god those were good times


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Reasons part 2/2


-Typical Hanbin angst

Oh shit, this part is so long haha. Sorry, i got carried away.


-“where’d all this come from? I thought we were fine…” 1:30

-“please, reply” 1:45

-”please baby, i need something, anything at all” 1:50

-“are you seriously just going to ignore me after dropping a bomb like that?” 2:05 

The texts went on all night as you lay there trying to figure out where everything had gone wrong. As far as you can tell, the relationship was stable. Sure there were small arguments here and there but nothing serious enough to cause this. It couldn’t have been his label because you were given permission to date as long as he keeps up with the work. Was there someone else? Could he have met someone from the company, a trainee maybe? After all you guys did agree that if the thought of someone else ever cross either of your minds, you guys would end it rather than putting each other through the pain of cheating. 

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Remember that time when ABC had a sitcom

  • about a conventionally unattractive young Latina woman
  • whose sister was a single mother of a gay teenager
  • whose best friends included a gay man, a transwoman, and an Irish immigrant
  • that specifically addressed issues of transphobia, homophobia, racism, and classism
  • that had a feminine male character who was explicitly not gay (but was played by a gay man)
  • and a corporate head who was a Black woman
  • that sometimes played Betty’s unattractiveness and Alexis’ transness for laughs but more often made fun of bigots who were biased against them
  • because the point was always that Betty and Alexis (and Marc, and Justin, and Hilda, and Willie, and Christina, and Suzuki) deserved to be respected for their talents, not dismissed because of their race, class, or sexuality
  • and to boot had great acting and music

God, those were good times.