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Make Up Artist

“What in the world are you doing?” Jack asked after walking past the bathroom, eyes falling on Joe leaned in close to the mirror, blinking as he nearly poked himself in the eye.

“Uhm,” Joe glanced down at the item in his hand and the others scattered across the counter before he met Jack’s eyes once again. “Doing my make up?”

Leaning against the doorframe, Jack crossed his arms, smirking over at Joe, who shifted under the gaze of his boyfriend.

“Is it sad that that isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve ever said to me?”

“It’s not?”

“Nope. Now, why are you doing your make up?”

“It’s for a video,” Joe sighed, placing the eyeliner down on the counter, scanning the items he had gathered. “I’m doing a skit as my sister. But she’s always wearing bloody make up, so I have to do it.”

“Do you need some help?” Joe’s eyes snapped up to meet Jack’s again, widening slightly.

“You don’t have too.”

“It’s no different from the Stand Up To Cancer event we did,” Jack shrugged, pushing himself off of the frame to move into the bathroom. “Only this time, I get to hear your lovely voice.” He smiled, leaning over to kiss Joe quickly. “Now sit down.”

“Jack, really, you don’t have too…” Joe mumbled, but was quickly shushed and manhandled until he was sat on the closed toilet, his hands tucked under his legs.

“So we’re doing a look like your sister?” Jack muttered, half to himself as he scanned the products, picking up what he needed. “Where did you even get this?”

“I bought it.” Joe answered, blushing as Jack smiled over at him.

“That’s adorable. You probably confused the poor cashier so much!”

“Shut up.”

“Nah, it’s fun making you blush.” Jack laughed, “Now close your eyes, babe.”

Sighing, Joe did as asked, jumping when he felt the brush make contact with his eyelid. The touch was gentle and caring.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Probably not.” Jack’s voice was low, his breath dancing across Joe’s lips, and the smaller man smiled. He could picture Jack’s look of concentration, and when he peaked open one eye, it was exactly as he imagined it.

Brows furrowed together, tongue poking out just slightly from between his lips, eyes focused.


“Sorry.” Joe laughed, closing his eye once again.

Except throughout the entire process, he kept sneaking looks at Jack. Because he had never seen his boyfriend so concentrated on a task, and it was sweet of him to be helping him, especially with such a weird task.

“Thank you. By the way.” Joe said softly as Jack did the last finishing touches.

“For what?” Jack asked, standing back to admire his work before he reached for the last item, the lip stick.

“For applying my make up, as odd as that sounds.”

“Anything for you, babe.” Jack winked, “Besides, this just reminds me of the event, and I’ll admit, you looked very pretty.” He commented, applying the lip stick with the same love and care as he had all those months ago. “Done.” He smiled, standing up straight again. “Maybe I should quit YouTube and become a make up artist.”

“You’ve done my make up twice.” Joe laughed, standing to look at himself in the mirror. “Oh, wow.”

“You look beautiful.” Jack told him, dropping a kiss on the top of Joe’s head.

“Remind me to never do the make up challenge against you.” Joe mumbled, turning his head from side to side, admiring Jack’s handiwork.

“Go finish getting ready for your video, I’ll clean up.” The younger man nudged him towards the door.

“This is going to be such a weird video…” Joe said to himself as he walked towards the other room.

“You’ve fucked a chair, Joe!” Jack’s voice followed him. “Nobody is going to question this!”

“Wait until you see the outfit!” Joe called back.

“There’s an outfit?!” Jack’s response was excited, and Joe laughed as he began to strip out of his clothes, glancing down at the items he had borrowed from his sister.

When he walked into the guest room, where Jack and his filming equipment was waiting, Joe was frowning down at the heels in his hand.

“I forgot that Zoe has smaller feet. I’ll have to shoot from an angle that doesn’t show my feet. Unless I just squeeze them in, although I won’t be able to walk…” He trailed off as he glanced at Jack’s face. “What?”

“Is it wrong to say you look really hot in a skirt?”

“Oh.” Joe felt himself flush.

“We need to film this video…like now.” Jack cleared his throat. “Because what I want to do with you will only mess up your make up. And I worked damn hard on that look.”

“I look odd, stop.”

“You look fucking hot, Joe. Wig, skirt, everything. And I’m sure the heels would make your legs look even better.”

“You don’t think this is weird?” Joe questioned, smiling at the look on Jack’s face.

“I don’t think this will be an every day thing, but right now…fuck.” His eyes traveled the length of Joe’s body. “Right now, this is doing it for me.”

“Well, thank you.” Joe moved forward, kissing Jack quickly, laughing at the colour left behind from his lipstick. “Let’s film this video.”

“Gods, yes.” Jack muttered, eyes following Joe’s hips as he walked away. “And you are not giving those back to your sister!”

Moora 👑 ~ The Bride of Habaek

Anyone else watching this drama? What do you think of the story? I obviously like Krystal in this drama. She really is a goddess and all her outfits in this drama are gorgeous.

Anyways, I took almost two weeks to finish this cos i kept procrastinating and changing things 😓 Not perfect but I can see some improvements. I definitely need to watch more tutorial videos to master the basics and improve my skills. Digital drawing and colouring is definitely hard. I really admire those who can come up with a masterpece within a few hours or less!

Btw follow me on ig @lunallystars for main account and @allyteestyle for my teespring account.

PS: The more I look at the drawing the more I think that she looks more like Lee Sung Kyung than Krystal 😅
Mafumafu will tap the tambourine because he's being chased by delivery dates ( 'ω'o[Will read the comments this time]o 02/23/2015 Namahousou

Thanks to yu-tah and amachu for the recordings! I got confused a lot i realized i was listening to two different recordings like…i’m sure i stopped at 12:31mins but the talk isn’t the same…i’m slow, sorry. I woke up early to post this coz i realized they have one later today :D

What’s in here hmm…Mafu confessing his love and adoration for Soraru of course lol. 

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Hello, I’m Troy McClure Lindsay, and you may remember me from such hits as my blatant plea to the video game gods to make LEGO: Dragon Age.

I’ve got the bug. I’ve got it bad. And I want to draw your custom Warden, Hawke, or Inquisitor. And as I like to eat and have the internet, I’m taking custom party minifig commissions!

YOU, my darlings, pay $30 USD, and you’ll get a custom drawn doodad laid out with three party members of your choice.

You want variations? You got variations. I’ll draw variant companion outfits (Grey Warden, romanced outfits, Halamshiral, different armor set, etc) for $10 each. I’ll draw non-companions/romances (Krem, Harding, Maevaris, etc) from scratch for $20. Minor adjustments (skin colour on the sibling Hawkes, smiling/frowning/winking etc) are included!

Email me at itchyhero@gmail.com, with screenshots of your character to start!


First selfies with the new camera! Not really the best pictures, but they were just for testing anyway. God, I love this camera. I love the macro function, and it has great auto-focus. It also captures colours really well, even if the room is dark, it manages to lighten the picture without ruining it. 
I had to order a new memory card. I currently have a 32GB SD memory hard, but the problem is, it’s only a class 02. I need a class 10 if I want to make videos that last for more than 40 seconds.