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Murdering Mr. Darcy (7/10)

Summary: Ryan is the most recent member of the Fake AH Crew, and he’s loving every second of his new job - except for the annoying British thief who, after a series of terrible first impressions, has become the bane of his existence.

Ryan hates Gavin, and he’s pretty sure Gavin hates him too - until one day, out of the blue, Gavin asks for his help planning a murder.

Part 1  Part 6  AO3

“So,” Geoff said. “You and Gavin.”

Ryan stiffened where he stood before Geoff’s desk. When he’d been summoned into the man’s office he hadn’t thought much of it - assumed he was being given a job - but now with Geoff staring at him scrutinisingly, almost suspiciously, he felt suddenly wary.

First Michael, now Geoff. Just great.

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