god this was a battle

They called her the red woman,
The one who worshipped the god of light,
She believed in war,
A battle of life against death,
Sweet summer air breath,
For she was bold and young,
Warmth in the frost,
She has seen men in warzone bled,
For she was a woman of red,
Women of light and warmth,
But as she looked in the mirror,
All she found was fear and horror,
All she saw was darkness,
For there is something dark,
Even in light and spark,
The red woman was dark at her heart,
And wicked on her part…
-Pratibha Badgal

Go interesting places, meet interesting gods, and get murdered by them! 

Get a man who will buy you ice cream.

Get a man who dances with you.

Get a man who follow your lead into No Man’s Land as you tear apart your enemies and punch your way through a  hundred men before throwing you onto a shield so you can take out a building and a machine gun before following you to destroy the god of war in a battle to save humanity.

Get Steve Trevor


So many anime reboots/remakes/sequels lately!

This was interesting to make, as well as seeing the differing art styles of both new and old. <3

“Don’t mess with the God of Destruction”

I’m tired of seeing Beerus treated as a giant kitten in DBS lately, i mean … he’s a fucking god of destruction ! So i decided to draw him in a more badass-way … I hope you’ll like it ! :)

Special thanks to @redviolett for her background suggestion, and @sarahw-world and @blacksheep1105 for helping me finding refs for his arms too ! (omg it was starting to give me a headache xD)

As always, i used watercolour, pencils and gouache, but this time i used a cheaper paper and i’m strongly regretting it :(


Do you know what love is? I’ll tell you: it is whatever you can still betray.
― John le Carré

One hour studies.