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So, like, there was a rally last night where the cops decided the crowd wasn’t dispersing fast enough for their liking, so they started firing pepper bullets indiscriminately into the crowd and then charged in on horseback and started busting heads, with zero provocation.  The media is spinning some bullshit story about the protesters throwing rocks (gods know where they found ‘em), even though we’ve got video footage that clearly shows them doing nothing but walking down the damn street.

One of my best good friends got picked up.  They’re facing a charge for “resisting a police officer,” which is literally a euphemism for not walking away fast enough, and they had to spend a night in the men’s prison surrounded by Neo-Nazis, and I’m pretty sure they’re only alive because enough other activists got picked up for the lot of ‘em to do that thing we like to do with Nazis.

Upon a time, I’d wanted to keep this particular blog apolitical and put all my screeds on one of my sides.  That ain’t happening.  If you don’t want to hear me talk about the world, you are gonna be disappointed.  And, honestly, I’ve got a little over 600 followers; if you don’t want to disappoint me, gimme a little over 600 partisans. 

All my queer peeps, all my POC peeps, all my disabled peeps, all my Muslim and Jewish and otherwise non-Christian peeps, all my femme peeps, all my poor peeps:  I got your six.  I ain’t got much, I’m just as busted as y’all are, but I got a car and a roof over my head and food in my pantry and I got two hands; what’s mine is yours.  I will do whatever I am able, no matter how unsavory, I don’t even care.

An injury to one is an injury to all.


We have a world to win.



The Doctor's Daughter Commentary II
  • RTD: Georgia also auditioned for Rose
  • DT: No - did she?!
  • RTD: She was excellent and -
  • DT: She can only have been like 14 years old then?!
  • RTD: Well we literally thought give her a couple of years and she'd be fantastic
  • DT: Right!
  • RTD: Although only three years have passed and she's reaching her potential - very rapidly become very brilliant
  • DT: Yeah!
  • RTD: Well she was lovely to begin with but um
  • DT: She's terrific in this, she went straight on from this to be one of the leads in - I'm gonna forget the name of it -
  • Alice Troughton: Spooks Code 9
  • DT: Spooks Code 9, which is starting soon, and I got a message from her yesterday saying they'd just done a press day and all that she got asked about was this!
  • RTD: Welcome to the rest of your life!
  • DT: Which I don't think bothered her at all but I'm sure Spooks 9.6 were a bit annoyed

…Like Clockwork - Queens of the Stone Age


pls watch this baby laugh if you’re sad or mad or whatever you will smile so much


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Screenshots from I’M MR. MEESEEKS! | Reading Your Comments #88! :D

Oh my god Reading Your Comments videos are so much fun to screenshot! xD Seriously though these are my favorite videos to screenshot Jack in. There’s just so many things that happen in these videos that give me really great moments for me to screenshot and I think some of my best pictures I’ve ever taken of Jack are from these videos. :) But I just love Reading Your Comments videos in general though this is my favorite long term “series?” that isn’t a game that Jack has done on his channel and I’ve seriously seen every single one of these videos too. xD These videos are just a nice and fun way that Jack interacts with the people who watch his videos and I always get excited when uploads a new one of these because no matter what’s going to be in it I know there’s going be good responses and a lot of fun and memorable moments too. ^_^ I love Reading Your Comments videos! :D