god this video is a forreal


YAS! (it’s ot9 because krislutao dont have any - my first ot9 reaction :()


*He came into the living room to see you looking at something on your phone and wondered why you seemed to be so excited about it*

K: “Y/N what are you looking at?”

Y/N: “Nothing much just staring at how hot you look in this picture, honestly Jongin blonde hair AND a lip piercing. Dead”


*Once he saw you getting happy over the teaser he acted high and mighty around the house*

SH: “Yes thats me I am Oh Sehun and yes that was me running in that teaser #UsainBoltnumber2 in the house”


*You kept replaying the part where he turned around in the teaser and he wanted to know why you liked it so much”

Y/N: “Because in case you didn’t notice you look hot af, what is that smell,oh it’s the smoke from the fire because boy you are burnin hot”


*He is sitting in your room wondering why you keep ignoring him and screaming at your phone, you find him and explain*

Y/N: “Um I’m looking at you, your teaser video, YOUR teaser pictures. I’m looking at you so why you moaning”

CY: “You do realise you have the physical version right in front of you?”

Y/N: “Okay fine Ronald Mcdonald just give me another five minutes and I’ll be with you”



BH: “Woah what why are you shouting, more importantly why are you shouting that?”

Y/N: “Go and stare at your monster teaser pictures and then get back to me”


*You can be heard from the kitchen wailing about something or other and he walks to see what all the commotion is about*

Y/N: “Seriously Kyungsoo you get beaten up in cart, you got beaten up in the Wolf drama, and now here you are lying on this bed clearly with no hope. Pull yourself together, I know you called the doctor before but now they are here you better kick their ass”

D.O: “I don’t really know what to say to that..glad you’re enjoying it jagi”


*He comes in to you shouting about him being beaten in the monster teaser and tries to make it work for him*

C: “Yeah I got hurt pretty bad maybe if I lay with you it will make me feel  better, do you know what else would make me feel better?”

Y/N: “Sure do but not gonna happen”


Y/N: “I’m actually going to sue you, like forreal I’ll get you for every penny you have”

L: “Um..okay did something happen that I’m unaware of here?”

Y/N: “Yes YOU’RE SO HOT LIKE GOD sake Yixing, can you have a day off just for once”

L: “So you want to sue me for being too hot?”

Y/N: “Damn straight”


*You question him on what you saw in the teaser, and since he wouldn’t spoil what was actually going to happen in the music videos you had been left to the internet Sherlocks to figure out what was going on*

Y/N: “So are you the brains of it, you know mixing up the drugs and all that?”

XM: “Idk I can’t remember”

Y/N: You are’t going to tell me are you.. well at least you actually have your shirt on for once so I won’t explode today”

*Comes back in*

XM: “You thought”

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