god this man is too perfect

okay but i’m ready to bet $10 that the real reason adam doesn’t want to stay overnight in monmouth is that once he did and woke up to gansey laying on his side, one arm under his head, staring in awe at adam and whispering “magnificent………. pure perfection… @ god thou art a good man .. creating this …… even in the darkness of the moonless night he shines bright like a diamond (diamond) *chokes on tears* good LoRD adam parrish. parrish. adam. what a poetic name he has .. like a sound of a silent forest,,, a peaceful rivulet,,, a lucid sky,, his delicate eyelashes …. no contest. nono. *sighs dreamily* adam parrish”

  • Lance: *looks at Keith*
  • Lance: Keith thinks he's SO great with his beautiful smile and cute laugh. Whatever. Just because he's funny and smart and pretty and cool, who does he think he is? Man, if I could I'd just reach out and hold his han- I mean FIGHT HIM. Ha! He's so lame, like, I could probably destroy his perfect face! Those beautiful eyes would stare in horror as I kiss- I mean pummel him! ...He's just the WORST! .... god he's pretty.
Avengers Preference: Your First Date

A/N: I really like preferences. This is my first one with Loki, so enjoy :)

Request: Preferences, first date?? Include Bucky and Loki as well please

Warnings: none!

Loki: On your first date, the god of mischief picked you up, surprisingly on time. He took you out to dinner and was a perfect gentleman, until the waiter got a little too flirty. “Loki! What was that? Where did he go??” “If he is going to act like an animal and flirt with MY princess, I will lock him in a cage.”

Thor: You and Thor went on a coffee date. He met you at your favorite coffee shop, because he adored the “strange mortal drink”. He ended up spending almost fifty dollars on coffee because he wanted to try every drink, and that much caffeine took its toll on even his godlike body. You spent the rest of the night at the Avengers Tower, laughing as the blond god ran around like a child, to the dismay of the others.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: For your first date with Wanda, you went and watched a foreign film that just so happened to be in Romanian. She spent the first half of the movie translating for you, her lips right next to your ear, but that ended quickly when your desire got the best of you. On the bright side, you could now scratch “getting yelled at by an old hipster woman for making out in a movie theater” off your bucket list. On the downside, Tony now demanded a hand check whenever you and Wanda were watching Netflix on the couch.

Pietro/Quicksilver: Pietro took you to a local indie rock show on your first date. You weren’t expecting him to look as…well, hot as he did in skinny jeans and a flannel. When you opened the door, you took a moment to check him out, fully appreciating how lucky you were. As you eyes flicked back up to his, the smirk on his face told you that he knew what you had been doing. “What can I say? You look good, Speedy.” The night was a whirlwind of dancing and flirting, and when you woke up in his bed the next morning you knew you could do this forever.

Bucky/Winter Soldier: For your first date, Bucky just invited you to his house to watch a movie. He was still adjusting to the world, and he didn’t want you to be in public and have to contain him if something happened. The two of you settled in with a silent movie (“It was my favorite growing up,” he explained with a shy smile) and you spent the whole time feeding each other popcorn and cuddling and laughing at the antics on the screen. You fell asleep on his normal shoulder, and he smiled softly at you, brushing your hair out of your face and gently kissing your forehead.

Steve/Captain America: On your first date with the super soldier, he took you swing dancing. He had heard of your love for it, and he figured he would take you and show you how they really did it back in the day. You both dressed up for the occasion, in authentic 40’s style, and he had never looked more handsome. As he swung you around on the floor, you told him, “It’s a wonder you never had a string of girls back in your day.” He smiled softly at you, “I was just waiting for the right partner. I’ve waited 70 years, but I think I’ve finally found her.”

Natasha/Black Widow: You and Nat went to the shooting range for your first date. To the others, it seemed like an odd choice, but you both knew it was perfect. Once you got there and starting shooting (really, it was more flirting than shooting), some random douchebag decided to come and try to hit on Nat by offering to give her a “private lesson”. She laughed and looked at you, knowing you had a jealous streak a mile wide. You smiled at the guy as you wrapped an arm around her, saying “Yeah, that’s nice, but we’ve got a private lesson of our own scheduled later tonight.” Nat visibly grabbed your ass, and the guy got the hint and walked away, muttering about how “the hot ones are always gay”.

Clint/Hawkeye: Ever the one to try and impress you, Clint took you to play paintball with Wanda and Pietro (no powers allowed). “This way, I can finally shoot the quick little bastard” he told you with a wink, making you throw back your head in laughter. At the end of the game, you suspected that he had paid the twins off to make him look good and make you feel better, because there’s no way that he could hit Pietro that many times (powers aside, he still was quick) and you knew that you didn’t even fire as many times as Wanda claimed you hit her. It was cute, though, the way he looked at you to make sure you were watching when he made an incredible shot. So you rewarded him with a gross, dirty, paint-stained make out session in one of the bunkers while Wanda and Pietro shot at each other :)

Tony/Iron Man: To the surprise of exactly no one, you and Tony went clubbing on your first date. He complimented your dress with a wink and drove his nice car way too fast, which suited you just fine. You loved Tony in part because of his wild side, and because he made you feel like royalty. He helped you out of the car and straight past the line, and you spent the night dancing way too close. At one point you challenged him to a shots contest, and the two of you woke up beside the pool on the roof of his tower. Despite the fact that one of your shoes was missing and he had lost his jacket AND his shirt (Tony looked hella great in just a tight white undershirt, though), the two of you went out again the next night.

Bruce/Hulk: You planned your first date with Bruce, and you took him to the children’s interactive science museum in the city. When he realized where you were he laughed at you, saying “Really? Why here?” You smiled and told him that it was a lot of fun, and you knew he’d enjoy it. Boy, were you right. As you went through the museum, you could see his shy exterior melting away. When he stopped at yet another exhibit to give you an in-depth explanation as to how it worked in that nerdy, kid-in-a-candy-store way of his, you stretched up on impulse and kissed him. He blushed. “What was that for?” “You’re cute when you’re excited.”

She’s just a little too perfect, she’s just a little too worth it
“What if” Pt.1

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: Iโ€™m already in too deep. I couldnโ€™t stop thinking about the endless plot twists๐Ÿ˜ˆ EnJOY

Warning: Mentions of blood and cursing


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DANTE, a poem by Michelangelo

What should be said of him cannot be said;
By too great splendor is his name attended;
To blame is easier than those who him offended,
Than reach the faintest glory round him shed.
This man descended to the doomed and dead
For our instruction; then to God ascended;
Heaven opened wide to him its portals splendid,
Who from his country’s, closed against him, fled.
Ungrateful land! To its own prejudice
Nurse of his fortunes; and this showeth well
That the most perfect most of grief shall see.
Among a thousand proofs let one suffice,
That as his exile hath no parallel,
Ne'er walked the earth a greater man than he.

Translated into English by H.W. Longfellow (1807-1882)
Painting by Domenico di Michelino. Florence, 1465.



You were on the set of an interview for Captain America, you played a supporting role in the movie, along with Chris, Anthony, Scarlett, and of course Sebastian. As the crew members prepared for the interview you helped yourself to the snacks. “God that’s so unhealthy.” Chris commented, sarcastically of course. “Shut up Hemsworth wannabe.” You replied jokingly.

“There’s no need to hurt my feelings here I’m just trying to help you.” He said with a grin. You raised an eyebrow as he motioned to Sebastian. You chuckled, “Oh my God, shut up.” You said. “Come on he likes you!” Chris whispered. You shook your head, “A man like that would not have a crush on me, believe that.” You said.

Chris’s eyes widened and immediately you shook your head, “Don’t take my words out of context-”

“You like him too! This is perfect you guys can go on and have little Romanian babies!” Chris exclaimed. “Romanian babies?” Scarlett joined in, walking over. “She likes him too!” Chris said to her. “Like we didn’t already know that? They look at each other with googley eyes whenever the other isn’t looking.” She commented.

You couldn’t disagree, because it was true. Thankfully, the interview was a go and the set was ready. The 5 of you greeted the interviewer, about to sit down, “Let me not get in the way of Sebastian of (Y/N).” Anthony teased, sitting next to Chris instead. “Oh, please don’t.” Scarlett said. You pursed your lips as Sebastian held back a laugh and say next to you.

During the duration of the interview you felt butterflies in your stomach, you literally felt like a 13 year old girl with her crush when it came to Sebastian. Whether it’d be you two brushing shoulders, his laugh directly in your ear, or him referring to you during a question, you felt giddy. You had feelings for him, which you’d never admit, because you knew deep down he wouldn’t feel the same.

“So let me get this straight, Chris, (Y/N), and Sebastian are the only single ones here? Who’s gonna make a move?” The interviewer asked. Chris sighed dramatically, “Well, uh, it’s not gonna be me.” He hinted. “Really? I thought you and Sebastian had something special?” You asked. Scarlett let out a ‘pfft’, “You know you want that Romanian hunk, (Y/N).” She teased.

Sebastian chuckled as you shook your head. “Well I can’t disagree, you two have been all timid and red faced this whole time and all your doing is sitting next to each other.” The interviewer commented. “Thank You!” Chris exclaimed. “We haven’t heard much from Mr. Stan over there how you holding up man?” Anthony asked.

“I’m just fine thanks.” Sebastian said with a smile. “You two would be a cute couple! You’ve never thought of it?” The interviewer asked. Neither of you responded, you looked over at Sebastian to see he was looking at you, you looked away biting your lip. “Look at that lip bite man. Just look!” Chris exclaimed. “Oh my god!” You buried your face in your hands as everyone laughed.

Sebastian pulled you into his arms, kissing the top of your head, “Tell me that isn’t meant to be.” Scarlett said.

About 10 minutes later the interview was over, you went into the dressing room to get your purse when Sebastian entered. “Hey… Sorry about that.” He apologized. You shook your head, “Wasn’t your fault.” You said with a smile.

He sat down in a chair, pulling you with him. “I actually wanted to know if you’d consider that.” Sebastian said. “… What?” You asked in disbelief. “You and me… Would you?” He asked, his blue eyes peering into yours.

You couldn’t respond, just shrugging. “Give me a real answer, (Y/N).” He said. You sighed, looking away, “I do have feelings for you, I just feel like you’d want nothing to do with me in that kind of situation.” You said. “Why would you think that?” He asked, confused. You shrugged, looking up at him. “… I do have feelings for you. I feel like we both assumed that neither of us was good enough for the other.” Sebastian admitted.

You chuckled, “You felt like you weren’t good enough for me?” You asked in denial. “I could ask you the same…” He said. Before you could respond, he pulled you into a kiss, his hands cupping your cheeks. He pulled away, “Do you want there to be an us?” He asked.

You nodded, “…Yeah.” You barely whispered.

Immediately 'aww’s were heard right outside the door. Sebastian and you let out a chuckle as he opened the door, seeing Chris, Scarlett, and Anthony outside. “I’m almost in tears.” Anthony said, jokingly crying, making Scarlett laugh.

“About damn time.” Chris said. Sebastian nodded, “I agree.” He said, pulling you to his side.


Special Agent Barry Allen was thrilled when he was assigned to guarding Mayor Snart of Central City. But the ‘perfect leader’ image he had of the mayor shatters soon after he starts working for the man –don’t get him wrong the mayor is intelligent, hard-working, and cares for the people with all his might– but he is, also, a complete dickhead! He keeps treating him like a servant. Barry has to constantly remind him that he is a special agent assigned to protect him god dammit, his job does not entitle getting the man breakfast!

Somehow along the way and after spending too many nights cooped up in the mayor’s library with him –because the man is a workaholic, who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of sleep, something which Barry had commented on once and felt pride swell up inside him when the mayor’s reply had been ‘I’ll sleep when my people can sleep safely’– Barry finds himself caring deeply for the man day by day, he’s still an asshole but Barry can now recognize the mask and understand the necessity of it.

When Iris’ birthday rolls up, Barry asks for the day off and Leonard grants it for him –he’d met the CCPD Captain before, and he won’t admit it to Barry, but he is terrified of her wrath, so he’s not gonna be blamed for keeping her best friend away on her birthday.

The day had been going great, Barry was enjoying the fact that he can have a drink without worrying too much about jeopardizing the job, when his phone buzzes, it’s Len and he chuckles–he should have known better than to expect for the man to let him have the entire day for himself– It takes him more than he’d like to admit to realize what he’s seeing, he blinks and blinks, breath stuck in his throat, but the video keeps playing, Len’s face staring up at him while someone is beating him to a pulp.

By the time he’d managed to show Iris the video –and he’s never been more grateful for her ability to switch into her calm Captain mode– they’re trying to trace the video and he’s jumping with nerves because he knows he needs to be out there looking for Len, he wants –needs– to do something other than sit and stare at the video over and over and over again.

30 minutes pass and they still have nothing, they’re still doing nothing and he loses it, he manages to punch Anderson and scream at everyone in the precinct before Iris drags him out demanding that he takes a walk, he starts yelling but then she hugs him and he breaks and cries and cries and cries until he’s shaking.

“I just want to find him.” He rasps, and she strokes his back whispering “I know, Barry. I know.”


Or the Guarding Tess AU nobody asked for.

Am I the only one who ships pretty much everyone with anyone in voltron

Like Keith & Lance ? Hell yeah. Shiro & Matt ? Oh my God YES please. Shiro & Allura ? Sweet. Pidge & Hunk ? They’re made to be. Shay & Hunk ? Too adorable to handle. Shiro & Kieth ? Fucking OTP man. Shiro & Keith & Lance ? Perfect. Any. fucking. ship. I 300% support it. I’m ridiculous

But on the other hand when it comes to pairings I’m happy with everything the fandom or the show will ever throw my way


nectar of the gods (and witches too) by witchbarnes

When the man reaches for his drink, Steve can’t meet his eyes, instead focusing on the brief splashes of colour at the man’s wrists. They’re gorgeous, swirls of colour and sharp lines disappearing under fabric, and Steve’s fingers itch to draw them.

The man clears his throat, and Steve’s head jerks up, flushing as the man raises an eyebrow at him. He looks down pointedly, and Steve follows his gaze, to where his hand is still firmly wrapped around the cup. “Oh, uh, sorry,” Steve mumbles, quickly pulling his hand back, and the man - Bucky, according to the order ticket - grins.

“If you’re lucky I’ll show them to you properly sometime,” Bucky says easily, and Steve melts a little at the deep rumble of his voice. He blinks again, goes to respond, but Bucky’s turning, walking away with a sway in his step and a wink thrown over his shoulder.

Yeah. Fuck.

Steve is gone.

Or: the one where Steve owns a coffee shop, Bucky’s a greenwitch, and neither of them are okay, but they’re trying to be.


Min Yoongi is my ultimate bias.
Min Yoongi turns me on so fucking much it’s almost embarrassing and I would never admit to it out loud just how much.
His voice when he raps slays me
His speaking voice is so gruff and ughhhh
His hands, God his hands
Those fucking eyes, sleepy bedroom eyes
How dark and deep and warm his eyes are
Such a languid expression
Like its lazy and bored and just sexy to me
Even his gummy ass smile turns me on
It’s so perfect and cute
The way he dances on stage, he gets so into it
His style too, I love Yoongi’s style
Even his piercings are sexy, man idk anymore
His personality
The way he smirks
The way he laughs

Man I have never been so enamored with someone who I will probably never know well. Here’s to hoping, but we all know that’s less than likely haha.
I really hope and pray that I can find someone to become so enamored with as I am with Yoongi.

11 - Jake Riley

[Hi. Jake Riley request– where y/n meets him, they become friends, but she’s really shy (likes him too). But when y/n gets (sexual/ verbally) harrassed by another man jake saves her and it becomes all fluffy please? Thank you!!]


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” The man, who bumps into me, says.

I shake my head. “It’s fine.” I mumble, crouching down and picking up my things that fell. He crouches down as well and helps me.

That’s when I catch a glimpse of him. And he is beautiful, literally he is the definition of perfection.

His eyes raise too and lock with mine, I blush realising I was staring at him.

“Here you go.” He says, handing me my things that he picked up.

I smile, taking them from him and stand up. “Umm….thank you.” I say, adjusting my things in my hand.

I’m on my way to university, I’m studying English since I enjoy writing and want to hopeful be a journalist.

“It’s alright.” He replies, smiling a perfect smile. “Jake.” He introduces, holding out his hand.

I nod, shaking his hand and notice his palms are soft. I smile, moving my hand back afterwards.

Jake raises his eyebrows. “Can I know your name?”

I blush, nodding. “It’s Y/N.”

“What? Sorry you’re really quiet.” He replies, I sigh.

“Y/N.” I repeat louder, deep red with embarrassment.

Jake nods and smiles to me. “Cute name.”


“Ready, Y/N?” Jake asks, knocking my door.

“Almost.” I reply, adjusting my dress and double checking my makeup.

Jake and I are going a party, so since we live literally five doors away in the same apartment block we’re leaving together.

Even though Jake and I formed a friendship, I still can’t push away the feelings I have for him and my shyness at times.

I’m in a simple black dress for the party, my hair down and simple makeup. “Y/N, we’re going to miss the party.”

“Shut up.” I say, rolling my eyes. I grab my jacket and slip on my shoes before I open the door.

Jake smiles to me, his cute smile I love, I notice his eyes wonder me and I blush. Turning around, I lock my door and hand Jake my keys since he has pockets.

“All ready, babe?” He asks, raising his eyebrows.

Even though we aren’t a couple, he calls me babe or baby. Not that I complain.

“Yes.” I reply.

“Bout time, Y/N.” He sighs, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

I roll my eyes but smile. “Jake, shut up.” I say, he laughs and I join in.


“Where is the bathroom?” I ask Jake, over the music.

“Come I’ll show you, babe.” He says, holding my hand.

I follow him through the crowd and upstairs to a bathroom. “Wait for me?” I ask, giving him my puppy eyes.

He grins. “Course.”

I smile, entering the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Once I’m done, I quickly check my hair and makeup before I open the door to leave.

However, a guy is standing there instead of Jake. “Sorry do you want to go?” I ask.

He smirks to me, nodding and I fake smile back. I make my way out the bathroom but a hand on my wrist pulls me back.

I gasp, fear in my body as I see the same guy there, the door shut behind us. “What are you doing?”

“Finally I have you alone.”

“What?” I jerk my wrist back. “Who are you?”

“Finn.” He answers. “Anyway, now than your boyfriend is busy, I finally get you all to myself.”

“What did you to him?” I question, worried for Jake.

“He’s fine.” Finn tells me, I sigh in relief.

“Let me go.” I plead, quietly.

He chuckles, darkly and I cringe wanting Jake. “No can do, babe.”

The way he says it, isn’t the same as Jake. I cringe again, shaking my head. “Please.” I whisper, really scared.

Finn smirks, forcing his lips on mine. I struggle, keeping my mouth shut as he smells of alcohol and cigarettes.

I beat his chest but he grabs my wrist, forcing them above my head and I thrash to escape his grasp. It’s not fair, he’s obviously stronger than me.

His other hand roams around my body, going to the end of my dress. “No, no, no, no. Please don’t.” I beg.

Finn rolls his eyes, going to kiss me again but I knee him in his private area. Whilst he drops to the ground with pain, I rush to the door.

“Y/N, you bitch.” He shouts, while I speed walk through the crowds.

Someone grabs me from behind and I scream. “That wasn’t nice.” I tense at that voice, panicking even more.

“What’s wrong with you?” I question, struggling in his grasp as he backs me against a wall.

Finn doesn’t respond, leaving gross kisses down my neck. I cringe, moving my head away.

Suddenly, he vanishes and I see Jake and smile. “Leave her alone.” He simply says, his tone harsh and his face threatening.

Finn backs away and I rush to Jake, throwing my arms around his neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I repeat.

“It’s alright, Y/N. Who was that guy?”

“I don’t know. He came into the bathroom, he kept kissing and touching me.” I choke on a sob, Jake sighs.

“Let’s go back to my place, this party is bad anyway.”

I nod and Jake holds my hand. I smile and he smiles back, making butterflies form in my stomach.


“Where were you?” I ask him, taking another of my slice of pizza.

“Someone split their drink on me, I had to dry my shirt. It didn’t really work, so i took my shirt off.” I nod.

“I didn’t like that shirt anyway.” I mumble but he hears, Jake gasps fake hurt and chucks a piece of pizza crust at me.

I cringe, throwing it back at him. He laughs and I giggle too, blushing a little. “Y/N, what is with the blushing?” I blush more and he rolls his eyes.

“You’re always blushing.” Jake tells me, taking a bite of his slice of pizza.

I shrug. “Shut up.” I mumble, standing up. “I’m going to get a drink.”

“Can you me one, please? Just water.” He pouts adorably, holding out his empty glass.

I sigh, taking his glass and walk to the kitchen. “Thanks, love you.”

Butterflies outburst in my stomach from his comment and I smile widely, glad my back is to him. I bite my lip, pouring his drink.

I know Jake obviously doesn’t really love me, I’m nothing special but I can’t help but get all tingly when he says it. I do like him a lot, but he doesn’t realise.

Sighing, I move Jake’s drink aside and reach up to get myself a glass. However, I can’t reach properly and have to go on my tiptoes.

A feeling of warmth goes behind me and someone’s chests goes on my back, I blush seeing Jake. He flashes his perfect smile to me, getting a cup for me.

“Here.” He says, handing me a cup.

I smile, taking the cup. “Thanks.” I reply, filling it with water. I notice that Jake hasn’t moved and wraps his arms around me. “Why do you keep the cups so high up?”

He laughs, I feel his chest against my back rise and fall. “You’re just short, baby.”

I roll my eyes and sip my drink. I hand Jake his drink and he thanks me. “Do you want to watch a movie?” He asks.

“Depends, what movie?” I raise a brow and he grins.

“I was thinking more Y/F/M.”

[Y/F/M = Your favourite movie]

I nod. “Perfect.”

We back into the living room and he sets up the movie, I admire his arm muscles in his black shirt. I’m wearing a pair of a leggings and shirt I got my apartment before we came here.

“Ready, babe?” Jake asks, I nod and scoot closer to him, being bold. He grins, wrapping his arm around me.

During the movie I feel his thumb run across my back in a comfortable way as he occasionally plays with the ends of my hair.

“Jake.” He hums to me, as we lock eye contact.

“Yes, Y/N.”

“Thanks again for tonight.” I repeat, smiling since I really mean it.

He smiles, moving my hair from my face. “It’s nothing, babe.” Jake replies, his hand cupping my cheek. I smile wider, when his finger trails down my cheek, outlining my lips.

“Jake.” I whisper, he shh’s me gently leaning up and connecting our lips.

Instantly, I kiss him back my hand seeping into his dark locks and he holds the back of my neck gently. Our lips move in perfect sync against one another as I move so my body is laying on his.

Finally, I have been waiting to kiss Jake for ages. Its as perfect as I imagined, he’s such a good kisser.

Soon the kiss ends, I pant to catch my breath and Jake smiles to me. “I’ve been waiting to that for a while, baby.” He tells me.

I smile. “Well I’m glad you finally did.” I reply, leaning down and connecting our lips again.


[End of imagine, I hope it was as good as expected. No more part to this one, next imagine soon]


Requested by Anon #123

Y/N: I’m getting called to set so I’ll see you in a few okay?
Dylan: Okay babe I love you, and break a leg. *kisses you*
Y/N: Thanks Dylan!
Dylan: She is just great isn’t she?
Thomas: Yeah, she really is.
Dylan: No man, you don’t get how perfect she is.
Thomas: I do! God, I mean she makes me laugh when I’m with her, I’m the best version of myself when too and when she’s gone nothing feels right until I see her again. Anyone can make you happy by doing something special. But only someone special can make you so happy without doing anything. You know what I mean Dyla…oh.
Dylan: Oh? How long have you felt like that?
Thomas: Um…like what?
Dylan: How long have you been in love with Y/N?
Thomas: Since I met her.
Dylan: You’re in love with Y/N? My Y/N? My girlfriend Y/N?
Thomas: Dylan I didn’t plan it to happen!
Dylan: I can’t believe this!
Y/N: *walks over* Hey what’s up?
Dylan: Hey babe, did you just finish?
Y/N: Yeah what are we talking about over here?
Thomas: Um…just the usual.
Y/N: Oh okay…

kingwhocared  asked:

hey! i wanted to tell you that i started watching the young pope and your voiello is exactly like the voiello in the show and every time he appears i think about you and your perfect portrayal and GOOD JOB!

AJFLKDSJF  tHANK YOU SO MUCH  this has been sitting in my inbox for a lil while but it made my day every time i looked at it ! ! !! !  sc reams  bc  i  love  your  blog too and i’m just  so  !!  whenever i see you on the dash  !! ! !  this  was so kind of you afkdksl llf

anonymous asked:


&. send ‘&’ for 3 blogs i recommend — THE SPN EDITION!

@hellclaimed — because emma is the best person i’ve ever met and i love her to death. and because her sam is so freaking precious that caroline needs him in like every verse in every role ever and i just really really really freaking love hellclaimed.tumblr.com

@joannahunts — DO I NEED TO SAY MORE AFTER JO. FREAKING. HARVELLE? no? awesome. but i will. because gwen is amazing and without the help of other gwen and group verses and nyoom’ing I WOULDA TOTALLY PROBABLY NEVER HAVE LET MYSELF FLAIL OVER GWEN? but holy shit you guys she’s the perfect jo and the most amazing writer and the sweetest mun

@the-ramblin-man — *screams* too quality tbh but like oh my god okay so i read like almost everything that comes on the dash because i love tally’s writing and everything she posts. but like honestly no one does angst like tally and gwen to angst and i feel like i need to get a thing of popcorn whenever they start writing something new because i KNOW its gonna be good