god this scene xd

Bank Teller: Colonel Lee, of course, come this way! And this is your… son?
Artemis: *pops bubblegum* Unfortunately, dude, yes.
Butler: My son does not communicate well with the rest of the world.

In book 4, Artemis Fowl had to disguise himself as a normal moody gum-chewing teenager who wore hoodies and jeans–not to mention an unkept hair–all for the first time to his horror. He missed his Armani and Zegna suits. But he was dedicated to rob the most secured bank in the world with Butler disguised as his military father. Please protect this boy he doesn’t know how to act like a normal teen! Everyone doesn’t exactly live like an heir to the Fowl Empire.


‘We must be meant for each other.’


☩  James Flint | XXXI  ☩

If we were able to take Nassau, if we are able to expose the illusion that England is not inevitable, if we are able to incite a revolt that spreads across the New World then, yeah I imagine people are gonna notice.

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Since you love cardcaptor sakura, do you see any similarities between Sakura and Syaoran, and Marinette and Adrien?




I have actually made a draw paralelling the umbrella scene with them (oh god that old art xD) 

like cmon, Nadeshiko, Sakura’s mom has 17 when she met Fujitaka, Sakura’s dad, and wow how coincidentally that Adrien has a mother, who was also a model! which photo  he has at age of 17!!!

she is teaching her son to play the pieano LIKE WTF ABOUT PARALLELISM ASLKDJAKSLJ

But like, Fujitaka is actually what Gabriel SHOULD BE AS A FATHER ARE YOU LISTENING GABRIEL.

And like, Plagg is basically the fusion of Kero and Suppi???!!!

Tomoyo is like Alya, cause she is the best friend of the protagonist and most of the time voice of reason and who also finds the time to film everything no matter how risky cause she must to

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(and who also has a crush on her friend. Fite me, Alya has an obvious crush on Mari. Pre and post Animan)

Sonomi and Nathalie? I mean we still dont know what Nathalie felt/feels for Mama Agreste but she will do anything for Adrien, same what Sonomi does for Sakura. Even if that means accepting the father in this (altho Fujitaka is a good man and Sonomi was just jealous. Nathalie, on the other side, has to deal with Gabriel bs, but she will do it for Adrien)

And this is just speaking of the characters cause if i start talking about the cards and the akumas…



(cant find the picture of ladybug screaming for adrien, but you get me)


actually more than one card can apply here, time and return, but it involves time travel like timebraker

obviously Miraculous is more superhero like, so there other stuff that would not fit. But there are obvious parallels between the shows (not only for the obvious tropes).

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Can you rank Jughead's best styles ranging from funeral, construction, serpent, retro, homecoming, sweater, Scottish kilt or nothing but a towel.

This is gonna be such a hard task, since I LOVE his style, but yes! I think I’ll be able to do this!

8th Place: Scottish Kilt
Don’t get me wrong… He looks really good, but… NEXT!

7th Place: Homecoming
Damn it, isn’t he just… Perfect?

6th: Retro
Such an adorable boy!

5th: Construction
These arms…

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4th: Sweater
Okay… I have a thing for Jug in sweaters…

3rd: Nothing but a towel
No words are necessary. (PS: this is in the 3rd place because we didn’t get to see much of that scene XD)

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2nd: Serpent
Oh god… *fans myself*

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1st: The Funeral
Formal Suit + Beanie= My heart exploding! He just looks so cute!

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This was probably the hardest ask I’ve ever answered, tbh… I just love this boy with all my heart, and ranking his looks… Oh, god… This boy is just

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Not much I can add here, other than with all this, it even makes his reaction to Kat getting frozen after the Yunica fight a hundred times worse than it was the first time I saw it.

Like the first time it was a guy seeing the town’s hero and a close personal friend getting basically murdered (because I don’t see D’nelica ever unfreezing her while he needed Dusty as a battery, so it’d be a Han Solo in carbonite scenario) in front of him, but add in what we know now and that was essentially his worst nightmare that he’d been trying everything he could to avoid happening in front of him.

(God tumblr is terrible for having conversations. But I have Thoughts. Sorry @buwaro-tof XD)


OH MY GOD THAT SCENE. I have so many feelings about that scene. Especially the part that comes directly after Yunica flies off.

So we finally know what’s happening during the most confusing scene in GR1. And it’s both heartbreaking and really badass.

That thing Syd’s pulling out of his jacket? Well we now know that it’s an Eto device that’s been allowing him to control the Nevi as Alias(probably only a certain number at a time though). So what does that mean for this scene? It means that he’s about to go nuclear and completely blow his cover in order to save Kat. Fuck the plan, his queen is in trouble.

And this freaks the gods out so badly that Cyanea shows up in person to reign him in.

Just check out that look. That’s a man who’s thinking, “I WOULD risk disrupting fate and you know it, so fix this.” And, despite the gods’ non-interference policy, Creator Cyanea saves Kat. Because she knows that if she doesn’t, then Syd will.


Ebisu Week, day six - Favorite Moment

“In the past, I would have accepted this as my fate. But because I was told not to die, now I have the desire to go on… Even the time now is valuable.”