god this show!!!!!!!


“And don’t attempt to break me out.”

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>jisung, during chewing gum era:</b> cute and shy little awkward fluff ball , super quiet during interviews , blushes like mad and gets flustered in -0.90102 seconds<p/><b>jisung, during my first and last era:</b> ready to roast and fight any of the older members <strike>but still manages to be cute at the same time wth</strike> , partners in crime with chenle , yaja time enthusiast™ , needs to be stopped asap<p/></p><p/></p>

we’ve literally already seen mary leaning over sherlock’s hospital bed whispering threats and trying to control him, meanwhile he can’t even respond. we see her drug and knock sherlock unconscious with no remorse. we get a fictitious mary mirror from sherlock’s own mouth: a foreign spy who married someone just to get close enough to someone else that she could drug and control them. her posthumous dvds are constantly dictating sherlock’s every move, telling him how he he should feel, explaining what john is really like. she’s the narrator. she even appears to be one of culverton’s td-12 nurses and then we get more sherlock-in-the-hospital imagery. not to mention the recurring theme of sherlock’s taps being fiddled with.

there’s literally already so much precedent for mary drugging and controlling a comatose sherlock that it blows my mind

I can’t believe Hannibal rlly is just a serial killer AU fic I can’t believe Murder Husbands is a thing that Hannibal and Will were actually called in canon on television.

i darkened my moustache for the first time since i started hormones and…..for the first time i feel like how im supposed to…….with a gay lil latinx moustache like my pappy and a lip tint at a god damn queer show with someone i love so much

28 year old Jeremy McDole, who’s wheelchair bound because he’s paralyzed from the waist down, was killed when Delaware cops riddled him with bullets. The cops said that after the shooting, they found a .38 caliber pistol next to the victim’s body. His relatives and eye witnesses however claim he was not carrying a gun. We know darn well how police come across guns on suspects.

The cops reportedly responded to a call that Jeremy McDole had a mental breakdown and shot himself. People apparently still haven’t learned that this is what happens when you call the cops. If somebody is trying to hurt themselves, and you call the cops on them, the cops will make sure the pleasure of hurting, or preferably killing him will become theirs. Helping people in distress is not an option, killing them is more fun, and besides, helping people won’t score them paid vacation leave.

If it’s true that Jeremy McDole had shot himself, then thank God these brave officers showed up and prevented him from hurting himself some more, or, God forbid, killing himself.

Today I looked at myself and realized how torn I looked. How baggy the bags under my eyes were. How incapable i was of taking care of myself. Doing simple tasks as getting up and ready to face “reality” the elders once said. It was a living hell. The more I looked into myself the worse it got. Knowing that once this person in the mirror had dreams and goals and everything that it always wanted. I guess I was taking for granted the fact that I could smile and be happy and God decided to show me the other side. its like a simple task of life. Just to see for how long you can go without smilling without laughing without any feelings at all. Then god im sorry. I couldn’t last long ten years later and its like the same sad song. So I think it’s time for me to go.

This scene

Yeah that one.

Victor’s hands are shaking

And I mean shaking

Because Yurio made fun of his happiness and his lover.

Look at that face

Levelheaded cool, calm, collected (and slightly eccentric) Victor is pissed. Trying not to show it, but he is pissed.

Ya’ll wanted possessive/jealous Victor

You got it, just in a more wonderful healthy way than Victor crawling all over Yuri and this is so great excuse me while I go cry

Casually adding this to the list of things that I wish had happened