god this movie is so brilliant

I watched La La Land for the second time today.. and it is just the kind of movie that makes you want to make movies… I absolutely adore musicals. the vibrant colors and how they’re emphasized because they’re meant to be prominently symbolic, the work oh god the woooork that’s put into every musical number, the opening scene that was shot in one continues take????? that’s in the middle of a highway in downtown la??? who does that anymore???? and how the whole damn thing was able to just really.. transport you into another level of catharsis.. ugh it’s so amazing. Damien Chazelle is brilliant. not to mention that the last movie that I saw in theaters that blew my mind as much as this one did was Whiplash. he’s on a roll. I hope this film takes over the Oscars next month. 

It’s 2 am and I just finished the movie Your Name - I am honestly a changed person.

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i am glad you love Cersei and understand her character. I've read people saying that GRR and D&D were mysoginistic because they wrote a horrible female character and I'm like??? WTF? And they made the comparaison with Gone Girl which is supposingly a mysoginistic movie/book too. Sorry but they are just both cruel and powerful women but also complex. And as you've said before, fiction needs MORE FEMALE CHARACTERS like Cersei. She's well-written and amazing.

God, no! Women can be misogynists and I fucking love that about Cersei. She’s so incredibly well-written and brilliant and layered. I’m fascinated by her. And I agree, we need more Cersei ladies in fiction! People need to stop making powerful female characters just “good” ones. More lady villains, I say!

oq rec and review week: day 7


Day Seven: A Favorite Multi-chapter

Tethered by @repellomuggletum15

Summary: They killed him, and it was stupid. So I’m fixing it. Short multi-chapter canon OQ fix-it fic loosely inspired by The Lake House.

God bless Bea, bringing us all the fix-it fic we needed. Also, I love The Lake House because I’m a sucker for Sandra Bullock movies, so I love love love the premise of this fic based on that alone. Plus, it’s Bea, you know the writing is going to be brilliant, and it is. Personally, I think writing letters in fic is one of the harder things to do, but Bea does it perfectly. She’s got both Robin and Regina’s voices down exactly. And she keeps things interesting with their lives outside the letters, too, providing a good balance. This fic is everything I wanted after that dreadful episode in s5.

Morning Waves and Metaphorical Spoons by @lillie-grey

Summary: For five months they’ve started their day with a wave and a smile, an innocent interaction between neighbors that has grown into an observed understanding, until one day he crosses the street and things begin to change.

This fic! I love it so, so much. Em’s writing is just so fantastic, so evocative. I just want to wrap myself in her words and drown myself in them. This story is just so lovely. I love the budding attraction between Robin and Regina and the relationship and trust building there. When this story updates, all I want is to sit down and read the latest chapter, no matter what else I’m doing. It’s a wonderful, immersive read, and I’m eager to see where it goes.



Fuck the critics that movie was amazing


The end oh my god. My smol space son didn’t deserve any of that holy fuck.

Ben, Henry, Amy, and Gal were brilliant! Especially Henry because he breathed so much life into Clark and made me (and Lois) fall more and more in love with him.

I’m still crying tbh

Sure she was fucking gorgeous. Of course she was. Had long blonde hair that was always curly and her pale blue eyes. Thing from a movie practically. But what really got me was her soul. Her bones were constructed purely from kindness and honesty. Her muscles were strong like her personality. She never gave in. Her mind, oh god her mind. She was brilliant and so sharp. Quick witted too and in every corner of her brain was some kind of joke to add to any situation. She radiated. She glowed, but not like an angel, or diamond, or the sun. She glowed like happiness. And that’s why I’ll never let her go. She’s my heartbeat and my oxygen. I breathe her in but never exhale her.

-excerpt from a book I’ll never write 12/13/15

The culture is starving for unique, original entertainment. All these services like HBO and Netflix are black holes of need. They have so many hours to fill, and then you have the internet, which has infinite space to fill. As a result, it’s created opportunities for every type of person, not just women. Now we get to see the work of a lot of brilliant people, because they can’t fill all these channels with just white dudes! And thank God.

Hopefully, as a result of that, there are an enormous amount of women in college right now who realize they can direct movies, write movies, and produce art. Whatever they want to do, they can do, because they have people like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, and Amy Schumer and can realize this is possible.

—  Judd Apatow, to Vulture

Exciting Things About Dragonball Super

  • Toriyama seems more involved than in shit like GT
  • Most likely building off of brilliant ideas in the two most recent DBZ movies.
  • Toriyama’s character designs (esp as of late) have been wonderful
  • This is gonna be way more playful than like everything from Dragonball in around the 90′s (I mean in Japan so like GT and the bad damn movies) so thank fucking god for that

Terrifying things about Dragonball Super

  • Toei Animation
  • Earlier this week, Toriyama was confirmed to be working on a manga one-shot with Masazaku Katsura (I’’s, Video Girl Ai) so exactly how involved is Toriyama really? and if he’s very involved, for how long?
  • If this is long-term and not just like 26 episodes (spoilers, it’s gonna be long-term, c’mon) I’m going to be SO NERVOUS every week that the shits’s gonna fall off HARD
  • Toei Animation

Fucking Hilarious Things About Dragonball Super

  • A brand new generation of 14 year olds on Deviant Art and the Dragon Ball fanon wiki becoming admins and creating horrendous OC’s

Batman v Superman was pretty freaking kickass.

I loved the bits we got to see of the other Justice League members and OH MY GOD WONDER WOMAN IS SO EPIC, LIKE YOU GUYS DIANA PRINCE OWNS MY ASS, OKAY?!

I feel like everyone who doubted Ben Affleck will be silenced after this movie because he’s an awesome Bruce/Batman and Jesse Eisenberg was fucking brilliant as Lex Luthor.

Now I’m just so ready for the other Justice League films and in particular the WW movie next summer. Hurry up!

Oh my fucking god I just watched disney descendants and cAN I SAY IT”S BRILLIANt, fuck yes - okay Ben and Mal might be the cutest thing since sliced bread but also Carlo and Jay does anyone else ship them! also Evie’s friend Doug was cute and I liked him a lot also Mal and Evie would be so cute. Can you tell I REALLY REALLY liked the movie