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Helping Hands (M)

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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

✓  Genre: smut

✓  Words: 2.827

✓  Warnings: a little of voyeurism | dirty talk | Dom!Jungkook | Slight Dom!Reader.

✓  Requested: No

✓  A/N: my dirty dirty mind was working a lot this morning in physics class.

Also,I’m sorry for the ending, I could not think of a better one. But I hope you dirty minds and souls enjoy this smut.

✓  Remember: English is not my first language; if there’s any kind of errors please tell me and send me your thoughts so I can get better and better. Thanks!


צ “I interrupted your ‘alone time’,Jungkook. The least I can do is jerk you off right here”

It was a Saturday night and as always, I found myself chatting with my friends at their dorm.

Instead of playing videogames like we always do, we decided to watch a movie because we would rather relax than scream at each other the words:”YOU CHEATED”.

Jin was ordering four boxes of pizza when I noticed someone was missing.

Jeon Jungkook.

My crush. The Golden Maknae that was good at everything and even more at making my heart beat like I ran a marathon. The guy that was so out of my reach but I never lost hope. We were so alike that we could be best friends, however his shyness and my nervousness made the bond impossible.

“Where’s Jungkook?”, I asked Taehyung, that was right beside me looking at the screen of his cellphone.

He looked at me and smirked. I just rolled my eyes in response. Everyone has the same reaction every time I say his name. Everybody knew about my feelings for him but the golden boy was the only oblivious about it.

“He’s in his bedroom. He said he needed to do something really important”, he told me while looking back at his cellphone.

“Talking about him, can you go and call him, (Y/N)?”, Jin said while taking the plates and cups to put on the table.

Hesitating a little, I nodded and went upstairs to go to his bedroom but not before seeing everybody’s devilish smirks and stares, making me blush and roll my eyes at the same time.

I slowly walked in the hall and in 15 seconds I found myself staring at his room’s door. I breathed heavily and raised my fist to knock on his door but stopped midway when I heard him groan.

Confused, I frowned. 

“Is he in pain?”, I thought.

But this thought faded away when I heard a moan and my name spilling from his lips.

My mouth fell wide open and I couldn’t help but to feel aroused.

My curiosity took the best of me and I opened the door, leaving just a an ajar open. I watched him buck his hips into his hands making him gasp and groan louder.

“You’re such a good girl, (Y/N)!”, he moaned making me feel like I was close to a volcano.

“So,so good princess. Fuck!”

Maybe it was the heat that was exhaling from my body or the way he was moaning my name and imagining me there with him but I found the confident person in me and opened his door for real when he was, again, saying how much of a good little girl I was.

“Am I? I must be, I’m making you a mess and I’m not even touching you”, I said leaning against the door frame with a sly smirk while watching him cover himself with the eyes wide like a deer in headlights.

“(Y-Y-YN)”, he stuttered. 

“We’re gonna start watching the movies; finish the important thing you have to do”, I said grinning.”And come join us”, I finished my sentence closing the door going back downstairs.

“Where is this confidence coming from?”

“Where’s Jungkook?”, Namjoon asked when I reappeared in the kitchen.

“He’s on his way”, I answered,  not being able to contain the sly smirk that came on my lips again.

The boys frowned in confusion but I ignored them.

Jin was putting Coke in the cups for everybody when Jungkook showed up, not even giving me a glance.

“Hey, did you finish the important thing you were doing?”, Yoongi asked.

I looked at Jungkook and saw him gulp in nervousness.

“He did”, I grinned, seeing Jungkook look at me with wide eyes.

“Does he think I’m gonna tell?”, I laughed inside my head.

“What were you doing that was so important?”, Hoseok questioned.

 “I-I”, my crush stuttered.

“He was playing Overwatch”, I lied.”And he won”, I said jumping with a grin on my face.

The boys nodded, congratulating him while going to the living room.

“Congratulations, Kookie”, I said passing my left hand on his hard chest while passing past him.

The boys took the best seat in front of the TV, leaving just a two-seats sofa free. I knew that they didn’t do that just because of they wanted the best seats, they were doing on purpose so I could be close to Jungkook.

In any other day, I’d have rolled my eyes but not today.

I smiled sitting on the couch feeling Jungkook’s presence one second after I sat.

Jungkook looked around and noticed that the only available seat was next to me.

The room fell silent while everybody was waiting for Jungkook to make a move.

Slowly, he made his way towards the small sofa, sitting beside me.

“Okay,let’s start!, Jin said,pressing the play button of the remote.

The tension in the room seemed to fade as the movie started, catching everyone’s attention.

Well, everyone except me and Jungkook.

I could see his broad shoulders get tenser and tenser when I would make a move.

Thirty minutes passed and I couldn’t pay attention to the movie as the image of Jungkook masturbating because of me took place on my mind.

I took one of the blankets piled on a table close to the sofa that Jin left just in case if we would feel cold.

I put the blanket over me and Jungkook, making him jump in surprise and look at me startled.

I giggled and got close to him, whispering in his ear.

“Relax,Jungkook”, I murmured in the sexiest voice I could make.

“My plan is only starting”, I thought with a smirk.

I looked around discreetly and saw that everybody was too into the movie to notice if something happens. And even if they weren’t, they wouldn’t see anything because the sofa’s back was totally facing them.

I started in slow motion, rubbing my legs to show I was aroused. Gently moving to make my legs touch his. I pretended to fix my hair just to brush my fingers on his ar and shoulders. In a few more attempts I saw him squirm and I knew my plan was working.

I got closer to him and put my right hand on his thigh, rubbing it slowly and then grabbing his shaft, gently, through his pants, feeling it’s hardness.

“You’re so hard,Jungkookie”, I said looking at him with a smile.”Well, is no surprise since I interrupted you”, I chuckled darkly.

“Wh-wha-what are you doing?”, he asked with wide eyes, looking at me and then my hand.

“I interrupted you, Jungkook”, I repeated more firmly with a pout on my lips.”So I’m going to jerk you off right here”, I finished the sentence making him gulp.

With no warnings nor hesitation, I put my hands inside his boxers briefs, feeling his hard cock get in contact with my hand.

“Oh my God,Jungkook. You’re so big”, I said seeing in the corner of my eye his cocky smile.

But it soon disappeared when I started to move my hand up and down bis shaft, feeling how thick it is.I passed my thumb over the head of his cock, spreading out the pre cum all over the rest of his length, lubricating it.

A few minutes after, my movements started to make wet noises so I had to go a little slower, making Jungkook whine in complaints. 

“Ah”, Jungkook hissed.”Please don’t stop”

“I’d love to see you a mess,Jungkookie,but do you want them finding out?”,I said watching him bite his bottom lip.

“Let’s go upstairs”, he suggested,breathlessly, more like a command.

I nodded stopping my movements, making him whine at the loss of contact. I made a sign, indicating that he should go first.

He nodded and got up, hiding his erection with the movement of his hands in front of his crotch. 

“I’m really tired”, he faked an yawn. “I’ll go to bed”, he announced but no one really paid attention.

He made a sound with his lips while making a pout making me giggle quietly. He looked at me and smirked,winking at me before heading upstairs.

After 2 minutes, I faked an yawn too saying I was going to sleep.

“Tae, can I use your bed?”

“You can use any bed you want I guess, no one will sleep in their rooms tonight, well, except Jungkook”, he said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, shut up! Seriously you guys don’t mind?”

“Yah, we’ll pass the whole night watching movies, now go to sleep and let us watch the movie, please?”, Yoongi said stuffing his mouth with popcorn.

“Okay. Goodnight,guys!”, I said making my way upstairs.

When I was almost knocking on Jungkook’s door, it suddenly opened and then Jungkook pushed me inside.

“You took way too long”, he looked at me seriously.

“I had to make a good excuse”, I shrugged my shoulders.

Jungkook hurriedly got closer, circling my waits with his strong arms. He buried his face on my neck, giving light kisses, going up to my jawline and then my lips.

The kiss started slow but soon started to get faster and passionate. The lust between us growing and growing.

“God, I waited so long for this”, he said taking off his shirt and throwing me on his bed.

“I dream so much about you and your gorgeous body”, he told me while looking into my eyes.

“Yeah?”, I stared intensely at his eyes, taking all my strength to not look at his abs.”What do you usually dream about?”

He smirked.”You sucking me off; me eating you out; fucking you so hard that the only thing you’ll be able to say and scream is my name. I dream about making you mine and just mine”, he listed making me moan.

“Make me yours, Jungkook”, I whispered maintaining the eye contact.

He grinned taking my shirt off, throwing on the floor. My bra soon followed.

Jungkook was going directly to the point. He kissed my right boob then started to suck my nipples, sometimes surrounding the areola with his tongue. He soon followed to my other boob, giving it the same treatment.

After he was done, he gave little pecks and licks on my abdomen, tummy, belly button until he got on the hem of my jeans.

He unbuttoned my jeans and forcefully pulled them down my legs.

“Man, he really is in a hurry. I most have worked him up pretty badly,huh?”

Jungkook stopped to look at me all spread out on his bed. He licked his lips like I was some kind of meal, making me more turned on with his stare.

“Jungkook!”,I whined catching his attention.”Please,fuck me!”

He smirked.”Soon baby, I wanna taste you first”, he winked at me, pulling my panties down.

He gave both my inner thighs little pecks, soon he was in front of my dripping core.

He took some of my substance on the tip of his index finger, smirking while doing it a few times. It was like he was playing with my juices like a little boy with his truck.

“You’re so wet,baby”, he grinned.”All wet and just for me,right, princess?”

“Yes,yes,please Jungkook”, I whined.”Do something”

He grinned, soon licking a long stripe up my folds, humming with a smile on his face.

“You have no idea how many times I imagined your taste on my tongue”, he hummed once again.

With no warnings, he started to devour my pussy, making me gasp and arch my back, earning a grin from him. He latched on to my clit, sucking in forcefully. He went down, plunging his tongue inside my leaking whole, massaging my clit with his thumb, making me moan louder.

He hummed in response.

“You like that,princess?”, he asked me then licking my whole with the tip of his tongue.

“Yes, Jungkook”, I moaned.”Please,keep going”

“Look at me,princess”, he commanded. I obeyed him, seeing him grin at me.

“That’s right,princess. Watch what I’m doing to you, to your tight little pussy”

With that, he plunged his two fingers inside of me, making me squeeze the sheets. His mouth came back to my clit, abusing it in the most delicious of ways.

His pace fastened and I felt that magical knot forming in my stomach. Sensing that I was close to cumming,he stopped making a whine come out of my lips.

“Don’t worry,princess. The fun is about to start”,he smirked and winked at me.

“W-wait! What about you? I want to play with you too”, I said with a pout.

He smiled and caressed my cheek.

“Other time,baby. My cock can’t wait any longer to be inside you”.

He took off his gray sweatpants and boxers, showing me perfect and toned body. My eyes traveled from his face,passing to his collarbones,chest,abs and finally his erect cock, that was dripping with pre cum,begging for attention.

While he was busy looking for a condom, I wrapped my hand around his shaft, pumping it slowly, making him tense and moan above me.

He shooed my hand, soon after, putting the condom hurriedly. He put both of his hands on each side of my head,giving a peck on my forehead making my heart melt.He slowly looked at my eyes and silently asked for permission that was hurriedly conceded it.

The romantic aura was soon gone when he inserted his dick inside of my pussy. He hissed loudly whilst I moaned his name in a high pitched voice. He slowly set the pace, fastening minute by minute.

I clawed his back,hissing at the amount of force he was using to fuck me.

“Yeah,you like that,princess?”, he asked me breathlessly.”Do you like when I pound into your tight little cunt like that?”

The amount of pleasure made impossible to answer to his dirty talk, so I just moaned instead. But Jungkook wasn’t very pleased with that.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you,princess”, he said giving me a hard slap on my right thigh, earning him a yelp from my lips.

“I’m gonna ask you one more time and you better answer,baby, or you’ll regret. Do you like when I pound into your tight little cunt,huh?”

“YES! Yes,Jungkook! Oh my God,please Jungkook!”,I replied him gripping his hair locks between my fingers.

“Good girl”,he praised me,going even faster,making my whole body bounce.One of his hands went down and grabbed one of my boobs, squeezing it gently even with his rough pace.

Just when I was about to feel that knot again,he stopped and pulled out of me.

He didn’t give me time to protest as he roughly turned me around. Instinctively, I lifted my butt earning a slap from Jungkook that made me moan in delight.

“I wish I could do this all day,but I’m desperate to milk you with my cum”

He started his violent thrusts again. He put one hand on my hip and the other on my waist,keeping me steady. The only sound that could be heard was skin slapping skin and our moans, that were getting louder and louder. Surely, the boys and the whole building was aware of what we were doing however we weren’t minding it.

“Fuck,you feel so good around me,baby”

“Yeah? You like when my pussy squeezes your cock?”, I asked with a smirk, trying to look behind me, seeing him with his head thrown back.

“Oh,fuck, I like it so much,princess”,he said looking at me.”You look so beautiful on all fours for me”

A few more thrusts and the knot on my stomach was just ready to explode.

“J-Jungkook! I’m close! I-I’m going to-”

“No,you’re not allowed to cum until I say so,baby”

“But ple-”

“I said no”,he said with the most dominating and sexiest voice ever,making me whimper and nod as a good girl.

I was trying my best not to cum and at the same time I was praying that he found his release soon, if not I’m damned.

“Oh,princess! I’m so going to cum!’”, he started to let out multiples ‘ah’s’, indicating that he was indeed close to his orgasm.

“Please,Jungkook! Let me cum!”, I pleaded.

He hovered me,pressing his chest against my back. The hand that was holding my hip traveled to my clit and started massaging it making my eyes roll.

“Cum for me,princess”,he commanded and it seemed that my body only needed his words because soon after I was clenching around his member,making him cum with me.

He gave a few final thrusts and then he pulled out of me. I fell on the bed feeling too tired to move,I heard shifting around so I presumed that he was getting rid of the condom.

I soon felt his presence beside me as the bed shifted with his weight. He gently pulled the white cover over us,bringing my body close to his,making me lay on his chest.

I was already drifting off to sleep but not before feeling Jungkook’s lips on my hair.


And hearing his final command,I felt asleep with the happiest and most genuine smile on my face.

                                               ©  2017, Starwarsrin 

                                                 All rights reserved.

The Tenth Floor pt14

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language, smut talked about/implied, some dark themes

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

“Jesus christ, what did you do?” Taehyung’s question was not welcomed.

“Me?” Yoongi scoffed, shooting a glare in Taehyung’s direction. “What did I do?” You had left shortly after Yoongi agreeing to pay you time and a half for Saturday night–which, looking back, Taehyung should have been forced to pay. It was his idea for you to come along in the first place. But somehow, it was Yoongi that you seemed the most vengeful towards for the moment, and he suspected arguing with you over the matter wouldn’t go over well. “You’re the one who caused this whole mess.”

Your threats didn’t hold quite as much weight as you probably thought they did. The company had been sued before, and what few people realized was that as long as the company agreed to pay whatever amount the court deemed appropriate without complaint, cases were rarely made into a big deal. However, it would shake the board’s faith in Yoongi drastically, which could be hard to repair if Taehyung decided to take the opportunity to meddle. You going to the press was a slightly bigger concern for the company, because you were right about the stocks falling. Yoongi was willing to bet that you wouldn’t go that far though–at least not yet.

Yoongi’s biggest concern at the moment was what the hell had just happened, and why. He knew there was something going on with you, and that you were mad at him, but he wasn’t prepared for this.

“You told her we were step brothers.” Taehyung accused. “Please, tell me how the fuck that was supposed to help your situation with her?”

“I thought you told her.” He said flatly.

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Family of Four: Chris’ Arrival

Summary: Chirs flies home after being away for so long and he can’t wait to see Y/N and his baby boy. 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader 

Word Count: 1,498 

Warnings:  None, this all the fluff

A/N: The new series that I’m starting with and it’s everything and anything with Chris being a loving husband and the best dad. Hope you guys like this and please send feedback it is much appreciated ♡♡

*Picture is from Google*

June 10, 2017 | Saturday 

Chris’ head bobbed back and forth as the car drove over a pot hole, waking him up. He sighed running his hands over his bearded face as he tried to keep his eyes open but the warmth of the car caused him to slowly close his eyes once again. He didn’t realize that he arrived nor that the car stopped until the driver turned around and whispered softly not wanting to startle him. “Sir, we arrived at your destination.” And when Chris continued sleeping the driver sighed not knowing what to do until he reached over and gave Chris a firm shake which woke Chris up. He opened his eyes and smiled as his home came into focus and he couldn’t wait to get inside. He quickly paid the driver making sure a bit extra for being patient with him and grabbed his luggage, before making his way up the driveway; getting his keys to the front door.

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i’m in love with the shape of you.
  • Summary: “It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. (…) Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.” Inspired by this tweet.
  • Pairing: Kara/Lena.
  • Rating: STRAIGHT UP SIN. +18
  • Beta’d by: Bia, who by the way forced me to write this. (@kinkylena)

It had been easy, for the first two or three weeks, to take things slow like they had agreed to when they started dating. Lena was chivalrous, gentle, sweet. All Kara could’ve wanted for in a partner. Most of their time together was spent in late night dates, drinking expensive wine and chinese takeout, maybe watching a bad movie, maybe playing chess (Lena insisted she wasn’t letting Kara win, that she had just improved but Kara didn’t believe a word she said), maybe just cuddling under a fuzzy blanket telling each other about their days. And of course, kissing. Now the problem was that even though Kara believed she had a good sense of self control, whenever Lena was around her, it seemed to run short.

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Ice Cream Buddies: Connor Murphy x Reader

hi!!!! i forget who requested this. very vaguely inspired by the song “she” by dodie!!! death mention and one very brief like hint at suicide. enjoy :)

Connor liked you. More than that, he couldn’t get his mind off of you. When he was in class and you were sitting a few rows in front of him, he thought of you. When he was at red lights, he thought of what you might be talking about if you were in the car with him. When he was in bed, he imagined impossible scenarios he might find himself in where he would ask you out and you’d say yes.

So when you were complaining to him and Jared about the devastating lack of decent ice cream places nearby, the voice in his head was screaming tell her about À La Mode tell her about À La Mode tell her about À La Mode.

“Yes, Jared, I know there’s Yogurtland. But it’s not the same.”

“It’s a dairy product. It’s frozen. It’s sweet. It comes in a variety of flavors. I don’t see a difference.”

“The difference, dumbass, is that frozen yogurt is trying to masquerade as something healthy. Ice cream is just unapologetically bad for you. It’s not trying to hide from you. Ice cream’s just doing ice cream.”

“Y/N, if you would simply-“

“Will you shut the fuck up?”

Connor’s voice surprised him. He’d all but stopped speaking directly to you, for fear he’d say something wrong. Not that telling Jared to shut up was all that risky, but then you would probably say something to Connor and he would have to come up with something witty to say back to you.

“See? Connor gets it. Frozen yogurt is full of lies.”

“Y/N, I’m not arguing that frozen yogurt is superior to ice cream, but only that it is equal. And it’s more convenient since it’s, like, five minutes away.”

“Y/N wants ice cream, dumbshit. Not frozen yogurt.”

“Yeah! Connor and I are gonna go get ice cream. Right now. Without you.”


“You heard me. Come on.”

Connor looked at you like he didn’t believe you. You tugged on the hood of his jacket until he got up, and pulled him by his hand down the hallway. He turned to flip off Jared, his other hand still in yours.

“So, do you actually, like, know anywhere can go?”

Tell her about À La Mode tell her about À La Mode.

“No. You’re right, there aren’t any.”

You became suddenly aware of the fact that you were still holding hands.

“Oh. Well then, could you just drop me at home then?”

“Yeah. Sure. No problem.”

You dropped his hand. Neither of you said anything.

He was worried about what you were going to think of his car. It was a mess. It reeked of weed and he threw everything he didn’t want to deal with into the backseat. Food, beer cans, homework. Jared found a condom wrapper back there once and never let him hear the end of it. But you knew that Connor had let Zoe borrow his car, and the wrapper ended up there. Connor had told you. He was mortified and disgusted and a little saddened by it. It was just that you smelled so nice and you always looked so good that Connor knew you didn’t like messes. He bit his tongue.

“Hey, I, um, I actually do know one place. It’s kind of a drive though.”

He held his breath. If you said no, he’d have to tell you that it was fine, even though he really wanted to take you there. And that meant something. It was one of those places he hadn’t been in years, that was only filled with good memories and that he didn’t want to touch because he might mess it up. But if you would go there with him it wouldn’t ruin it.

“I’ve got nowhere to be.”

He smiled at you.


He thanked God under his breath when you didn’t comment on the state of his car when you got in. There were crumbs and a bag from 7/11 on the seat, but you just brushed them off and threw the bag in the back. Connor handed you the aux cord as he reversed out of the parking lot.

“Really? You trust me this much?”

He laughed at that.

“Go ahead. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Alright. Lot of pressure. I’m just gonna click shuffle and see what happens.”

Of course it was Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. You were embarrassed until Connor started singing along.  

“When I was, a young boy, my father-”

“Hold the fuck up. Hold the phone, shut the front door, is Connor Murphy, king of being pretentious about only listening to obscure music, a closeted basic emo kid?”

He laughed and looked away from the road for a second.

“Okay, I was in seventh grade, and I was about as angsty as a seventh grader can be. I thought they were the only people that got me.”

“Stop. That’s literally exactly why I have this song.”

“God, why weren’t we friends then?”

“I don’t know. Took us long enough.”

He was quiet after that. It was a good quiet, though. You could tell that he was content. God knows you’d seen him at his worst, but that only made the good times better. It was a privilege; Connor didn’t let many people make him happy.

So for nearly an hour you rode that way. You didn’t talk too much, because Connor didn’t really like to talk, but he let you play whatever music you wanted to and that was enough. Coming from him, that was everything. The highway eventually turned to a winding gravel road, the only sign of real civilization in the area.

“Are you sure you’re not about to murder me? Like, do you actually know where this place is?”

“Yeah. I know where it is. We used to come here all the time. And I’m not planning to murder you until later this week.”

“Good. That’s good to hear.”

He had perfected his deadpan delivery of sarcasm in a way you hadn’t. You could barely get the words out, and it made him smile. He loved making you laugh.

Connor flicked the turn signal on at a gravel driveway, despite the lack of cars to signal to, and pulled into an abandoned strip mall. Above the entrances were patches of darkened cement, the only sign that civilization had touched the place after its construction.

“This is it.”

He turned the car off, cutting off your music, and unbuckled his seatbelt.

“Really? It seems kind of-”

The door slammed before you could finish. You followed Connor to the door, which was covered on the inside by torn brown paper. Posted on the glass was a poster that read “After 30 years of service, À La Mode has gone out of business. Thank you for your patronage.”

Connor was quiet. You put your hand on his shoulder, and he stepped away. He stayed like that for a minute or so.

“Sorry I dragged you all the way out here. We should probably get going.”

He turned towards the car with his head down, pausing when you spoke.

“Are you kidding? We can’t just go back. We drove all the way here. Come sit with me.”

You sat against the curb, patting the cement until he reluctantly sunk down next to you.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. You said you used to come here all the time. What is there to do?”

“Nothing, really. There was this orchard a few miles away. But it’s probably gone now and I don’t really feel like finding that out.”

Mostly because you had no response to that, you let him sit quietly for another moment.

“You know, we could scream right now.”

“Y/N, what the fuck?”

“I’m just saying. There’s no one around. We could actually scream right now and no one would know.”

“Maybe later.”

Shit. Some random comment would usually divert him from whatever was bothering him if it wasn’t a big deal. The only approach after that failed was to get him to actually talk about it, which he was rarely willing to do.

“So when was the last time you were here?”

“God, I don’t even fucking know. I was probably, like, twelve?”

“With Zoe and your parents?”

“Yeah. I never came with anyone else. My mom would tell me to invite a friend every time we went, but…”


He let you rest your head on his shoulder this time. You didn’t want to push him, so you just stayed quiet and let him breathe and feel you near him.

“Yeah, 12, that makes sense. After I stopped coming here everything kind of went to shit.”

You lay your hand on top of his, and he stretched out his fingers so you could lace yours between them. He looked at you and smiled bitterly.

“Hey, I think I have an eighth in my glovebox. Do you want to maybe-”

“We’re not smoking, dumbass. You have to drive us back.”

He laughed and pulled your hand closer to him.

“Ah, Y/N, always taking care of me.”


“You know I’d probably be dead if we weren’t friends?”

“I think I have more faith in you than that, Murphy. You’re smarter than that.”

“‘No, I meant, like…”

“Yeah. I know.”

He stared straight ahead for a while. He was thinking about the ice cream place, but more than that he was thinking about you, and how you stuck by him and got him to talk about stupid stuff like this. And how he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Hey, I know there aren’t any, but if you ever found a good ice cream place in town, would you ever, uh, want to go with me?”

“Yeah! Yeah, totally. We can be, like, ice cream buddies.”

“Oh, no, I meant, like, um, like more than ice cream buddies.”

“Like…a date?”

“Yeah. I guess, yeah.”


Connor prepared himself for the worst, for you to turn him down and laugh at the thought of him even imagining he had a chance with you. And for the inevitable wedge it’d put in your friendship, so you’d stop talking to him and then he’d just have Jared, who was an asshole and would probably side with you anyways.

“Well, duh.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah. I like you. Dumbass.”

“Oh. Well, me too then.”

“You like you too?”

He looked at you, confused, until you started laughing.

“No. God no. Still working on that one. I mean, I like you. Like, a lot.”

He pulled your hand to his face and kissed it so quickly you were unsure of if he’d really done it.

“Did you just royal kiss me?”

“What’s that?”

“Stop, that’s adorable. You’re adorable.”

“Am not.”


He wiped your wrist with his free hand.

“There. I took it back. Not adorable anymore.”

“Nah, you still are. Connor’s adorable.”


You started to lean in, but he was already there. It came so easily. You’d expected it to feel weird, since you’d been friends for the past year, but the kiss only felt like it was filling in a gap that had always been there.

“So uh, we should probably get going. It’s late.”

“You’re driving. Wanna go to Yogurtland?”

This Means War

Request: This was requested by multiple people and I don’t have enough room to put them all here.
A/N: This took way too long to complete and I am very sorry. There will be multiple endings to this though, so it ain’t the end.

Dick Ending - Jason Ending

Words: 2040

Dick always knew he had a connection with you. Ever since day one he’s felt drawn to you in some sort of way. He thought it was weird at first, but then after a while he began to accept it, thus leading to him doing everything he could to win you over, which you had always found to be strange, considering you didn’t know the real reason behind his actions.

One of the many times he tried to win your affections was about a month after you two had met, not that anyone was counting, something Dick tried to convince everyone of, but they had seen the calendar in his room, marked with special dates, most consisting of dates that something happened between the two of you. He had tried to ask you out for coffee, which you probably would have thought he was asking as a friend, Dick had a habit of stuttering out a ‘just as friends of course!’ Whenever he asked you out and you found it quite cute, but Jason had interrupted to inform the two of you that Batman had a mission for him and Dick.

There was a lie to what Jason said though, he knew what Dick was going to do and had made a plan rather impulsively to get him away from you as quickly as possible. When Dick had found out about Jason’s feelings for you, he grew very jealous, even more than he already had been, mainly because of Jason’s good looks and charm which had women falling at his feet, but Dick had his charm too, sadly he was blind to it sometimes though, an unfortunate fact that he was very aware of.

Jason can argue back and forth to anyone who dares to even go against what he says, he was in love with you first, however because of this, the secret was let out that you had been hanging out for a while, under everyone’s noses of course. So whenever he and Dick would argue about you, Jason used every opportunity he could to throw that in his face, which in turn would make Dick turns a bright vibrant red, thus always bringing an end to the argument with Dick saying, “It’s always going to be up to her. No matter how many times you use that excuse.”

You were completely oblivious to the matter. Alfred would always comment on how obvious it was, always under his breath, he figured you would figure it out on your own, even if it took a long time, which it was. But in your head, you were focused on doing as best a job as you could at being Batgirl, which was a great honor to you, sadly you couldn’t broadcast it to the world because you would jump at the chance it was that amazing of an achievement. So naturally it would all fly right over your head, and it did.

The fact that you did indeed not know of what was happening annoyed Batman, along with the rest of the bat sons, but they wouldn’t say that to your face, mostly out of fear of what you would do to them for ‘lying’ so their mouths stayed shut. Batman on the other hand didn’t fear anything, you included, so he devised a plan to get you to notice what was going on in front of your own two eyes.

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Audacious~ Brett Talbot

Anon: Can you write a Brett Imagine where the reader really likes him but she’s really shy so she ends up doing something bold like sitting on his lap and kissing him (while at Sinema) to finally get his attention?

A/N: I’d be happy too- here it is! Sorry it took so long!



warnings: kinda smutty?

word count: 1.6k longish..



Oh God, there it was. The voice that can make you go from calamity, to something akin to ten million butterflies fluttering around your stomach. The voice that can make all words you ever want to or even could speak evaporate like water on a hot stove, and there’s nothing you can do about it- or want to do about it. Because while that voice causes tens of thousands of ways to self destruct, it also brightens even your most sour mood, and makes the long days feel a even a little better.

“H-hey Brett..”

Oh God, that was another thing that voice does. It makes your stutter come out full throttle, and you can’t seem to stop.

Not that he appears to mind as he smiles down at you- man, that guy is a tree.

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The Rowcan smut is here!

Well my friends. This has been a labor of love. I have literally never written a thing in my life, but I had this bug in my head that wouldn’t get out and I decided to give it a try as an early birthday present to @lu-cien (love of my life)

I tried to find the other people who wanted to be tagged in this? Maybe??@readinglikewildfire @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @deziremyacotar@highladyofidris

Without further ado…

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How It Is Now - Part One

Request: @rose4958  Can you do a second part to ‘Teen Sam x teen reader’ where they are older and run into each other (Maybe just maybe the reader had gotten pregnant the last time they saw each other, before Sam left for good) and they still love each other, maybe they end up together. I also love your writing and thanks

This is a follow up to How It Was Before (read it first).

Sam x Female Reader

Summary: After twelve years you and Sam have a chance meeting that changes everything. Part 1 of 2(or 3).

Words: 1800+

Beta’d by: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: a little language, smut in future parts. 

Your name: submit What is this?


Sam Winchester. You know his voice in a heartbeat, even after all these years since last hearing your name on his lips, it brings back a flood of memories long pushed to the deep recesses of your brain.

It’s not that you don’t think of him, but when you do it’s a shadow of a recollection, fuzzy around the edges. You wonder sometimes what’s real and what your brain just fills in to make things whole. For a long time, you turned every moment you spent together into painful memories. They were sharp little triggers that cut right to the quick every time. Even the sweet and good moments morphed into something agonizing.

But the pain faded long ago and perhaps you put on rose colored glasses when you think of him now. The two of you were just kids and that’s how you choose to recall him now, as lovely, gentle Sam who was always in awe of you.

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Tumblr makes this look really ugly ew. They look better when you click on the images but then it’s too small to see >:T I really just figure out a better way ugh. Anyway this took me like almost a week to finish and I’m already late to the party lmao. I love how this works perfectly for the events in between Alone at Sea and Beta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wipe the tear stains off my tablet now.

Update: One of my friends colored it! Go check it out!!

good-girls-kiss-girls  asked:

Supercorp prompt where Kara leaves lenas office after a having another one of their gazing into each others eyes sessions. As the door closes behind the reporter, Lena (forgetting that Kara has super hearing) whispers to herself something like "why don't you just kiss her already?!" And Kara runs back in and presses her lips against hers.💕

It was late.  It was always late when Kara visited Lena nowadays.  It was the only way to insure large amounts of uninterrupted time together; less employees needing answers after hours.  

Kare was there on assignment, an assignment she gave herself. She was now a self-employed, freelance journalist.  It was a surprisingly lucrative gig, seeing as she was the one reporter in National City to gain Supergirl’s trust for a quote.  Luckily no one seemed to put those pieces together, yet.

Kara Danvers was practically the only reporter Lena Luthor would meet with for any subject.  This gave Kara an added edge in the competitive world of the 24 hour news cycle.  

“So, what’s your piece on this time?”  Lena asked, leaning toward the reporter sitting inches away from her on the couch.  She noticed that each time they met, they sat closer and closer together.  She could almost feel the heat of Kara’s legs against her own.

“I actually want to write about anything you’re doing with L-Corp that you think hasn’t gotten enough attention.”  Kara opened her notebook, smoothing the page.  “Last time we had lunch, you were telling me about that awesome sounding STEM program you’re hoping to pilot for nearby colleges.  Do you want to, officially, tell me more about that?”  

Lena smiled.  “There’s not much to tell.”  She fidgeted her hands under Kara’s gaze.

“Are you kidding?” Kara balked.  “You are creating an internship program with L-Corp specifically for women in science. And there’s not much to tell?”  

Kara made sure Lena saw her smiling brightly at her.  They held each other’s gaze for just a little too long.  Lena bowed her head smiling inwardly.  

“I promise you’ll be the first to know anything about it.  Ready for the public or otherwise.”  

Kara blushed slightly, always taken aback by the CEO’s upfront gestures of how special she was to her.  

Kara bit her lip.  “That sounds like a plan.”  She closed her notebook, stowing the pen in the coil at the top.  “I should probably let you get back to work.”

Lena sighed, but nodded her head.  “It’s always great to see you, Kara,” she said, biting her lip when Kara caught her eye.  She swore she saw the reporter staring at her mouth. But maybe it was just her hopeful imagination.

They stood and hugged each other goodbye. When they broke apart.  Kara headed for the door, looking back briefly to wave a final goodbye to her friend.  

“Bye,” Lena practically whispered with a smile.

Kara slipped out of the door.  Lena fell back down on the couch she shared with the super just moments before, her breathing ragged.

“God,” she mumbled to herself.  “Why do you let yourself get like that?” She ran both hands through her long hair.  She took a deep breath.  “Ugh, I just wanted to kiss her so badly.”  

Lena shook her head and fixed her gaze on the floor.  She was too lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice the door to her office open again.  She didn’t notice her tall, slightly surprised looking friend making her way towards her.  

Lena finally looked up and jumped at Kara’s sudden presence.  

“Kara,” she nearly squeaked.  She sprang to her feet.  “Did you forget something?”  

Kara kept her steady pace, crossing the office in seconds, stopping just inches away from the taken off guard Lena.  

“Yeah, I did,” she breathed, exhaling deeply.  

Lena could only hold her confused look for nanoseconds before Kara’s lips met hers.  She let out a small gasp of surprise before closing her eyes to kiss Kara back.  She could feel Kara’s smile against her own.  

Lena pulled back, cupping her hand gently against Kara’s cheek.  

“Wow.”  She closed her eyes again.  

“Wow,” Kara agreed, and she wrapped her arms around Lena’s hips, pulling her in close to kiss her again.  She never wanted to stop.


I had so much fun writing this!! Also, I’m so happy with the title?? Like it has so many angles that it works with the fic really well?? I’ll admit it was so hard to choose because so many of the fics by the author are fun and cute! This is a @thinkoutsidethelovesquare remix of Kissing Booth by @miraculousstorytelling

Big thanks to @defenestraa for being my beta reader they’re amazing <3

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

ao3 fanfic

Nino removed his glasses and pinched the lenses between the fabric of his shirt, rubbing vigorous circles on the glass as though clear glasses would help him hear better.

He grabbed Alya’s hand - which was draped around his shoulders - as he pushed his glasses back into place and swallowed hard. Alya was absently stirring the frappuccino she was supporting between her legs while sitting sideways on Nino’s lap and peering at him curiously.

“There’s no way,” Nino leaned forward, wrapping his arm around Alya’s waist.

Alya took a sip from her straw. “I thought so too, but then I remembered how incredible I am, so I planned it anyway,” she shrugged with a smile.

“What superhero in their right mind would go with this?”

“One that makes sacrifices for a good cause.”

“Yeah, but this is different… god, I don’t even wanna know what their lips are gonna feel like after all those hours. The lines are gonna be long as hell…”

“They’ll be fine. They’ll have breaks.”

“…And at that price, the lines will be worse than Disneyland rides. Seriously, one euro?! People would pay way more than that to kiss Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

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anonymous asked:

MC who loves Lolita and always wears it (with the picture of her favorite dress? Only if you want to) What would RFA+V+Saeran's reaction be to dis adorable MC

٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ In middle school I used to learn a lot about the Lolita styles, but since that was years ago, I’m using This Guide to help me brush up. Each style I’m referencing has a image on that blog by an artist that goes by Tophatcats, and they did a great job! You can also find that each style (Except ero style) has a tag on there with many pictures for reference! I…I can’t really choose a favorite.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)


- At the RFA party it wasn’t really…appropriate to wear lolita, but you sure as hell tried a quieter version of what you usually wore

- So Zen’s shock of your full blown Ero lolita outfit was slightly expected.

- “Whoa! Mc, you’re so dressed up. I-I mean you look amazing, but whoa!”

- You just chuckled a bit and explained that you usually dressed like this, you even pulled up a few good selfies on your phone to show some examples

- The little coffee date slowly turned into a brief explanation of lolita and a long Q&A session

- But, honestly, he didn’t mind it! He’d want to try and have his outfits go along with yours at times (If he knew ahead of time what you were going to wear), and he loved how cute you looked

- Granted, with the name ‘Ero Lolita’ he expected some scandalous outfits, but he was happy they weren’t too bad at all

- Still didn’t mean he didn’t find you sexy in them of course, but he wasn’t too worried about others trying to paw at you

- Getting ready with him would be a breeze because you both took so long. You wouldn’t have to worry about him nagging or being upset with how long it took you to get everything perfect

- I mean. He was exactly the same, except his clothes might be slightly easier to put on than yours

- (He was a fast learner on how to take them off, tho ;) )


- Okay, so you did rush to his apartment when the RFA group wanted you to. You swear. You just needed to make sure you looked decent, that your make-up wasn’t messed up… You needed to look! Your! Best!

- As soon as you walked in his jaw nearly dropped

- He wanted to treat you like a princess, but he had no idea you dressed as one

- (This…Explained a lot of things)

- After a few days stay (You making sure if he washed your clothes they were not to be ruined whatsoever) he slowly asked you what on earth you were wearing

- He wasn’t used to seeing such a different way of fashion, and you happily answered his questions about the Hime lolita style

- From that point on, he didn’t mind helping you afford/buy the high-end brand pieces you liked, and he offered to give his opinion whenever you needed it

- He secretly loved the fact that you dressed exactly how he wanted to treat you

- He’d try his best to surprise you with expensive jewelry to go along with your outfits (especially tiaras)

- The only time he wouldn’t enjoy it so much would be when he was trying to take it off of you. If he so much as popped a stitch on it you gave him a yelp and a stern slap on the arm. 


- Your style was easier to get away with, and Yoosung not knowing much about fashion probably would think it was just a prettier way to dress

- Casual lolita was your style, due to you being young and broke….Much like Yoosung orz

- Even though it was a bit casual, he did take notice of how you didn’t just throw things on like he did (gdi yoosung), and seemed to take a bit to get ready. Was this just how girls were?

- One day you took him shopping with you. Mainly to get him a few more shirts (He had like five), and a few more pieces for your cords. When you kept rejecting some outfits, even though he said you looked great in them, he asked what exactly you were looking for

- When you say something to go with your cords, that’s when the full blown Q&A session through several, several, stores started

- He was interested, only slightly understood it, but didn’t mind because you looked so cute and pretty to him.

- So what if you took a bit long to get ready? He’d make sure he looked good enough to be beside you during that time!


- He nearly spat out his soda when you popped up on the CCTV screen in full blown Sweet lolita!

- You didn’t look bad, not at all, but dear god you were going to hate being stuck in the apartment with hardly any clothes

- He may tease you in a few phone calls, like he does everyone, but you looked so cute

- In person he gave you a big hug and made way too many variations of jokes along the lines of “You’re so cute I could eat you right up!”

- Sure, it was difficult to laze around with you at times- Once he cuddled too much with you on the couch and his hair managed to get stuck in a hair clip of yours.

- Otherwise, he was your personal hype man! 

- He’d look up different styles of the Sweet lolita, watch you put on your make-up, love the new cords you made

- Sometimes he’d even want you to dress him up in your style!

- (He would want you to make a HBC themed cord tho. Come on, you know he’d love you in it, or love wearing it)


- She Loved It

- The way you dressed fit in with the cafe theme- A simple Classic style lolita. 

- She didn’t understand it at first. Instead of bothering you with questions, she did her own research on it. Once she found out, she’d be very supportive

-I mean, you looked so cute? How could she not??

- Once in a blue moon she’d let you dress her up in a cord of yours, but she’d need so much prompting to go outside. She’d feel so out of place

- She wouldn’t mind making coffee/tea and sweets for any lolita meet-ups though. She loved seeing all the different styles, and how your planned new cords


- His eyesight was a bit bad, everyone knew this, but when he saw a big black blob from far away he was a little worried

- When you were up close and he was able to see you a bit better, he felt his heart flutter a bit. You looked like an old gothtic doll!

-He wasn’t used to the style, not at all, but he loved finding places to help compliment outfit pictures

-He’s more of a nature guy, so he would be able to help you the most during the winter for the best backgrounds

-Otherwise he thought you were so pretty! Like a living doll. He loved taking pictures of you, and once his eyesight was better, he loved studying the different patterns you had

-If possible, he’d see if you were willing to try different styles for photo sets he wanted to take with you


-When he first saw you, he didn’t know how to react

-You were so cute! He wasn’t supposed have feelings for people… But here he was, trying not to stumble over his words

-You almost dressed like him, but…Fancier? He was a bit confused, but looking it up he found out you were dressing as a Punk Lolita?

-He didn’t really get it, but you were so pretty he didn’t mind.

-He loved watching you get ready, making small little make up suggestions

-Sometimes if he thought one of his studded wristbands or chokers would go with your outfit, he’d wordlessly put them on you

-All in all, he absolutely loved it and loved seeing each new cord you put together.