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i’m in love with the shape of you.
  • Summary: “It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. (…) Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.” Inspired by this tweet.
  • Pairing: Kara/Lena.
  • Rating: STRAIGHT UP SIN. +18
  • Beta’d by: Bia, who by the way forced me to write this. (@kinkylena)

It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. Lena was chivalrous, gentle, sweet. All Kara could’ve wanted for in a partner. Most of their time together was spent in late night dates, drinking expensive wine and chinese takeout, maybe watching a bad movie, maybe playing chess (Lena insisted she wasn’t letting Kara win, that she had just improved but Kara didn’t believe a word she said), maybe just cuddling under a fuzzy blanket telling each other about their days. And of course, kissing. Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.

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Family of Four: Chris’ Arrival

Summary: Chirs flies home after being away for so long and he can’t wait to see Y/N and his baby boy. 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader 

Word Count: 1,498 

Warnings:  None, this all the fluff

A/N: The new series that I’m starting with and it’s everything and anything with Chris being a loving husband and the best dad. Hope you guys like this and please send feedback it is much appreciated ♡♡

*Picture is from Google*

June 10, 2017 | Saturday 

Chris’ head bobbed back and forth as the car drove over a pot hole, waking him up. He sighed running his hands over his bearded face as he tried to keep his eyes open but the warmth of the car caused him to slowly close his eyes once again. He didn’t realize that he arrived nor that the car stopped until the driver turned around and whispered softly not wanting to startle him. “Sir, we arrived at your destination.” And when Chris continued sleeping the driver sighed not knowing what to do until he reached over and gave Chris a firm shake which woke Chris up. He opened his eyes and smiled as his home came into focus and he couldn’t wait to get inside. He quickly paid the driver making sure a bit extra for being patient with him and grabbed his luggage, before making his way up the driveway; getting his keys to the front door.

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The Rowcan smut is here!

Well my friends. This has been a labor of love. I have literally never written a thing in my life, but I had this bug in my head that wouldn’t get out and I decided to give it a try as an early birthday present to @lu-cien (love of my life)

I tried to find the other people who wanted to be tagged in this? Maybe??@readinglikewildfire @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @deziremyacotar@highladyofidris

Without further ado…

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How It Is Now - Part One

Request: @rose4958  Can you do a second part to ‘Teen Sam x teen reader’ where they are older and run into each other (Maybe just maybe the reader had gotten pregnant the last time they saw each other, before Sam left for good) and they still love each other, maybe they end up together. I also love your writing and thanks

This is a follow up to How It Was Before (read it first).

Sam x Female Reader

Summary: After twelve years you and Sam have a chance meeting that changes everything. Part 1 of 2(or 3).

Words: 1800+

Beta’d by: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: a little language, smut in future parts. 

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Sam Winchester. You know his voice in a heartbeat, even after all these years since last hearing your name on his lips, it brings back a flood of memories long pushed to the deep recesses of your brain.

It’s not that you don’t think of him, but when you do it’s a shadow of a recollection, fuzzy around the edges. You wonder sometimes what’s real and what your brain just fills in to make things whole. For a long time, you turned every moment you spent together into painful memories. They were sharp little triggers that cut right to the quick every time. Even the sweet and good moments morphed into something agonizing.

But the pain faded long ago and perhaps you put on rose colored glasses when you think of him now. The two of you were just kids and that’s how you choose to recall him now, as lovely, gentle Sam who was always in awe of you.

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mother-of-all-monsters  asked:

Mitjo prompt: Childhood friends au, where Mitch didn't fuck up, and they make a hide out together to get away from eachothers shitty parents, and go through pre-teen crushes on eachother, lots of hand holding

Oh god this took so long, I am so sorry… Suffice to say, life got in the way but I actually really like this so I hope you do too and you can forgive me for how long it took?

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good-girls-kiss-girls  asked:

Supercorp prompt where Kara leaves lenas office after a having another one of their gazing into each others eyes sessions. As the door closes behind the reporter, Lena (forgetting that Kara has super hearing) whispers to herself something like "why don't you just kiss her already?!" And Kara runs back in and presses her lips against hers.💕

It was late.  It was always late when Kara visited Lena nowadays.  It was the only way to insure large amounts of uninterrupted time together; less employees needing answers after hours.  

Kare was there on assignment, an assignment she gave herself. She was now a self-employed, freelance journalist.  It was a surprisingly lucrative gig, seeing as she was the one reporter in National City to gain Supergirl’s trust for a quote.  Luckily no one seemed to put those pieces together, yet.

Kara Danvers was practically the only reporter Lena Luthor would meet with for any subject.  This gave Kara an added edge in the competitive world of the 24 hour news cycle.  

“So, what’s your piece on this time?”  Lena asked, leaning toward the reporter sitting inches away from her on the couch.  She noticed that each time they met, they sat closer and closer together.  She could almost feel the heat of Kara’s legs against her own.

“I actually want to write about anything you’re doing with L-Corp that you think hasn’t gotten enough attention.”  Kara opened her notebook, smoothing the page.  “Last time we had lunch, you were telling me about that awesome sounding STEM program you’re hoping to pilot for nearby colleges.  Do you want to, officially, tell me more about that?”  

Lena smiled.  “There’s not much to tell.”  She fidgeted her hands under Kara’s gaze.

“Are you kidding?” Kara balked.  “You are creating an internship program with L-Corp specifically for women in science. And there’s not much to tell?”  

Kara made sure Lena saw her smiling brightly at her.  They held each other’s gaze for just a little too long.  Lena bowed her head smiling inwardly.  

“I promise you’ll be the first to know anything about it.  Ready for the public or otherwise.”  

Kara blushed slightly, always taken aback by the CEO’s upfront gestures of how special she was to her.  

Kara bit her lip.  “That sounds like a plan.”  She closed her notebook, stowing the pen in the coil at the top.  “I should probably let you get back to work.”

Lena sighed, but nodded her head.  “It’s always great to see you, Kara,” she said, biting her lip when Kara caught her eye.  She swore she saw the reporter staring at her mouth. But maybe it was just her hopeful imagination.

They stood and hugged each other goodbye. When they broke apart.  Kara headed for the door, looking back briefly to wave a final goodbye to her friend.  

“Bye,” Lena practically whispered with a smile.

Kara slipped out of the door.  Lena fell back down on the couch she shared with the super just moments before, her breathing ragged.

“God,” she mumbled to herself.  “Why do you let yourself get like that?” She ran both hands through her long hair.  She took a deep breath.  “Ugh, I just wanted to kiss her so badly.”  

Lena shook her head and fixed her gaze on the floor.  She was too lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice the door to her office open again.  She didn’t notice her tall, slightly surprised looking friend making her way towards her.  

Lena finally looked up and jumped at Kara’s sudden presence.  

“Kara,” she nearly squeaked.  She sprang to her feet.  “Did you forget something?”  

Kara kept her steady pace, crossing the office in seconds, stopping just inches away from the taken off guard Lena.  

“Yeah, I did,” she breathed, exhaling deeply.  

Lena could only hold her confused look for nanoseconds before Kara’s lips met hers.  She let out a small gasp of surprise before closing her eyes to kiss Kara back.  She could feel Kara’s smile against her own.  

Lena pulled back, cupping her hand gently against Kara’s cheek.  

“Wow.”  She closed her eyes again.  

“Wow,” Kara agreed, and she wrapped her arms around Lena’s hips, pulling her in close to kiss her again.  She never wanted to stop.

Light & Darkness

I was just wondering what your take is on the whole Amara-resurrecting-Mary thing. All of season 11, we’re made to believe that Amara is the antithesis of God; where God is light, she is the darkness, where God is a creator, she is the destroyer. Even at the very end, walking through the garden, everything she touches, dies. To the point that she refuses to feed the birds because she knows they’ll die if she does. Yes - she heals Chuck, but is that perhaps just because they’re siblings? Because they made rather a huge deal out of the fact that she destroys everything she touches. The best she could even offer Dean was to, basically, be consumed. And then to suggest so heavily that she brought Mary back to LIFE??? Is this sloppy writing or deliberate misdirection? Or am I simply overthinking it? Just curious as to your thoughts on this.

Hi, @destiel73 I’m really sorry it took me like forever to answer this question you sent me. I hope you’re still curious to read my thoughts on the whole thing.

It’s true that Amara was the antithesis of God. He was light and she was darkness; he was a creator, and as you well said it, Amara was a destroyer. However, we can’t forget that Amara was a goddess; she was as powerful as her brother, but the thing is that she never wanted to use her powers for goodness. She was selfish and codependent –everything that definitely destroys any kind of relationship. That’s what happened to Chuck and Amara. Let’s pay attention to the conversation they had in 11x23:

AMARA: In the beginning, it was just you and me, and we were family. I loved you and I thought… I knew that you loved me.

CHUCK: I did. I do.

AMARA: But then you went and you made all these other things. I hated them. I hated you for needing something else, something that wasn’t me. And then you locked me away, and all I could think about was making you suffer.

CHUCK: You had your reasons.

AMARA: I did. And I thought revenge would make me happy. But I was wrong. What you’ve made… it’s beautiful. It took me a long time to see that. I know that we can’t go back to the way things were. I don’t want to, but I wish… I wish that we could just be family again.

CHUCK: I do too.

We have to remember that at some point in season 11, we were told that God had to lock his sister away because he wanted to create the world and she wouldn’t allow it. However, it wasn’t that she was a destroyer by nature; it was just that she didn’t want God to have anything or anyone besides her. She didn’t want him to create anything because she was selfish, because she wanted him, his attention, and his love all for herself. God was light and she was dark, but that’s not a bad thing; it’s a balance. Actually, a 24-hour day has day and night, light and dark, and we need both. What would happen to us if we had 24 hours of daylight? When would we sleep? When would we rest?

The Darkness wasn’t evil per se. She wasn’t a destroyer because that’s what nature made of her. She made her own choices. God made his choice to become the creator of all we know. It wasn’t because he was good, while his sister was evil. It was because he could love his sister and still be able to love other beings.

Amara wasn’t able to do that. She decided to destroy everything and God decided to sacrifice his only kin (as Metatron said in 11x06) in order to preserve his creation. God never hated his sister; he never wanted to kill her.

Once out of her imprisonment, Amara learned that everything God created was beautiful. She also realized that what she wanted was to be family with him again. The moment she made her choice, she stopped being a force of destruction. To prove that, and to thank Dean for what he’d done for her and for her relationship with her brother, she gave him what she knew Dean wanted the most: his mother.

She learned how important Mary was to Dean in 11x22. That’s why we got this shot of her holding the picture of a very young Dean and his mom.

In conclusion, everything Amara touched died until she stopped feeding herself feelings of hate and revenge. Once she learned to love without thinking that the other person had to exclusively love her and only her, once she learned to accept that God’s creation was beautiful and that he meant well, she stopped being an evil version of herself. She was still darkness, but that wasn’t a bad thing. It’s our choices that determine who we are. She will always be powerful simply because she’s a goddess, but her decision to bring Mary back, to give life instead of take it away, was a first step to become one with God and find peace.

PS: The fact that Amara overcame her codependency was the most beautiful way to foreshadow what season 12 was going to give us regarding the Winchesters. Kudos to Mr. Dabb for that. 

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MC who loves Lolita and always wears it (with the picture of her favorite dress? Only if you want to) What would RFA+V+Saeran's reaction be to dis adorable MC

٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ In middle school I used to learn a lot about the Lolita styles, but since that was years ago, I’m using This Guide to help me brush up. Each style I’m referencing has a image on that blog by an artist that goes by Tophatcats, and they did a great job! You can also find that each style (Except ero style) has a tag on there with many pictures for reference! I…I can’t really choose a favorite.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)


- At the RFA party it wasn’t really…appropriate to wear lolita, but you sure as hell tried a quieter version of what you usually wore

- So Zen’s shock of your full blown Ero lolita outfit was slightly expected.

- “Whoa! Mc, you’re so dressed up. I-I mean you look amazing, but whoa!”

- You just chuckled a bit and explained that you usually dressed like this, you even pulled up a few good selfies on your phone to show some examples

- The little coffee date slowly turned into a brief explanation of lolita and a long Q&A session

- But, honestly, he didn’t mind it! He’d want to try and have his outfits go along with yours at times (If he knew ahead of time what you were going to wear), and he loved how cute you looked

- Granted, with the name ‘Ero Lolita’ he expected some scandalous outfits, but he was happy they weren’t too bad at all

- Still didn’t mean he didn’t find you sexy in them of course, but he wasn’t too worried about others trying to paw at you

- Getting ready with him would be a breeze because you both took so long. You wouldn’t have to worry about him nagging or being upset with how long it took you to get everything perfect

- I mean. He was exactly the same, except his clothes might be slightly easier to put on than yours

- (He was a fast learner on how to take them off, tho ;) )


- Okay, so you did rush to his apartment when the RFA group wanted you to. You swear. You just needed to make sure you looked decent, that your make-up wasn’t messed up… You needed to look! Your! Best!

- As soon as you walked in his jaw nearly dropped

- He wanted to treat you like a princess, but he had no idea you dressed as one

- (This…Explained a lot of things)

- After a few days stay (You making sure if he washed your clothes they were not to be ruined whatsoever) he slowly asked you what on earth you were wearing

- He wasn’t used to seeing such a different way of fashion, and you happily answered his questions about the Hime lolita style

- From that point on, he didn’t mind helping you afford/buy the high-end brand pieces you liked, and he offered to give his opinion whenever you needed it

- He secretly loved the fact that you dressed exactly how he wanted to treat you

- He’d try his best to surprise you with expensive jewelry to go along with your outfits (especially tiaras)

- The only time he wouldn’t enjoy it so much would be when he was trying to take it off of you. If he so much as popped a stitch on it you gave him a yelp and a stern slap on the arm. 


- Your style was easier to get away with, and Yoosung not knowing much about fashion probably would think it was just a prettier way to dress

- Casual lolita was your style, due to you being young and broke….Much like Yoosung orz

- Even though it was a bit casual, he did take notice of how you didn’t just throw things on like he did (gdi yoosung), and seemed to take a bit to get ready. Was this just how girls were?

- One day you took him shopping with you. Mainly to get him a few more shirts (He had like five), and a few more pieces for your cords. When you kept rejecting some outfits, even though he said you looked great in them, he asked what exactly you were looking for

- When you say something to go with your cords, that’s when the full blown Q&A session through several, several, stores started

- He was interested, only slightly understood it, but didn’t mind because you looked so cute and pretty to him.

- So what if you took a bit long to get ready? He’d make sure he looked good enough to be beside you during that time!


- He nearly spat out his soda when you popped up on the CCTV screen in full blown Sweet lolita!

- You didn’t look bad, not at all, but dear god you were going to hate being stuck in the apartment with hardly any clothes

- He may tease you in a few phone calls, like he does everyone, but you looked so cute

- In person he gave you a big hug and made way too many variations of jokes along the lines of “You’re so cute I could eat you right up!”

- Sure, it was difficult to laze around with you at times- Once he cuddled too much with you on the couch and his hair managed to get stuck in a hair clip of yours.

- Otherwise, he was your personal hype man! 

- He’d look up different styles of the Sweet lolita, watch you put on your make-up, love the new cords you made

- Sometimes he’d even want you to dress him up in your style!

- (He would want you to make a HBC themed cord tho. Come on, you know he’d love you in it, or love wearing it)


- She Loved It

- The way you dressed fit in with the cafe theme- A simple Classic style lolita. 

- She didn’t understand it at first. Instead of bothering you with questions, she did her own research on it. Once she found out, she’d be very supportive

-I mean, you looked so cute? How could she not??

- Once in a blue moon she’d let you dress her up in a cord of yours, but she’d need so much prompting to go outside. She’d feel so out of place

- She wouldn’t mind making coffee/tea and sweets for any lolita meet-ups though. She loved seeing all the different styles, and how your planned new cords


- His eyesight was a bit bad, everyone knew this, but when he saw a big black blob from far away he was a little worried

- When you were up close and he was able to see you a bit better, he felt his heart flutter a bit. You looked like an old gothtic doll!

-He wasn’t used to the style, not at all, but he loved finding places to help compliment outfit pictures

-He’s more of a nature guy, so he would be able to help you the most during the winter for the best backgrounds

-Otherwise he thought you were so pretty! Like a living doll. He loved taking pictures of you, and once his eyesight was better, he loved studying the different patterns you had

-If possible, he’d see if you were willing to try different styles for photo sets he wanted to take with you


-When he first saw you, he didn’t know how to react

-You were so cute! He wasn’t supposed have feelings for people… But here he was, trying not to stumble over his words

-You almost dressed like him, but…Fancier? He was a bit confused, but looking it up he found out you were dressing as a Punk Lolita?

-He didn’t really get it, but you were so pretty he didn’t mind.

-He loved watching you get ready, making small little make up suggestions

-Sometimes if he thought one of his studded wristbands or chokers would go with your outfit, he’d wordlessly put them on you

-All in all, he absolutely loved it and loved seeing each new cord you put together.


Lost in Marvel  (Part 5/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1,200+ 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 (Coming Soon)

(Not my gifs)

“Is there something wrong (Last Name)?” Nick asks as he turns towards you ‘Didn’t Pietro…’.

“No it’s…it’s nothing” You answer quietly. You could feel Tony watching you, he knew something was up and was probably going to ask you about it later.

“Do you really think speedy is a good choice? He’s just a kid” Steve asks crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes, he’s about the same age as (Last Name), I’m sure they’ll get along just fine” Nick answers.“Well that settles this meeting” Fury says picking up his papers and tablet and leaving the room

“See ya later” Steve says as he follows Nick.

“You wanna tell me what that was about?” Tony asks as you pull out of your chair to get up.

“On my Earth Pietro…died” His eyes widen as you answer.

“Do want me to have a word with Nick?” He says getting up from his seat.

“No I’m actually really happy, I’m glad this world isn’t like how I’d thought it’d be” You gave Tony a small smile before walking out the meeting room with him following you not that far behind. “So what do I do now? Go see Bruce about my Healing factor?”

“No, what you need to do is have a bath, eat dinner and get straight to bed, you need your rest after what happened today”

“Pffft Okay Dad” The two of you giggle and your terrible comeback.

“Don’t tempt me I can adopt you” You look up at him slightly shocked but he continues to laugh. “And as for where you’ll be staying, you’ll be moving into Avengers Tower, with the rest of the team”

“Really? But I’m not even an Avenger? You sure it’s okay?” You ask a bit surprised that they’ve taken you in so quickly.

“It was my decision” you were taken aback by his response.

“Thank you, Tony, you’ve done so much for me an-“ You could feel your eyes slowly tear up and before you could even finish Tony had cut you off and pulled you into an warm hug.

“Hey, shhh, It’s no problem kiddo” He says whilst rubbing you back.

“Sorry I didn’t think I’d get so emotional” You take a step back whilst wiping away your tears from your cheek.        

“There’s nothing wrong with that, now why don’t we head home?” He says wrapping an arm around your shoulder.


After a great ride on Tony ’s helicopter to the Avengers tower (You felt like throwing up about 5 times) and seeing New York from above which was awesome, you slowly get out of the helicopter trying your best not to fall, the strong gust of wind pushed your (Colour) hair strands over your face making it hard for you to see.

And here you finally were at the Avengers Tower, home to all Avengers. It was a lot better than you expected ‘The other are probably in this building!’ You could feel the goosebumps start to appear on your arms as you followed Tony into the building.

“Welcome home Mr. Stark and Ms (Name)” F.R.I.D.A.Y says as the two of you make your way through the facility.

“Hey Friday, wheres everyone else? I specifically told them to be here for dinner” Tony asks.

“Ms. Romanoff is returning soon from her mission while Mr. Barton is away with his family and Mr. Rogers, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Barnes are on their way-“ Tony’s AI continued to talk as you stopped in what seemed like a living room.

“What about the Maximoff twins?”

“Ms. Maximoff is training with vision in the training room and as for Mr. Maxi-“ before F.R.I.D.A.Y. could finish a strong gust off wind rushed passed you resulting pushing you back slightly.

“Pietro! What have I told you about-“ You quietly watch from behind Tony as he scolds Pietro.

“-Running? Sorry couldn’t help myself” unable to hold yourself you let out a few giggle catching Pietro’s attention. “So your (Name) the new girl?” You give him a shy smile ‘Two words, MIND BLOWN!’

“Yeah that’s me”

“Heard your not from around here, that true?” He asks taking a step closer looking intensely at you.

“Yeah I’m from another Earth, parallel, not really sure ” You

“Cool, I’m Pietro, Fury assigned me to be your-“

“-Babysitter” You cut him off making him laugh ‘Oh my god his laugh is adorable as f***’.

“Hey guys we got the food!” You turned around to see Sam Wilson AKA Falcon walking beside Steve and Bucky ‘Calm down (Name) two avengers at the same time, no big deal’

“You guys took way too long” Tony says taking the pizza boxes  from Sam and making his way towards the large table.

“(Name) right?” Sam says standing next to you.

“Yeah that’s me and your Sam” the two of you shake hands and get to know each other.

“Go to see you doing okay (Name), heard about what happened today” Bucky says handing you a plate with two pizza slices “Grabbed you some before that speedster ate them all”

“You should’ve seen the other guy and thanks Bucky” You say whilst taking the plate.

“Why didn’t you grab any for me Buck?” Sam asks as he tries to take a slice off Bucky’s plate only to get it slapped away.

“Get your own food” Bucky replied making you giggle as the two continued to argue.

“I hope those two aren’t causing too much trouble for you?” You turn to see Natasha Romanoff casually standing next to you and taking a bite out of her pizza ‘How did I not notice her!!’

“N-no, not at all” You give her a nervous smile and try your best not scream ‘It’s only Natasha Romanoff one of the best spies and assassins in the world!’ “Erm did your mission go well Ms. Romanoff?”

“Call me Natasha and yeah, It’s nice to finally the person who came from an another world, (Name) right?”

“Yeah, it’s nice to finally nice to meet you too, I’m a big fan”

“I can tell, don’t be so nervous we’re all friends here” She says before patting your back and walking off towards the others. As the others continued to catch up amongst themselves you felt as if you were an anomaly, which was completely true this wasn’t your world, you didn’t belong here, not with them.

Without being noticed you made your way out of the room and made your way through the hallway maybe a walk would help clear your depressing mood.

“Good evening Ms. (Name), do you require any assistance?”  F.R.I.D.A.Y. asks as you wander around.

“Yeah actually, could you tell me where my room is? I think I’m gonna call it a night"

“Of course”

Most of the Avengers had all said their goodbyes and left, the only two that remained where Natasha and Tony. Natasha took this opportunity to finally talk to Tony after setting her book on the coffee table she made her way towards him.

“Tony, we need to talk” He looks up at Nat from his tablet.

“About what?”


“Had a feeling you’d say that”

“She’s good, escaped HYDRA twice, and with practice could become a great member of our team”

“You think I don’t already know that? Let the kid settle in before making future plans, she may know us but we don’t know much about her” He says running a hand through his hair.

“What does that mean?” She says folding her arms over her chest.

“Never mind, can we talk about it some other time?” Tony says getting up from his seat and making his way out of the room.

“Sure” Natasha says to herself.

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted any parts in a while but I hope this makes up for it, let me know if you enjoyed it or if you’d liked to be tagged in upcoming parts! Peace out!

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I had so much fun writing this!! Also, I’m so happy with the title?? Like it has so many angles that it works with the fic really well?? I’ll admit it was so hard to choose because so many of the fics by the author are fun and cute! This is a @thinkoutsidethelovesquare remix of Kissing Booth by @miraculousstorytelling

Big thanks to @defenestraa for being my beta reader they’re amazing <3

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

ao3 fanfic

Nino removed his glasses and pinched the lenses between the fabric of his shirt, rubbing vigorous circles on the glass as though clear glasses would help him hear better.

He grabbed Alya’s hand - which was draped around his shoulders - as he pushed his glasses back into place and swallowed hard. Alya was absently stirring the frappuccino she was supporting between her legs while sitting sideways on Nino’s lap and peering at him curiously.

“There’s no way,” Nino leaned forward, wrapping his arm around Alya’s waist.

Alya took a sip from her straw. “I thought so too, but then I remembered how incredible I am, so I planned it anyway,” she shrugged with a smile.

“What superhero in their right mind would go with this?”

“One that makes sacrifices for a good cause.”

“Yeah, but this is different… god, I don’t even wanna know what their lips are gonna feel like after all those hours. The lines are gonna be long as hell…”

“They’ll be fine. They’ll have breaks.”

“…And at that price, the lines will be worse than Disneyland rides. Seriously, one euro?! People would pay way more than that to kiss Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

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Tumblr makes this look really ugly ew. They look better when you click on the images but then it’s too small to see >:T I really just figure out a better way ugh. Anyway this took me like almost a week to finish and I’m already late to the party lmao. I love how this works perfectly for the events in between Alone at Sea and Beta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wipe the tear stains off my tablet now.

Update: One of my friends colored it! Go check it out!!

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Hi! I like your scenarios so much, they’re so descriptive and thorough and soulful, just wow, you’re doing such a great job! Thank you! Please keep on.) As for request I’s like to ask an imagine of Todoroki and his s/o’s relationship progress after graduating Yuuei?

Oh my god you are so kind thank you 😂

It makes me so happy to know people enjoy this aaaa you made my day❤

Thanks for requesting darling!

I’m not a %100 sure this is what you wanted…I hope it is tho XD This is…way too long….and it took me 10000 years… I’m sorry 😱


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He Cheats

“Harry?” that familiar, oh so familiar sweet voice whimpered through the doorway. I froze, having the realization hit me so quickly, I nearly threw up. I closed my eyes in shame, sighing, as I took a look at my beautiful y/n. She was trying, trying so hard to not break down and cry as if it was the only thing she could do at a time like this. Her crying was something so heartbreaking to me, that I have to collect myself everytime I see her so vulnerable. Oh God, no. I did this. I caused this.
“y/n” I whispered, lightly pushing on the girl’s chest that was attached to mine, not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough for her to slip away from me.
Five months ago. Five months ago I started to cheat on y/n with Veronica. It started out as y/n and I, only y/n and I, as Veronica was just a family friend of mine, but there were things she said that played with my mind. Veronica would purposly get me drunk, and slowly, but surely, start to convince me that there were feelings between us. I never thought that it had been possible. I never thought my feelings for y/n would ever be replaced, but unrealistic feelings started between Veronica and I, and it started progressing into something more.
There was a part of me that knew it always had to have been y/n. Always her. I just never listened to myself.
I saw y/n’s head hang low as she ran her fingers through her beautifly smoothed hair. She shook her head as she took a deep breath; collecting herself.
“I’m sorry. I’ll just, uh, I’ll just go” she gave a fake smile.
“No. Y/n, baby, this—”, I started to say, gesturing toward me and Veronica, “this is a mistake. Gosh, y/n—y/n no”.
Before she could respond, Veronica started crying. I felt her shake beside me as soft sobs rocked her back and forth. She was crying, and I didn’t even feel bad. Not once, not anything how I felt seeing y/n near tears at this moment.
“H-Harry, you said you l-loved me a-and that I was th-the only girl you have ever l-loved. Y-You can’t say I’m a mist-take, Harry. That h-hurts me” she sobbed, clutching onto my arm like she was trying to keep me in place.
My eyes shut gentely again, knowing that y/n would please anybody before pleasing herself. She’s going to let me go, and now, I’m positive of it.
I heard y/n take in a sharp breath, and I knew that if I don’t open my eyes now, I’ll never be able to see her again.
“It’s fine, I’ll go. You guys—”, y/n sucked in a breath, trying to swallow the tears daring to escape her eyes, but she was too weak. Unwanted tears had slipped out of her eyes, and she didn’t even do anything about them, “you guys love eachother too much to let go. I won’t get in the way of that anymore. I’ll have Zayn pick up my stuff for me”.
Veronica squealed, jumping onto my frame as happy tears rolled down her cheeks.
“Did you hear that, baby? After five months we finally get to be together. Just us!” she squealed again, latching onto my neck and kissing my cheek continuesly.
I didn’t stop staring at y/n, I couldn’t, knowing any second could be the last. I stiffly wrapped my arms around Veronica, not knowing what else to do, I was never getting y/n back, nothing could change her mind. I quickly blinked, hoping that when I reopened my eyes that my beautiful y/n would be right there, just waving a goodbye or something, anything, but once I opened them, I saw an empty, lonley doorway.

- Three months later -
your pov:

The room was spinning around me as my head pounded through my ears. I really needed to drink more, just to stop this pain, the pain that wrapped around my heart that hasn’t stop squeezing. I feel like pain is the only thing I’ve been feeling, and only alcohol is the way to make me distract myself.
I took a long, swift swig of the toxic liquid, burning it’s way through my body. About half way through my second bottle, my head fell onto my arms, as if my own body had given up on me. This was so unsafe, but I had done this everynight that I hadn’t cared in a while. It helped me become numb, an unbelieveably beautiful feeling when you feel so close to losing yourself.
“Hey sis!” Zayn called throughout the house, as the front door snapped shut, but I didn’t even flinch. I was so drunk I could fall over my chair if I moved a muscle.
“Sissy?” Zayn questioned, walking into the kitchen, where he had found me. I heard him sigh in dissapointment. I thought he would’ve caught on after three months of finding me like this, that’s how it’ll be from now on. Although, if it were worse days than this, I’d turn to something more than alcohol. Sometimes Zayn would find me high. I’d smoke a pack a day if I didn’t have enough alcohol to satisfy me. I really shouldn’t put Zayn through all of this—him taking care of me and all, but he insists on helping me—walking me through whatever it is I need to get to the brighter side. I don’t think he’s figured out that my brighter side is where Harry is, but Harry is gone, along with any hope of happiness.
“Come on, lets get you ready for bed” he said, trying to make me move, but I barely could. My body had completely shut down, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.
Zayn carefully lifted me, bringing my body against his as my face burried in the side of his neck. One arm held up my lower body as the other held my upper body in place so I wouldn’t fall over.
“I hate comming home and seeing this, y/n. You’re my sister, and I don’t want to find you dead one day”.
“Sorry” I slurred, barely moving my lips. I wanted to say a whole apology, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I will, one day, once I figure out exactly what I’m sorry for.
Just then, the doorbell rang, bringing a pulsing bang to my forehead, causing me to hiss in pain. Zayn stumbled to the door, and swung it open with struggle.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Zayn roared, tightening his grip around me. Ever since Zayn was being the overprotective brother he was, and beat Harry up the night I had caught him cheating, Zayn had made it clear to have Harry never go near the Malik family again. The guys would never hang out as a whole anymore, unless it was for recording. Zayn would always not show up to any meetings if Harry was going, and that took up most of their career.
“I just wanted to, uh—”
“Save it, Harry. We don’t want you here”.
Knowing Harry was nearly two feet away from me made me even more sad than I have been. Knowing that I was unable to touch him or hug him or kiss him the way I wanted to made my heart break in a million peices.
I weakly brought the whiskey to my lips, and took a long swig of it, hoping it will get rid of the pain that I have felt.
“God damn it, y/n, stop that”, Zayn groaned, sitting me down against the wall so he could take away the whiskey bottle, “you’ll die in a fucking year if you keep drinking like this” he muttered, making short strides to the kitchen to empty out my bottle.
No matter how odd it was to not feel a cold glass held in my hand, I was way too drunk to even fight it. I felt as if I were to pass out at any moment. I wouldn’t be shocked if I had dropped dead.
“You never used to drink” I heard Harry whisper, more to himself than to me.
“Yeah, well, she never smoked, either, but look at what you caused” Zayn spat, once he came back from the kitchen. Zayn gentely lifted my limp body up, carrying me bridal so that I could fall asleep, just like every other night.
I moaned from my headach, burrying my face in my big brother’s chest in attempt to cure it. But nothing worked. I started crying, again, just like the passed three months.
“Come on, y/n, you’re alright. Lets get you to bed” Zayn whispered, giving one last glare at Harry before walking me to the bedroom. Zayn gentely set me down on the bed before grabbing extra pillows for me.
My cries turned into strong sobs, feeling as if my life had hit me with a brick. Too much keeps on happening so quickly that I can’t keep up. I’m losing who I am, and Zayn deffinatly knows that.
“I’m going to go talk to Harry, alright? I’ll be right back” he mumbled, fixing my pillow to make it more comfortable.
“Zayn! No!” I sobbed. I hated going to sleep alone, and it makes me so sad that sometimes Zayn would have to call one of the boys to comfort me.
“Please! Don’t leave me alone! I want Harry! I want Harry!” I screamed, stiring around in my bed, my body’s way of searching for him, “Please get me Harry!”.
I screamed, I screamed so loud that it felt so good. I was screaming out every source of pain I had ever felt, screaming out what had been bundled up inside of me. I just screamed, screamed like I never have before, and it was the best feeling I’ve had in a while.
“I’m here, calm down, I’m here”, Harry cooed, wipping off all of the tears that were falling down from my face, “I’m always here. I’m always right here”.
Without any thought, I pulled Harry toward me, cuddling myself into his side. He slowly went under the covers with me, holding me like he has never held me before. I had never felt so secure in my life, whether this was the last night, or the first, it felt so damn good to have him.
“I’ll talk with you in the morning, Harry” Zayn growled, before exiting the room.
Harry tightened his grip on me, and held me against him as if I would disappear in a second.
“It’s over now, y/n. It’s done. You and me. Just you and me now”.

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Please rank the twelve gowther in order from most beloved to cursed

you got it, anon! sorry this is late, finals have been eating me alive.

in order from most beloved to most cursed, here is my personal Goat Ranking. i took looks, personality, and overall plot significance into consideration.

1. Sin Gowther (Most Beloved)

the gentle goat we all know and love. it’d be illogical to put him as anything but first place: nothing can beat the original. plus, he’s the reason all these other gowthers exist.

2. Maid Gowther

good, kind, and pure! maid gowther just wants to read books, learn about new things, and spend time with his gf. i’m (metaphorically) crying right now thinking about maid goat. plus, he looks very cute in this outfit. 

3. Armando

very iconic, super hilarious, and a good substitute mom to pelliot. he deserves more appreciation, especially since a-1 decided to replace his existence with That Other Guy Who Ranks Much Lower On The List. i really liked how gowther’s debut in the series was totally misleading re: what his character was actually gonna be like. plus the recent revelations of how gowther’s appearance is actually based on his own mom- just like he took on the appearance of pelliot’s mom as armando- have me shook.

4. Commandment Gowther

a very confusing gowther, seeing as we don’t know whether goatdad was always dictating his every movement or not. i feel like default commandment gowther (without goatdad puppeting him) would be similar to current gowther, seeing as he didn’t get his emotions until the ancient war. he gains points because i’d been waiting forever to see gowther in that setting, it’s interesting to see him acting more animated than he would normally, for jorts, and for “Baa ♡”. he loses points due to the confusion factor and the questionable vest where his nips are out.

5. Meldor Gowther

not my favorite look for the goat (way too much hair), but he had some really cute scenes with nadja, so meldor gowther ranks here by default. meldor gowther got to ride a horse, hair blowing in the wind- truly living the dream. i also love how meldor’s hair is the very first thing gowther gets curious about after reading the book. it’s a really cute detail that was probably just used so gowther had a chance to show off his hair changing ability, but i love it regardless.

6. Fluffy Haired Nerobasta Gowther

VERY CUTE!! his hair looks very soft and fluffable, and looks really good with the boar hat outfit. gowther hasn’t done much in this look, but it’s a really pretty one and i hope he uses it again in the future, even if it’s just for fun or pretty hair purposes. sidenote: he’s really distressed at the time he uses this disguise. someone please hug the goat.

7. Armor Gowther

not an ideal Look for gowther at all…he has to wear this thicc, spiky, horned suit of armor every day of his life in order to keep his powers under control. he can’t fit in most buildings, or allow people to admire his hair and cute outfits (that i’m glad he’s getting a chance to wear now!). however, it is still gowther and i love him, and i’m still really interested in seeing more interactions between him and the other sins back then. tfw everyone thought you were a bara but you are, in fact, a twink.

8. Doll Gowther

(i refuse to use the cursed sexy doll pic even though it’s the official volume version.) doll gowther is just our gowther, except the magic on him has been canceled and he’s just a nine-inch tall doll now. i’d rather he be in human form than doll form- let gowther live his life!! so that is why doll gowther ranks this low on the list. shhh. he is resting. do not disturb him. 

9. That one white-haired and tan Gowther that people ship with the other Gowthers even though Nakaba only drew him once in a question corner

i’m not a huge fan of this design…it looks kind of like a ban cosplay? he’s even doing the P: thing. also people have incorporated this goat in selfcest art, even though nakaba only drew him once, so that’s all i can think of when i see this drawing now. why did this happen to me. why did this happen to gowther. however, he still ranks ninth, because this goat is better than what is to come.

10. Pelliot’s Mom Gowther from SNS ep 4 

at least a-1 pictures…..tried to fix the mess they made of the gowther and pelliot storyline? they put in at least some effort. i’ve got to acknowledge that. but why did they use this hannah montana knockoff design instead of a look more similar to the armando one? why did they make gowther’s eyes change color when nakaba never established he could do that? why did gowther try and BECOME pelliot’s mom, instead of someone who’d just adopted traits from her and an entertainer pelliot loved to make him happy? it’s just kind of weird.

11. Alan

cursed design (how does anyone think that’s a preferable design to armando? how does anyone think gowther would turn his hair green and slick it back like that? that’s so far from his aesthetic it physically hurts me). cursed altered storyline (although i’ll admit some of his dialogue with ellie was pretty good. but the rest wasn’t good. pelliot didn’t get cut from the anime only to be incorporated into 5 minutes of a mediocre anime special for this). just an all-around cursed figure. every time i remember alan exists, i scream a little bit. a-1 pictures is never allowed to make OCs ever again.

12. Blond Alan from the NnT 3DS game (Most Cursed)

God is dead.