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MUNY newsies

(just a collection and babble of happy thoughts abt newsies at the MUNY!!!!)
-I have to admit I wasn’t really looking forwards to another white dude as jack kelly (like cast actors of color! blease!) but jay armstrong johnson killed it and was very very very sweet and humble and lovely at the stage door.
-also he’s a dancer so we got dancer jack along with the other newsies which was AWESOME
-I think they changed up the harmonies for jack & crutchie in the Santa Fe (Prologue) a bit and it was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-diverse n wholesome cast. some truly good boys !!!!!!!
-davey!!!!!! was so squeaky and anxious and good and perfect! spencer davis milford was awesome. (and then he had a really different voice and was really bro-y at the stage door which was hilarious)
-les. just. les!!!!!!!!! a very good dude!
-(also I haven’t said this yet but Daniel Quadrino? best Crutchie I’ve ever seen)
-MEDDA!!!!! I COULD MAKE A WHOLE POST ON MEDDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my GOD she was the star of the show I wept she was so gorgeous and she had these AMAZING costumes and she got more stage time in this production and she was seriously the most incredible thing in the show. like during her number she shed her dress and was in this SUPER COOL GREEN SEQUINED CORSET-Y THING AND DANG !!!!!! I DIED OH MY GOSH SHE WAS KILLIN THE GAME !!!!! JEEZ OH MAN I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE..
-(also her actress was BOMB and she was so cool and sweet and came back to my friend at the stage door to exchange instagrams cuz she liked my friend’s art it was SO SWEET)
-more Bowery Beauties! who had their own little jingle!
-tessa grady? phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal and rocked those kath outfits? yeah
-also ya know they couldn’t really do the RIDICULOUS CHOREO from the Broadway show so they did a lot of simpler dance numbers and worked with what they had but GOD WERE THEY AMAZING!!!
-at “even though we ain’t got hats or badges” one of the ensemble newsies looked at his hat like ???? ok Kelly
-in Watch What Happens kath was in a rolly chair and she rolled away when she did that happy squeak it was cute !!!
-the Most Beautiful racetrack higgins i have ever seen
-seize the day!!!!!!!! that is all. it was so pure.
-darker now but right before Santa Fe jack was sobbing and pacing around his penthouse choking out “crutchie” and GOD
-jay armstrong johnson hit this surprise high note during Santa Fe and it like slapped me in the face it was AMAZING !!!!!!
-KING OF NEW YORK!!!! THE ENERGY!!!! god it was phenomenal and kath’s tap skills and… AHH. katherine was more incorporated in this one and tapped along with them and it was PHENOMENALLLL. probably my favorite dance number.
-again. daniel quadrino = best crutchie ever. his voice… his acting… god
-at one point an ensemble newsie reached up to adjust his cap but there was no cap there. me too bud.
-spot…. was such an amazing spot.
-Something To Believe In was so… raw and real? god I was captivated. these poor kids..
-tessa grady is just such a phenomenal actor..
-during Once And For All right before the key change all of the other newsies came out from under the set in the shadows with their caps over their eyes and their heads down in this eerie orange light and OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!
-ALSO!!!! mixed in with the newsies at this point were actual KIDS as newsies singing their hearts out to this key change. they had actual people as old as the newsies in the ensemble for this part to make it more gut-wrenchingly beautiful. god.
-all the kidsies also had names (for example: Flounder)
-it ended so powerfully and well. gosh. gosh gosh gosh. it was phenomenal. I could feel it in my heart.

ALRIGHT KIDS, IT’S BEEN a while since we have gone deep and strong into our favorite source of folk with its lore, the people’s food for thought, the deepest days held by stories that taught us golden ways and made us laugh all the same: MYTHOLOGY.

And TODAY, you need to bring your hiking equipment, because we TAKE OFF TO THE MOUNTAINS: OUR TOPIC is ONI.

Now, when you say “oni”, most people think about Shuten-doji and Ibaraki-doji, the two most famous oni out there, with Shuten-doji being the gang leader of the oni that lived in Mount Ooe, and Ibaraki-doji being his deputy, and in some stories, his wife as well. Some more well learned ace detectives out there might also know of Kuma-doji, Torakuma-doji, Hoshikuma-doji, and Kanaguma-doji, the four top enforcers of Shuten-doji (outside of Ibaraki-doji him/herself). Supreme Superintendents of matters most mystical and mountainous marauders will even think about the bunch of oni in Onigashima, whose entire role in their story is to have their asses horrendously obliterated by Momotaro (a superturbochild) and his animal friends, which included a dog, a bird, and a monkey.

But today, we won’t be talking about any of those. Today, we have a SPECIAL GUEST from a rather obscure-in-the-West legend from the Heian Period.

If you have been consuming Japanese media for some years now, you may recognize this Suzuka:

Or this Suzuka:

Or maybe this Suzuka:

Well, thing IS, they are all based on the Suzuka we will be discussing today: Suzuka Gongen.

Also known as Suzuka Gouzen, this Dame Of Danger was an Imperial oni princess renowned for her beauty, her skill with weaponry, and her military tactics. Haughty and confident, Suzuka was beautiful, and she knew it: She often bragged about her good looks and was quite proud of it, like, haha, Yamato Nadeshiko WHO, THIS GIRL KNEW SHE WAS HOT SHIT and didn’t mind yelling that through an ancient Japanese megaphone. Suzuka Gongen was the Hot Instagram Friend, except she wouldn’t have gotten stranded in Fyre Festival because she would’ve just beat local wildlife with her SICK SWORD SKILLS. She was known for wearing a crimson skirt and is usually depicted, less flatteringly, as a prostitute, and more positively, as a dancer girl (in a dancing outfit). The point was less “SHE A THOT” and more “she’s kinda out there”. AND OUT THERE SHE WAS, CONSIDERING SHE COULD kill you in 600 different ways in an empty room, including using the room itself. GIRL WAS FUCKING DANGEROUS.

ANYWAYS, SO, Suzuka’s dad was doing imperial oni things, hanging out, drinking sake, when SUDDENLY he gets a visit from this very spooky individual named Akuro-Ou, who just so happened to be THE KING OF ALL ONI. “hey bro” Akuro-Ou bellowed with his mysterious voice, “so I see you have a pretty hot daughter”. Dadoni kinda knew where this was going, so he just replied “y-yeah” because he didn’t have the Guts to confront him. “lemme smash” ordered Akuro-Ou, and Dadoni replied with “    “ because exactly what do you reply in this situation. Kings and Oni are two kinds of people you really don’t wanna cross, so Akuro-Ou was the kind of guy you seriously didn’t wanna double cross (or, perish the thought, double-cross), so he kinda just decreed that, well, shit, ok, you can marry her, GEEZ.


So while this shit goes down, Suzuka was hanging out, being hot and cocky in the front yard, when SUDDENLY this dude comes and tells her “hey dude pack your shit, we are going to your marriage”, and Suzuka was like “EXCUSE ME?” and the dude was like “yeah see your dad decreed just now that you are marrying the King of Oni, Akuro-Ou, so yeah, hurry” and Suzuka was like “well fuck that blows, whatever, so can I see him” and he’s like “no” because Akuro-Ou was Very Mysterious and didn’t show his face. Since this is THE EARLY HEIAN ERA, they merely exchanged marriage vows, or made a contract, in this specific case, and that was that, woo, how ROMANTIC, married to a dude you don’t know who won’t even show you his FACE. This is, like, the LAME version of the Phantom of the Opera, without the weird theater people and the musical numbers. So Suzuka was pretty bummed about it, but she looked at the good side and said “YO BUT WE CAN PLOT THE DOWNFALL OF THE EMPEROR NOW” because she has an appetite for destruction and bedlam and Akuro-Ou at least had good ideas. Akuro-Ou and his two bestiest and lieutenants, Takemaru and Odakemaru, consulted a lot with Suzuka, since she was a badass strategist, and planned out this cool attack that was going to murderize the FUCK outta the Emperor and everything he stood for.

Now, this is the part where I remind you that ancient Japan had the best superspies in history, because EVERY TIME someone has an Ill Thought against the Emperor, he KNOWS (except that one time in Tokoyo), so the Emperor turns off Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for three seconds to worry for his life and summons a hero to go whoop some rowdy oni ass before going back to his Kickflips because Emperors tend to do NOTHING IN THESE THINGS AAAAA. So the hero is sent, with explicit instructions to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and to not bring gum or bubbles, and he was HAPPY TO COMPLY. Also, I love the Japanese mythos insistence on straight up pulling heroes, like, it’s literally “emperor somehow fucking knew he was going to get sniped so he just pulls a hero from his pantry and sends him on his way to fuck shit up” like did they mass produce them back then, was “hero” an acceptable major to have in Heian Japan, what kinda shithole society are we in that I have to major in boring shit like being good to people and helping them with their problems instead of KICKING ONI ASS, I am so ENVIOUS of mythos.

So the hero in question goes to where the oni are planning their revolution, and Suzuka, also endowed with superspies, somehow learns of this, and throws a TANTRUM because no shitass human is going to interfere in the one good thing to come out of her marriage, no sir. Now, this is the part where the bad guys would send out minions to deal with the hero. Well, Suzuka is not most bad guys, so she grabbed her three cursed swords, downed a whole can of Red Bull, yelled “BEAST MODE!” and fuckrammed her way out of Oni Fortress to meet this dude HEAD ON in HONORABLE COMBAT. She was going to deal with him HERSELF. At the foot of Suzuka Mountain (yes, that was the name of the mountain), the two would meet for a DUEL.

“AAAALRIGHT YOU LIMP-DICKED CHICKEN SHIT PISS STAIN, SHOW YOUR DAMN FACE, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT, I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU UP GOOD, MY DUDE, I WILL SHOVE YOU DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS, I AM GOING TO SCRAPE YOUR KNEE, I AM GOING TO PLAY PING PONG WITH YOUR BALLS, I AM GOING TO WRITE BAD HAIKU ON YOUR FACE, COME AT ME” softly whispered Suzuka when she finally arrived at the field where the hero was. Upon hearing this, the hero removed his large straw hat that hid his face and the coat that obscured his frame, and revealed his BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME FACE and DASHING MUSCLES. The hero’s name was Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, which translated directly to “HOT STUD 9000″, probably.

Suzuka’s immediate follow-up was “o” because he was a fine piece of work, alright. “Yeah, look, um, change of plans: I betray Akuro-Ou and instead I marry you and we kick ass together”. “Surely you jest?” inquired the confused Tamuramaro. “Ahah, no, see, I jest about many things, but dick? No, I take dick seriously” she quickly replied, and that was good enough for T-Man, because they immediately fell in love with each other. I mean, look, you can’t blame her: If you get roped into a marriage you didn’t even know of with a dude whose face you don’t know, and then suddenly Handsome McNiceass appears before you, ripe for the eloping, you, too, would do it. And T-Man had no issues with this at all because Suzuka was basically if G.I. Joe was a beautiful woman, and you gotta be a FOOL not to marry a warrior oni princess. Long story short, they made the strongest Power Couple of the Heian Era and proceeded to HORRENDOUSLY FUCK AKURO-OU UP, like, god DAMN, they just showed up, gorgeous pair of WARRIORS, tearing shit up left and right like it was Dynasty Warriors, piledriving Takemaru and Odakemaru through the announcer’s table, Cross Bombing Akuro-Ou, they literally fuck up the WHOLE FORTRESS, just by themselves, like, no inch of it was unfucked by the end of it, it was the single best Wrestlemania in history and wrestling wasn’t even a thing yet. The oni revolution plan was SHATTERED TO PIECES, and only a POWERCOUPLE remained.

T-bro and Suzu then remained together, and Suzuka joined him in his heroics, becoming his partner in justice, which was the opposite of a problem for Tamuramaru, because what’s better than one killdozer? THAT IS RIGHT, TWO KILLDOZERS. Suzuka had three cursed blades, named Daitsuren, Shotsuren and Kenmyoren, as well as apparently being powered by the stars in the sky (literally, it is described that she “possesses supernatural powers from the stars’ movement”), and she utilized all of these things Pretty Damn Well to turn any evil doer into thin red paste stains on the carpet. I believe I have already made my point, but in case hyperbole betrays me: Suzuka Gongen was renowned, even back then, as one of the foremost and most important warrior-women in Japan mythos.

Knock knock
Who is it?

Suzuka Gongen died at the young age of 25. Suzuka and Tamuramaro had a cute half-human, half-oni daughter named Korin, but shortly after her birth, Suzuka’s tragically short life ended. Gently holding his beloved wife’s hand, Tamuramaro fondly remembered the happy times they spent with their child, the happy times they spent kicking villain ass, the happy times they spent within each other’s embrace, the warmth they shared, the soft caresses and the rowdy laughter. As her pulse vanished, her smile never wavered, and she departed this world a happy mother, a happy wife, a happy warrior, a happy woman.

And so, Tamuramaro and Korin continued on, an empty spot on the table, a futon too big for one family.

Isn’t life unfair sometimes?

Tamuramaro thought that. He thought that it was not her time. Not just yet. There were many asses left unkicked, many lips left uncurved, many happy moments left unlived.

He was not having this.



Not like this!

Not like this!!! It simply could not end like this!


And at the very end, there she stood: Suzuka Gougen. Their eyes met, their hearts ignited, and their hands clasped. Together, Sakaenoue no Tamuramaru and Suzuka Gougen fought right out of the Otherworld.

Back in the world of the living, T-Man and Suzuka both formally married, and they lived a long, plentiful life together, raising their child and being EXTREMELY lovey-dovey for many years to come. And, of course, kicking a SHITLOAD OF ASS together, as human and oni, hero and princess, husband and wife.

Suzuka’s legend has other versions: In some, she’s a bandit that stole the annual tribute from the Imperial Vault. In others, she’s a celestial maiden, whimsical and eccentric. In all versions, however, a fact remains consistent: She meets Tamuramaro, they fall in love with each other, they decimate rumpus together, Suzuka dies at 25, and Tamuramaro travels to the Land Of The Dead to pull her out, after which they happily live together.


docloudscomeinpurple  asked:

idk if you've heard but joey is going to be on Arrow and they've cast liam hall to play him. your thoughts? do you have high hopes (or any hopes at all) for a live action joey?

it came up on my facebook feed a while back actually! i was pretty surprised; i don’t follow arrow at all but i was sure they’d said joey wasn’t going to be in it. maybe he’s been received well enough in the deathstroke comics lately for the showrunners to change their minds? 

the actor they’ve chosen isn’t to my taste at all (where are joey’s blond curls???), but i think the way the character is portrayed will take precedence over physical appearance - robbie amell is my favourite live-action fred jones, after all. if joey’s just another edgy vigilante with grant or rose’s personality then i won’t be interested, but if he’s truer to his classic self (and perhaps even has his disability?) then this could be a great step forward and i’d love to see where it goes.

i don’t know enough about DC’s TV-universe (is there a better name for that? flash and arrow and supergirl and so forth) to expect good or bad things, so i’m going to push this to the back of my mind until it actually happens. it’s too exhausting to hope, but a pleasant surprise would be very welcome!

My Secret Session Story!!!

I10.25.2017         It was the night things changed….

So I did not expect to see so many mutuals there and it makes me so happy!!! We took pictures and waited around then they bused us to the house where I DIED. I mean that house…..WOW….okay so we went to the back and just chilled and ate some bomb ass chick-fil-a and had some amazing rep cookies (they were the best cookies I’ll ever have) and a little bit later, SCOTT CAME OUT LIKE WHAT?!!! he was giving out picks and he was telling stories and he’s so sweet!!! Then Andrea came out and everyone huddled around her and she was telling stories and giving people hugs it was so sweet. 

So they went back inside and we were probably outside by the pool for a good hour, hour and a half and then I decided to go to the bathroom. Let me tell you, it’s the best bathroom I’ve ever been in..and I wish I was kidding. We waited some more then they led us inside to a room where we all sat down and we immediately knew what was gonna happen next…..LISTEN TO THE ALBUM WHAT THE HELL??!! So we waited for about 15 minutes and TAYLOR AND ABIGAIL WALKED IN AND WE ALL DIED RIGHT THERE, DEAD. She and Abigail started dancing and we all congratulated Abigail on getting married and she showed us her ring and its so gorgeous in person!! Taylor then played the album and it’s so good I cant even describe to you how good it is!!!!!! 

It was finally meet and greet time!!! So I think I waited about two hours and you had to make yourself go in line to meet her. it was so hard because I knew this was it. The moment I’ve been waiting for, for 8+ years. It may never happen again but I finally just said I’m gonna go! I told myself I gotta do it sometime tonight. While I was waiting, I looked over at Abigail because she was sitting on the couch parallel to me, and she looked at me and smiled and waved and I waved back and DIED. she’s so sweet and so beautiful honestly taylor is so lucky to have such an amazing friend.

 So when it was my turn her face lit up and was like “HI HOW ARE YOU??!!!” And I was like “I’m so good how are you??!!” She then asked me “did you cut your hair recently??” And I said no I cut 13 inches off over two years ago haha and she said “omg we’ll I think I have a picture of you with your long hair!!” AND I FREAKIN DIED. LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT REMEMBERS ME FROM OVER TWO YEARS AGO??!! WHAT???? I asked her how she found me and she said “I honesty don’t remember but it had to of been over a year ago I think I have pictures of you at a concert!” And I was like “yeah that sounds right!” (Or something like that) and I talked about Sarah (@dangerous-daydreams) and how I’m going to jingle bash and she gave me a high five and held my hand when I told her she was like “YESS!!” Then I talked about my sister and how she couldn’t come and Taylor apologized and said “I’m not the rule maker I’m so sorry she couldn’t come!!! What’s her name??” And I told her and she was like “well tell her I love her!!” (sam taylor loves you) and we talked about some other things I can’t remember it’s such a blur but she grabbed my hands and pulled them close to her face and said “oh my god your NAILS!!! They’re gorgeous!!!!” Then she showed me her nails and they were sparkly too and I died because we had the same nails!!!!  She asked me if I had a pose in mind and I said “I’ve always wanted to do the cat pose!!” and I showed her (i forgot what she said to me lol) and got our picture and she was like “I hope to see you at jingle bash!!!!!” And she gave me another hug (she gave me about 4 in total)

……And that’s it. The night I died. October 25th, 2017. I love taylor so much she makes you feel so loved and she’s just so perfect️️ I can;t even describe it. Taylor I love you so so so much and can’t even begin how to thank you for that night. You truly are so amazing and so sweet and I can’t wait fir Reputation to come out!!!!

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What are some good anime shows for a lesbian to watch? I like Hibike, Utena, Sailor Moon and Love Live. I tried to watch Dragon Maid, but... well, I had to stop watching it because all the Lucoa x Shouta scenes made me feel VERY uncomfortable.

oooohhhhhhhhh my friend you’ve come to the right place my darling my dear my anonymous pal

the rollng girls 

this show is so underrated. god. gorgeous color palette, engaging characters, breathtaking animation. it’s also very gay. please watch the rolling girls.

mikagura school suite

okay so i’ll admit that this show isn’t exactly stellar when it comes to positive representation - the protag is most definitely a lesbian, but she’s not really…..good rep. most of her scenes with girls are played for laughs, and she’s usually shown as kinda creepy. regardless, i liked it enough and if you want to watch something that doesn’t require too much thought, i recommend this one.

little witch academia

you’ve probably already heard of lwa by now, but it bears repeating that it was just. amazing. i love it so much, please watch lwa. 

kill la kill

yeah. yeah i know. i loved klk though, and the wlw relationship is one of the only things in the entire show that isn’t sexualized. if you’re comfortable with it, it’s a wonderful show to watch. 

this isn’t a comprehensive list by any means - i think @brausur has a better list lying around somewhere, but this is a collection of my personal faves. thank you for sending this ask!!

(edit: removed yuru yuri because i’d kinda forgotten about the worse aspects of it)

Im irritated

You know, its hard drawing and making art for a fandom that is so disrespectful to the creators and VA’s of the show. Like I love this show so much and enjoy drawing it even more but I feel like Im not allowed to ship my ships because everyone else has ruined it so I feel like Im just fanning the flame. (I ship Klance but I feel guilty for it because I dont want everyone to see me as one of those people who are so obsessed with the idea of Klance they put the show down)

Please understand how much I am avoiding the voltron Fandom right now.

As for the creators and VA’s of Voltron:

Please continue doing the wonderful work you are doing. I love all the characters you have created (especially those space backgrounds - oh my god they’re beautiful) and love how the show is unfolding.

His Comforting Smile

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Tate Langdon 

warning : Angst and possibly triggering content and Bad words 

“I was a kid, that was pushed around, i was not liked nor cared for, i lived with my aunt after my parents abandoned me. 

I must sound like some ungrateful little bitch, huh? 

You think you know what happened, but do you really? 

I was always told to appreciate, even the most ludicrous of things, but how can i appreciate when i don’t even have the time to…. 

but at some point i did…. he…he showed me how…. 

oh god.. he was absolutely stunning, he was gorgeous, a hunk, a sweet guy.I didn’t notice it until he spoke to me, without spitting in my face and telling me how worthless i am. No he was rather comforting , he just smiled and said ‘hi’ which i found comforting

I know it sounds weird right, but it’s something about him, like if he understood everything , like he knew what was going to happen. It’s like he knew me…

Never in my entire life did i find myself liking a fellow human back,but he, T-Tate, he was different, he didn’t think like the others, he was intelligent. He had his own thoughts and his own world And i wanted to be part of it. 

I appreciated him. He made me happy. 

He was my first everything 

my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first-

I’m getting carried away…But he’s my everything 


His comforting smile ever left, even on the day he died, even if he shed some tears he smiled at me, it was comforting, but once the smile fell from his face, i felt the world crumble down, i remember how much i hated everyone and everything, how little life meant to me. 

My life meant so little without him in it, i needed him, he was like my own brand of heroine, he was my drug, and i was driven crazy without him. 

I needed someone to hold me and whisper sweet nothings and send me that comforting smile. 

But i could never find anyone like that, nobody was like him, nobody would ever be like him. 

That’s why i loved him, no I love him.. but ill never have the chance to tell him. 

Rest in peace, to the love of my life “ 

She places a rose above his grave within the rain and walks away