god this show forever

i have this loooming fear that rupaul/the producers are gonna pull some fucking straight up bullshit where they keep showing us sasha and shea’s friendship and then put them both undeservedly in the bottom 2 and make them lip sync against each other i’m literally fuming thinking about it 


mercs shaming

has this been done? this is still a thing right?

good job you drama queens. years of work down the fucking drain

i hope it was worth it you goddamned tools

and another thing: if locus went after the reds and blues and felix took care of wash, they probably would have succeeded


For @raendown and one of her amazing soulmate fics! This is the one where the chest glow when you look into the eyes of your soulmate 💕 Click for better resolution

(I’ve been working on this for like a week! I do love the result even if i still think there’s some details D. )


Isak and Even + Kosegruppa

“Sparks” Chris Beck Fic (let me know if you want more :))

After your parents’ relentless pursuit to control your life, you find yourself in a situation that will lead to disaster. A fake engagement, real emotions, and Chris Beck. What could go wrong?

Chris Beck x Reader

Word Count: 3,327

Notes: Fluff, angst, small part of nudity. let me know what you think :)

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