraling around it.

External image

the galactic center (rotation point) of the milky way is located in the sagittarius constallation, hence equius’ association with milk. in this center is also a supermassive black hole which explains the his role as a void player - and the void symbols design as being the space symbol lacking the middle.

External image

there might even be a lot more connection i havent made yet but ill keep an eye out for more of hussies shenanigans.

Aspect Analysis: HOPE

I think I can, I think I can…

  • Pos/Neg: Hope is a Positive Aspect.
  • Nature: Hope adds Possibility to a closed system.
  • Counterpart: Hope’s opposing Aspect is Rage.
  • Symbolism: Hope has no fixed symbol other than the angel wings that it uses in-game. However, any symbol which commands belief, religious or otherwise, can be said to be a symbol of Hope.

It’s a hidden truth of the world that things are only impossible until someone does it. Faith, belief, and a willingness to challenge the impossible can fill the body with an unquenchable fire of determination. With this power, two brothers defied gravity and created airplanes. With this strength, one man can fight like ten. With the power of Hope, you challenge the naysayers and change the definition of “impossible” forever.

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anonymous asked:

uh so i took a god tier title test and it got me the Page of Space... i was wondering if youd do an analysis on that or something plus maybe a land for the PoS if possible?? please and thank

The Page of Space

A Page provides for others through their aspect and provides for others with their aspect

Space is the aspect of creation, physics, and the present

A Page of Space would likely begin their journey as feeling bland and unoriginal. They’d lack the creativity and drive to create, but they’d focus their energy into trying to become something they aren’t. They’d give off the appearance of an eccentric artist, but in reality, they’d just be by themselves while they tried to push themselves to do something. As they progressed through the game, circumstances such as their planet’s quest may push them to become more creative, leading to their slow but steady growth into a powerful Space player. Their journey would lead to great opportunities to help others find creative and intricate solutions to difficult, nigh unsolvable problems.

Land Ideas:

Land of Inferno and Frogs

Land of Torrents and Frogs

Land of Vacuums and Frogs

Plus, their outfit is absolutely out of this world!