god this made me tear up so bad

Before I forget to share this: I was playing with widowmaker earlier and I do believe I was on Gibraltar and she just went “*sigh* Gerard….” in a very lonely and sad and dreamy tone and it made me so emotional I cried she misses him oh god please


someones gonna have to save me if han decides to kill me for posting it, but i couldn’t resist. i can’t accurately put into words how much this girl means to me. I’m not really sure how i got so lucky but I’m damn sure not gonna ever let her go. this honestly made me tear up a little bit I’ve always been a quiet person ever since i was a child but its always been ridiculed or made out to be a bad thing, “speak up”, “why are you always so quiet”, “oh you’re so quiet i forgot you were here”. its always been a negative thing until now, until her. god I’m the luckiest girl in the world. its never been a good thing to be quiet, until now.