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List of 60 qualifiers/intensifiers in German.

A while ago… a longgg while ago… I had a list of these and I thought I’d try and make the list more expansive. Qualifiers/Intensifiers are adverbs used to indicate the degree of something (e.g. very, quite, pretty, extremely).

Here are 60 of them. This list is by no means exhaustive (when I had to grab some examples from Duden online, it shows you the section for synonyms and there are easily 150+) but I mean it’ll stand you in good stead.

1. absolut (downright/utterly/absolutely)
Ex: Du hast absolut keine Ahnung.
Tr: You have utterly no idea.

2. ausgesprochen (downright/markedly)
Ex: Eine ausgesprochen malerische Landschaft.
Tr: A downright picturesque landscape.

3. außergewöhnlich (exceptionally/abnormally)
Ex: zu außergewöhnlich hohen Preisen.
Tr: At exceptionally high prices.

4. außerordentlich (exceedingly/remarkably)
Ex: Das Essen war außerordentlich lecker.
Tr: The food was remarkably delicious.

5. äußerst (most/extremely/utterly)
Ex: Die Lage ist äußerst angespannt.
Tr: This situation is most tense.

6. bedeutend (significantly)
Ex: Die Donau ist bedeutend länger als der Rhein.
Tr: The Donau is significantly longer than the Rhein.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

7. beileibe [nicht] (by no means/in no way)
Ex: Meine Freundin ist beleibe kein Supermodel.
Tr: My girlfriend is by no means a supermodel.

8. beinahe (almost/nearly)
Ex: Er wäre beinahe mit dem Auto zusammengestoßen.
Tr: He nearly collided with the car.

9. bei weitem (by far)
Ex: Er ist bei weitem der Beste in der Klasse
Tr: He is by far the best in the class.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative or superlative.

10. bemerkenswert (strikingly/remarkably)
Ex: eine bemerkenswert schöne Kollektion.
Tr: A strikingly beautiful collection.

11. besonders (especially/particularly)
Ex: Das hast du aber besonders gut gemacht!
Tr: But there you did particularly well!

12. beträchtlich (considerably)
Ex: Die Zugspitze ist beträchtlich höher als die anderen Gipfel in den
bayrischen Alpen.
Tr: The Zugspite is considerably higher than the other summits in the Bavarian Alps.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

13. denkbar (possible)
Ex: Sie hat den denkbar schlechtesten Eindruck gemacht.
Tr: She has made the worst possible impression.
Note: This is mainly used with the superlative.

14. durchaus (absolutely/definitely)
Ex: Ich bin durchaus nicht dieser Meinung.
Tr: I am definitely not of that opinion.

15. echt (really/truely)
Ex: Das ist echt beschissen.
Tr: That’s really shitty/That really sucks.
Note: echt is colloquial.

16. ein bisschen (a bit)
Ex: Ich bin ein bisschen sauer.
Tr: I’m a bit angry.

17. einigermaßen (to an extent)
Ex: Er hat sich wieder einigermaßen erholt.
Tr: He rested again, to an extent.
Note: colloquially this can mean ‘very’.

18. enorm (enormously/tremendously)
Ex: Die Preise sind enorm gestiegen.
Tr: The prices went up tremendously.
Note: enorm is a bit colloquial.

19. entschieden (decidedly)
Ex: Er hat entschieden schlechter gespielt als vor einem Jahr.
Tr: He played decidedly worse than a year ago.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

20. entsetzlich (horrendously/appallingly/terribly)
Ex: Es war entsetzlich kalt.
Tr: It was horrendously cold.
Note: According to Duden, this when used as an intensifier is also colloquial.

21. etwas (some[what]/a bit of… it’s hard to define on its own)
Ex: Nehmen Sie etwas Salz und streuen Sie es über den Fleck.
Tr: Take a bit of salt and scatter it over the stain.

22. extrem (extremely/particularly)
Ex: Das ist ein extrem starker Kaffee.
Tr: That’s an extremely strong coffee.
Note: extrem is a bit colloquial.

23. fast (almost/nearly/virtually)
Ex: Der Bau ist fast fertig!
Tr: The construction is almost done!

24. ganz (completely/quite)
Ex: Sie ist ganz verrückt nach Schokolade.
Tr: She’s completely crazy for chocolate.

25. ganz und gar (utterly/completely… it’s.. more 'completely’ than ganz)
Ex: Ihren Vorschlag können Sie ganz und gar vergessen.
Tr: You can completely forget about your proposal.

26. genug (enough)
Ex: Der Schrank ist groß genug.
Tr: The cupboard is big enough.

27. geradezu (virtually/almost/really)
Ex: Das ist ja geradezu fantastisch!
Tr: That’s really fantastic!

28. gottserbärmlich (dreadfully/god-awfully)
Ex: Es war gottserbärmlich kalt.
Tr: It was dreadfully cold.
Note: I am given to believe this is also  colloquial.

29. höchst (most/extremely)
Ex: Ich war höchst überrascht, dass die Wahl so augegangen ist.
Tr: I was most surprised that the vote ended like that.

30. irre (mind-blowingly/insanely)
Ex: Das ist jetzt irre wichtig für mich!
Tr: That’s insanely important for me at the moment!
Note: irre is colloquial in this sense.

31. irrsinnig (insanely)
Ex: Sie freute sich irrsinnig.
Tr: She was insanely happy.
Note: irrsinnig is colloquial in this sense.

32. kaum (hardly)
Ex: Er kann kaum lesen!
Tr: He can hardly read!

33. komplett (completely)
Ex: Du spinnst komplett!
Tr: You’re completely mad!

34. lange/längst (not nearly)
Ex: Dieses Buch ist [noch] lange/längst nicht so gut wie sein Letztes.
Tr: This book is not nearly as good as his last book.
Note: If you use lange, it’s normally preceeded by noch.

35. mäßig (relatively/reasonably)
Ex: Ein mäßig großer Raum.
Tr: A relatively big room.

36. nahezu (virtually)
Ex: Eine nahezu optimale Lösung des Problems.
Tr: A virtually optimal solution to the problem.

37. recht (really)
Ex: Er arbeitet recht gut!
Tr: He works really well!

38. relativ (relatively)
Ex: Zehn Euro beim Einkaufen sind relativ wenig.
Tr: 10 Euros for shopping is relatively little.

39. sehr (very)
Ex: Ich kaufte ein sehr altes Haus.
Tr: I bought a very old house.

40. total (totally/absolutely)
Ex: Nach dem achtstündigen Marsch war ich total erschöpft.
Tr: After the 8-hour long march I was totally exhausted.

41. überaus (extremely/exceedingly)
Ex: Meine Frau ist überaus erfolgreich.
Tr: My wifeis extremely successful.

42. unermesslich (immeasurably)
Ex: Das ist unermesslich traurig.
Tr: That’s immeasurably distressing.

43. ungeheuer (enormously/tremendously)
Ex: Adriana Altaras ist  ungeheuer witzig.
Tr: Adriana Altaras ist tremendously funny.

44. ungemein (extraordinarily)
Ex: Ich freue mich ungemein, dass du da bist.
Tr: I’m extraordinarly happy that you’re here.

45. ungewöhnlich (abnormally/exceptionally)
Ex: Sie ist ungewöhnlich vielseitig.
Tr: She’s exceptionally versatile.

46. unglaublich (unbelievably)
Ex: Der Urlaub war unglaublich schnell vorbei.
Tr: The holiday flew by unbelievably quickly.

47. unheimlich (uncannily/incredibly)
Ex: Etwas ist unheimlich groß.
Tr: Something is incredibly big.
Note: When used in this way, unheimlich is colloquial.

48. verdammt (depends on the context, e.g. 'bloody’)
Ex: Heike ist verdammt glücklich über ihren Freund.
Tr: Heike is bloody happy about her friend.
Note: verdammt is colloquial and I know that 'bloody’ sounds very British.

49. verhältnismäßig (comparatively/relatively)
Ex: Eine verhältnismäßig hohe Besucherzahl.
Tr: A comparatively high number of visitors.

50. viel (much)
Ex: Diese Schule ist viel größer als meine.
Tr: This school is much bigger than mine.
Note: This is mainly used with the comparative.

51. vollauf (fully/completely)
Ex: Ich war vollauf damit beschäftigt.
Tr: I was fully occupied with it.

52. völlig (fully/completely)
Ex: Ich bin mit dir völlig einverstanden.
Tr: I agree with you completely.

53. vollkommen (fully/completely)
Ex: Ich bin auch vollkommen deiner Meinung.
Tr: I am also entirely in agreement with you.

54. weit (far)
Ex: Der Wagen ist weit schneller, als ich dachte.
Tr: The car is far quicker than I thought
Note: This is normally used with the comparative.

55. weitaus (by far)
Ex: Isabella ist weitaus reifer, als man ihrem Alter nach schließen dürfte.
Tr: Isabella is by far more mature than one may expect of her age.
Note: This is normally used with the comparative or superlative.

56. wenig (little)
Ex: Dieser Schriftsteller ist wenig bekannt.
Tr: This author is little known.

57. wesentlich (substantially)
Ex: Er hat heute wesentlich besser gespielt.
Tr: He played substantially better today.
Note: This is normally used with the comparative.

58. ziemlich (quite)
Ex: Der Regen ist ziemlich stark.
Tr: The rain is quite heavy.

59. zu (too)
Ex: Wein ist mir zu ungesund.
Tr: Wine is too unhealthy for me.

60. zutiefst (deeply)
Ex: Ich bin dir zutiefst dankbar für deine Freundlichkeit.
Tr: I am deeply grateful to you for your kindness.

All examples taken from Duden, Wiktionary or Linguee. The translations in some places are rough approximations (it’s not super-easy to give 1-1 translations for them all as in English we might say extraordinarily in one context, but exceptionally in another).


“You seem very put together and secure in one self so I’m going to ask you this, and I would prefer it wasn’t publicly posted. Even if you don’t respond, that’s okay, but at this point I feel like I would appreciate a wiser person’s perspective. My boyfriend and I broke up, which may sound petty, but the shitty way I feel is not. It was because he was too overwhelmed to put effort into it. What would you suggest is the best way to move on from said breakup? HOW DO YOU PURGE YOURSELF OF EMOTION”

I asked this reader for permission to pull her question out of my askbox and answer it publicly because it seemed like it might be useful to more than one person considering becoming an emotional robot.

Dear Unnamed Reader,

First: you’re not going to like my advice.

Second: you don’t have to take it. I’m really only adequately equipped to give advice on how to be more like me, and trust me, sources are widely divided on whether this is a good thing. 

Third: I don’t think your turmoil is petty. One thousand ships have been launched in the name of a bad break-up.

Fourth: You ask me how to purge yourself of emotion. I reckon this must mean I don’t look like a hot mess on the internet, which is good to know. But I assure you that when something pings my emotional radar, I feel all feelings at level 11. Example? This morning, I gave Lover a ride to an errand. We took my old Camaro. On the interstate ramp, I put the car through its paces and experienced the burst of joy that comes in third gear at 4400 rpm. Once the car had settled, I realized Lover was staring at me. “God,” he said, “can you be any more happy?” No. No, in fact, I couldn’t. Emotions are binary in Maggie Stiefvater. You should have seen me when I first heard Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sun.” I almost died from happiness. 

But that also means my negative emotions are dialed to 11. I don’t often get upset — I’ve just become so unreasonably plucky that I assume all woes are transient, so whatevs. Because of my outsized belief in my ability to problem-solve, I really only get upset when I feel powerless. 2015 turned out to be the year of powerlessness: terrible things happening to friends, to my family, in the world. I finally broke last weekend over a comparatively tiny thing —a news article printed stuff about me that was so hilariously not true that I thought no one would believe it, particularly as the truth was still perfectly findable. But they did. And I couldn’t do a thing about it without stirring things up more and getting yet more messages telling me how glad they were to see me shot down from my Raven Cycle induced high blah blah etc. A minuscule thing — but yet more powerlessness after a year of epic powerlessness. I proceeded to launch 1,000 emotional ships. Work ground to a halt. I listened to Kygo’s remix of Matt Corby’s “Brother” 62 times in a row without pause. I sat under my office desk, only emerging to give in to to my OCD, which demanded, among other things, 17 clothing changes in 8 hours because SEAMS GOD THE SEAMS WHY. I blew a deadline. I flew to Colorado. I exceeded the speed limit in a rental Nissan that was not meant to exceed the speed limit. I blew another deadline. I paced until I couldn’t feel my knees. I thought about how I’d ruled out self-harm as an option a decade ago. I returned home. I sat on the shower floor for a very long time. I failed to sleep. I could have pretended that I wasn’t hurting, but — 

Fifth: you cannot cut out the sad emotions without cutting out the happy ones. 

Sixth: I am a disgustingly happy person. I fucking love life. The number of things in life that please me daily continues to astonish me, considering how terrible the world is. But I’m a happy person because I’m also sometimes a wretchedly sad person or terribly angry person. If you want to live life turned up all the way, you have to be open to the possibility of both joy or despair. 

Seventh: which brings me to the advice you’re not going to like: being miserable right now is not a bad thing. What you’re feeling is a valid response to a situation that you feel powerless in. It’s horrible. But you feeling genuine pain now means that you can — and will — feel genuine happiness at some point. Agony and joy come from the same place: being emotionally invested in your own life. 

Eighth: The way back to happiness is getting out of the cycle of powerlessness — basically, finding a place you can have agency again. Your misery is going to want you to find a way to be powerful in your current miserable situation. If you’re anything like me, you’ve rehearsed a few thousand options in your head. Calling him and winning him back. Making him feel as sad as you. Sending ugly greeting cards to his mother. Anything that would make you feel like you’re not completely helpless. But you need to find something else that you can be the boss of. Remind yourself of the things that make you feel like a badass. It doesn’t matter how silly or stupid they are. It can be as difficult as a project that you think will change the world, or as easy as playing a song that always gets you high. Do that.

Ninth: Do not listen to Kygo’s remix of “Brother.” It will not cheer you up.

Tenth: There is no tenth, but I really wanted one. So eat more leafy green vegetables.




Everything Wrong with Netflix's version of Death Note

(This will be step by step while I watch it)

OBVIOUSLY IT CONTAINS SPOILERS This also does not cover the white washing or anything beyond the story/plot of the movie. Obviously the white washing was reason enough to not watch this disaster but my curiosity got the best of me.

1) who is that girl with dark hair? Is that supposed to be misa..:? If so, why does she seem to have no interest in light at the beginning?
2) Light is a little wuss; normally he would be able to talk himself out of every situation or not be involved with the bullying at all.
3) this principle is a huge dick + why the fuck doesn’t he go after the dude that knocked Light’s lights out?
4) holy shit, lights little bitch scream + freak out in detention
5) why are you hitting yourself?
6) ryuk is the green fucking goblin apparently
7) I personally don’t think light would kill a bully, he tends to go after people who are real criminals, not emotionally compromised teens
8) why the fuck would he go right for decapitation?
9) who is going to clean up that classroom?
10) why didn’t he get in trouble if it was that much of a mess?
11) light’s relationship with his dad is bad. In the anime all he cared about besides becoming the world’s new god + getting rid of baddies was his family.
12) Light’s still afraid of Ryuk after the first meeting… even though an apple rolled out of the opposite side of the room he showed up in to make sure that he was introduced (again).
13) Light doesn’t seem to have a sister so far, and his mom is dead. Sure, it gives him motivation to use the Death Note but they haven’t touched upon the real reason (he was bored) which makes him seem more justified. Which isn’t the point of Death Note. Light’s supposed to be morally compromised.
14) his last name is Turner instead of Yagami
15) he fucking had the death note when “Mia” comes to talk to him and he friggin shows her it. What the fuck, why would he do it? He even showed her that he killed that bully. Light never would have done that. Ever.
16) he shows her how it works + fucking kills in front of her!!!!!
17) he actually likes misa instead of being a bag of dicks and showing everyone that he’s a manipulative asshole like he’s supposed to be. We’re not supposed to like this jerk. Although I think I liked him better in the anime compared to this little bitch
18) he hasn’t used the heart attack Death yet, he’s mostly done accidents, which doesn’t fit his MO
19) he fucking outs himself for recognition by making people write in Japanese instead of just keeping quiet and going about his business. Sure, Light has an ego but he wouldn’t want to have people investigating him.
20) L actually goes to a crime scene. He wouldn’t risk that, even if he was wearing a mask.
21) the fuck are those light up sun glasses and why does he ask people to sing a weird ass song for him?
22) Light is out as pro Kira immediately to his dad, making him suspicious. I recall him playing devils advocate and saying that Kira has a point, but that Kira needed to be stopped in the anime.
23) L doesn’t mask his voice on video chat
24) the justice for the wicked website looks like Reddit or four chat. Some shitty, non gothic or scary looking site
25) Light is too emotionally compromised by “Mia”, why the hell is he so enthralled with her?
26) the police chief immediately meets with L in person
27) “please James, have a seat. Rest your glutes.”
29) Light is being creepy with his dad. Immediately asks about L. Tries to spin it light L is Kira instead. Then proceeds to ask what would happen if Kira was caught.
30) Light wears sunglasses at dusk/night
31) “it’s my book” says light, who suddenly turned into a 4-year-old
32) Ryuk kills all the FBI agents. He wouldn’t interfere with Light’s plans or help in any way usually. That, and he keeps telling Light to give the notebook up.
33) Light’s dad went on tv with his name + face. Light basically gives himself away by not killing him. I don’t recall that happening in the anime at all, if I’m wrong please feel free to correct me.
34) idk why but Ryuk’s head looks huge compared to his body.
35) pulling a fork out of a holder makes the same sound as a knife apparently
36) Light had a temper tantrum in front of L for a few seconds and then gives him a creepy face. He basically tells L he’s Kira by submitting to playing “the game”.
37) Watari goes missing to go get L’s name for Light. It tips L off big time.
38) L gets over emotional, goes after Light. light’s dad threatens to kill L. What the fuck?
39) Ryuk isn’t interested in light’s game at all. He just wants to give the notebook to someone else or kill Light.
40) no mention thus far of shinigami eyes
41) Light wears a fucking top hat at one point
42) the Wammy house is abandoned, leaving me to believe that there will be no Near later on in this shit show
43) the homecoming picture scene. Seriously. What the fuck was Light doing?
44) Light leaves his locker open, another dumb picture inside
45) Watari is found in Wammy house, doesn’t tell Light L’s name + is shot by people looking for him (deployed by L) because “Mia” wrote it in the death note. Upside is that she calls Light a pussy.
46) “Mia” reveals that she killed all the FBI agents + is way smarter than Light. She even tries to kill him so she can have the Note book. The reason that I put this on the list is because there’s no way the normal misa was this smart + a bad ass. As far as this Netflix series goes, I’m all for her killing pussy-light.
47) really bad remix of L’s original theme
48) despite trying to kill Light, Mia still warns him about the cops.
49) L can’t drive for shit and almost hits innocent people on the sidewalk while screaming.
50) wow that’s a lot of trash bags in that one ally way
51) L said he didn’t carry guns earlier because they’re distracting. L later points a gun while yelling “Light”.
52) Light isn’t at all like his character in the anime. He never manipulates people to the extent that he was previously able to. He also never befriends L, which probably turned out to be the worst thing for him.
53) Light fucking decides to explain the notebook to L before some dude in an apron beats L with a wooden beam. Said man then says “Lord Kira” and let’s Light go.
54) Light’s last stand is in a Farris wheel
55) Light thinks he can somehow run away from everything when he’s literally stuck in Farris wheel surrounded by cops
56) Light put Mia’s name in the book that said she’ll die if she takes it from him; wrongly predicts that he can convince her not to take it. Ends up being some fucked up farris wheel Romeo and Juliet ending with bad music.
57) mia lands in fucking flowers while Light lands in water even though they fell from the same point
58) L is perfectly fine even though he had his head smacked with a beam hard enough to knock him out
59) the Note that says that Light will die conveniently lands in a burning trash can + that means he still lives. L gets fired or something.
60) Light is in a coma but doesn’t seem to be guarded by police even though it was pretty clear he was Kira. Someone sneaks in and gives him the death note back
61) dad knows he was Kira but doesn’t really do anything
62) inappropriate theme music and inappropriate time
63) some of the above comments are solved through a really shitty explanatory Death Note entry
64) L’s laugh and then immediately sad look
65) it ends with so many questions + really sucky and inappropriate song still playing.

66) neither L or Light really win- Light doesn’t die/ get thrown in jail on screen and L doesn’t die/ catch Light.
“You could have anyone” - Bruce Wayne x Chubby!Reader

Annnnnnnd I’m back with a new story after almost a week off (and evidently  I forgot how to fucking write…meh). I hope you guys will like it, as usual, feedbacks and such are welcome :-) : 

Look at this amazing drawing @awesomeblueturtle did of one of the scene of this story : the cutest thing ever will appear if you click here

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You’re still unsure how you got the job. 

Someone like you, so unfashionable and plain (with quite a bit of extra pounds on…) shouldn’t be the famous Bruce Wayne’s assistant. 

Sometimes, when he received important and rich people in his office, you were almost ashamed to show them the way…Not ashamed of yourself. Not at all. To be honest, you had been teased on your weight and such enough in school to not care anymore. 

No, you weren’t ashamed of yourself in front of such fancy people…you were ashamed for Mr. Wayne. 

How could he let someone like you be the first thing his clients and partners would see ? Surely, it gave them the wrong idea about the man, like he wasn’t classy enough or something, if his assistant was…You. 

Or maybe he chose you because he thought people would think he was nice to give you such a great job, you, a nobody from the Narrows, the poor little orphan. Maybe they thought he was charitable to give you, a bland and simple person, a taste of the lavish and fancy lifestyle they all lived ?

You didn’t really know how it happened. But one thing for sure…you were definitely his assistant. 

Little did you know that, on the day he gave you the job interview, you made quite an impression on him. 


Two years ago : 

Stress. You were nothing but stress. It was your fourth interview of the week to get a new job, and definitely the one you were the most stressed about. I mean, so far, you had an interview to work in a supermarket, two to work in a fast-food, and one to be a waitress in a shitty diner…Oh my God why did you even apply to this job ? It was so out of your league ! 

You felt underdressed just sitting in this more than fancy waiting rooms. Like for real, the seats were covered in wonderful red velvets, and you were pretty sure there were real Picasso and Monet paintings on the walls…

Besides, you weren’t the only one waiting to get an interview with the famous Bruce Wayne, and the other candidates were…Well. 

They were out of this World. 

They were some of the most beautiful women you ever seen. 

…What were you doing here ? It was clear you wouldn’t get the job.

But damn the way they were looking at you, you and your used woman suit you bought in a thrift shop, made you want to slap them, and just to spite them, and though it was quite obvious you didn’t stand a chance, you didn’t leave. 

Of course, you were the last one to be called by the very handsome Mr. Wayne (seriously though, why did he have to look that good ? He was one of the best thing that ever happened to Gotham and it’s disadvantages inhabitants, such as you. He was smart, a genius. Billionaire. And the most handsome man you ever met). So when you entered his huge office, with windows showing you the best side of Gotham, and not the dirty gutters you were coming from, you were more stressed than ever, and afraid to simply throw up on him because of it…

He was such a gentleman. He didn’t make any comment about how different you looked compared to the other candidates. He didn’t even seem slightly surprised. He just smiled at you, of his extremely charming smile, and gestured for you to sit down. 

-Well hello Miss…(Y/L/N) is that it ? 

-Hum…Yes. Helluuw. 

Why ? WHYYYY ?! Why did you have to say “hello” in such a weird way ? You were ready to run out of his office, when you noticed his smile widening, and becoming almost genuine. There was a small silence, and strangely, it wasn’t an awkward one at all. He breaks it with his deep and soothing voice :

-So. Miss (Y/L/N), I have just one question for you…Why did you even bother to apply to be my personal assistant ? 

You stiffened. Oh. Maybe not so much of a gentleman. You narrowed your eyes at him a bit, not able to control yourself. Years of bullying in school had turn you into a “come back master”. 

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72 Hours - {Peter Parker}


‘I just wanted to ask if you could maybe write something about the reader being best friends with peter and secretly loving him and the reader has a shitty relationship with her mum like they never get along and one day they get into a massive fight and peter figures out that there’s something wrong with the reader because she’s falling asleep in classes and not talking at all and yeah’

‘Peter Parker imagine where he finds out the reader has insomnia and freaks out when she tells him she hasn’t slept in over 72 hours and makes her rest ??? Idk if that makes sense but love your work :)’

Warnings: Mentions of insomnia

Words: 904

Since the moment your alarm went off, you knew it was going to be a bad day. You’d had 0 hours of sleep, couldn’t find your favourite shirt, Stepped on that crooked nail hanging out of the bathroom floor and even ran out of your favourite cereal. To add to this, your mother was nowhere to be seen after last night’s argument which happened to be worse than others.

You were in no mood for Flash’s nonsense so when he’d tried to make a rude remark, it took everything in you not to punch him right in his extremely punchable face. Instead you’d grabbed his water bottle and tipped the contents over his head without hesitation.

Not even getting to sit besides Peter Parker in Chemistry, your best friend and long term crush could put a smile on your face. You’d admit that seeing the curly haired science nerd made your heart flutter but that was nothing compared to the usual near-heart attack he gave you.

Peter knew everything about you, from your favourite colour to your sleeping problems and issues with your mom. After all, these issues had resulted in you staying over at his house once or twice.

“Hey Y/N!” Peter quirked, a large smile adorned his features and if you weren’t at the lowest of lows right now, you would’ve smiled back. Unable to work up the energy to reply, you simply closed your eyes and rested your head on the grimy desk.

Peter could tell straight away that something was wrong. It may have been from the large bags beneath your eyes or the way you kept drifting off during the double lesson, probably both.

His Spidey senses could sense a lot, But Peter didn’t need them to let him know when something was bothering his best friend.

Throughout the lesson he kept the teacher’s attention off of your exhausted figure, ran his fingers up and down your back soothingly and took note of all the work for you to catch on when you weren’t so… down.

By lunchtime you hadn’t spoken a single word, your mind too occupied running over the argument with your mom and the fact that if you didn’t get some sleep soon, you’d probably pass out in the library, where both you and Peter sat away from everyone else. Your figures were hidden as you sat on the two person beanbag sheltered by old, dusty bookshelf’s. If you squinted your eyes you could make out the title of some book about Shakespeare.

“You know Y/N, you can tell me anything” Peter says, his voice filled with concern. “I know something’s wrong, you haven’t spoken all day and you fell asleep in Chem, when was the last time you slept?”

You let out a sigh, your eyes not leaving the ground. “I guess around 72 hours ago? I don’t know”

Peter sighs and grabs your hand, tangling his fingers with yours. The gesture is calming and one that you wish would happen more often.

“Have things been getting worse with your mom?” He asks, although Peter knows the answer.

“Yeah” You say, playing with your intertwined hands “She wasn’t there when i woke up this morning though, might not there tonight either”

“How about you stay at mine tonight? You know May loves having another girl in the apartment and I recently downloaded baby driver, I’ve been waiting for the right time to watch it”

“No Peter really it’s okay, i’ll just go home and-”

“Seriously Y/N, you even told me yourself that you sleep better at my place, just come home with me and I can let you borrow a shirt and some sweatpants” He says “I’ll even make those Chocolate chip pancakes that you really like for breakfast tomorrow!”

You can’t help but smile at Peter as his eyes widen with excitement.

As soon as Peter mentions borrowing his clothes you’re sold, you even can’t help but hope it’s the same oversized, dark blue shirt he let you wear last time.

Since that night, every time Peter wore that damn dark blue shirt to school your cheeks turned a light shade of pink, your mind replayed the way Peter looked at you that night. He thought you looked like an angel in his clothes, and god how he wanted to see you in them again.

You noticed all the little things about him like the way he flicked his hair when he was mid sentence, or the way he’d stuff his hands in his sweater when he got nervous.

You knew that most of the time, his hands were warm- but not too warm except for when he was about to do something that was out of his comfort zone, then they were cold and shook like a Chihuahua.

“Yeah, okay” You say “But remember, you’ve promised me pancakes now, Parker”

You’d be lying if you said nothing happened between you two that night.

Don’t think too far ahead- it was just a simple kiss that happened in the most innocent way possible. Baby driver was playing in the background, your head was resting on his shoulder and you were dressed head to toe in his clothes.

Admittedly, his hands were cold as they rested on your cheek, moving no lower and your breath probably smelt like the pizza May had ordered for dinner, but you’d have it no other way.

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{ flower child | levi x reader }

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Word count: 1744

You were that girl. The one that seemed to always be smiling, always happy and cheerful. Many pondered on the thought of you joining the Survey Corps, better yet, the military in general. But they couldn’t argue that you were a fierce cadet under that gorgeous exterior. In the beginning a lot of the cadets underestimated you due to your level of cuteness and your height but they quickly learned to get rid of that idea when the saw you in action. Many of the boys have sparred with you thinking it was going to be rainbows and cupcakes and they all got their ass handed to them. A lot of people compare your skills to Mikasa, some say even better, but you quickly dismiss the idea when you hear it.

You had a signature look. Everyone knew you were coming when they see the pretty flower crown resting on your (color) locks. Various colors such as red, white, lavender and yellow always seemed to be woven to perfection into your hair. The flower crowns, your pink lips, your big (color) eyes and the slight flush of pink that always seemed to be on your cheeks left the boys enchanted. But you honestly had no real interest in any of them.

Eren is cute but Mikasa would probably slit your throat. Jean is pretty handsome but he can be a little mean sometimes. Armin is adorable but he seems to be more into books than a girlfriend. Reiner can be a little …overbearing but his muscles are nice though. No matter what Connie says, he’s totally into Sasha. And Bertholdt is too shy for his own good.

But there is one guy that sparked your interest but he would never-

You were snatched out of your thoughts by someone taking off your crown. You turned around to see a very smug looking Jean. You stood up from your spot in the mess hall and tried to take it from him but he held it in the air.

“Jean, give it back!” You pouted. You tried jumping up to get it from his grasp but it was no use, you were too short.
“What do I get in return?” Jean said cooly with the same smirk. You tilted your head to the side with the face of confusion.

“Well, what do you want?” You asked in the cutest voice.
“I don’t know, Reiner. What do we want?” Jean said then tossed your crown behind you. You quickly turned around and bumped into another tall body. You looked up to see Reiner holding your crown high in the air like a prize.
“A kiss from the short, flower crown princess herself.” He said with a shit eating grin. You blushed a bit at his comment but continued to try to reach for your crown.

“Oi. Braun, Kirschtein. Do you two want stable duty while the rest of us have dinner tonight?” A low and stern voice asked. A voice that everyone feared but you seemed to get butterflies when you heard it. Captain Levi. It was so ironic how you had lovey dovey eyes for a man that was the polar opposite from you. Nonetheless, every time you saw him it made your day a bit brighter.

“No, sir!” They said in unison.
“Then give back her shit!” Levi ordered. His voice was almost like venom and it shot right through the boys. Reiner quickly gave back your crown and you had a satisfied look on your face as you placed it on top of your head.
“Thanks, Captain!” You beamed happily while giving him a salute. A piece of your hair fell in your face and you blew it away refusing to break the salute.
“Tch. Don’t let it happen again. I don’t have time to save your sorry ass.” He said before walking off. You felt a little discouraged but you quickly shook it off keeping in mind that he talks to everyone like that.

You sat back down and noticed Sasha and Mikasa were now sitting beside you. Mikasa in sitting across and Sasha to your left.
“What was that about?” Sasha asked before stuffing her face with bread.
“Jean and Reiner being meanies. Captain told them to stop” You replied.

“Maybe they just wanted to sport your crown.” Mikasa said quietly with a hint of amusement in her voice. You giggled lightly and started to eat.
“No, really (Name). Anyone would love to wear one.” Sasha said in between chews.

Your eyes lit up when you thought of a plan. A beautiful, flowery plan.

Later that day

You were so unbelievably tired. After a long day of training and chores you headed out to a field just outside of HQ with a basket. You sat there for hours weaving together flower crowns for every in the Survey Corps. No two crowns were alike and you did your best to correspond it to the receiver. You smiled to yourself as you put the final flower into the last crown you did. You put it in the basket with the others and soon heading back to base.

The Next Day

Levi woke up feeling shittier than usual that morning. He had about three hours of sleep the night before and the rest was just mindless shitty paperwork. He prayed for a day where he could just relax and actually get a full night’s rest. Levi got out of bed that morning and did his usual routine by getting dressed and heading to the mess hall to get his tea. Everything seemed normal until he seen multiple cadets AND superiors wearing flower crowns. Levi furrowed his brows in confusion. Turning a corner he saw Eren talking with Armin and surprise surprise they had flower crowns on. Eren’s was decorated with large orange, red and the occasional white flowers and Armin’s was made with teal and yellow flowers.

“Jaeger! Arlert!” The two boys looked in Levi’s direction and gave him a quick salute.
“Sir!” They both said in unison. Levi waved the salute off.
“Where did you two get those flower crowns?” Levi asked with the same monotone voice and bored expression. Eren and Armin kind of looked at each other.
“From (Name), sir.” Eren said.
“You’re dismissed.” Levi said. Eren and Armin hurried away thanking the gods that they weren’t in his presence anymore.

Levi entered the mess hall he saw if not everyone, almost everyone, wearing a flower crown. His eye twitched slightly as he went to go get his tea. Walking past the superior table he even saw fucking Erwin sporting a green and red flower crown.

‘What in the fuck? Why does everyone else get a shitty crown and I don’t?’ Levi thought as he poured his tea. It was safe to say he was a little jealous.

Levi headed back to his office after he was finished pouring his tea to finish the last bit of paperwork he had. He was particularly pissed off that everyone at his table was flaunting the fucking crown that he didn’t have.

Levi was in deep thought scribbling at the papers in front of him when he heard a soft knock at the door.
“Name and business.” He said. A familiar yet soft voice answered.
“Cadet (First) (Last)…I’m here to give you a gift.” You said clutching at your basket nervously.
“Enter.” You sighed hoping to get your nerves out but it failed. You turned to doorknob and pushed the door open entering his office. You looked around and noticed it was more organized that your life. You stood in front of his desk.

You got instant butterflies when you saw his bored, steel gray eyes on you. The blood from your body rushed to your ears and dusted your cheeks with a light shade of pink.
“Captain, I made this for you,” you reached into your basket for the final crown that had been in there. You pulled it out and smiled at your work because you had actually made this special for him. The crown was woven beautifully with large green, white and black flowers and a pink bow in the back of it.
“I hope you like it.” You smiled softly handing the crown over to him. He reached over his desk and looked at it. You couldn’t tell if he was happy or unamused because he had the same facial expression: Bored.

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You shifted slightly.
“Well, cadet. I am very…pleased with this. Thank you.” His voice had the slightest hint of happiness in it and it was enough to make you extremely happy.
“You’re very welcome, sir!” You beamed and started to head toward the door.
“Wait, (Name).” He called and you stopped in your tracks. You turned around with a slightly confused look and you were a bit surprised that he called you by your first name.

“Yes, sir?” He stood up walking towards you. You dry swallowed as he got closer and the same heat on your cheeks was growing larger as he looked down at you.
“… Do you think you could… help me put this on?” He asked awkwardly while looking down at the crown and rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled.
“Of course, Captain-” You gently took the crown out of his hands.
“Call me Levi.” He corrected you.
“Levi.” You smiled at the way his name felt rolling off your tongue.

He was a few inches taller than you so you stood on your tippy toes and gently put the crown in place. It fit his head perfectly. Levi watched you closely, low key admiring your beauty. He felt vulnerable inside when he saw your lips slightly parted, your eyebrows furrowed cutely in concentration and your cheeks had a tint of pink to them.

“There we are!” You smiled clasping your hands together looking at your Captain with a flower crown on his head. The Lance Corporal, Levi Ackerman had on a fucking flower crown and it was beautiful.
“You’re a good kid,” He said and you smiled bashfully. “Thanks for the gift, brat.” Levi leaned over and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek. You felt your eyes widen and your hand touched your cheek as you looked up at him.
“T-Thanks, Ca- Levi.” You thanked him, not for the compliment but for the kiss.

Maybe you should give him gifts more often?

Misery Business

Synopsis: You are in love with Bucky Barnes. Bucky Barnes is in love with Natasha Romanov.  Natasha Romanov does not love him back.

Warnings: Somewhat unrequited love, Natasha can be a real bitch, language, College Student AU, Angst, (I know I originally said no smut but I started typing and WHOOPS) SMUT- no actual intercourse, but heavy petting, and making out.  Don’t read this at work.

A/N: (I do not hate Nat - you all know this - but this fic is a bit (A LOT) anti-Nat, or at least anti-this-interpretation-of-Nat) This is somewhat based off of a situation that actually happened to me, and a girl who I thought was my best friend and the man I’m currently seeing. (Though we’ve had a happier ending…so far)  Don’t play with people’s feelings for your own benefits, y’all. (ALSO LOVE AND RESPECT YOURSELF.  YOU ARE WORTH EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD.  NEVER EVER EVER FORGET THAT!!!!!)


Alternate Ending 1 || Alternate Ending 2 (Coming Soon)

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You watched the amber liquid swirling around in your glass before tipping it back and swallowing the shot in one gulp. It burned the whole way down, the whiskey scraping its way down your throat. The pain was a welcome distraction, however, from the two people swirling in and out of your mind.

Across the bar, Natasha - in all of her perfect glory - is flirting effortlessly with men neither of you has ever met before.  Nat’s perfectly manicured fingers traced the large muscles of one of the men chatting her up, and you toss back another shot.  Natasha had a way with men, between her perfect body and siren like personality, it was all but impossible to resist her charms.  You had met her the first week of freshman year of college, and she was quick to sweep you under her wing.  She taught you the ins and outs of the school.  She helped you break out of the awkward shell you had been toting around since high school.  She helped you come into yourself.  

But that was never enough.  

Not when she was the way she was.  

She had a flawless hourglass figure that you would kill for, curves in all the right places, smooth muscles that teased the beholder beneath soft skin.  She was what you had always wanted to be.  No man was immune.

Not even James Buchanan Barnes.

About three weeks into your Sophomore year, you met Bucky.  Well, you met Steve, Sam, and Bucky, but the latter was the one who took up the most residence in your mind.  From the moment you saw him, you were done for.  He was suave and handsome, and funny, and beyond intelligent.  He was everything you had ever wanted and in just one perfect moment you fell.  That moment was immediately followed by your beyond perfect best friend saying “dibs!”

And once Natasha set her sights on someone, she sunk her claws in deep and they were hers for as long as she wanted them to be.  Bucky was hers with a few bats of those deep blue eyes, and suddenly you faded into the back ground.

Now, here you were, a few weeks after your college graduation, at a bar across town with your best friends, celebrating the beginning of life in the new, ‘grown-up’ world.

Well, most of you were celebrating.  Everyone but the man wallowing at the end of the bar, and yourself.  Your eyes were glued to him, and his were glued to the redheaded vixen flirting her way through free drinks.

The pain in his gaze speaks volumes, and every time his beautiful eyes follow her figure your heart breaks a little more.

As always, Natasha had grown bored with Bucky.  And when she grew bored, she did what she does best.

She broke James’s god damn heart.

Only, this time was different than the others.

This time, she didn’t quite let go of him.

But it would’ve been better if she had.

Oh, of course she didn’t feel for him the way he felt for her - that much was obvious as she told everyone who knew the two of them that she was done with him and the mass of emotions he was.  No, it was no secret that she had no love for him in her heart.  In her bed, however, she sang his praises daily and nightly.  ‘Best I’ve ever had!’  She’d brag.  ‘No way I’d give that up that easily.’

Like the practiced little serpent she was, Natasha would grow lonely - or as lonely as a woman like her could be - and she would invite him over again.  He would fight her at first, demand to know why she continued to play with him.  But time and time again, she lured him under her covers with promises - empty promises - to love him again.  Like a love sick puppy, he would believe her, and when morning came and she was sated, she would dismiss him again.  Every time he left your shared apartment, he would leave a little bit more broken than the time before.

She knew how you felt about him, she was your best friend after all.  But every time you lay in bed at night, kept awake by the sounds of their passion, you found it harder and harder to forgive her.  ‘Oh, come on.’ She said when you’d accused her of using him for her own sexual gratification.  ‘He’ll get over it.  He should consider himself lucky I even still sleep with him - big baby that he is.’

Now it seemed she was ready to quit using him altogether - a development you were incredibly relieved to hear.  That is until you’d gotten here tonight to receive a front row seat to the man you loved your best friend lose his mind over the woman who had been playing with both of your emotions for months.

“She’s perfect.” He mumbles, defeated, and you don’t have to look to know exactly where his eyes are glued.

“Sure she is.”  A shot is suddenly in front of you, and your realize the bar tender has a pretty good handle on what’s going on at your end of the bar.

“She is!” He says.  "She’s funny, and smart, and quick, and her body-“

“Yeah, Buck. I got it. She’s perfect. No one compares.  She’s the only one for you. Thanks.”

“Why’d she ever choose me?” He asks, well slurs. “I mean it isn’t shocking that she left, but why’d she ever choose me in the first place?”  

This stuns you.

You tear your eyes from your drink, having to bite back a scoff as you look over him.  Even torn apart, Bucky is gorgeous - body and soul.  Besides the body that won’t fuckin’ quit, he’s one of the best men you’ve ever met.  He cares so deeply for every one of his friends, even when they wrong him so.  He so desperately wants to see the best in everyone but is thoroughly convinced there isn’t any in himself.

And now here you sit, slack jawed, wanting to slap the stupid out of this wonderful man.

“Has it maybe occurred to you that maybe she isn’t entirely perfect?”  His smooth, broad brow creases as it furrows in confusion.  

"Never.”  No, of course not.

“Yeah, well. It’s occurred to me.”  Courage bubbles in your chest and you’re not sure if it’s that you’re tired of seeing Bucky being treated like shit, being treated like shit yourself, or just the liquor but you are done. “She’s not.  Far from it actually.” You grab the bill that has been placed in front of you, pocketing your credit card as the bartender closes your tab. You’re gaining momentum as you ramble at your stunned friend with no signs of stopping and leave a drunkenly generous tip.  “If she were perfect, she wouldn’t treat her friends like shit. If she were perfect, she’d realize that what she’s doing is wrong.  If she were perfect, Bucky, she’d see what’s right fucking in front of her.”

You’re up on your feet in an instant, slamming that one final shot before grabbing your purse, throwing one last pointed glance at the dense fucker sitting beside you, and stomping toward Natasha.

“You,”  You jab a finger in the face of the shocked woman, ignoring the looks you get from her companions.  “You can find another ride home tonight.  In fact,” you amend, “why don’t you just find another place to spend the night?  You’re good at that.”

The venom dripping off of your final words even gives you chills as you push your way out of the bar and onto the street to hail a ride.

It’s mostly a blur of tears and the spins from the obnoxious amount of drinks you’d had, but you’re home soon enough.  Your purse finds its place on the couch when you walk through the front door, throwing the item as hard as you possibly can.

Your chest is heaving, your eyes are tearing, and now your stomach hurts.

So maybe you shouldn’t have had that last shot… it wasn’t your fault Bucky was such an idiot.

Aw well, nothing better than comfy pajamas, ice cream, and shitty 80′s chick flicks.  

The slamming door of the apartment pulls you from your Friends marathon, sighing at the telltale clicking of Natasha’s ever approaching heels.

“What the hell was that?”  She pauses in the entryway at the pitiful sight of you binging alone on the couch.  “What’s wrong with you now?”

If looks could kill, the glare that you give your friend while you paused Netflix would have knocked her out cold.

“Oh, you care about someone other that yourself?  Huh.  Could’ve fooled me.” You didn’t have to even look at her to just hear the eye roll you received.

“Oh, fuck off your high horse Y/N.”  She snaps, kicking off her heels to plop down on the couch beside you and pressing play.  “What’s this about?”

“What’s it about?”  Once again, Rachel froze mid-screaming at Ross on the screen as you shoot to your feet, throwing the remote down where you had just been sitting.  “It’s about the shitty way you’ve been yanking Bucky’s chain!”

“God, this again?”  Her groan only pisses you off more.

“Yes!  ‘This again’!  Because it’s shitty, Natasha!  It is shitty the way you’re treating another person!”  You’re sure your neighbors can hear you loud and clear as you pace the living room, but you can’t be bothered to care.

“It’s just Bucky, Y/N.”  Your feet immediately come to a halt.

Excuse me?

Just Bucky?! Do you even hear yourself?  Jesus, Nat!  He’s a person!  An amazingly kind hearted who puts up with way too much of your bullshit!  He’s more than his dick - which you can never shut up about!”  The apartment is suddenly too small for this.  You are so mad - and drunk - that you feel like you could crawl out of your own god damn skin.

Natasha’s sour giggle makes you want to claw her out of her skin.

“You don’t have to be such a jealous bitch, y/n.  Everyone knows you want his dick.”

Oh, so she wants to play it that way?


“You know what, you’re right!  I am jealous!  I do want his dick!  I want all of him!  I want to wake up next to him in the morning, and watch stupid cartoons together!  I want to share food and laughter and tears with the mother fucker!  I want him and all that he is.  It’s you who’s the jealous one, Nat.”

“Oh don’t be absurd -”  The usually in control redhead all but flinches at your humorless chuckle, the eoutburst cutting her bullshit right off. 

“You’re right.  Stupid me, you’re not jealous.  How could you be when you’ve got him wrapped around your fucking finger?  You treat him like dirt, Nat.  It’s disgusting.  But I know you.  I know that you are jealous.  Because he can be happy without you!  And you. can’t. stand it.  So much so that you’ve got to try to ruin any chance at happiness the poor guy’s got!  You chew people up and spit them out because you can’t fucking be happy with yourself, so no one else can!”

The silence lasts a few moments, your words sinking in to the two of you as you stare each other down.

Natasha is the first to move, her toned body coming to standing after replacing her shoes and grabbing her bag once more.

“Fine.  You know what, wallow here y/n.  But I’m not going to just sit here whining about what could’ve been.”  She snaps coolly, towering over you as she parades to the door.  “You forget, sweetie, I know what could’ve been - I lived it.  He would have worshiped you, y/n.  Ruined you for any other man.  But guess what? He. Chose. Me.”

The click that echoes through your lonely apartment is like a punch in the gut.  The woman who you considered your best friend for the past four years had never spoken to you like that before, nor you to her.  But you’d had enough.  You tell yourself that if she had done it to anyone else, you still would’ve stuck up for them too.

But you know that was a lie.

You stood up to her because when she broke Bucky’s heart, she broke yours too.  And you couldn’t stand it anymore.

You take a deep shaking breath, realizing for the first time that you’d been crying, and return to the count.  Friends doesn’t hold quite the same appeal now as it had just a few minutes ago, but you press play anyway, hoping for a momentary reprieve from your own drama.

The knock on the door has other plans for you.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”  You cry, mashing down on the pause button and rising to your feet.  You cast your eyes to the offending door, anger boiling higher and higher with every step.  “What the fuck is it now, Natasha?”  You snarl as you rip the door open, but any malice you’d have left dies on your tongue at the sight that greets you when you open the door.  “Bucky?”

“Did you mean all that?”  He asks.  His voice is raw, his eyes red.  He’d been crying too, you gather.

“I don’t know what you’re talking -”

“Don’t bullshit me, y/n!”  A heavy fist makes your door shutter against the frame, a whimper barely disguising the yelp that wants to fly from your lips.  “I heard you.  Did you mean what you said?  Do you…do you want me?”

Suddenly you feel all too naked in your thin pajama shot and your Hogwarts house tank top.  Here stands the man you’ve loved for years, broken and begging for the truth at your door after being lied to for so long.

How could you deprive him of it any longer?


He’s on you immediately.  Pressing you to the wall, lips sweeping in to capture your own large hands cupping your ass as he pulls your legs up to wrap around him.


Bucky doesn’t waste any time.  Once his lips and hands are on you, he’s walking - well, running - to the nearest flat surface.  The second he’s got you on the kitchen table, his jacket is left in an abandoned pile on the floor.  Hands tug and push at the layers of clothing keeping the two of you from each other, heavy pants of air blowing from each of your lips.

He doesn’t moan or really talk much.  Just groans, whines, and growls into your neck like if he doesn’t get inside of you soon, he’s going to die.

And it is the hottest thing you have ever heard.

Your name is sighed out through swollen lips, spoken against the skin of your neck as he rids you of the tank top you were wearing.  Upon seeing the distinct lack of anything beneath the offending material, Bucky growls, dipping his head to lavish all over your breasts when his hands drift lower to your waist.


He doesn’t have to say anything to play you like a violin.  Just taps against your hips and then you’re raising them, giving him access to pull your shorts and panties straight from your body.

Somehow, in your fog of pleasure, you miss when Bucky rids himself of his own pants.  That is until his bare hardness is dragging across your lips.  The sensation sends shock waves right through you, bowing your back as he rocks against you again and again.

“You like that baby girl?” Whimpers bubble up in your chest, your hips trying to find purchase and rhythm against his. “Words, y/n.”  He growls and you swear you could cum right there.

Yes, Bucky!  Don’t stop!”

“Good girl.”  He coos, large hand splaying out across your torso to hold you down as his slow and torturous tempo wreaks havoc on your clit.

His fat head pokes at your folds, the animalistic grunts falling coming from him sending shivers down your spine.


He is hands down the most passionate and enthusiastic man you’ve ever come in contact with.  No wonder Natasha didn’t want to let him go…

And it’s exactly why you have to.

“W-wait, Bucky…we can’t do this.”  You say, immediately wanting to slap whatever sane part of yourself decided to just now take control when you were seconds away from the best sex of your life.

When he looks to your face, lip tugged tight between his teeth, you have to steel yourself to sit up. The primal look in his eye hasn’t quite dissipated as he stares down at you and it makes rejecting him that much harder.

“Why not?”  He says, rolling those fucking hips again.  “I want you y/n.  Please, baby.”  Stamping down the way your eyes flutter and your body reacts to him, you somehow find purchase against his broad chest and push back.

“And I want you, Bucky.  But I can’t sleep with you when not three hours ago you were drinking yourself stupid over another woman.  That woman being my roommate and friend.”  Though you weren’t sure you could really call her that anymore. “I won’t be the rebound, Bucky.”

“You would never be the rebound, y/n.  I care about you!”  Sad eyes search your own, and though you know there’s some truth behind those words you find Bucky’s shirt beside you and hand it back to him.

“Bucky, you’ve been in love a woman who’s been using you for nothing but sex.  Would you do the same to me?  We’d only be taking advantage of each other.  But Bucky, you’re my friend.  I could do that to you, and I won’t do that to myself.”

You don’t even bother to put on your clothes, just grab them in one giant heap and get up from the table.  As your numb legs make your way to your room, you hear the jingle of a buckle, the tell tale sound of a zipper, and the click of an opening and shutting door.

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More Than Good | R.M.

imagine requested by @rxggie-mxntle

Summary: In which you, a student-athlete, believes that you are not good enough. Reggie Mantle thinks otherwise.

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because i am a foreign-languages asshole: scenes and dialogue in the dragon age series that should have had approximately 300% more difficulty with communication

- broscas/aeducans/mahariels having tons of difficulty navigating surface-level andrastian human slang/idioms/vocabulary because they’re used to their own mishmash of the Common tongue & their mother language from back home

- conversely, amells/suranas/tabrises confusing the fuck out of others when trying to communicate in their own Common-tongue idiosyncrasies from their own extremely insular communities

- Leliana, Zevran, and Sten occasionally having those moments where you completely blank out on a word or phrase in another language and have to stand there coming up with awkward alternate definitions until the other person supplies it for you (Sten has one with “cookies,” more like that pls)

- wardens from aforementioned insular communities pleased to be “reunited” with their respective home environments to some degree because even if the circumstances of their leaving were less than stellar, at least they’re FINALLY around other people who understand their extremely specific family of Dust Town/Diamond Quarter/Kinloch Hold/Elvehn/Denerim Alienage dialect

- Hawkefam having to adapt to the Kirkwall flavor of the Marcher brand of Common after speaking nothing but Backwater Fereldan Redneck all their lives

- Isabela speaking like, any Rivaini whatsoever

- ditto for Sebastian speaking Lowland Scots

- Tevene!!!! Ander!!! Elvehn!!!

- (what im saying is that i wish there was more content of hawke’s LIs speaking to them/teaching them shit in their own languages besides the standard couple of phrases that get frequently tossed around)

- ya boy Fenris doing the blanking thing where you can think of a word in one foreign language but not the one you’re actually speaking at the time (LOOK AT MY NEAR-TRILINGUAL BABY LOOK AT HIM HE IS SO SMART)

- anything to do with the Arishok (im like 400% convinced varric wrote that entire pre-final-battle villainous monologue entirely from his imagination because it’s wayyyy too tropey and articulate in abstract concepts that a general would see no value in learning to have come wholesale from the guy’s actual mouth)


- Dalish Inquisitors being aggressively Dalish, Vashoth Inquisitors being aggressively Vashoth (“Oh Iron Bull thank god you’re here none of these tiny kabethari understand what the fuck im getting at pls help me”)

- like that one post mentioned, Leli and Josie (and probably also Cassandra) being gossipy little shits entirely in Orlesian

- Solas correcting a Lavellan’s grammar because hundreds of years down the line they’re more likely to have more of a slapdash, slang-heavy and very conjugationally irregular “theatrical cut” of Elvehn compared to what he actually remembers

- Viv and Dorian likely also being gossipy shits because being multilingual is a near-guaranteed skill for people participating in highborn political antics

- “Last Resort of Good Men” also taking place entirely in Tevene, and “Demands of the Qun” featuring a ton of Qunlat

- Blackwall’s ability to speak Orlesian getting out after his personal quest (plus Cole’s since he spent tons of time in the White Spire)

- “commoner” Tevene from Krem vs. “academic” Tevene from Dorian

- any Nevarran from Cass. any at all. pls bioware im so desperate for ur shitty fake languages

- Sentinelves from the Arbor Wilds temple being thoroughly confused at a Dalish Inquisitor’s rapid-fire contemporary slapdash approximation of Elvehn and responding only in the centuries-old “proper” equivalent


-tl;dr moar language shenanigans

Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Part V)

A/N: The end.

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

Originally posted by ivanxna

It has been three days, you were nowhere to be seen and Reggie is about to lose his goddamn mind. He tried everything from calling you (which resulted to a lot of voicemails), going to your house (only to be greeted with an empty one),going to Cheryl’s house (a man can only be kicked out too many times before he learned his lesson), and even going to every single one of your classes to see if you attended but you always weren’t.

“Hey Reggie, coach asked for –“

“Fuck off.” Reggie muttered, getting his bag and going to your next class. Just to check.

The new kid nearly pissed himself when Reggie snapped at him, a glare that was all too familiar but still somehow managed to scared the shit out of him. Smith patted him in the shoulders and shook his head.

“What got his knickers in a twist? A fight with Veronica or something?”

“Or something.” Smith responded which the new kid, who was learning fast, got immediately.


Reggie was jogging towards (Y/N)’s third period when she saw the all-too familiar red hair of Cheryl Blossom. He couldn’t explain it but a mixture of anger and relief was filling up his system. Anger by the fact that she was probably the main reason why you have completely disappeared out of his life and relief because he also knew that if somebody knew where you are right now, it would be Cheryl.

“Blossom!” his booming voice catching the attention of about fifty students and one Cheryl in particular.

He expected a lot from Cheryl: anger, complete silent treatment, ‘i-will-murder-your-sorry-ass’ glare but he was not expecting a smile.

“Hello, Reggie,” her smile turned into a smirk as she saw his intimidating figure stomping towards her. Oh, she is so ready for this.“Missed me?”

“Missed you, my ass,” Reggie spat. “Where the hell is (Y/N)?”

She rolled her eyes.“Safe from you, if that’s what you’re wondering.” She answered making Reggie flinch. Was she always this annoying?

Reggie refused to give in to the temptation of making Cheryl talk, one way or another because he might be an asshole but he will never touch another girl like that. He sighed. “Stop playing games, Cheryl. Where is she?

Cheryl was about to open her mouth when the a door on their right suddenly opened.“Oh, Ms. Blossom,” Reggie looked at their principal as he went out of his office. Wait, what the hell was Cheryl doing outside Principal Brown’s office?

“Is there any problem regarding your documents for the early transfer?”

Reggie’s blood froze. “Transfer?” he asked but he was ignored by Cheryl.

“Yes, Mr. Mantle.” Principal Brown stated quite proudly. “It is quite a proud moment for Riverdale High to have two of their students attend the prestigious New York University. Unfortunately they will have to leave us early this school year to prepare.”

Two students? No way. “Cheryl?” he nearly pleaded. Begging her to tell him it was Betty or some random chick he couldn’t care to give two fucks about that was the other student.

Not his (Y/N).

“Yes, Mr. Brown,” Cheryl beamed, looking at Reggie straight in the eyes. Me and (Y/N) will not let you down. When did we ever?”  

The chill Reggie felt in his spine could not compare to anything he has ever felt before. It was like all of his nightmares came true all at once. Everything was white noise after that. He barely even remembered running, could barely comprehend the shouts of the principal as he ran outside the gates of Riverdale High and to your house.

There was no way. Just no fucking way you would leave him. You had a plan. Reggie was going to work hard to win the championship to get his scholarship and you would attend the same university as him. Reggie and you have saved nearly your whole highschool life so you can get a shitty apartment near your future school and live together with Reggie.

You had a plan. You wouldn’t leave Reggie. You couldn’t.

He nearly broke down your door from knocking too hard.

“(Y/N)?! MRS. (Y/L/N)?! (Y/N) OPEN UP!”


He looked so fast he swore his neck snapped to see your mom getting out of her car. “What are you doing here?”

“Mrs. (Y/L/N) thank God! Do you know where (Y/N) is? I just can’t seem to get a hold of her these days and Cheryl was talking about – about New York and I thought that’s impossible cause –“

“Reggie—Reggie, darling!” Your mom shook him to calm him down. When Reggie looked at your mother he could swore his heart broke from the pity that filled her eyes. “I thought she told you.”

No. This is a dream, a goddamn nightmare. Reggie couldn’t breathe. It was as if some force removed any oxygen around him and his head was spinning so fast he could barely comprehend what your mom was saying or maybe he just didn’t want to hear it.

Reggie didn’t want to accept the fact that you left him all alone. It was supposed to be you and him towards the end. You were supposed to be together.

He wasn’t even given the chance to give you your bracelet. He took a glance at the watch you gave him and realized it was blurry because his eyes were filled with unshed tears.

“I knew I’d find you here.” He straightened up and blinked out his tears only to see Cheryl already sitting at the bench at their little park. He didn’t even realize he was walking down here. He rolled his eyes at Cheryl, she’s probably here to brag all about New York and he really isn’t in the mood for banter right now.

He just lost his hold on this world and now everything in his life is fucked up. He wasn’t even able to say a goodbye. Didn’t he at least deserve a goodbye?

Cheryl sighed patting the space next to her and Reggie gave in. “Remember when we used to play here when we were kids and the three of us and Jason had a whole sandbox for ourselves because even as we were kids we were three assholes that didn’t want anyone but (Y/N) to play with us?”

Reggie looked at the place where their sandbox used to lay which was now turned into a small pond “Yeah,” he sniffed. “But to be fair you were the only asshole in that sandbox.”

“You once pushed Archie from the slide because he gave (Y/N) a flower.” Cheryl squinted, to prove her point.

Reggie rolled his eyes.”He was gonna ask her to marry him.”

“And then you asked her to marry you, in his place.” Cheryl said. Reggie sadly cracked a smile.

“And she laughed saying we were too young but said yes anyway,” Reggie finished the story and closed his eyes. “I remember thinking to myself that maybe if I was the one who get to marry her then we would never have to be apart.”

“Little Reggie would be pissed if he saw you now, wouldn’t he?”

“I’d let Little Reggie beat my ass any day if it means I’ll have her back.”

Cheryl stayed silent looking around. “I wished our world remained as big as this playground. In our little sandbox.Cheryl muttered and Reggie couldn’t help but glare at her.

“That’s rich, Cheryl,” he snapped, shocking Cheryl. “What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you get it?! You won! You have (Y/N)!”

“You think I wanted this, Reggie?!” Cheryl screamed at him, standing up. “Hell, do you think she wanted this?! She was willing to give up New York for you! She declined my offer every goddamn time because she just couldn’t drop your sorry ass but you somehow managed to fuck that up too!”

“I made one mistake, Cheryl.” Reggie stood up too. “One.”

“And if you think you’re mistake was ditching her for seven hours at Pop’s then you’re an even bigger moron than I assumed.” Reggie was confused. “You didn’t just ditch her at Pop’s, Reg. You showed her her place in your life and made her realize that if you weren’t gonna make her the priority then she will make herself a priority.”

Reggie shook his head in disbelief. “She is my priority and you know it, Cheryl.”

“What I know and do not know doesn’t matter. I warned you, Reggie because, unlike you, I actually saw it coming and was not blinded by some false sense of security that nothing will ever change and that (Y/N) will always be waiting silently behind me.” Cheryl sighed one last time before fixing herself. Reggie slumped at the bench, again , head running ten thousand miles per second. “The world is cruel and unfair, Reggie. People grow, they change, and they start wondering what the world outside their comfort zone will look like. Let’s just say we both learned that the hard way.”

“Just go, Cheryl!” Reggie screamed, hating the truth that was coming out of her mouth. He didn’t need the truth right now. He needed you back. Cheryl shook her head and started walking away but turned back.

“Oh, and Reggie.”

He spared her one more glance and saw her handing out an envelope. “Here’s your goodbye.”

Reggie stared at the white envelope long enough for Cheryl to get in her limo and leave.

To Reggie

He teared up when he saw your handwriting, the one you always hated but Reggie thought was beautiful. He opened the envelope with shaking hands.

Hey there big boy,

Reggie couldn’t help the chuckle that went out of his mouth. God, he’s gonna miss you.

Did that make you laugh? You laughed didn’t you? I’m sorry I suck at writing letters but I’m an even bigger idiot when I speak so let’s go to the lesser of two evil.

I’m so sorry, Reg. I know you probably hate me and I’m going to admit it right now that I’m a coward because I am.  I am scared to face you because I knew if I told you that I was leaving for New York you would’ve stopped me and I would’ve let you but I can’t do that anymore, Reg. I’m sorry. I needed to grow up and I can’t do that if I am always with you, if you are always there to protect me.

I have been keeping a secret from you, Reg. You see, I’m not that great of a friend. You might object (I hope you do, you ass) and tell me that I’m the best friend you have ever had but that’s where everything will go to shit, Reg. I’m not a good friend because I didn’t want to be just a good friend to you. I didn’t even realize it then but I have been using our friendship as an excuse for my affections towards you but now I’m letting it all out: I love you, Reg. And I meant that in the most non-platonic way possible. I thought I could keep it, I thought it would disappear and I can just pretend that everything is fine and dandy but clearly I was wrong.

I love you, Reggie Mantle and you have no idea how sorry I am for that. I did not leave as payback or to make you feel bad. I left because I need to. I need this. I need to see a life outside of you, Reggie because due to recent events I saw just how impossible it would be for me to remain in yours forever. The world doesn’t work that way and sooner than later we would have been ripped apart and I would be left with nothing.

None of this is your fault, my love. This was my decision to make and I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way. Despite it all, I hope we meet again some time in the future where we will be who we are supposed to be and we can rebuild this relationship that was never supposed to end. Somewhere, someday we will cross again, how and when it will happen will not matter, what matters is that, at that time, we will be right for each other. We will already be a better version of who we are today and we need to separate for us to reach that point.

I wish you nothing but the best, Reggie, because you deserve it. And I hope you too will find happiness beyond our little town in Riverdale. I’ll see you on the outside, it’s a date.



Reggie was a mess. Your confession was something he never expected but has been crawling at the back of his mind for a long time now. He knew that what he had with you was something special and he didn’t need Cheryl or Archie or Veronica to say that for him to notice. What you had with him was different because you were special. It was sick, the way he loved it when girls would whine at him on how he always spends time with you like they had any right because they didn’t. they were nothing compared to you, to his girl, and just like you he had been banking on the fact that you two have always been like that to suppress his feelings, to use it as an excuse for the one thing he was so afraid of: love. He was so afraid to love you because in his eyes you were you and he was Reggie and being just Reggie gave him no right to even dream of loving you. You were smart and beautiful and so fucking perfect and he was just some clueless jock who got you in his life by some dumb luck. When it comes to you he didn’t want to risk anything and in turn that was what caused you to leave.

He knew you were right but he couldn’t help but still want you back. There should’ve been another way where he didn’t have to lose you but he knew it was useless. Cheryl was right, he is a moron. He was so blinded by the fact that you were always there on his side that he did not even try to prospect the possibility of you leaving and now he is slapped by the reality of it. He should’ve said those three little words you wanted to hear a long, long time ago. God knows he loved you too, so much, too much. But he had no time to mourn because just as you said you will meet again. What happened cannot be undone and if he wants to have a face to show you when the time comes, if he really want to earn the right to ask you to become officially his then there was only one thing to do left:

He needed to fucking win this Championship

A/N: Or is it?






red lipstick

bughead fanfiction - oneshot 

huge thanks to @finnsxprincess for reading this over for me <33 xoxo


“You are my dearest friend,
my deepest love, you are
the best of me.”
—Nicholas Sparks

It’s somehow always been Archie.

Since they were kids, him watching Betty give her extra stick of gum to his red-headed best friend, to the doting gaze she started to develop well into their middle school and then high school years, Jughead had seen the movies, heard the stories and yet, here he was, witnessing the sad and pathetic view of unrequited love.

Betty loves Archie, Archie loves Veronica, and Veronica loves anything with shine or sparkle. And Jughead? He loves food.

Food is simple. Uncomplicated.

You eat it, you feel good. Simple.

What’s not simple? The feeling arising in his stomach after witnessing a teary-eyed Betty Cooper hiding behind the duper at Pop’s one breezy evening in July.

She’s wearing a white summer dress and her lips look darker today, like the cherries he loves to pluck off his milkshakes. But it’s her eyes that make him pause; they’re vibrant blue, like the crashing waves he feels rumbling around in his stomach right now.

Okay, sure. He likes Betty Cooper as well. But he knows the chances of her returning his feelings are leveled with that of him becoming a vegan. Slim to none.

See? Sad and pathetic unrequited love.

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Senior Year In Queens Would Include...

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

If you don’t understand some references in this part, read the first three parts in the series.

- Michelle is PISSED that you didn’t talk to her all summer. In your defense… you were busy. 

- Stark Internship was going good, although you were always worried about seeing Peter there too. He never even showed up, so you assumed he wasn’t an intern anymore and you could relax-


- It’s okay though cuz you hide behind a trash can.

- It’s not okay because they walked past the trashcan and saw you. 

-*Fifty Shades of “FUUUUUUCKK”, starring you*

-Mr. Stark was 100% confused at why his star prodigy was hiding behind a trash can. 

- “Why-”

- “I dON’t knOW wHy?

- But nooooo, Mr. Stark couldn’t walk away. 

- “Hey Peter, isn’t this the girl you were obsessing over-”


- Mr. Stark leans in and whispers something to Peter and he turns even redder. You didn’t know what he said… BUT I’M THE NARRATOR AND I KNOW SO FUCK IT I’LL TELL YOU.

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Sleepless Nights, touken headcanon/mini-fic

Summary: It’s their first time sleeping together on the same bed and Kaneki can’t take his hands off Touka.

I totally hate this, it looked so much better inside my head, my inspiration sucks—i’m super tired right now& i can’t speak proper english today, but i really wanted to take this idea off my head AAAAND give this to @yorozuya-ken-chan as her birthday gift 😭 ♡ I LOVE YOU ANITA, this is so crappy, i’m so sorry -sobs- i promise i’ll write you something 2369726 better next time, WAIT FOR ME🙏 (the only good thing about this is the ending, huehue, jon&ygritte hints)

i wanted to make this a smut but i really feel like the words aren’t coming to my head today, so this is just… a bit lime? not even a lime 😂  shame on me.. anyway, take this more like a lazy headcanon instead of a well-written fic *sobs* i’ll bring good smut soon.. I promise, ANITA DESERVES BETTER ✨



“Y-Yes?” he stammers.

“If you want me to sleep with you in your room, just say it.”

He’s shaking.

“Oh, w-well…”

“Do you?”

He swallows.

“I-I mean, if you ever feel col—“

Touka sighs.

“Fine. I’ll sleep with you tonight then.”

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“I told Y/N to come over. Said she’ll think about it.”

Niall didn’t intend for his words to be heard by Harry yet he only became slightly sorry once the situation was now refreshly put on the top of his mind.

Harry’s heart dropped at the mention with his breathing slightly off, bringing his lips closer to take a sip of his now-favorite liquor that helped him soothe the the emptiness he denied to himself that he was feeling it for days.

His eyes met with Niall’s, making him discreetly yet quickly look away with the unspoken barrier between them.

They only exchanged some words here and there ever since the incident, Harry taking the high road of trying not to let the flare inside him over the fact that his friend got to talk to her instead of him with all his might.

“If you excuse me, I’ll go find ourselves some crisps,” Nick announced that made Harry go back to Earth, a little compulsory smile and a wave being given.

He shoved his face onto his hands, pursing his lips until he brought out his phone in hopes that you would’ve replied, only to see nothing from you like awhile ago and the days before.


How’s your day? x

You must be asleep. Don’t forget to call when you wake up

I’m at this house near yours. Want me to pick you up so we could go somewhere?

Do you want to watch something?

Please talk to me.

He breathed deeply, sending the last text just now as he swallowed his remaining pride, his fingers fiddling with his lip as he looked around.

There’s immediately a part of Harry that made him regret it hat he did, one that made him grip his glass so hard that his knuckles turned white as it’s now his turn.

Especially, it’s the sight he loathes as it’s you talking to a lad who automatically thinks is already a bloke just because he didn’t get to do it.

Harry didn’t care whether the conversation you’re having distracted the thoughts of him your mind and the ache in your chest or anything else, because he suddenly felt protective that he thinks it’s already in the brink of jealousy to being territorial.

He knows he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help it at this time despite his limits and your boundaries, the only thing taking over his system being anger than the alcohol.

Harry didn’t notice that his attention was on it too much nor his stare that being so instense that he didn’t notice his breathing go heavy and that Nick already came to the table and followed his gaze.

“That’s the girl I was talking to you about!”

Nick’s voice was so loud that it snapped him out of his trance again and in fact attracted a few heads to snap at his direction, Harry being the one to look at them apologizingly in behalf of his drunken friend.

The brunette boy in front of him stood up, giddily making his way to you to bring you over to their table, almost snatching you from the guy you were talking to.

“Y/N, meet Harry. He’s the guy I was talking to you about!”

He almost froze in his seat from both the nervousness and disbelief that Nick unknowingly both made his situation better and worse.


Harry almost smacked himself over the realization on what he just fucking said out of all the other words that would be of good use on what’s happening.

You nodded in reply before looking down on the floor now that everything’s been up to this moment of confrontation.

“You guys now each other?”

Nick asked in confusion, the both of you to know that alcohol doesn’t exactly rub off of him that easy.

“We’re friends.”

He almost cussed himself from hearing the words purposely tumble off your mouth, his stomach twisting into a knot as he felt shitty by the second.

“Then I need to find more crisps or something.”

He said in a hurry, seating you beside Harry in a rush, making the beat of his heart so fast that it felt painful, trying to take in every second.

“So, uh — hi.”

His fingers are shaking that made them clasp under the table, looking up at you who refused to meet his eyes.

“We’re — we’re friends?”

The words were not being though of yet it made Harry a bit more relieved that it’s his subconscious who’s talking.

“Isn’t that what you implied?”

You almost scoffed, crossing your arms across your chest as you looked ahead, paining him unexpectedly who’s just seated beside you that his shoulders were touching yours.

His tongue swiped across his lips, beads of cold sweat forming on his forehead as he couldn’t control his knee that was boucing up and down on out of nervousness.

“We don’t need labels to show that I love you.”

You inhaled sharply, resting your head onto your hands that concerned him, doing everything in his will to not comfort you just yet.

“You didn’t want labels because it would restrict you.”

“W-what? It wouldn’t-…”

You huffed, your hand coming across your hair in frustration.

“So you’d be okay if I would kiss someone else too?”

The thought made Harry slightly writhe in his seat and his fist to clench at the images forming in his mind, a little string tugging at him that this must’ve been exactly what you felt.

“Dear god, no.”

You slammed your hands onto the booth that shocked the both of you with all the added-up frustration, not realizing soon enough that you’re already crying.

“Then how would I know where I stand in your life?”

Harry’s mouth fell slightly agape, unsure on what to do with the lump forming in his throat and the drop of his chest.

He took you to his chest without so much of thinking, his own figure trembling just by everything consuming him.

“You’re here, you’re here in m'life. I swear.”

He felt like an asshole, being so hard to cope that a special someone felt less than a part of his life compared to what she should’ve been feeling.

“I’m an asshole at times.”

He tried to coax you by running his hands through his hair, making a pact to himself that he’d ask you out to be his girlfriend as the first thing tomorrow morning.

“But don’t ever think that you’re not a part of me, please.”

Harry’s tearing up at the sight, wanting to calm you down first than himself, pressing his lips to your head repeatedly as he shakily breathed, his hands running up and down your arms.

He feels tensed but relieved at the realization he’s in on, a little knot on his chest being loosened as he dedicates himself to be less than an asshole next time.

“You’re m'better half.”

jimin; sidewalk sugar (M)

you met your sugar daddy on the sidewalk? - jeon jungkook, 2k16
►9942 words // scenario, sugardaddy!jimin, rated m for very obvious reasons
© (photo credit)

There are days where you love life to the end of time. Everything seemed to be a domino effect of pleasant things going your way; planned itinerary finishing on time, unexpected good news, maybe even a raise in your salary but that’s highly doubtful but a person can hope, no? It’s all the possible good emotions bottled up into a day, the span of twenty-four hours oozing with nothing but smiles and giggles. Those days are what you aim for the most, or at least, try.

Today was not one of those days.

Today was really not one of those fucking days.

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i know everyone just heard ‘adam birkholtz has sisters’ and ran with the little sister headcanons and i love them all but also what if adam birkholtz was the baby of the family???? hmmm???

(thanks @kantperson and @tictacbergerac for letting me rant abt this on twitter)

LEAH, age 32, surgical resident

  • bc she’s so much older than holster she’s like a really weird sister/aunt/mom hybrid and adam LOVES HER. 
    • simultaneously So Cool and A Giant Nerd
    • saw holster’s snaps of getting high watching the golden girls and was like “ADAM >:(”
  • their parents are real :/// because leah never really dated and she ~should be thinking of settling down~ and then the other birkholtz children will be like: “hey ur kid is literally a brain surgeon could u maybe not??”
    • (leah is gay? maybe? but she’s focusing on her career and can’t really be fucked abt it tbh)
  • (leah’s siblings watch A LOT of grey’s anatomy. they call her mcdreamy and she HATES it and they will NEVER KNOW that christina yang made her decide to go to med school)
  • leah hears adam’s stories about ‘his bro ransom’ and just kind of sideeyes her phone.
    • “adam. adam honey. that’s gay”
    • “YOU’RE GAY”
    • “uh.”
    • “my friend shitty says i gotta let u come out at your own pace but is there somethin u wanna tell me?”

DELIA, age 29, resident nurse

  • she and leah are best fucking friends ever
    • (delia is the only one who knows abt leah’s monster crush on christina yang and she knows this bc they watched her last episode together and cried)
    • they work at the same hospital. the patients love them but they get REALLY CONFUSED bc someone will tell them “dr. birkholtz” is gonna treat them and they’ll be like “wait u mean delia? she was just in here she brought me this afghan?”
  • delia crochets like a motherfucking boss. she makes sweaters appear the way bitty cranks out pies. eric bittle, from GEORGIA, thanks god every day for delia’s blankets that are just everywhere in the haus
    • holster just casually gives people his scarf/hat and will be like “keep it dude. i have five more at home and i’m expecting a care package next month”
  • delia has been dating the same guy since high school and they’re engaged. holster gave this dude the shovel speech ten years ago. he still had fucking braces and delia can’t wait for leah to tell the story at the wedding.
  • holster and delia aren’t actually that close but they have an unspoken ‘i would absolutely die for you’ bond.
    • when holster’s home, they watch bad sitcoms together. specifically, ones cancelled in their first or second seasons. they compare notes re: whether or not they deserved to be canceled and how they might have been saved

MURIEL, age 26, personal trainer and professional hockey

  • muriel and holster are tight. it’s 50% a being-the-closest-in-age thing and 50% a diehard bond of hockey love.
  • the family joke is that it’s a good thing holster’s a boy bc obviously their parents were scraping the bottom of the barrel of girls’ names
    • (insert trans holster hc here)
  • muriel took ice skating lessons from ages 4-6, and when holster turned 4 and started learning baby hockey basics, muriel defected
    • muriel is a goalie. muriel is six feet tall and 190 pounds. muriel could end your life and you would thank her.
  • she left for college the same year holster left home to play in juniors. it was fucking awful and she transferred her sophomore year to be closer to his billet family.
  • she may or may not be a Jack Zimmermann Puck Bunny tm
    • (when holster told her abt samwell, she was like !!!!!!!. holster was NOT HAPPY.)
    • she helped him move into the haus and met jack for the first time and her entire brain stopped working.
    • literally she was carrying a giant tub of holster’s whey protein and she just. stood there staring at jack. like a NERD.
    • holster and shitty were there. a smh tradition was born.
    • her teammates call her murray because they love her
    • shitty has season tickets. he skypes holster from every single game. they cry a lot.
  • after she won the isobel cup she brought it down to samwell and was like ‘,:) are u intimidated gentlemen?
    • (she immediately became a fucking nerd again bc jack was there and asked for her autograph)
    • “ADAM STFU”
    • “PLSEAS??? I’LL SHAVE!!!!!”
    • “ADAM I H9 U”

ADAM, age 24, econ student

  • has really fucking awesome sisters
  • is the undisputed spoiled brat baby of the family
Dangerous Woman

Pairing: Agent!Y/N/!Military!Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 2.500+

Summary: Living the double life, Agent Y/N and military Michael are married together but do not know know they secretly beat each other’s asses every single night. 

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echoes from elysium; m

Deep inside the Forest of Elysium, an ancient evil awakens. In a dirty tavern at the margins of a decaying village, one mortal vouches to defeat it.

“You and I are not so different. We are both murderers of kinds that we feel threatened by.”

➤ Yoongi x Reader | Witch Hunter!AU

You will find: fantasy, horror, angst, smut

Beware of: gore, death

Word count: 28,916

Author’s note: This plot has been at the back of my mind ever since I watched “The Seventh Son” and, as much as I am not familiar with horror/fantasy themes, I wanted to write this like nothing else. Hopefully, I did a good job haha 

Inundated by the most profound shade of vermillion, the stygian horizon bled under the rufescent effulgence of the moon. Wounded by its stentorious sanguine hue, the atramentous mantilla of dusk covered the susurrating woods with its abysmal crepuscular light; asphyxiating the somnolent forest with an energy that had, for long, remained subterranean — dormant, suffocated — underneath its magnificence. Throughout the oscillating branches and gelid leaves, the rustle of now watchful animals was not sufficient to suppress the cacophonous modulation of such calamitous force, nor enough to prepare closeby villagers for the abomination that traced its way past the irriguous ground.

Twisted by a demoniacal clouds of an imminent storm, the change of atmosphere was so brusque that its reverberations lingered further past the aghast animals; beyond the intangible margins of its surrounding conglomerations of trees; through the mountainous chartreuse fields and mercurial rivers. Trepidation was carried by the autumn breeze, burgeoning in nefarious thunder all across a universe that had, just before, been so harmonious — incognizant to the fact that, deep underground, a maleficent creature had opened its eyes, spellbound to the incantation of the moon.

Monstrous was the aura that emanated from the being long imprisoned within its own putrid spirit; bloodcurdling was the manner its serpentine fingers sprouted amongst the slender lines of undulating grass, rupturing the pattern of immaculate fields. Crawling its ascending course, the creature reached for the constellations it could not yet see, pushing past the aqueous filth and the overwhelming redolence of petrichor until, at last, both of its arms found support amidst the rocky earth and, with a prolonged grunt, their cimmerian silhouette broke the conflagrant moonlight.

In a silentious cue, the skyline’s effulgence flourished into a nebulous tinge of ruby, entering in resonance with the poisoned blood that had been spilled over the amaranthine hills. The odious being fought to pull its exhausted body out of the drenched earth, battled against the thaumaturgy that intoxicated its veins, providing the being with stamina and filling their very essence with power. Neither anguish nor weakness were present: solely the venomous need for revenge that had been keeping the monster alive for a millennium; a soul as verminous as the worms that crawled under its frigid palms.

Numerous birds flew away from the vortex of horror as the forgotten beast stood on its feet, their frenetic charcoal shadows contrasting against the dahlia-pigmented moonlight. Reborn into the same turbulent world that had once incarcerated her body, the woman’s mind was flooded with vengeful prospects, and the overwhelming desire for the blood of her courageous enemies to be spilled over the land it had been used to hold her captive. Through her subterranean suffocation, she had ruminated on the injustices placed upon her and, moved by the fury of a thousand imprisoned years, the creature looked down upon the forest it had been left behind.

Comparable to how a candle’s flame delicately dies out amongst the tender vapors of dawn, the witch disappeared into the darkness of night, headed to the insubstantial path which the hyperborean winds could never caress.

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The Duff ( Bucky Barnes x reader)

Oh jesus It’s been a year since I last wrote something so I might be a little rusty. Also it’s 6 AM , I’m just going to sleep and I have to wake up at 8 so I don’t have time to fix the the mistakes. 

This series is based on the movie “ the duff” 

 Warnings: language 

 Words: about 800 

Originally posted by seabasschino

 You know how people always say how high school was the best time of their lives? or that they’ll never forget high school? Well they are completely wrong, except the never forgetting part, that is true. No matter who you are or which group you belong to, high school is something that you will never forget. 

 Take me for example; I was never the popular kid, I just kinda existed. I did have one small thing that made my social standing better. I was friends with Natasha Romanoff and Wanda maximoff, the hottest girls in the whole school. Me compared to them was like a donkey compared to an unicorn. They were both very athletic; Natasha was in a swimming and football teams and Wanda was a cheerleader. What about me? What sports did I do? Nah I wasn’t that kinda girl. I was more like a geek ( that’s what Nat and Wanda used to call me), meaning that I was into comics and movies. 

 Now every high school cliche has the “ dream hottie” that you’ll never gonna have, right? Well in this story that will be Steve Rogers. I was madly in love with him since 4th grade. He was the boy that every girl drooled over. He loomed girls with his blonde hair, bright blue eyes and his guitar. Damn him. Now I’ve only talked to him once and that was just one word at a party that Nat and Wanda insisted that I would come to. They always did this, dragging me to parties that I didn’t want to go to.

 No guys ever talked to me and if they did they only wanted me to hook them up either with Nat or Wanda and sometimes even both of them. But that party Steve actually spoke to me. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was making my way to the kitchen to get something to drink with Nat. Fortunately for me Steve and Steve’s best friend Sam Wilson were there too. Nat knew that I had a tiiiiiny crush on Steve decided to do something about it and went to talk to them, making me follow her cause I didn’t want to stand there alone and look stupid and awkward. Nat had told Steve that I also happened to play a guitar and what did he do? well  he looked me into the eyes and said “ cool” and gave me his signature smile. Oh god that was the best day of my life so far. After the party I wrote 3 paged essay about what he could have meant with that one simple word. Maybe he meant it like “ cool i don’t give a fuck” or “ cool iloveyoumarryme” hmm no doubt it. 

The next monday I was about to go to school when my car broke down on our driveway. “SHIT” I yelled as I punched the steering wheel. Luckily for me ( note the sarcasm) my asshole neighbor Bucky Barnes was just about to leave too. Now don’t think that I hate Bucky, I don’t, but since high school started he has changed a lot. We used to be best friends when we were kids. We used to do everything together, our parents used to tell us how “ some beautiful day you two will end up together and be the cutest couple there has ever been” pssh yeah right he’s an asshole nowadays. He is what people call “ the player”. He was actually quite popular, having new girlfriends every week and being the star player of boys football team.

 I quickly got out of my car and yelled for him. “ Barnes!!” He jumped a little when he heard me, clearly not expecting me to scream suddenly out of nowhere. He turned around and faced me and his shocked look turned into a smirk really fast. “What’s up Y/L/N?”

 " My car just broke do you mind giving me a lift to school? I can walk home?“ 

I tried to look as genuine as I could. He sighed and rolled his eyes. ” You don’t have to walk home" His response really made my day a little better. See the thing was that even tho me and Bucky Weren’t as good friends as we used to be ( or friends at all?) anymore, we still cared for each other, I mean we used to be the most important person in each others life for 15 years, that has to mean something right? As I got in his car I couldn’t stop thinking what this day would be like, would I grow a pair and finally talk to Steve properly? I closed my eyes and enjoyed the cold air that the AC blew at me. 


Yess a really shitty first chapter haha