god this movie did unspeakable things to me

Jealous Gods, jealous thoughts

First off, Jealous Gods is a movie by @facts-i-just-made-up (or Ari Bach for short) about college students that get super powers from a strange man in a cave.

Watch it here.

So, I’m still just dipping my toes in reviewing, but I want to tackle this from three points - the movie as art, and the art as a part of Ari’s world.

@jealous-gods-movie​ if I don’t do a good job, I hope you’ll at least enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the movie.

1.) Of actors and cameras

Admittedly, the first two segments will be somewhat short.

Simply said, I liked the movie.

More specifically, though.

I absolutely adored the opening, what with the music and the old man in a cave. The actors were also very good, the main cast anyways, if a little stiff in their movement sometimes. Not as stiff as the camera was, but there were complains about that already.

I LOVED the visual gags, like when Clarke fistbumps and Don high fives, or when Clarke uses the fake ID and it has “fakeid.com” printed on it, or that knowing look from Bridge.

The effects are lackluster, obviously, but nonetheless pretty fun.

The dialog is really well written, as expected of the author, of course. There are some bad lines (I’m looking at you, stale Twilight meme), but generally it’s just really good.

2.) A god, a Geki, and a timeline walk into a bar…

Ok we’re getting into full spoiler mode now, I’m sorry it’s past 3 am I cannot talk about this without spoilers.

I have prepared notes here! There are some things to discuss both in-movie and in-universe.

The way the powers or rather the dealing with powers is portrayed is really good. Clarke realising immortality is not that good, Don turning evil because hey he can control people now, Bridge’s omniscience making her really boring to talk to.

I have really jumbled thoughts in my head, so let’s just go character by character, and stuff tied to them.

Clarke. Now, we know that Ari’s stories are all in the same timeline. And he is very obviously going to be the main character of the last story, The Lonely God. It’s just really interesting to think that he was there through the whole Ragnarok thing… Wonder where he was. Wonder what the fuck he did that made Bridge do that to him.

Quail. Oh, what love makes us do. I have to say, I think the whole thing with his relationship with Bridge, and Don abusing her, was kinda clunky? I can’t really put my finger on it, unfortunately… However, I do find the whole romance between them sweet, in a way.

Don. Man, he started out as a total fucking dick. And then was ok. And then ended as a total fucking dick. What he did to poor Jan. Wow. And then Bridge. Woah. At least the happy beams were a good idea. Plus, he did want to stop the Geki murders. In a way, he was the good guy…

Lucky. That is a very intruiging character. The way Bridge talks about him, I don’t think it’s coincidental. I am very much convinced the idea is that he has programmed the world, or is a programmer of it. Whether it’s a simulation or something like that.
Bridge knows that, and she knows that she’s in a damn story. That’s a funny thing I don’t see get used with omniscience enough. The character realizing she’s in a story. She’s just a character, played by an actor. I absolutely love that.
One thought - may it be that Lucky is the Author himself?

Bridget. Oh, sweet, sweet knowing Bridget. Bridge knows. Oh, she knows. She knows many things.
She knew how it’ll end. She said that, that things will end how she wants them to end. And she was right, of course. Ari himself said she manipulated everyone, to reach her goals. She outright lied, to Quail about not loving him, to Don about what he’ll do to her.
Well, let us focus on some other things she said though, because here we connect to the Bach universum.

So there are multiple gods, but no one God. Did she mean them, people with powers? There is no devil /yet/. So there will be. Once again, I wonder if it is a character we’ve met in some other stories? I should rewatch that bit about cetaceans.

It’s interesting to note, humanity doesn’t survive what happened in Ragnarok. “The things humans have made of themselves”, paraphrasing here, doesn’t sound exactly like wavebombs to me, though. Unspeakable Darkness? New evolutional step, maybe it was wavebombs after all…

Also interestingly, this movie happens at the same time the Geki go on a rampage!

I suppose the movie very much packs the right punch if you’ve already read the Valhalla trilogy.

I’m definetly gonna watch this movie again, which is so damn rare with me.

Well and this was a jumbled mess of thoughts. I’m sorry I do this to you.

If you’re into that kind of stuff, here are some notes I took while watching the movie! May be entertaining.

Have a nice day.

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