god this show is going to be worth it for the fantasies it induces alone

Nightwish Sun and Moon Lyrics
  • Aries Sun & Aries Moon: “Energize me, activate the light that's given and taken/Can you believe in the power that's burning between us?/Would you believe if you open up your mind, open up your heart”—Energize Me (After Forever)
  • Aries Sun & Taurus Moon: “Time to rest now, and to finish the show/And become the music, one with alpenglow”—Alpenglow (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Gemini Moon: “Moving astral in the veins of acid/across the silvery skin”—Ashes to the Stars (Tarot)
  • Aries Sun & Cancer Moon: “Deep in the darkest time/your shine on mine show me the way to climb/do what´s right/For every single word/You´re in my world/The doubts just disappear/you´re the one I hear”—Watching Me From Afar (Anette Olzon)
  • Aries Sun & Leo Moon: “A ballad of dark queen echoes through night/As he flees the curse of gods, the pharaoh`s wrath./One thousand one nights unseen,/The philosopher and the queen.”—Sahara (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Virgo Moon: “I studied silence to learn the music /I joined the sinful to regain innocence”—Dead to the World (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Libra Moon: “Ayreon, don't you know who I am/Ayreon, I'll have you know that I can/charm you with a wave of my hand/you bow to my command”—Merlin’s Will (Ayreon. Irene Jansen.)
  • Aries Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Love and light are haven-sent/We really ain't all that hellbent”—You Heaven and Your Hell (Tarja)
  • Aries Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Faith brought me here/It's time to cut the rope and fly/Fly to a dream/Far across the sea/All the burdens gone/Open the chest once more/Dark chest of wonders/Seen through the eyes/Of the one with pure heart/Once so long ago”—Dark Chest of Wonders (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Just let me go! Drift far away from the life I once knew./Let me fall, deep down! The truth will be down there to pick me back up./My own fear has kept me there. Standing alone on the sideline of life while it moved on./This made me so humble! I'll stay a little while longer.”—Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: On the Sideline
  • Aries Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Keep the pain inside your mind./Pretend you're tough./And keep the truth deep down in slumber.”—Misery’s No Crime (ReVamp)
  • Aries Sun & Pisces Moon: “See the star inside of you/That shines for me/You shine my dear winter soul” – VINTERSJÄL/Winter Soul (Anette Olzon)
  • Taurus Sun & Aries Moon: “Lightning hits the house of wax/Poets spill out on the street”—House of Wax (Tarja)
  • Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon: “It's the forests where silence has lease/It's the beauty that fills me with wonder!/It's the stillness that fills me with peace!” – The Last Sled (Tuomas Holopainen)
  • Taurus Sun & Gemini Moon: “Like a show inside my head/Keeps repeating/Find whats gone and said to late/Keeps repeating”—Like a Show Inside My Head (Anette Olzon)
  • Taurus Sun & Cancer Moon: “I only wished to become something beautiful/Through my music, through my silent devotion”—Ocean Soul (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Leo Moon: “Go down in my flame/I know you want it just the same/The way you're sexin' me is frightening”—Heart Full of Fire (Brother Firetribe)
  • Taurus Sun & Virgo Moon: “My song is little worth anymore/Time to lay this weary pen aside”—Dead Gardens (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Libra Moon: “Sharp is the edge of all discovery,/now I see./A scar without suffering,/impossible./I'll wait until my last day/with no shame.” “Fly as high/As you can./Nobody below,/Nobody is behind./It always begins/when you are alone./Love, fear,”-- Montañas De Silencio (Tarja)
  • Taurus Sun & Scorpio Moon: “She's a devil's daughter/Stay for one night/You'll stay forever/Witchy women/Cries for no one/Steals your soul and tears your heart out”—Devil’s Daughter (Brother Firetribe)
  • Taurus Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Weaving my wings from many-colored yarns/Flying higher, higher, higher into the wild/Weaving my world into tapestry of life/Its fire, golden, in my Walden”—My Walden (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Capricorn Moon: “That beauty echoes through this journey/As the morning dawns, night tells it's story”— Erämaan viimeinen (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Aquarius Moon: “A lady with a violin playing to/the seals/Hearken to the sound of calling”—The Siren (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Pisces Moon: “Oh, nothing compares to this beautiful dream/Make love with me/On the bed of dead leaves” –Bed of Dead Leaves (For My Pain)
  • Gemini Sun & Aries Moon: “Now turned to stone/Perfection my messenger from hell/Wine turns to water/Campfires freeze, loveletters burn/Romance is lost/Lord, let me be wrong in this pain”—Romanticide (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Taurus Moon: “The bridal bed awaits us both/After the landscape of death I have crossed./Before my sorrows I must die,/Nightwish I send through the starlit sky.”—Nightwish (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Gemini Moon: “Through the trusted eyes of a mirror/But it wasn't me I could see”—Monolith of Doubt (After Forever)
  • Gemini Sun & Cancer Moon: “All, I wish to reach your heart/Life is just an empty dream/We will never be apart/Take me home forever”—Empty Dream (Tarja)
  • Gemini Sun & Leo Moon: “Behind all the empty glitter the city's a painted whore./A mother with a concrete womb for the zombie horde./Juices from the flesh of the living are bled to sewers./If we gave thoughts, they are harnessed to feed the hive.”—Messenger of Gods
  • Gemini Sun & Virgo Moon: “500 letters from a stranger at my door/500 weapons I can't take it anymore/500 letters, words like scars no one can see/500 secrets, slowly killing me”—500 Letters (Tarja)
  • Gemini Sun & Libra Moon: “Ever felt away without me/My love, it lies so deep/Ever dream of me”—Ever Dream (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Scorpio Moon: “My Lord, to you, let me become what my child thinks I am/In you is the beauty of the world, of which death made me an artist”— Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan/Death Makes An Artist (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “You had the nerve to say,/that I've lost the way./I'm still me.”—You (Tarot)
  • Gemini Sun & Capricorn Moon: “I'm never gone/Go tell the world I'm still around/I didn't fly, I'm coming down”—I Walk Alone (Tarja)
  • Gemini Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Would you share it with me?/High, much higher than moon/Flies away the angel of love”—Sea of Emotions (For My Pain)
  • Gemini Sun & Pisces Moon: “Break through my crystallized sphere and hold me/Enter my deepest inner self/Imprison the pain/Besieging in vain”—Estranged (After Forever)
  • Cancer Sun & Aries Moon: “Last dance, first kiss /Your touch my bliss /Beauty always comes with dark thoughts”—Wish I Had An Angel (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Taurus Moon: “The flowers of wonder and the hidden treasures,/In the meadow of life, my acre of Heaven./A five-year-old winter heart in a place called home/Sailing the waves of past.”—Meadows of Heaven (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Gemini Moon: “No! I can't! This comes way too soon!/How can I let go of you now?”—In Sickness ‘til Death Do Us-All Goodbyes Are Said (ReVamp)
  • Cancer Sun & Cancer Moon: “Our walk has been sublime/A soaring ride and gentle leap/You have the heart of a true friend/One day we'll meet on that shore again”—Our Decades In The Sun (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Leo Moon: “No holy sunrays/Will light my tomb of dreams/I won't return/From the valley of...The Queens”—Valley of the Queens (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Virgo Moon: “I hear screams of fallen souls, sad cries of agony/Within the void of this evil hole, deep inside the black/Could it be my imagination, the mirror of my fantasy?/A fear-induced hallucination/Or is there no way back from the halo of darkness?”—Into the Black Hole (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Libra Moon: “I heard the news, a mystery, a strange device/I'm so afraid, I just can't see through all these lies/Behold this alien messenger/Is this a cosmic design?/The bringer of a new day”—Star Child (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Scorpio Moon: “The company is trying to hide the higher rates of suicide/There's no pain and much to gain, but then the drug destroys their brain”—High Moon (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “grant me the courage to stand to this test/I call upon the seer, Merlin the sorcerer/grant me the magic to end my pain”—Castle Hall (Ayreon)
  • Cancer Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Nor enlightened by the lessons of Christ /I’ll never understand the meaning of the right /Ignorance lead me into the light”—Angels Fall First (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Aquarius Moon: “You're not alone below the moon/All of us wait for moments gone too soon”—Innocence (Tarja)
  • Cancer Sun & Pisces Moon: “Timeless, ancient, deep inside us as we/are empty without it, lost/Its sweet enclosure”—Sweet Enclosure (After Forever)
  • Leo Sun & Aries Moon: “Over another lonely star/Walking right into the sun”—Into the Sun (Tarja)
  • Leo Sun & Taurus Moon: “First day of love never comes back /A passionate hour’s never a wasted one /The violin, the poet’s hand, /Every thawing heart plays your theme with care”—While Your Lips Are Still Red (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Gemini Moon: “Magic wonders in the golden breeze Changing daily and surrounding me/In the eyeglass I can see them freeze/On and on and on, on and on I´m Floating - Falling - Floating - Flying” –Floating (Anette Olzon)
  • Leo Sun & Cancer Moon: “Shine bright see all your glory/No need to cry stay strong and you'll fly”—Shine (Anette Olzon)
  • Leo Sun & Leo Moon: “We can laugh at it now/I don't mind all the burning daggers/Piercing me, shaping me/Turning the blade on you”—Diva (Tarja)
  • Leo Sun & Virgo Moon: “We must measure/While the pressure of nature's force expands/We feel minor/Punished and meager/Betrayed by all our gods”—Equally Destructive (After Forever)
  • Leo Sun & Libra Moon: “Enchantress came to me and said: /Meet me at the lake tonight”—White Night Fantasy (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Scorpio Moon: “She tried to reach to the stars all her life/But her mind fell apart every time”—Queen Misery (For My Pain)
  • Leo Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Come on; hop on; let's take a ride/Come and meet the travelers who came to town”—Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Pack of wolves behind me. Seasons on my face./Coming out of nowhere, heading for any place.”—Howl! (Tarot)
  • Leo Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Beneath the lovely birch/honeymakers build their nest in peace/On the savannah a lion licks a wounded gnu”—A Return to the Sea (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Pisces Moon: “Shores of a solar sea/Oh how I wish to go down with the sun/Sleeping/Weeping/With you”—Sleeping Sun (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Aries Moon: “Find your scream!/Use your scream!/The dead will rise!!!”—Rise! (Tarot)
  • Virgo Sun & Taurus Moon: “Our souls will join again the wild/Our home in peace ‘n war 'n death /Wandering on Horizon Road… ”—Creek Mary’s Blood (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Gemini Moon: “Amnesia must confiscate an elusive link/To consciousness/It's there; cause there's so much we don't know/Even our own true face”—Intrinsic (After Forever)
  • Virgo Sun & Cancer Moon: “Broken, distorted, confined./We're lost!/Broken!/Confined!/Loveless; a song for the cold lost heart!”—Distorted Lullabies (ReVamp)
  • Virgo Sun & Leo Moon: “What ghosts know only is how to come back/My prison will claim me again and again...”—Hell Knows (Tarot)
  • Virgo Sun & Virgo Moon: “You ask for more/You're under my skin/You push, I'm floored/This is a fight I'll never win/You bring me down/You're under my skin/Don't break me, no!”—Under My Skin (ReVamp)
  • Virgo Sun & Libra Moon: “We are here to care for the garden/The wonder of birth/Of every form most beautiful”—The Greatest Show On Earth (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Scorpio Moon: “I will show them! /Let them know who you are! /This is my/your perfect revelation”—Imperfect Tenses (After Forever)
  • Virgo Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Home is where the way is/My road goes on forever/One more voyage to go”—The Wayfarer (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Behind the broken dream lies my heart/Behind my iron will I'm still hurt/Beyond my broken dreams lies my path/(I'm bleeding for the heart the truth has stabbed with frozen faith)/Behind the grand facade I break down”—Break (ReVamp)
  • Virgo Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Tragedienne of heavens/Watching the eyes of the night/Sailing the virgin oceans/A Planetride for Mother and Child”—Stargazers (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Pisces Moon: “Open nerves, they're killing me./Enlarging everything./My mind explodes; it's burning up and scaring me./Nothing feels the same./As it shuts me down. A signal I can't defy./They're showing me the truth by force. My body's completely drained./And primitive emotions can thrive. Goodbye 'control'. Goodbye illusion...”—Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: The Limbic System
  • Libra Sun & Aries Moon: “The sweetest demise/The flame of you life, so sweet sacrifice/This is the game you want me to join in”—Rapture of Lust (For My Pain)
  • Libra Sun & Taurus Moon: “All I wanted in my life was you/Dreams and moments that was shared with you/One million faces but the one I knew/Were all a masquerade”—One Million Faces (Anette Olzon)
  • Libra Sun & Gemini Moon: “Imagine a perfect beach/Without a mermaid/Imagine a perfect hideaway/Without a time”—Lagoon (Nightwish)
  • Libra Sun & Cancer Moon: “I wonder/Do I love you or the thought of you?/Slow, love, slow/Only the weak are not lonely”—Slow, Love, Slow (Nightwish)
  • Libra Sun & Leo Moon: “She's blessed with an angel's eyes/A smile that's bound to melt/the ice/She, the owner of a golden heart/Her soul cries in the dead of night, too many times torn apart”—Love’s Not Enough (Brother Firetribe)
  • Libra Sun & Virgo Moon: “In silence I cry/For my aching heart/Frozen/Closed down/Demons won't recede/Doubtful/Fearful/I must face them all”—Here’s My Hell (ReVamp)
  • Libra Sun & Libra Moon: “Charm of a dancehall girl/A true star of the north/Those precious 30 days/A letter in the snow/Love lost yet always there/A burning need of life”—Cold Heart of Klondike (Tuomas Holopainen)
  • Libra Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Innocence turns into regret/A sinner in a white veil”—Killing Romance (For My Pain)
  • Libra Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “You kill me with silence/Using its peace against me/No soothing words to ease my pain/I'm left with no compromise”—Kill Me With Silence (ReVamp)
  • Libra Sun & Capricorn Moon: “A single grain can tip the scale/Amidst the burden the scale will prevail”—Live to Tell the Tale (Nightwish)
  • Libra Sun & Aquarius Moon: “And I try to; I desire to know who I am/And I fight to; find it tough to be myself/And all those words I didn't say/The dreams I had or have today/And pain I feared and faced and went away”—I Lost Myself (ReVamp)
  • Libra Sun & Pisces Moon: “She hears the distant soft caress/there in the gloom./Colors surround with tenderness/guiding her through.”—Naiad (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Aries Moon: “"Robbed of my innocence, had no more time to play./I sure got my feathers burned, but I'm stronger than the flames".” –My Little Phoenix (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Taurus Moon: “Loath!/your sins./Let grimness rise within./Face your darkest side./I know...”—Sins (ReVamp)
  • Scorpio Sun & Gemini Moon: “Drifting... words without meaning/Twisting... through the dark concealing/Search again, your reflection lives within.”—If You Believe (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Cancer Moon: “The fake compassion felt so genuine/said the right words when I was in need/your emotion stayed behind your smile/While I put my heart out on the line”—Infringe (ReVamp)
  • Scorpio Sun & Leo Moon: “"Ladies and gentlemen/Be heartlessly welcome!/To Cirque De Morgue/And what a show we have for you tonight!"”—Scaretale (Nightwish)
  • Scorpio Sun & Virgo Moon: “Princess of lust/Dignity put to dust/A virginal sight/Their apple to bite”—Passion & the Opera (Nightwish)
  • Scorpio Sun & Libra Moon: “They promised me wonders, I was dead in the ditch./They gave me magic, and burned me as a witch.”—Calling Down the Rain (Tarot)
  • Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Moon: “You're the cocaine on my filthy mirror. Oh my god how I need you.”—Dear Carniwhore (For My Pain)
  • Scorpio Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Bleeding from a wound that you cannot see/And you're seeing things that can never be/God is not made up and he wants revenge/You just fear it all/Fear”—Face Your Demons (After Forever)
  • Scorpio Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Enter,/Suck from us and live forever./Rotten beauty/Will haunt you for a lifetime.”—Whoever Brings the Night (Nightwish)
  • Scorpio Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Sharp is the edge of all discovery,/now I see./A scar without suffering, impossible./I'll wait until my last day/with no shame.”—Crimson Deep (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Pisces Moon: “I see the silence in the stranger's smiles/They don't care/Memories in the screams of the gate, my past slowly fades/Questions are stones on my way/I'm still walking anyway”-- Tomorrow Is A Closed Gate (Dead For So Long) (For My Pain)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Aries Moon: “You challenged the gods and lost/Save yourself a penny for the ferryman/Save yourself and let them suffer/In hope/In love/This world ain't ready for The Ark”—Planet Hell (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Taurus Moon: “Did I leave in time for the words to rhyme,/For her heart to wait ever longing?”—I Walk Forever (Tarot)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Gemini Moon: “”Deathbed memories of home /Never let me go/Every little memory resting calm in me /Resting in a dream /Smiling back at me /The faces of the past keep calling me to come back home /To caress the river with awe”—Rest Calm (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Cancer Moon: “I want to love by the Blue Lagoon /Kiss under the waning moon /Straying, claiming my place in this mortal coil”—Wanderlust (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Leo Moon: “A merry minstrel with his fingers fast/Playing his lute, charming every lass /Joins the troop with a glitter in his eye/" Shall I find fame or shall I die“”—Nightquest (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Virgo Moon: “Hearing music from the deepest forest /Songs as a seduction of sirens /The elf-folk is calling me”—Elven Path (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Libra Moon: “The chameleon. A princess, a fighter, the 'wild at heart'. They are all the same./A character shaped by the raggedness of life.”—Ammendatory (ReVamp)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Take my hand, don't turn away, I need you to stay/I know a place where the light and the dark can become as one”—Dancer in the Dark (For My Pain)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “You can do anything/when you feel it/burning at your wings/just look in the mirror/I'm a lucid dreamer”—Lucid Dreamer (Tarja)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Capricorn Moon: “You wake up, where's the tomb?/Will Easter come, enter my room?/The lord weeps with me/But my tears fall for you”—Gethsemane
  • Sagittarius Sun & Aquarius Moon: “"From cradle to coffin/shall my wickedness be your passion/We shall come to set the dolphins free/We shall wash the darkened bloodred sea”—Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Pisces Moon: “Free my tortured body/Slip gracefully into my death, my salvation”—In Sickness ‘till Death Do Us, Part 3-Disgraced
  • Capricorn Sun & Aries Moon: “We change course; we grow stronger./We stand tall!/Only when we fall.”—Precibus (ReVamp)
  • Capricorn Sun & Taurus Moon: “Cursing those who took my heart/Knowing magic happens/Faith, cross, angels coming /Take me home, make me whole again”—Falling (Anette Olzon)
  • Capricorn Sun & Gemini Moon: “Words are binding, deeds talk/Such clear language when your life's at stake”—Trial of Monsters (ReVamp)
  • Capricorn Sun & Cancer Moon: “Falling again has no man's knowing/Please take me, take me with thee”—The Forever Moments (Nightwish)
  • Capricorn Sun & Leo Moon: “Pieces of our sundering./Here comes end of everything./Say your name, but I can't hear anything.”—End of Everything (Tarot)
  • Capricorn Sun & Virgo Moon: “No, never enough, never enough,/I gave it all,/You still want more”—Never Enough (Tarja)
  • Capricorn Sun & Libra Moon: “No more my dear/I'm here/No fear – invincible/See the stars glow all their gazing lights on you”—Invincible (Anette Olzon)
  • Capricorn Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Chaos and isolation/Your only truth”—Demons In You (Tarja)
  • Capricorn Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Riding the day, every day into sunset/Finding the way back home”—Last Ride of the Day (Nightwish)
  • Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Moon: “No more fate and no more mystery./Even as time falls away I live my days/every moment and its memory,/not only to survive to die alive.”—Die Alive (Tarja)
  • Capricorn Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Don't leave me now I just don't think I'm strong enough And it's cold, it's cold It's cold outside tonight”—Cold Outside (Anette Olzon)
  • Capricorn Sun & Pisces Moon: “You don't want to feel/Nothing but your hopeless destiny/You can always cry but never complain/All those bitter tears, will it ease the pain?”—Broken Days (For My Pain)
  • Aquarius Sun & Aries Moon: “We can't tell the difference/Between magic and technology./Seduces of the city left me drained and with infection./The angels must yield or burn by the rules of rejection.”—Magic and Technology (Tarot)
  • Aquarius Sun & Taurus Moon: “We used to swim the same moonlight waters/Oceans away from the wakeful day/My fall will be for you/My love will be in you/If you be the one to cut me/I'll bleed forever”—Ghost Love Score (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Gemini Moon: “”Be the light or the dark or the safe grey; choose a side./Angelically blind./The naive girl entwined with seduction./Confined to nothing but prejudice.—Wild Card (ReVamp)
  • Aquarius Sun & Cancer Moon: “Good journey, love, time to go/I checked your teeth and warmed your toes/In the horizon I see them coming for you”—Turn Loose the Mermaids (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Leo Moon: “Come enter, here's my code/Through the world wide wire you'll know/The queen of her own world/Stop dreaming and wake up/Your silly world is not what's real”—Digital Deceit (After Forever)
  • Aquarius Sun & Virgo Moon: “In this cruel children's game/There's no friend to call her name/Eva sails away/Dreams the world far away/The Good in her will be my sunflower field”—Eva (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Libra Moon: “Fast forward today/Dreaming 'bout tomorrow/Past and present as one, can they entwine and color the time to come; my path?”—Fast Forward (ReVamp)
  • Aquarius Sun & Scorpio Moon: “No heart, no shallow heart to love/I'm better off just by myself/No pain, no pain to torment me/I'm better off without this agony”—No Honey For The Damned (ReVamp)
  • Aquarius Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “The ones and their travels homeward from afar./This is for long-forgotten light at the end of the world./Horizon's crying the tears he left behind long ago.”—The Islander (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Legend says that when grief overpowers happiness/the northern star loses its light and falls down on earth/where thee become a man./One person alone can help.”—Lost Northern Star (Tarja)
  • Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Moon: “I can't believe that it is only me/The person to hate/The only left out/I can't believe how they can be so mean/If they could feel the brutal stings of their words”—Eccentric (After Forever)
  • Aquarius Sun & Pisces Moon: “Home is the sailor/Home from the sea/And the hunter home from the hill”—Go Slowly Sands of Time (Tuomas Holopainen)
  • Pisces Sun & Aries Moon: “Pick your god from the lot, choose your stimulations./More down there where they came from,/drunken revelations./From the shadows of time,/the dead are singing their lies.”—From the Shadows (Tarot)
  • Pisces Sun & Taurus Moon: “Nothing left, nothing there./I was forced to let it go. Feel what I had done to ruin myself, destroy myself./In a run to greater goods I forgot to love me.”—Nothing (ReVamp)
  • Pisces Sun & Gemini Moon: “Every night a different theme,/Every time you're in a different dream/Am I me there, what am I?/Who will I be”—Being Everyone (After Forever)
  • Pisces Sun & Cancer Moon: “Losing you was more than I could bear/Losing us, a dive in water deep/Losing you”—Sweet Curse (ReVamp)
  • Pisces Sun & Leo Moon: “My home is far but the rest it lies so close /With my long lost love under the black rose /You told I had the eyes of a wolf /Search them and find the beauty of the beast”—Beauty of the Beast (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Virgo Moon: “if you'd allow exhaustion./if you'd allow to feel./I am the warning inside you./The limit's crossed; you pay.”—Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: Neurasthenia
  • Pisces Sun & Libra Moon: “Selfish in its passions lust./Righteous with impulsive gusts./Feed the wolf and feed the dog./The death of one's the death of both.”—Wolf & Dog (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Everything dies to be born again/There's no need to be afraid/I'll hold until we fade away”--Autumn Harmony (For My Pain)
  • Pisces Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Higher than hope my cure lies/Passiontide/An angel by my side/But no Christ to end this war/To deliver my soul from the sword”—Higher Than Hope (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Once and for all/And all for once/Nemo my name forevermore/Nemo sailing home/Nemo letting go”—Nemo (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Aquarius Moon: “A nightingale in a golden cage/That's me locked inside reality's maze/Come someone make my heavy heart light/Come undone, bring me back to life/It all starts with a lullaby”—The Escapist (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Pisces Moon: “Welcome, and wake up!/This is not a dream but something between that and reality/Wake up if you dare!/This is not the regular nightmare!/Before your eyes the world will change/Slowly take you down to unknown places/Welcome to a world that's only yours/Wake up if you dare and just follow me!”—Dreamflight (After Forever)

decadeoldtiger  asked:

i was wondering why so many people dislike trinity soul and x detective naoto (i even heard that they used to be canon until backlash came) were they poorly written or was it some other reason?

OK, let’s tackle these separately, shall we?

Persona Trinity Soul:

From the get-go, this show clearly wasn’t created from the same people who worked on Persona 3 - let alone any other Persona Game. The way Personas are used contradicts lore established in Persona 3. A strange rule they made up about only teenagers being Persona Users contradicts lore established as early as Megami Ibunroku Persona, the very first game. The only thing that ties the show back to Persona 3 is some terminology and the fact that Igor, Akihiko and, arguably and maybe, Ken exist, and, in fact, Akihiko’s and Ken’s(?) futures are so similar to how they end up after P4U2 (but not the same), that it’s likely that the writers of Trinity Soul got to look at the series bible including future canon for the characters, to write their thing. 

Otherwise, however, it does not fit into the universe at all. Does it suffice when I say “Exploding Apathy Syndrome Victims” and “Brain-Transplant-Induced Persona Fusion”?? Also, Persona Users can levitate. For some reason. 

If it had been a stand-alone show, it could have been decent. The animation is really beautiful and the music (with vocals done by our all favorite, Lotus Juice, and Shuhei Kita, who’s later go on to sing the title song for P3P) is awesome throughout. However, the disconnect to the world, lore and themes of the Persona Series is just so painfully apparent, it’s really distracting when you watch the show as a Persona Fan, and a lot of stuff that happens doesn’t make sense with the Jungian Themes of the games. It’s a completely different flavor of Urban Fantasy than any of the Persona Games, it feels more like it was trying to be something among the lines of a much tamer Death Note. Despite the beautiful animation, it is also a very grey show all throughout, you’ll barely ever see any vivid colors, except on a Persona Design, if you’re lucky. Generally, the vibe is very bleak and unhappy, it’s just really not pleasant to watch and the characters are bland and don’t stick with you.

So yeah, long story, short: It just doesn’t feel like Persona. Not at any point. 

The good news is that it at least gave us this track of Lotus Juice music. That was definitely worth it. It’s also rumored that some minor plot-ideas and character-templates in this Anime served as inspiration for various things in Persona 4 to the Persona Team, but I don’t know if that’s even one bit true. 

(…By the way, Trinity Soul might also be part of the reason why I’m so averted to the idea of a grim-dark Persona. It just makes me think of this friggin’ show.)

OK, now we move on  to

Persona x Detective Naoto

…Oh god.


OK, first of all, there’s a reason here why this was first believed to be canon. The basic scenario IS canon. From what I heard, the outline it was based on was written by Katsura Hashino, the current director of the Persona Series. However, the problem is not the story itself. The problem is what the person who wrote the Light Novel did with that story.  

Alright, so, Naoto is now a Detective specialized on cases involving Shadows and Personas, just like how she said she would be after P4U2. That’s OK. It makes sense. That part seems pretty canonical.

She also gets a 4th tier Persona, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, which is cool. Persona Evolutions are always cool. 

What’s NOT cool is that, as soon as Naoto’s Persona evolves, it apparently loses all combat skills and she is reduced to nothing but an (admitted really cool) support ability. UM. WHAT. This is especially glaring since the situation in which the Persona Evolution happened would logically have required for Naoto gain MORE combat skill, rather than lose it, but apparently the author didn’t think that far. So yeah. This novel pulled a Reverse-Rise on Naoto. Oh and talking of Rise…

…Another big problem with this novel is the fanservice. IT’S EVERYWHERE. Out of the entire Investigation team, flashbacks with Rise are the most common, which is mostly used as an excuse with how Naoto is apparently “closest” to Rise, which, on turns, is used as a convenient excuse to have Rise cameo and force Naoto in really uncomfortable fanservice situations, having her PLAY BIKINI MODEL IN FRONT OF CAMERAS as early as within the first 50 pages of the book. This scene serves no purpose other than to embarrass Naoto, establish that Rise exists and make horny fanboys hornier. Nothing else. And if that wasn’t enough, the Manga based on the Light Novel constantly finds excuses to put Naoto into showers and underwear, showing off her naked body to the readers on every other page like there was no tomorrow. It’s beyond distracting. It’s insulting to the character and what she stands for. And, on a note that’s more of a personal pet peeve of mine, the Manga loves drawing Naoto’s hair in ways that totally and utterly defy all physics, for no other reason than to prove that the Mangaka can make Naoto look sexy even in the scenes when she’s wearing tight coats that hide her breasts. Uhhhh….

It’s a real shame, since the basic scenario is just so interesting. We learn more about the Kirijo Group, about the Anti Shadow Suppression Weapons, and even see some new examples of Shadow-related criminal cases that Naoto can work on from now on with her new aspirations, but the execution is just so painfully terribad that absolutely nobody liked it, not even the Persona Staff, who apparently disowned the novel while the Manga was being drawn. I myself never managed to read past the first two chapters of the novel or the fist volume of the Manga… I just couldn’t manage. 3 naked scenes of Naoto in one single volume was just too much for me.  

I still think that the actual scenario-outline itself is canon - P4U2 definitely hints that it is - but not the way it’s portrayed in this novel and manga. Persona x Detective Naoto seems like a fanboy’s bad retelling of what actually happened - and I guess that’s what it should be treated as.