god this thing is huge

Fragmentary colossal marble head of a youth
Greek, Hellenistic period, 2nd century B.C.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Although this extraordinary head has long been known, its function and importance have only recently been understood.  The youth, with long curling locks and a brooding expression, was originally part of a draped bust set into a marble roundel almost four feet in diameter.  It is probably among the earliest known sculptures of this type (imagines clipeatae) in marble and over life-size in scale.  It would have been one of several that adorned the walls of a particular grand space in the gymnasium of ancient Pergamon.  He may represent a young god or possibly Alexander the Great.  Even in its damaged condition, the head exemplifies the combination of sensitivity and presence characteristic of the finest Hellenistic Pergamene sculpture.

“We’ve all lost someone, Doctor.”

The lie is that “doing great things for God” has to look huge like Hollywood. It’s possible that you’re called to China or to Uganda or to sell all your stuff for charity. That would be awesome. But great things also include: raising your kids, writing a song, greeting on Sundays, listening over coffee, and loving your next-door neighbor. Also awesome.

The FAHC hear about Dan long before they meet him. Gavin rarely speaks about England, deflects questions of his past with practised ease, but what stories he does share are invariable entwined with Dan. The best friend from back home, childhood guardian, family of choice. Quite literal partner in crime.

The way Gavin tells it he and Dan had each other and little need for anyone else; a perfect partnership that carried them from childhood mishaps to petty crimes to full scale felonies. The story is never really told in full but it doesn’t take a genius to piece together that the two grew a little too adventurous for their own good, a little too cocky and sure of of their abilities, and someone took notice. Things got too dangerous so Dan signed up and shipped out and Gavin went remote; moving most of his dealings online, where he eventually caught Burnie’s eye, moved to the US and made his mark in Los Santos. It’s a simple enough conclusion if not a particularly glamorous one, and Gavin is still in regular contact with his old friend, occasionally sharing various updates with them all.

They know Dan’s ex-military, know he’s apparently an establish mercenary these days with a reputation of his own, but all this knowledge is hard to take seriously when it’s filtered through Gavin’s stories of loveable, puppyish best buddy Dan. The man who always followed Gavin’s lead without question, who’s never really been the brains but has always had Gavin’s back, who has Gavin chattering away on the phone at top speed, accent thick and unintelligible with a strong undercurrent of affection.

It’s hard not to feel some amusement when Gavin tells them all about Dan’s latest adventures, the wacky disasters and embellished-sounding achievements; it’s not that they think it’s a lie, exactly, but everyone knows how easy it is to be blinded by adoration and warm nostalgia, and by now they’ve all got a certain kind of image in their minds. Dependable sidekick Dan, friendly backup muscle Dan, maybe we should make sure someone over there is looking out for him Dan.

So when Gavin announces that Dan is finally visiting, buzzing about the penthouse like a hummingbird on speed, it really doesn’t cross anyone’s mind to be in any way concerned. To be anything other than mildly pleased at the chance to finally put a face to the name. Whenever Gavin spoke of him he’s been Dan or B or, when Gavin is particularly snippy, Daniel. Gavin’s never offered a last name and no one has ever pushed for one; other than the offer to keep an eye on the man, which Gavin laughed off, there’s really been no need.

An oversight Geoff quickly comes to regret when the man who turns up is definitely not what they were expecting. He’s got a nice face, sure, all smiles and laugh lines, no doubt flirting up a storm with every pretty girl he sees, but he’s physically intimidating, as tall and broad as Ryan, comparatively enormous when he squeezes Gavin into a bear hug. Anyone who’s looking can see all the tells of a very dangerous man, and Geoff is never not looking. He’s not the only one, Jack’s spine snapping ramrod straight while Michael and Jeremy hover closer to Gavin than strictly necessary, Ryan tensing in a flash of recognition that has him muttering a name at the same time as Dan introduces himself.

Not for one moment had anyone considered the possibility that Gavin’s Dan might turn out to be be Daniel Gruchy, the only known half of the SMG, the UK’s infamously untouchable fixer crew; known as much for their secrecy as for their skills in everything from the acquisition of delicate information to the acquirement of misplaced items and individuals.

Geoff is pretty sure there are some unsubstantiated rumours suggesting the crew has connections to a few of Europe’s more influential disappearances but he doesn’t know, had never really looked into it – wouldn’t have even known about SMG at all if not for the necessity of monitoring the balance of powers anywhere he does business. He hadn’t thought it was something the FAHC would ever have to worry about. Doesn’t rightfully know if they have to worry about it now, with an unknown mercenary in his hallway and his oblivious, emotionally-compromised frontman bouncing about half incoherent with excitement.

That is until Gavin pauses to take a breath, catches sight of Geoff’s shocked expression, and grins, sharp, smug and utterly vindictive. Of course. Of course Gavin is not only fully aware of what his friend does for a living but has intentionally withheld that information to leave the crew blindsided by the realisation. Chances are he knows exactly what kind of unflattering assumptions they’ve all been making about Dan’s character and this is merely his usual underhanded flavour of revenge. Perfect.

A battered duffle-bag is abandoned near the front door as Gavin drags them all into the living room, shoving Dan onto a couch and flopping down next to him, bossily poking and prodding in a way that really doesn’t seem advisable, if not for the easy familiarity between the two. Because even seated and exuding exhaustion Dan carries that familiar air of danger, coiled strength and resting violence, relaxed but carefully alert in the same way Ryan is never really shut down. The same way any predator is always watching for potential threats, yet there he sits, almost comically placid as he complies with Gavin’s every whim, and in an instant something clicks in Geoff’s mind.

Michael and Jeremy have already succumbed to temptation, eagerly pressing Dan for mortifying stories of Gavin’s youth, but if Ryan’s huff of surprise and Jack’s quiet little ‘huh’ are anything to go by then the Gent’s appear to be as in sync as always. A silent exchange of looks is enough to reach an agreement, raucous laughter and squawking protest following them down the hall as they slip into the privacy of Geoff’s office, Jack immediately grabbing the laptop while Geoff and Ryan get on their phones, each reaching out to any and all contacts they have across the pond as they try to work out what the fuck is happening.

Because Dan is the more recognisable face of the SMG, yes, but everyone knows he has a partner, the strategist to his raw strength; the mercenary and the mastermind. The few claimed descriptions of the unknown man vary so widely it’s clear there is some kind of body double nonsense at play but the few that match up ring more than enough bells to confirm their suspicions; lean, chatty, fastidiously put-together and smooth enough to out-charm the devil.

Honestly it’s not like it was any great secret that Gavin had some serious extra income, nor had they missed the way he occasionally spent his free time hunched over a computer, hard at work on something entirely unrelated to the FAHC, but no one had imagined anything quite on this scale. Had never considered that Gavin and Dan could have totally unrelated, equally time-consuming lives on different continents without ever disbanding their original crew. And there is a crew, a close-knit collection of trusted friends recruited to carry out the majority of the necessary physical aspects of the work, whose loyalty is only further affirmed by their hefty paycheques. They fill in for Gavin and Dan to keep the crew running day-to-day, maintaining the mystique of the unstoppable duo, keeping themselves nameless to flit about unseen and undisturbed; the phantoms of the SMG.

It’s absolutely ridiculous but the mounting evidence is undeniable. For all the faces Gavin wears for the FAHC it seems he has more still kept seperate, another slew of facets reserved for another life. An entire empire they’d known nothing about.  

Back in the living room and Gavin is still lamenting his choice in friends, Michael is distributing beers, Jeremy’s pulling out the Xbox and Dan is looking right back at Geoff. One eyebrow raised, a half-familiar smirk tugging at his lips and Gavin tucked comfortably close underneath his arm; it’s not a challenge, exactly, but it’s definitely a statement. Recognition that he knows that Geoff knows and is no less blatantly amused by the stir he’s caused than Gavin was before him.

It’s blindingly clear he is really not the idiot they had imagined, and honestly Geoff should have known better, they all should have known better. Should have remembered that Gavin could be the brains in just about any operation, that recognising his absurd brilliance was more a sign of intelligence than it was a display of stupidity. After all, there’s nothing at all stupid about the way the SMG has been managed, not when every contact has the same things to say about them: they’re discreet, they’re efficient, they’re consummate professionals, and if you cross them they will ruin you.

The SMG have a clear policy – all clients are vetted before a job is taken, once the job is taken it will be completed in full, all sensitive material remains confidential, and if any client attempts to deviate, deceive or in any way undermine the agreement the penalties will be swift, and they will be severe.

It’s a carefully cultivated reputation establishing the SMG firmly in the grey, the Switzerland of gang-warfare; taking jobs from whomever they please without repercussion for taking sides, simultaneously loyal to all and none of their clients. An inbuilt safety net, subtly ensuring that any possible threat their considerable skills can’t handle alone will likely be taken care of by a veritable army of regular employers with a vested interest in their continued ability to work.  It’s fucking genius, really.

More compelling still is the unavoidable implications of their line of work - the unspoken fallback plan of their insurmountable mountain of blackmail material. Violence, fear, that’s leverage in any timezone, but knowledge? Secrets and scandals and the kind of information that makes and breaks empires? That’s true power, and the SMG have been collecting it for years.

The Original Plot of Epic Mickey 2

I found out today that the person who posted the original story line of Epic Mickey 2, before it was rewritten because of time constraints, deleted their blog without a warning. Though I don’t know them personally, I hope they are ok and things are going well for them.

That being said, I decided to repost the orginal over here since the post is no longer available. I do not take any credit for finding this. all that credit should go to McBasilRocks, who unfortunately I can not link due to being deactivated. I had to seriously dig to recover this, and I decided to repost it here before something happened and it was lost completely.

When I say that this was the original plot, I mean that it was the VERY original plot. And this wasn’t fan made either- as explained in the post, this was found while digging through the Wikipedia page for Epic Mickey, and was taken down by DISNEY for leaking prior to the game’s release.

Anyways; here’s the post, word-for-word, about the very very original plot of Epic Mickey 2:

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"i know they're afraid of ducks or whatever" was that a WOLF 359 REFERENCE in the latest episode oh my god

Yet another lovely serendipitous thing that I can’t take credit for. I’m a HUGE @wolf359radio fan so this fact about Jacobi had clearly slipped into my psyche, but it wasn’t on my mind when I wrote this script. I was just thinking about all the various scary dreams people could have and what fear would be funny/embarrassing instead of actually scary, and came up with ducks. Great minds, etc. etc. or Wolf 359 just owns a portion of my brain (equally as likely). 

Just finished recording the second and third episodes of me and a few of my friends’ DnD podcast!! It’s like actually turning out REALLY WELL. The first episode went a lil bit rocky in terms of our setup/the way we recorded it, (not to mention first episodes are never not slow) but the recording session we just had sounded buttery as FUCK and just really good and the plot is finally starting to pick up and the characters are getting more fleshed out.

i completely understand why people get postpartum depression this is one of the hardest things i’ve ever done in my life and it’s forever so i can totally get how terrifying it is

I have a problem with falling for fictional characters, because let’s be real, I hate real people, and I thought that I wouldn’t fall for most of the guys in League, and that’s mainly true, except I have a huge thing for Vlad and Kayn, God dammit. And now Star Guardian Ezreal too. I wish there was more actually decent fanfiction for them.

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do you remember when harry cut his hair and all we were getting were blurry photos and he was wearing hats in all of them? oh my god cutting that much hair off after so long? huge thing. and it was so clear harry's long hair was a security blanket for him for a while. louis probably had to coax harry out of the hats, still ran his hands through it, made little plaits out of it when they were chilling like "look, baby, its not that much of a change! still got your harry powers!"

“still got your harry powers” omg 

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I just realized how effing bi I've always been. This is such an epiphany. I've just always been interested in girls and boys, but I grew up in a very heteronormative environment and never thought of the possibility of being bi. But damn I had a crush on my female math teacher and on my male latin teacher. I had a crush on a girl in my class and I fell in love with a male friend. I think I'm really bi. God. This inner coming out thing is so huge and eye opening. OMG. I'm bi! I AM BI. Thanks <3

Awwww I am so happy for you, my friend!!! Welcome to the bi club!!
And it’s bi visibility week - what a time to realise you’re bisexual!!!


Fantasy 5...

Bad girls need to be punished…
I love being able to sneak some me & him time. I always feel so refreshed & happy and light when I leave him. I mean my life is not horrible by any means but the connection we have is so Amazing!! I am going to have to answer as to why I’m so damn late but shit I’ll just say I ran into someone I have not seen in forever and we got to talking about the kids and what’s new… I’ll even complain that she would not shut up about their recent vacation. Well now that I have a game plan I’m going to stay in my post orgasmic bliss a little bit longer. Lord I could get lost in my thoughts when it comes to him…. Fuck!!! I just passed a cop going 15 over. Shit Shit Shit!!! Damn that’s what I get for playing in my own head. Damn I can’t get another speeding ticket the last one just went off my record! I will have no explanation for why I was all the way over here. Well fuck there goes my story I better come up with a new one. Lord here he comes…. “ Do you know why I pulled you over? ” “Yes I do. I was speeding” ( why the hell do they ask this… it’s freaking obvious ) “ I need your drivers license, registration & insurance” I had everything ready. Great cause I was ready he probably thinks I get pulled over all the time. I hand him my stuff and finally get a good look at him. And oh my god holy shit!!! He is hot!! Like hire a stripper and he’s a cop stripper hot!! Wow!!! Just wow. He’s tall and broad and tan and lord please let him need to frisk me. I know I just had amazing sex but damn he is the stuff wet dreams are made of…. Well in my fog of lust where I just stared at him and probably drooled on myself he has walked away. I catch a glimpse of his oh so fine ass in the mirror but thanks to the fact that it’s dark and his head lights are blinding it was just a quick glimpse… shit he’s hot but I really really don’t want a ticket!! What the hell he’s already on his way back to my car that was quick!! Maybe no ticket… “Ma'am I need you to step out of the vehicle” Ummmmmm Shit!! Sooo this is not how I saw my night ending I better find some more things that me and this imaginary person talked about cause I’m gonna be super LATE. “ Go to the back of your car and place your hands on the trunk ” Well double SHIT!! What could he of possibly found in such a short amount of time?? And damn I never put my panties back on!! Well hmmmm I place my hands on my trunk and he is standing behind me. No words no movement no Nothing…. what the hell is he doing. “Officer can I ask what I did?” “Sure you can.” Really that’s it… do I need to spell it out for him??? “Ok will you tell me what I did??” It’s then I feel his hands at my waist. He pulls my waist back while he tell me to keep my hands on the trunk. I’m now bent at the waist and my skirt is not long at all & again I have no panties on. I feel his hands start to move from my wait up my sides and he is now grazing the side of my breasts which are not contained by a bra. “I could smell the scent of sex on you when I pulled you over. I see you have a wedding ring on but yet you are here so far away from your home if your address is correct on your license & with no one else with you. Were you being a naughty girl and fucking a man who is not your husband?” I’m about to answer and he tells me to shush. “Don’t try and lie little girl. I know what you were doing. I’m not judging he’s a lucky man to get to fuck you.” His hands are now rubbing me up and down my sides and grazing my breasts. He’s getting bolder with each pass. He so so close to full on cupping my breasts. Please shit just do it!!! Touch me. His voice, his hands, shit this whole scenario is HOT!!! “Should I punish you for being a bad girl?” “Ummm i don’t know???” “Bad girls need to be taught a lesson.” As I’m about to turn my head and ask him what is happening. He quickly lifts my skirt and slaps my right ass cheek. I want to say ouch but it didn’t hurt. If anything it just made me even more wet. “I’m going to teach you a lesson little girl. Are you ready for it?” “Ummm I don’t know??” Shit what am I supposed to say?? I know I should say no but damn I don’t want to. But let’s be serious I really need to say no. As I’m about to stand up and say ok no more, fun & games are over I feel his hand and the top of my back holding me down and his hand slaps my ass again this time the left cheek then the right again… Damn oh Damn Damn Damn!!! Here I am bent over my car with my skirt raised and this insanely hot cop has his hands all over my ass!! He starts to lift my top. One hand gently rubbing my ass and the other moving in to cup my breast!! Oh my god! How can I be this horny after I just got off?!?! He starts to rub between my ass cheeks and is now touching my soaking wet pussy!! “You let him cum in you??” I can’t even answer before he slaps my ass again!! Fuck why does that feel so damn good?!?! “ I’m going to own your pussy little girl! And if you are a good girl I’m going to own your little asshole too! ” Holy hell… am I dreaming. This shit does not happen. Again I know I should be saying no but my inner slut would bitch slap me for walking away from Officer Wet Dream!! He is touching all of me. I’m out and exposed and he is grabbing my breasts. I feel his lips & teeth nibbling and kissing his way all around my neck. I feel him lifting my top all the way off. I’m on the side of the road topless my skirt bunched up and my ass and pussy is exposed. “My good girl is very wet. Does the thought of getting fucked on the side of the road turn you on?? Anyone can drive by and see you exposed?” I don’t know why… But “ yes it does!! I don’t know why but it does! I want you to own my pussy!! Take my ass!!! I’ve been a bad girl make me your good girl!!” He has his fingers in my pussy and the hand that was holding me down he lifts off me. I hear it then he is undoing his zipper. “You ready to be my good girl??” Oh boy was I ever!!! I feel him behind me he pulls his fingers out and pushes his dick inside me. Oh my god he is hot, hard & huge. 3 of the best things ever when it comes to a mans dick!! He’s torturing me by going slow and just holding himself there. I need him to move! I need him to fuck me hard!!! I’m so ready I can’t hold back the whimper that falls from my lips. “Are you ready to be my good girl?? Does she need to be fucked hard & fast??” I damn near tell it… “YES!!! Fuck me!!! Mark me & make me yours!!” I barely get the last of my plea out before he pulls back and slams into me hard! So damn hard I know I’m going to feel it later!! He has such a tight grip on me I know he’s gonna leave finger print marks on my hips! I don’t care. As long as he keeps fucking me the way he is I really really don’t care! I feel used in the best way possible. One would think I wouldn’t be able to come so quick after the explosive orgasm I just had less then an hour ago but I swear I’m so close and I’m going to cum so hard it’s going to hurt!!! Oh my god he is so strong I couldn’t get away if I wanted to. His hips are a weapon. Oh oh oh oh oh I’m gonna cum it’s gonna be huge… fuck I can’t hold it back! “I’m gonna cum oh my god Officer I’m gonna cum!! Oh my god!!! Fuck Fuck Fuck don’t stop please don’t stop!!!!” He does exactly what I ask and if anything fucks me harder!!! “Cum on baby be a good girl and cum!” I swear his voice must have magical powers cause I do just that and I cum so hard I know I screamed there was no holding it back. I feel like I just had an out of body orgasm!!! As I come back to reality I can feel he is still hard & ready to go! Oh lord…. “Your pussy is great baby. But now I’m going to take that ass.” Holy shit I don’t know about you but I don’t carry lube in my purse… I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous for this. I feel him pull out of me and he inserts his fingers. He pulls them out and starts to rub my ass. He does this a few times. He pushes himself back inside my insanely wet pussy and pulls back out. Thank god I’m so wet cause he slowly pushes himself inside my ass with gentle ease… I am so full so so so full!! “Now it’s my turn baby… Your ass feels so tight and hot around my dick!! You are going to make me cum hard. Do you want me to cum in your ass my good girl?” All I can do is nod my head yes “That’s my good girl I’m going to mark this ass as mine!!” And that’s exactly what he does. He fucks my ass like he owns it & I love every damn second of it! I cum again as he fucks my ass and as I’m coming down from my millionth orgasm of the night I feel him swell even bigger inside me. His hands are holding me so hard I couldn’t move if I wanted to. He is fucking me like I’m a doll made for his own personal pleasure!!! “Fuck baby girl I’m gonna cum. You ready for me??” I have no words so again I nod yes…. I feel him start to cum inside me. Deep inside my ass! Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god…. I chant that over and over again in my head. I’m a boneless mindless heap of a woman. I have no energy at all… I feel him pull out of me and even soft after what felt like a intense orgasm for him he is still thick as hell. He pulls my skirt down and helps me into my shirt. I look up at him as he is putting himself back into his pants and ask him… “Did that get me out of a ticket?” He just looks at me and laughs tells me he was never gonna give me a ticket. The reason he pulled me over is because when he was doing his rounds at the state park he saw me well us and needed to have a go at me…. I can’t believe we were so focused on each other that we didn’t hear the car. Now I’m curious if anyone else saw us. He gives me my information back & informs me that if I ever want another round to give him a call. Cause that’s what I need another man in my life. But damn I take his number cause well I must be insane. For the 2nd time tonight I leave a man fully satisfied and now I really really need to get home… I’m beyond late and well I have no clue what I’m going to say… I’ll just play it by ear. What a crazy crazy night. But one I won’t soon forget…

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"It was enormous" with noya?


You were whispering into your phone to your best friend, hoping your boyfriend wouldn’t hear you. You’d recently sealed the deal with him, and you obviously and to tell your bestie all the details. “No, no, you’ve gotta believe me!” you hurriedly said. “Huge. Enormous! Gargantuan!” You looked behind you, making sure Noya wasn’t around.

“Seriously, you’ve gotta see it,” you said, just starting to relax. He probably was doing something and wouldn’t be in for another couple minutes. You loved the guy, but you didn’t need anything of his to get bigger, especially his ego. “I’ll send you a picture the next time I get a chance. Honest to god. It was enormous.”

“What huge thing of mine are you sending pictures of?” your boyfriend asked, shockingly close to your ear.

“Shit,” you said. “Fuck, okay, it’s not what you think.”

“Oh really?” he raised an eyebrow. “It sounded like you were impressed by the size of something of mine.”

“No!” you said quickly. “Okay, yes, but not the thing you think, that’s nice but not that much bigger than average. I meant your bed!”