god this movie is just so gorgeous

Disney Appreciation

God, Disney animation is amazing and gorgeous. And even the CGI stuff is so beautiful. The movies are such a large part of my childhood and inspired me to really love animation. 

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Watching Disney just makes me happy. 

I say this pretty much every week, but it’s still true every week–this is a collection of fics that I’m really, really glad exist in the STAR WARS fandom, there are some that are just absolute gems that should be shoved in people’s faces because they’re just so good. Some fics that are the kind that make my brain all fizzy with how much I enjoy them and how satisfying and/or heartbreaking and/or joyous they can be. All the things Star Wars should be!

Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 65k
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan & anakin, ~1k
   “You should be inside,” a voice says, painfully familiar. “The desert can kill with cold just as easily as with heat, Master.”
Family by lilyconrad, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & darth maul & cast, sith!obi-wan, 6.8k
   Seven years after the duel on Naboo, Obi-Wan Kenobi has turned to the dark, Maul has turned to the light, and young Anakin is caught somewhere in-between. Can Qui-Gon rescue his Padawan before it’s too late?
Oversharing by glare-gryphon, obi-wan/anakin & obi-wan/anakin/padme, NSFW, 2.4k
   In summary: it was about Obi-Wan feeling it every time Anakin & Padme have sex & getting frustrated about it.
Pies, Books, and Swords, obi-wan & qui-gon/tahl, 1.2k
   Qui-Gon Jinn has made quite a good name for himself, as far as holonet cooking shows go.
Back To The Wind by mylordshesacactus, ahsoka/barriss & cast, 16.2k
   A hyperdrive malfunction strands Ahsoka in a nearly-abandoned trading settlement in the Outer Rim. That’s not the problem.
wonderterror by peradi, han/leia & han/luke & obi-wan/anakin (maybe?) & anakin/padme & cast, 6.5k
   The Skywalkers aren’t entirely human. Here’s what that means.
The Question, Twenty Years Late by Eirian Erisdar, obi-wan/satine & luke, 1.2k
   Set just post-ROTJ in a timeline where Satine survived. Waiting alone for an emissary from the newly-formed Imperial Senate to demand Mandalore’s fealty to the Empire, Satine is surprised by an unexpected guest, holding a very precious bundle.
Dreamers by LuchaDoRa, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 6.2k
   Obi-Wan dreams sometimes. So does Anakin.
Sigh No More by edenwolfie, obi-wan/anakin/padme & ahsoka & luke & leia & cast, 158.2k wip
   Anakin makes slightly better choices, Obi-Wan is a Mess™ and Padmé deserves none of this. AU from Mustafar onward with liberal manipulation of canon to culminate in some angsty, fluffy, domestic fix-it because we all deserve better.
Broken by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & rex & padme & cast, NSFW, sith!obi-wan (sort of), dark themes, 20.8k wip
   The Twins are unstoppable enforcers of the Emperor’s will, the sun and moon that hang in the black void of his rule. It is said they are not the same age and that under their hoods they do not look alike, but they fight as one entity, silent and terrible as an eclipse in a spring sky.
No Galaxy for Good Jedi by Annie_Walker, obi-wan & anakin & padme & qui-gon & dooku & yoda & cast, some obi-wan/satine, sith!qui-gon, 124.8k wip
   Obi-Wan Kenobi was only a young padawan when he ran away with three-year old Anakin. He had no choice after his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, fell to the Dark Side by Master Dooku’s manipulations.
untitled by albaparthenicevelut, obi-wan & anakin, accidental pirate obi-wan, 1k
   Obi Wan was in Scarif, which was concerning actually. Obi Wan Kenobi, Rebel Operative, Dashing Duke, and Pirate King, should not be within a system of the Empire’s top secret military research base, much less in the very city in which it was located.
and gravity, scientists say, is weak by victoria_p (musesfool), obi-wan & anakin + referenced obi-wan/satine, 3.2k
   “You’re not the only one who’s ever been in love, Anakin.”
Rest by copper_sky, obi-wan/anakin, ~1k
   Anakin has a huge weakness for having his hair played with and a sleepy Obi-Wan indulges him.

full details + recs under the cut!

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A push

Prompt: Just a little push for someone to confess their feelings. 

A/N : Grammar… yup.

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader ft. Superboy

Warnings:  Swearing, fluff. 

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-My name’s Richard Grayson, but all the kids at the orphanage call me Dick.
-Well, children can be cruel

Everyone burst in laughter at that quote. Really, this was the best idea ever, looking at lego Batman with all the family at the Manor, since the movie began everyone has been laughing for minutes, even Jason.

“Bruce, please tell us you thought that!” Tim said as he tried to control his laugh

“Right! Have fun with my nickname, I don’t care… At least I’m cute” Dick said with a chuckle but with a frown as he heard his brother laughing.

“Awh, let it go…Dick” Steph said but when she said his name she lose control on her laughter again.

“Who had this idea?” Dick asked with a scoff.

“Me” you said with a bright smile, as you tried to hold back a chuckle.

“I hate you Y/N, you knew this was going to happen” he said with a smile as he returned his gaze to the big screen.

“That’s not true! It didn’t happen that way” Dick said when he saw the scene where his lego-Dick, had the list with attributes.


“Don’t you dare Bruce” Dick said with wide eyes.

“Ohhh!!! Bruce, Bruce, Bruce” everyone wanted to know if Dick actually made something similiar to his lego being.

“Well, Dick actually did something like that” Bruce said with a smirk as he looked at the first Robin.

“I hate you forever if you continue that story” Dick said with pleading eyes.

But, of course Bruce did, so everyone was laughing hard, really hard. You couldn’t help your eyes but stare at Jason, he had tears of joy, his smile was big, really big, actually a toothy smile.

God, he was beautiful, he looked so handsome when he was all happy, you wish you could saw him everyday like that, he was gorgeous.

“Y/N” You escaped your own world when you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned your head towards the person, Tim.

“Tell him” he told you in a whisper and your face turned red as a tomato

“Tim! not now!” you whisper-shouted at him and he chuckled.

“Y/N, you literally looked at him when the (I Just) Died in Your Arms played in the movie” Tim said with another chuckled as your cheeks turned more red.

“Shut up” You told him while biting your lower lip.

“Did time really froze when you look at him?” Tim asked you

“Did my fist leave a mark on your eye last time?” you asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Woah, I get it, I’ll leave you now” he said with another chuckle.

“Thank you very much” you said and you returned your gaze to the movie.

“She looks cute with red cheeks, right?” Dick told Jason as he stared at you and Tim

“Totally-wait what?” Jason turn to see Dick who has a smirk on his face.

“Jay, tell her, you are too obvious” Dick said with a chuckle.

“I’m not” Jason said with a scoff

“If you say so…” Dick said with a smirk as he returned his gaze to see the movie.

The movie ended, it was understandable seeing Damian fast asleep on your lap, everyone called the night and went to their bedrooms. Bruce wanted to take Damian to his bedroom, everyone was shocked when Jason told he wanted to do it, still you couldn’t move, you wanted to wake him up. So everyone leaved the room, leaving you with Jason… great.

We kneel in front of you to look at a peaceful Damian sleeping, he smiled and then he chuckled.

“He will never say it out loud, but he really loves you” Jason told you, his eyes finding yours.

“It’s because we are blood brothers, Jay” you told him with a smile

“Still, you know, he is weird and don’t fight me on that” he told you with a chuckle.

“True” you tell him with another chuckle as you yawn.

“Right… I take Damian” he tells you and you nod with your head.

Jason takes Damian like if it was a Teddy Bear, your heart melt at the sight and you stare at them, until you see Jason’s mouth moving, what he was saying????

“Sorry what?” you tell him as you rub your eyes with the back of your hands.

“You want to come with me? you know to leave Damian” he said and you saw a light shade of pink on his cheeks.

“Yeah sure" you told him as you stand up to walk beside him.

You two walked with a sleepy Damian to his bedroom, you couldn’t speak but you could totally hear your heart hammering inside your chest full speed, you were praying to anyone who could hear you to not say something stupid or that your cheeks turn red in any moment.

“So, did you liked the movie?” Jason asked you.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s Lego after all, and it’s funny to look at our Bruce that way” you said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, it was… I’m grateful that Superboy wasn’t in the movie” he tells you with another chuckle.

“Come on Jay, why you hate him so much?” You asked him with a yawn.

“He is a brat” he tells you with a scoff.

“His not, his nice” you tell him without catching your words, fuck, you didn’t mean like you like him! you liked Jason!

“You like Superboy?” he asked you as he stood in front of Damian’s door.

“What? No, no! I don’t! I like someone else!” you said once more, without catching your words. FUCK

“So, Y/N Wayne likes someone?” he told you, but you couldn’t help to notice something, he had a smirk but it didn’t reach his eyes, he was jealous? sad?-

“I don’t know what I’m saying anymore Jay, I’m more asleep than alive” you tell him with a chuckle, trying to forget the topic.

“If you say so. Well, you should, go to sleep now, I have everything under control” Jason told you with a smile you nod your head.

“Okay, goodnight Jay” you tell him with a tired smile, which he returns and then he gives you his back.

You walk to your room and you wanted to slap your face after that. You go to your bed and in minutes you are fast asleep.

Next morning at 8 am you were already in the kitchen with Damian and Alfred for breakfast. How you managed to be up so early? one name. Damian.

You were sleeping when someone came to your room at evening, like 3:00 am, then you heard someone calling your name, and it was Damian, he will never say it out loud, but you knew him, he had a nightmare and he didn’t want to sleep alone, that had happened a lot of times before, so he fell asleep by your side.

For a reason you still don’t know why, your little brother enjoys mornings so he woke you up, at first you wanted to kick him out of your room but, one day couldn’t hurt anyone, so you tried or managed to get out of bed, looking like a total zombie or after an entire apocalypse, but you were now in the kitchen, falling asleep in front of your breakfast.

Why this situation was a bad idea? well, when you are asleep, you take very bad decisions because you are not thinking at 100%, you are half dead hald alive, so, this was very, very bad idea when Bruce stepped in the kitchen

“Damian, are you going with Tim and Dick today?” you heard Bruce somewhere in the kitchen, you eyes still focused on the fruit Alfred chopped for you.

“Tt, father, Todd it’s coming too, he wanted to know Dick’s friend” Damian said with a scoff, it was obvious that he didn’t enjoy so much Jason’s presence.

“Did you know who carried you to your room last night, Damian?” Alfred said, his back facing everyone as he keep chopping food.

“Father” Damian said.

“Master Jason did” Alfred said with a chuckle

“What?! You let him touch me! I’ll burn myself later!” Damian yelled as he looked at his arms with disgust, when he slammed his hands on the table, your milk somehow flew in the air, making you return to life for few minutes.

“Godamit Damian, be more careful” you told him as you tried to dry the table with a napkin.

“Y/N” Bruce said as he had a new idea.

You looked at thim with a raised eyebrow and you couldn’t decode his face, I mean, have you looked at him? he had no emotions on his face, it’s like a white wall.

“Yeeees, father?” you asked him with a tired voice.

“What are you doing today?” he asked you, but your mind was totally dead, if you had any appointments today, right now you couldn’t remember them.

“Aaah, I don’t know… why?” you asked him confused.

“Tt, you should said ‘yes’ ” Damian told you in a whisper causing Bruce to give him a glare.

“I need you to come with me, be ready, we leave in two hours” he told you and then he leaved the kitchen.

“What the fucked happened?” you asked Damian, Alfred look at you with his famous 'language’ glare and you smiled at him.

“Sister, never tell Bruce you had a free day” he told you with a smirk.

“What does that mean?” you asked to no one in particular.

“It means, Lady Y/N, that your father it’s taking you with him to visit Master Kent” Alfred told you with a smirk

“Oh hell no! There’s no way he is taking me with that family, haven’t he learned about me and Kara?” you said with wide eyes.

“Lady Y/N, Mr. Kent told your father that Kara or Jon wasn’t at home” Alfred said with half smile.

“Hm, so… it’s going to be a boring meeting?” you asked him, it was getting worst.

“You can take a book from Jason” Damian told you.

“Next time I’m going with you to the Teen Titans Tower” you told Damian as you started eating your breakfast.

“Bruce! Y/N!, it’s good to see you two” Clark said as he hugged you like a bear, fuck this man was going to kill your father and you just with a hug.

“Likewise, Clark” Bruce told him as he adjust his suit once more.

“Nice to see you too Clark” you tell him with a smile.

“Come on, he’s waiting for you at the main room” Clark told you as you looked at him confused, Clark saw these as he looked at Bruce.

“You didn’t told her, right?” Clark said with a sigh you looked at your father even more confused.

“I forgot” he said with a shrug.

“Who it’s waiting for me?” you asked Clark.

“Y/N!!” Conner said as he made his way beside Clark at the door.

“Oh my God, Y/N, I haven’t seen you since that day!” Superboy tells you as he hugged as hard as Clark.

“You are choking me” you tell him trying to breath.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, just that I’m happy to see you!” he said with a wide smile.

“Likewise” you tell him with another smile.

Someone kill me please, you thought as you entered the house with Bruce behind you.

Jason was having the most boring day of his life in the Tower, because Dick was a total boss here, so it’s wasn’t so much fun for him. He had already seen all the Tower three times, until he reached the sofa again.

He tooked out his phone, he looked at Tumblr for minutes and then he went to Instagram, the first photo nearly made him threw his phone.

Long time no see this pretty Lady @Y/N !’ said the photo from Superboy in which he was giving you kiss on your cheek, still the only visible from you was your lips and chin.

“This motherfucker” Jason said under his breath feeling his blood boil with every passing second, was he really jealous of Superboy kissing you cheek and spending his time with you?

“Everything alright Jay?” Dick said as he sit beside him on the couch.

“Look at these” Jason show him the photo and he started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jason said with a glare as he looked Dick still laughing, soon after Damian and Starfire appared on the room.

“Is Grayson finally dying?” Damian asked with a raised eyebrow

“I hope, i showed him these” Jason gave Damian his phone and Damian just looked at Jason with a 'really’ - glare.

“Listen Todd. I hate you, but I hate more this guy, so fix these, now” Damian said and starfire chuckled.

“Let me see the photo” Damian gave Jason’s phone to her.

“But they’re so cute together, since that day-”

“No they don’t look cute together!” Jason said with wide eyes and Starfire laughed too.

“I still don’t know what’s so funny!” Jason said with a scoff.

“You are jealous because you like her!” Dick and Starfire said in unison.

“No I don’t” Jason said, but his cheeks were red by now.

“Tt, just go and fix these, Todd” Damian told him with a scoff and he returned his phone to him.

21:30 you read at your clock, how many hours does Bruce needs to stop talking with Clark?, you don’t have any fucking idea, you have been here since morning, you had meal here, you are now at dinner and they haven’t finish?!, what the heck.

You have done your best to keep it cool with the superboy, but it wasn’t easy, he wanted to hold your hand every minute which you denied gently, he had hugged you all day, like if you were his favorite teddy bear, he had taken more than a hundred pictures with you or about you, he had talk enough to make a trilogy in books, you just wanted to leave right now.

You were looking at tumblr and instagram and you arrived at Damian’s 24 hrs, story, you took a look, you would kill him when you arrived at the Manor, he took photographs of you asleep and when you were dying at breakfast. That little shit, the story kept moving with cute animal videos and then pranks with Tim, you laugh as you looked at your brothers yelling in the video.

“What are you watching?” Superboy asked you as he tooked your phone from your hands.

“Some videos my brother took this morning” you told him with a tired voice.

“Hm, which brother?” he asked you confused.

“Damian” you told him as you rubbed your eyes.

“Oh, that little guy, Jon and he are really close friends, like you and me” he told you as he keep looking at the videos.

“Yeah, exactly the same” you told him, trying to make clear that you were friends.

“Yeah, or it could totally change” he told without looking at you, but you were totally taken aback. What.the.heck.

“Right, like, super-friends” you told him as you looked at your nails.

“You know what I mean Y/N” he told you and his super cool-attitude changed as the story changed. 

Now it was Jason’s story, you and him the night before.

You looked at his hand, in a swift motion he closed it so hard that your phone broken inside his hand.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” you yelled at him as you picked the pieces of your phone

“Heck, sorry Y/N, I just, sorry, please forgive me” he told you as he helped you picking up the pieces.

“Fuck, don’t. don’t worry, maybe Tim can fix these” you told him trying to stay calm, which you clearly wasn’t and he sense it.

“Y/N, really I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break you phone, it’s just -”

“Y/N, we are leaving, say your goodbyes” Bruce told you and you looked at Conner, he was kind of sad for breaking your phone so you gave him a kiss on his cheek. 

“It’s okay Conner, really, don’t worry, Tim can fix it, but I gotta go, right now, take care“ you told him as you stood up to say Goodbye to Clark. 

You arrived at the Manor, and Bruce went straight to the Batcave, you went to the kitchen for a glass of water when you heard the famous song again. I just died in your arms tonight, you thought that maybe Damian was looking again the movie because he fell asleep last night.

You grabbed your glass as you made your way, when you arrived to looked at Damian, in fact, looking at the movie, but Jason was with him. They heard you and Jason stood up, you looked at him confused as he walked towards you.

“Having fun with Superboy today?” he told you with a raised eyebrow, he hadn’t asked with anger, more like curious.

“His like a puppy you know? How was your Tour in the Tower?” you asked him as you looked at Damian in the distance.

“Go to another room!” Damian said as he get annoyed by your chat, you and Jason chuckled and made your way outside the Manor, to the big back yard.

“Well, you know, it was kind of boring, Dick it’s really a bossy man back there, and it’s like a kindergarten” he told you, and this made you chuckled.

“I promised Damian that next time I will go with him, but Bruce tooked me with him today” you told him with a chuckle.

“But everything…fine? you have some news for us?” he asked you, and for his tone of voice, you were confused, he wanted to know id something happened between you and Conner, and you knew what.

“Yeah, my phone paid the price tonight” you told him as you showed him a piece of your phone.

“What the heck happened?!” he looked at you with wide eyes.

“He got jealous” you told him with a smile.

“About what?” he asked you confused.

“You” you told him with a tender voice, at this point you just really wanted to kiss Jason on the lips, you couldn’t help it anymore, being with Conner for hours really made you realize why you liked Jason so much.

“You’re joking, why he will be jelous of me? a normal guy? he had superpowers and shit, I just know how to fight” he told and it broke your heart a little, he didn’t knew how amazing he truly was.

“He’s jealous because I don’t want a guy with superpowers and shit” you told him with another smile as you touched his hand.

He looked at you with confusion in his eyes, but somehow, curiosity made their way to those sweet blue eyes.

“So, what are you looking for?” he asked you as he leaned a little.

“I had a thing for guys that are totally badass at fightning” you told him as you watched his lips getting closer to you.

“I may know someone that fits in that description, but he has much more things to show” he told you as he looked at your lips too.

“I take that as a bonus” you told him as you lean further.

Jason kissed you as if you were made of glass, it was tender, soft but full of love. His hands rested on your hips and yours went straight to his hair, caressing the soft raven hair. He hummed in the kiss and you felt him smile on in, you didn’t want it to end, you wanted to kiss him every day now on. 

You broke apart after you felt like you were going to black out for lack of oxygen and you looked at his eyes. He was looking at you as if you were the most amazing thing on earth, so you blushed. 

“I wanted to do that long ago” he told you with a smile as he caressed your cheek. 

“Took you long enough, don’t you think?” you said with a chuckle as you smiled at him. 

“Well, it was worth the waiting, it was even better than I imagined” he told you as he kissed your forehead. 

“Likewise, Jay” you told him as you buried your face on his chest. 

“We should get in, Bruce brought Dick a Lego pajama and I need to kill Damian” you told him with a chuckle, he chuckled too and you made your way inside the Manor, holding hands with Jason.

It's Obvious~ Alex Standall

“Hey beautiful,” Alex says slinging his arm over my shoulders when he finally catches up with me and my best friend in the hallway. “Hey Alex,” I say wrapping an arm around his waist while we walk to my locker talking about random things. “So Alex what are you doing this weekend?” F/N asked while I shoved my books I didn’t need into my locker. “Well I wish I was going on a date with a certain beauty but she won’t give me the light of day so I’ll probably just spend my weekend chilling with her while being stuck in the friend zone,” he replies sighing, “but hey listen I gotta get to class I’ll see you guys later.” He hugs me before heading in the direction of his first class leaving me getting stared down by my loving best friend. “What?” I question.
“Dude he totally was just hitting on you. You’re the beauty he wants to date,” she says in exasperation.
“You’re crazy, but I’ll talk to you later,” I say walking away towards my class.
Throughout the whole day what she said was replaying in my mind so when me and Alex were having a movie night later that day I took it as an opportunity to ask him myself if he was flirting with me or not though the results was a huge shock. When I asked he simply replied, “It took you this look to notice, god gorgeous I’m hurt.”
“Why didn’t you just tell me you like me?” I ask curiously as I turn to look at him. “Because why would I girl like you want a Fuck up like me,” he replied sadly. AN: I may do a part two if requested

A Rom-Com

Soooo. I’m attempting an AU fic because honestly I need the challenge and it sounded kinda fun. I hope you all enjoy.

You can’t believe that you actually got the part. You were excited and anxious to be working with one of the hottest movie stars in Hollywood. He dominated the Rom-Com box office and was the star of plenty of erotic fan fiction, uh, not that you’ve read any.
“Hey!” One of your best friends, and make up artist Natasha Romanoff gets your attention. “I just worked on him and oh my god girl I can’t believe you get to make out with him.”
“Yeah?” You ask trying to keep your cool as you take another sip of your coffee.
“He’s gorgeous. Then again so are you so it makes sense.”
“Honestly Nat, I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this.” She makes grabby hands at your coffee which you pass to her.
“Are you Natasha?” A dark haired man with bright blue eyes asks looking at you. You tilt your head to your friend and his eyes follow. “Barton is looking for you.”
“Mm.” She hums before passing you back your coffee. “Thanks.”
“So, who are you?” He asks with a soft smile. You tell him and his face lights up. “Ah, Rogers has been looking for you.”
“Do you call everyone by their last names?” You ask with a smile as he reaches a hand down for yours. You take it and he pulls you to your feet.
“Nah. I’ve just known those two idiots for so long. I’m James, but please call me Bucky.”
“Nice to meet you. You’re playing the rival, Stan right?”
“I am.” He gives you a wolffish grin. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to the rest of the crew.” He offers you an arm, which you take and he leads you through the lot. “This is your first big one huh?”
“Movie? Yea.”
“Terrified.” He chuckles softly.
“Well, you’re in good hands, Bruce Banner is a great director.”
“I haven’t met him, I did meet Stark and Potts.”
“They’re great. Pepper always writes such great scripts.” He ushers you through a door and when your eyes adjust to the darker room you see him. Steve Rogers. He’s talking to a slight woman with dark hair, “That’s Wanda.”
“We’ve met, we did some screen testing together.”
“Oh nice.” There’s another woman standing next to Steve her arms folded tightly across her chest.
“Whose that.”
“Sharon. Steve’s girlfriend. She hates you already, she hates anyone who gets to kiss Steve.” Bucky tells you sounding bitter.
“She knows it’s just a job right?” You ask softly and he snorts. “I’ll take that as a no.”
“Don’t take it personally. If she liked you I’d have to dislike you on principle. I can’t understand why he stays with her, she’s, well a piece of work.” You’re about to ask how long they’ve been together when Bucky waves and calls out to his best friend. “Hey punk. Come meet your new sweetheart.” Steve’s blue eyes meet your hazel ones and oh god you’re screwed.

Have a first time scenario for Tanaka and a female s/o (who is tough and a little bad at expressing emotions and also not a native Japanese speaker and totally not actually my OC) because honestly Tanaka is so underappreciated and I utterly adore him. 

-Admin Alyx

You really had meant to just watch a movie. Honestly.

You’d both had hard practices the day before, so instead of the date you had planned you decided to go back to your apartment and put a movie on. Now, though, you were sitting astride Tanaka’s lap, movie playing completely forgotten on the TV behind you.

“Can I?” you asked, fingers curling under the hem of his shirt. Tanaka tried to speak but his voice stuck in his throat, so he just nodded helplessly and raised his arms as you stripped him. He stared at you, taking in the way your mouth fell open slightly, the feeling of your fingers against his skin.

“God, Ryuu, you’re so gorgeous,” you said, and an undignified whine escaped his throat as you pressed your hands against his chest, your body shifting against his. His mouth fell open, fingers gripping tightly at your hips, just above the waist of your jeans. It was–oh gods, it was too much.

Your fingers slid down his chest and then went to the hem of your own shirt. Tanaka swallowed thickly as you pulled it off in one fluid movement, tossing it onto the floor to join his. His mouth fell open as he took in what had to be the most perfect pair of tits ever to exist, offset by a simple but sexy as hell bra–black and strappy and ever so slightly sheer in strategic places.

He was snapped out of his blatant staring by a soft touch on his arm. Your fingers traced a feather-light path along his skin as you leaned in to kiss him. Your hand grabbed his and pulled it up, leading his fingers towards the clasp of your bra. Tanaka took a moment to be thankful for Noya and that bra he’d somehow managed to procure so they could practice this, because he was able to pinch the clasp free in seconds.

He was almost sad to see the bra go–almost. It was sexy, but nothing compared to the sight that he was presented with once it was tossed aside. He was pretty sure his brain short-circuited for a minute once it registered the tiny metal barbells through each nipple.

“Holy fuck,” he said, and you laughed softly. “Can–can I?”


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Raph: Pop Quiz – What are the most important traits of a ninja?

Leo: Speed…Stealth…

Raph: …and Honor…. where’s the honor in keeping secrets from your brother?

Leo: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Raph: So, now you’re addin’ lyin’ to the list?

God, the tension between these two in the movie is gold! They gave them so much depth and it was just all inspiring to watch take place. <3 UGH! The bromance is strong, yo.

and hey while i’m on a roll here let me just say that i hate the way modern 3D disney movies look, and i get the impression that the animators do too

because all 3D animated disney movies seem to have brief 2D animation segments, and those segments always look amazing

like, moana looks like le dreamworks face most of the movie

and it looks mediocre to bad most of the time

but then the art style shifts to something resembling traditional animation, briefly

and it’s gorgeous? and in motion, all of it is so bouncy and characterful? like, if you haven’t watched moana, watch this clip:

just look at how much nicer the 2D segments look. it’s staggering how much more fun that is to look at.

i can almost feel the artists and animators working on this movie screaming out from on top of the mountains

“please, for the love of god, let us do something fun and interesting! stop making us do homogenized, focus-tested dreamworks face! we can make something beautiful and fun to look at if you’ll just let us!”

12 Days of Anime Day 12: Adolescence of Utena

Reasons to watch the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie:



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this next one’s my favorite are you ready

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*whispers* im so gay

Literally had to replay Jury’s intro scene multiple times back to back when I first watched this movie because me and my friend couldn’t stop flipping out about HER GORGEOUS LOCKS

How does she even fit it all in that mask??? Fuckin’ witchcraft

(why do I always start my posts about lesbians with a ton of gifs…)

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena is artsy and surreal. Adolescence of Utena is EXTREMELY artsy and surreal. It’s all of what the show had and more. Every scene is so beautiful and interesting to look at. And of course, being Utena, there’s a lot under the surface to analyze. The big difference here is that, being a movie, they unfortunately can’t really go over quite as much as a 39-episode show can. It still has a lot of the same themes as the show, but some are represented to a lesser degree and others have more focus than before. I feel like the anime was more about society and growing up while the movie is… more gay. No, really, there’s a lot more focus on Utena and Anthy’s relationship and the ultimate message of the ending centers around them.

I really like this movie. In fact, it comes close to being my #1 favorite anime movie now. I can’t really compare it to the original anime because they’re two very different tellings of the same story and they have different overall messages. I like them both for different reasons. 

This is a movie I highly recommend. But I can’t recommend it alone, you really have to watch the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime first to fully appreciate it.

Now, when I think of Adolescence of Utena, my mind can only go to one thing:

The dance scene.

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I really mean it: this part of the movie is so beautiful. The animation, the imagery, the music, oh my god, the MUSIC, it’s all just amazing. It’s really trippy and gorgeous at the same time. I love this scene so much it’s definitely my favorite scene of all time from any anime.

One of the things I like more about this movie than the show is Anthy and Utena. Like I said before, a lot more focus is put on the romantic aspect of their relationship. The anime had lesbianism as more of a subtext, but it’s one of the main focuses of the movie. And this is just one of many scenes that expands on their relationship in ways that the show didn’t. I like that that’s explored more.

Also “At Times, Love Is”, the song that plays during this scene, is the ultimate gay anthem. And that’s why as of right now on my computer it has over 1200 plays on iTunes.

I have a problem :3

(Shoutout to @robin-red-r because we watched this movie for the first time together. If I didn’t have someone to experience it and talk about it with me afterwards, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks friend. Here’s to another year of watching gay anime together.)

I just watched Empire of Corses a few hours ago, and OH MY GOD! that movie is awesome, the art is so gorgeous that must be illegal. And I lost my mind every 10 minutes there, I can’t believe how fast I ended with a OTP in that movie.

The plot was amazing, since my english is very limited I am unable to explain how amazing and perfect that movie was.

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Android 18

Why I like them
God she’s just so great? She’s gorgeous and the cool Actually Stoic character (as opposed to Piccolo and Vegeta who just pretend) and she loves her family so much and she beat the shit out of Vegeta that one time and I just love her a lot

Why I don’t
Mmm I wish she was just a little more forthcoming with her feelings. Although from what I hear that’s one of the few things Super is doing well so there’s that I guess.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)
Her one scene in Resurrection F makes me happy, even if I do wish she’d actually gone to fight.

Favorite season/movie
Androids arc.

Favorite line

Favorite outfit
The denim vest/skirt combo was a Good Look

K18 is honestly the best canon ship and I’m willing to fight over that

18, 17, and 16 all hanging out and being friends is my favourite thing what do you mean 16 is dead shut the fuck up and let me have my dreams

Head Canon
She feels super awkward around Chi-Chi a lot of the time because she did sort of try to kill her husband that one time. Less awkward around Goku because they can just punch all their feelings out.

Unpopular opinion
18 is more handsome than pretty. 17 is the pretty twin.

A wish
For people to stop being assholes about her relationship with Krillin? Holy shit you guys they have a great and healthy relationship let them be

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
Don’t let her die in the upcoming tournament or lose Krillin

5 words to best describe them
Not so emotionless kickass mom

My nickname for them
I tag her as blonde hair bot but “the love of my life” also works

Cuddle Drabbles Part 6

Word Count: 471

Warnings: None

Summary: During family movie night, Natasha notices what’s happening between you and Bucky.

A/N: YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING AMAZING. Like. I can’t. I can’t function. You guys are just pouring so much love into my life. I never expected this when @bovaria convinced me to post these. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart and soul. You’re all so wonderful!

God, she’s gorgeous, isn’t she?. I could stare at this gif for days! This is told from Natasha’s POV! I hope you all enjoy this part!

[Part 5][Part 4][Part 3][Part 2][Part 1]

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(Natasha’s POV)

Family movie night in the tower was always eventful.

Tony insisted on it, said it was nice to have something that normal people did. It was nice to gather a hoard of snacks, popcorn, and drinks. It was nice to have everyone bicker like siblings and to fight over the movie. It was nice for them to come together and do something that didn’t involve saving the world. Natasha agreed. She was always up for something that was “normal.”

Tony finally rounded up Steve and Bucky, who had been training. Both men were freshly showered, tired, and happy. Steve took his usual place next to Nat, and Bucky went over to the table to get himself a drink.

Bruce tapped away on the projector, getting the movie to come up, then taking his place on Nat’s other side. It was a James Bond movie that the boys had picked.

Nat hardly pays attention to the opening credits. She’s watching her teammates. Tony’s doing a god-awful impersonation of Bond, sending Y/N into a giggling fit. Everyone’s so relaxed and carefree. It’s a nice change.

But, what catches her eye is the way Y/N’s eyes trail after Bucky when he comes to sit by her. She can practically see the excitement bursting from her skin as he sits close to her.

Y/N swings her legs over Bucky’s. It seems commonplace until Nat notices the exchange they have before Bucky wraps his arm around her. She looked up at him shyly, asking if it was okay, and his mouth turned up into a smirk before he wrapped her up and placed his cheek on top of her head.

This was much more interesting than a James Bond movie Natasha’s seen dozens of times before. This development was new–not only to her, but to the couple as well. The shy glances back and forth, the tentative way Bucky was gripping Y/N’s leg. It was so endearing watching this unfold.

Bucky always had questions about the movies. (Hell, he still had questions about lots of things.) He used to ask Steve, who would in turn ask Natasha if he didn’t have the answers. But now that Y/N was around, he would whisper the question in her ear, and she would reply back just as quietly with a small smile playing on her lips. She never scoffed and turned away from his seemingly redundant questions. She always answered patiently.

The look in Y/N’s eyes made Na wonder how long this had been going on. Did she know she was in love with the soldier, yet? Did he know he was smitten with her? Nothing was established yet, she could tell that for sure. They looked like a couple of lovesick teenagers, and nothing made Natasha happier than her friends finding love.


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*sweatingandhyperventilating* Hi! Wow, I’m so nervous, it’s ridiculous, but I’m a mess cuz you’re SO AWESOME, your VLD Family is my digital ray of sunshine and I’m so thankful… sooo Thank you! ^-^ Also, ikindofsortofwantedtoaskyou if you ever imagined them a few years older?? And thought about the fact that probably at 15 Hunk will be taller than daddy Keith and at 16 Lance’s giraffe legs will grow like jack’s beanstalk?? (1/3)

And while leaving kitchen supplies on unreachable places (for a smol angry bean like daddy Keith) is Lance’s reason of living, they become superprotective of their tiny dad? Like, if waiting in line someone stumbles over Keith, or at an event, a taller man blocks Keith’s view they’ll be ready to overreact and leave Keith like a blushing *indignated* mess. (2/3)

Also: Imagine Shiro secretly adoring how Keith pouts trying to reach things. Plus!! Piggy ride races with Lance holding Pidge and Hunk holding daddy Keith! (3/3)

OH MY LORD THANK YOU <3 AND THIS IS ADORABLE!!! And you know what would be cuter, too? If they still call them like the way they used to!

So Lance’s classmates in high school were having a group study at home and they were in the living room. Keith arrived from work and Lance stood up to hug him and kiss him on the cheek because that was how it had always been.

Lance: Welcome home. 
Keith: *hugs back* Thanks. Where are the others?
Lance: Hunk’s staying late for practice and Pidge is upstairs.
Keith: Alright. I see your friends are here.
Lance: Yeah, should probably introduce you.

Lance’s classmates saw the exchange and they were all wondering who the new person who came in was. So Lance and Keith made their way to the living room. And they all just stare at Keith.

Lance: Guys, meet Daddy Keith. *all smiley*
Friends: Hiiiiiiiiiii! *waves all cutely*
Keith: *smiles* If you guys need anything, just let me know. I think we have ice cream in the fridge.
Lance: What?! But I thought that was for movie nights!!
Keith: *chuckles* I’m pretty sure you can handle sharing this one time with your friends. We can always buy another one.

So when Keith left, Lance sat down on the floor.

Friend #1: That was your DAD?????
Lance: Yeah, why? *blinks*
Friend #2: He looks so young! I thought he was like probably your older brother or your cousin or something?!
Lance: Ahhh, Asians do tend to look really young. I’m a bit jealous.
Friend #3: I thought he was your boyfriend! *laughs*
Lance: *GASP* DUDE!!!! OH MY GOD! That’s just so wrong!!!
Friend #3: *laughs* My bad my bad! But your dad is gorgeous!
Friend #4: I think we are all ignoring the fact that Lance, a 17 year old high school boy, calls his dad “Daddy Keith” 
Lance: *frowns* What’s wrong with that?
Friend #1: You’d think one would grow out of it and settle for a simple “Dad”
Lance: *mouths ‘Dad Keith’* *shakes head* No, man. It just doesn’t feel right. Daddy Keith is Daddy Keith and it will always be that way. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with that. *shrugs*
Friends: *nods* True, true. 

Then Pidge came down and greeted Keith too with a hug and kiss. She saw Lance’s friends and just waved at them, they knew her because they go to the same school. She decided to sit on the couch while trying to finish her boss battle game. Hunk later on arrived and did the same to Keith, then joined Pidge on the couch. Last to arrive was Shiro and when he opened the door…

Friend #3: Holy shit. Who. Is. THAT?
Friends: *all turns towards the door*

Then they all witness Shiro tapping Keith–who was cooking dinner–on the shoulder and giving him a quick peck on the lips.

Shiro: Hello.
Keith: Hello to you, too.
Shiro: What’s for dinner?
Keith: Pesto pasta with chicken. Oh and Lance’s friends will join us.
Shiro: *turns towards the living room and sees them all* Oh, hello! 
Friends: Hellooooo!

Then they all turn towards Lance.

Lance: That’s my Daddy Shiro.
Friend #2: * in disbelief* I can’t believe this.
Friend #3: I don’t know who’s even lucky here? Your Daddy Keith or your Daddy Shiro? That is one insanely good looking married couple.
Friend #1: I’m actually blushing just looking at them. IS THAT WEIRD?
Pidge: *chuckles* You should’ve seen how my friends reacted when they visited. They were all fangirling over our Daddies.
Lance: *laughs* Oh my god. I remember that one. 
Friend #2: Is it always like this?
Hunk: *smiles* They’re adorable aren’t they? One of my friends legit have a crush on Daddy Keith and another one on Daddy Shiro!
Friend #1: You three are so lucky. *sniffs*
Lance, Pidge and Hunk: *looks at each other* Yeah, we really are.
Friend #1: I want to be adopted to this family 
Lance, Pidge and Hunk: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreamworks' Most Underrated Movie

There are plenty of Dreamworks movies out there that never got the recognition they deserved. Prince of Egypt. Megamind. But there’s one that (at least in my opinion) is absolutely criminally neglected. Rise Of The Guardians. No one I know thought much of this movie from the (very few) previews it got. An emo-kid looking Jack Frost? Bo-ring. OK maybe the Santa looks cool. But giant bipedal Easter Bunny? Ew. But this movie is SO GOOD. And I don’t mean just because it’s funny. It’s actually NOT a comedy, which for animated Dreamworks films is something of a rarity these days. There’s humor, yes, but it’s not a central theme. I can’t think of any other kids’ movie that deals with the traditional Western mythology figures (Santa, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, etc) the way ROTG does. They’re literal beings in the movie, yes, whose power is linked to childrens’ belief in them… but they are also concepts. The movie is very clear about that. Santa outright says he is “wonder”. The Easter Bunny is hope and new beginnings. Jack Frost, the main character… he’s laughing in the face of fear. Specifically the fear of death in winter. Turning the cold, life-threatening ice and snow into something fun so that children can live without fear. I mean come on, that’s great! On top of all that, these are just… great characters with wonderful backstories. Some are only hinted at - but oh my god, scratch the surface and it’s beautiful. Not to mention the art is GORGEOUS. The details, the designs… everything about this movie is just rich with visual interest.

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Three years and I’m still into him

It’s been three years, but everyday I’m falling in love with him in a weird and twisted ways like how he doesn’t talk to me when he’s playing mobile games and when he’d prefer sleeping over going to parties on Friday night with me.

I love how he has beautiful, wonderful brown eyes that I could just stare into. I love staring at those eyes and get lost in them. He has this dazzling smile, and this warm, sexy voice I never noticed the first day we met. And God, he has the most gorgeous laugh. And he’s weird, like, he almost doesn’t blink when watching movies and the silence he does when he’s eating. I know I talk a lot when I eat so it usually takes me a long time to finish my meal. 

He’s that guy that would always make me laugh even when I get mad with him and throw stuff when I’m angry. He who is always patient and understanding with me. He who is always right beside me whatever I do. He who cheers me on no matter what kind of failures I do. He who would cook breakfast and takes care of me when I’m sick. He who lets me steal his food. He who would let me have a sleepover at his place, who would let me watch movies all day if I wanted to. He who would sleep in a tight bed with me, who would hug me tightly. He who would tease me to death, who wouldn’t let me get away with a poke. He who sleeps so much. 

Three years and I am still in love with him. I love everything about him, with who he was before, who he is today and who he will be in the future. I’ve always been in love with him. The way he is, the way he isn’t, and everything that falls in between

Isn’t It Obvious?

Request: Can i have a fluffy revenge era gee where i’m really oblivious and gee has been flirting with me for the (blank) amount of years ive known him. and like at a movie “date” i’m like wait are you flirting and he’s like yeah i have been for the past (blank) years but thanks for noticing and it ends in a kiss or something like that. I love cheesy stories so much!

AN: OH MY GOD i am soo sorry this took so long! It took me ages to think of how to start this, then it took even longer to think of what to do with it. I’m so relieved that it’s finally done, even though it may not be the best. Its also pretty short yikes. And once again, the title doesn’t make sense but i could NOT think of anything else. Anyway, I hope you enjoy iy!

You sat next to Gerard, the friend you’d had for many years. You were watching some horror movie with him, but surprisingly, he wasn’t really paying attention to it. Usually he’d be so deep into it, not noticing anything else that was going on around him. Today however, he kept trying to engage in conversation with you. He leaned his head slightly against your arm and smiled a bit shyly.

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Lightsabers (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1263

Summary: Reader and Pietro first bonded over their mutual love for the sci-fi series Star Wars, and now as a romantic couple, they seek out to create their own lightsabers. Because that’s what adults do.

A/N: I’m dead I’m dead. So dead. Y’all know my love for Pietro and Star Wars so I am basically just a corpse now. ENJOY MY DUDES!!!

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I've been dying to tell this cause no one in the CCS fandom has noticed but there's a dress (or two) at the latest Giambattista Valli fashion show that totally remind me of Sakura. The style is so similar, it's hard to believe it's mere coincidence. I just wish I had killer drawing skills to dress Sakura with the whole collection! Gosh I swear Tomoyo could easily work for Giambattista Valli, everything's GORGEOUS

God I would LOVE it if Tomoyo grew up to be an actual fashion designer

So I went looking through the collection and I think I know which ones you’re talking about. But I’m guessing this is one of them!!!

(maybe its not the same one but WOW this reminded me of the second movie big time!!) HOLY WOW ITS GORGEOUS, and its SO something Tomoyo would make for Sakura!!!