god this quote i just

they say he stole her,
as if Persephone were only something to be coveted
and not a goddess in her own right,
as if she were not as feared in their realm as he.

they say that he corrupted her,
that Hades’s flower wilted under the stench of his death
but they forget that Spring is rebirth,
that if anyone could be touched by the underworld and flourish,
that it would be her.

they say that he tricked her,
that she did not want to stay.
but they forget how the winter drags on,
how each year it creeps in sooner,
leaving bones aching for a hint of her warmth,
and it is not because he will not let her leave
it is because
she does not want to go.

—  C.B. 
Batfamily as things my family has said

Barbara: “If you eat that piece of bacon I swear to god this friendship is over" 

Dick: *sneaks up on unsuspecting sibling* *randomly drops and crushes said sibling with all their weight* "HUMPBACK WHALE!!!" 

Jason: "Hey come here, I have to tell you a secret. Closer. Little closer.” *sticks tongue in their ear* 

Cass: “I’m sorry but I really don’t like you and I want you to stay outside of my house or maybe just be dead and burn in the darkest pits of hell please" 

Tim: *loses battery for the remote* "WHY WON’T GOD JUST FREAKING LET ME DIE I THINK I’VE EARNED IT BY NOW" 

Stephanie: *accidentally sets fire to counter* "You know, maybe you shouldn’t play with fire anymore” “Yeah, maybe-” *lights match* “-but not today" 

Damian: "You know once a kid dared me to stick up the middle finger in kindergarten and I did and the second I did it he called the teacher and she made me sit out recess that day and this is why I have trust issues" 


Bruce: "hOw DaRe YoU dIsReSpEct mE!!! i aM tHe KiNg Of tHiS LiViNg RoOm!!!" 

Hello, babies.  Welcome to Earth.  It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  It’s round and wet and crowded.  At the outside, babies, you’ve got about a hundred years here.  There’s only one rule that I know of, babies - 
God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.
—  Kurt Vonnegut, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

I was just rereading HoT and

You know why this line is beautiful? No, not just because it’s a fierrochase-y moment, though that is definitely what I took it as at first.

No, this is not just Halfborn teasing Magnus. No, this is more than that.

Imagine, this is a children’s book/YA novel. A nine year old, possibly, that has never even heard of what genderfluid or trans meant, could be reading this.

An actual child could be reading this, and, not only become more accepting because of how great Alex is, but, could start discovering something new about themselves, too.

A reader, who already knows Halfborn as an awesome, badass character, is literally reading Halfborn telling, not only Magnus, but them, that this is okay. Halfborn is, in a way, telling the reader themselves, that it is okay to be attracted.

And I think that’s just the best thing ever


“I looked over at Harrison. He was … God, he was just so handsome. No. No, more than that. He looked like he could lead the charge into battle, take the hill, win the duel, be leader of the gluten-free world, all without breaking a sweat. A hero’s face—a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow—watching the horizon for danger in the form of incoming indigenous armies, reflective, concerned eyes so deep in thought you could get lost down there and it would take days to fight your way out. But why run? It couldn’t really be a hardship to find yourself lost in such a place with all that wit and ideas safely stored there. Hey, man! Wait a second! Share the wealth here. Give the face to one man and save the mind for another and both would have plenty. But no! This was the ultimate living example of overkill. So how could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me? No! Don’t tell me! The fact is that he was! Even if it was for a short while.” - Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

Happiness is a function of vigilance, of watching yourself. You do bad things to cover up bad feelings, and you somehow become attached to both.
—  Gillian Anderson interviewed by The Observer, Feb 1999
when i came to visit you, that’s when i knew. that i could never have you.
living my life a thousand times faster than normal. i’m missing home, or am i missing you? or am i missing me?
—  ryan ross; monday, march 13 2006

liberty-flight  asked:

I've been meaning to give you this quote, so I figure the "first sentence" thing is as good a chance as any. "They broke the wrong parts of me, they broke my wings and forgot I had claws" you can change it so another character is saying it about Riza if that would make it easier. I just really wanted to give you that quote before I forgot again!

They broke the wrong parts of me; they broke my wings and forgot I had claws.

That was the mantra Riza Hawkeye had repeated to herself over and over again until it became scripture. It was the only thing she could do to distract herself from the insurmountable pain that plagued her since the moment they had fractured her arm. 

She braced her back against the wall and lifted the back of hand that held she blade she had found so she could wipe away the beads of sweat and blood that had saturated her brow. 

After everything that had happened, she decided that it was no longer about the precept she had bound herself to; rather, it was about surviving so that she could see another day.