god this looks shite

So my first day back at work went really well, I’m tired as balls and my drawing tablet’s still at my parents house.

But here’s a crap doodle of Freddy and Berry taking a nap I did at lunch.

A breakdown of the rumbelle deleted scene:
  • Belle: You know, filling ur heart with "things" isn't a good way to replace love.
  • Rumple: (dammit she's so right ugh look at her adorable face i want to kiss it and ugh)
  • Rumple: ugh ur so wrong srsly clean my dirty undies again u dumb maid
  • Belle:
  • Rumple: (fuck she's looking at me all stern and shite ugh god my heart can't take this)
  • Rumple: *hurriedly eats cookie like a lil shit to cover up internal feels*
  • Belle: (his ass is so mine)