god this is the most awkward scene

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*Stares at the screen awkwardly*
Y/N: “… That’s a bit kinky”
“Yeah… and a bit problematic…”


“Babe. Can we?”
Y/N: “Oh my God, this is weirder now”


*Awkward. Looks at you. You look at him. He turns away*
“Oh come on, don’t look at me when I’m looking at you!”


“I needed to go to the bathroom anyways…”


“Umm… It’s one of those moments in a relationship, huh?”
*Laughs it off*


*The most obvious way of avoiding staring at you or the screen which makes it 30% more awkward*


“D-do you feel awkward too? Should we go get ice cream?”


chiller hjemme. smiley?

this exchange is even more endearing if you consider that Isak is normally not someone who uses a lot of smileys. his texts are usually quite short and dry. chiller hjemme without a smiley is a text he would totally send. to anyone other than Even.

i know we love to make fun of Isak for being about as chill as a snapback on fire, but the thing about playing hard to get is that you need to have a certain level of confidence to pull it off. you need to believe that you have something the other person will want even when they’re not getting it for free. you need to believe that you are enough. and Isak’s not quite there yet. which is why it was so easy for him to take Sonja’s word for it when she said Even doesn’t love him for real, it’s just his mania speaking. she was basically just validating a fear he had had since the beginning. not a fear of mental illness but a fear of not being enough. Even is older and more experienced, he is super tall and super smooth and has the confidence of a film star, he breaks into houses and dresses up as god and knows all the bands and films and directors. he is radiant. his presence lights up a room. why would someone like Even settle for a boy who is two years younger and ten times more awkward. 

the most beautiful thing is how Isak gets over his fear. he becomes confident. in his own skin and with other people. he cries after reading the text from his mum because his mum is telling him he is enough. and in the final scene when he looks across the room and sees Even standing there, he is not looking at a god, he is looking at Even, his equal, the person he chose and the person who chose him, and he has the confidence to make that choice work. 

so Isak lacks the confidence to play hard to get with Even. that’s one half of the story. but i think there’s also just so much kindness in him, so much kindness for Even. he always compliments Even’s drawings. he never raises his voice, not even in the hotel room when he’s tired and Even keeps running in circles. i still firmly believe in my theory of him giving Even his favourite pillow. he doesn’t make his feelings a big display, but they are there, in his small acts of kindness. he already gave Even a harshly worded ultimatum. so now he wants to give the boy a smiley.

Lucifer 2x15

- Chloe is still very much in love with Lucifer

- She can’t stop herself from touching him

- She lets her daughter go around with him, if that isn’t trust, I don’t know what is!!!!


- Lucifer discovering pain and crying. I’m crying, too, my poor Devil.

- Chloe and Maze!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved their scenes together. The most awkward and sweet kiss ever. I can ship it LOL

- Chloe and Trixie, oh God. I love them so incredibly much!

- The episode seemed more rushed than the precious one, but had lots of cute little bits in it, so can’t complain. 


God bless this blue child.

So this is basically how I view that scene.  Kurt didn’t even pipe in about being blue at the correct time in the conversation!  He either waited until the most awkward moment to mention his blueness OR just got so excited that people other than him are having a real conversation about being blue that he lost track of the conversation.  Either way, he is the most precious of blueberry cinnamon rolls.

some thoughts on this episode:

- honestly dgaf about the dragon pit scene outside the dragons showing off

- bye creepyfinger, won’t miss u

- i was literally “you are doing amazing sweetie” during the whole stark kids exposing and killing him scene

- yes theon go save queen yara so she can rule the seas and get a gf

- davos remains the most perfect dad in this series, please show if you have to spare somebody, spare him, let the baby bear dadopt him

- you are not gonna sell me r+l, it’s creepy and gross and rhaegar was a fucking asshole

- excuse you sam, gilly found the hot gossip not u

- awkward boat sex was awkward, this whole relationship is awkward

- thank god tormund is plot protected i don’t want his ass to die

- the frozen dead

emilys-arty-farty-stuff  asked:

Was wondering if you could do a few more Prompto headcanons if your asks are still open, I like how you write him since a few people kinda seem to put him as a sex god who's an amazing romantic flirt whereas in the game he most certainly is not. (The Cindy photo scene proves that lol)

Sure, sure~ c: I can throw a few more of my weird little headcanons about the nerd wonder, Prompto Argentum! Like, have you ever considered…

  • Prompto going to art galleries quite often, mostly to immerse himself in the work and gain inspiration for that perfect shot. He could sit there for hours with the artwork, and often retreated to the galleries whenever he was feeling down.
  • He used to be a rather shy individual, and still is pretty awkward around people. But he tries to cope with it by pep-talking himself in the mirror every morning. ‘Hey there, Prom! I’m Prompto! Nice to meet you!’ He practices his conversation skills until one of the other boys walk in on him.
  • Ignis is the master chef of the party, but Prompto knows a few special recipes himself whenever he had to cook on his own during his nights at home. Ignis might know how to do fancy things, but does he know how to make Cheeto Mac and Cheese Casserole?!
  • Ignis doesn’t, but the fact that it’s actually edible (and remarkably tasty), Ignis is a bit jealous that he can’t replicate whatever the hell Prompto did with it.
  • Prompto ‘I don’t know when to stop making puns’ Argentum.
  • He’d probably be helping Gladio find some firewood before going ‘Wood this be enough? I figured I’d branch out to other things in life. I think we should leaf these here!’ He’d go on and on until Gladio threatens to sit on him.
  • ‘Gosh, Gladio. Stop being such a birch.’
  • He gets sat on for the next fifteen minutes as he’s screaming for help (and air).
  • Gets into pun wars with Ignis because he’s a masochist who seems to like getting rekt by Iggy.
  • Sometimes it’s extremely questionable just what Prompto’s relationship with Noctis is. The two could be holding hands, flirting with each other, but all in a non-ironic sense.
  • “Is that your boyfriend, Prompto?” Uh, yeah. Noct’s a boy, and his friend. People facepalm as Noctis and Prompto both high-five each other.
  • You mentioned Prompto being a sex god?
  • OH yeah he is.
  • A sex god in a far-off land known as the ‘Imagination Station.’
  • He tries his best to be the cool and suave guy, but he’d probably be that nerd who walks into the party, sweats nervously, then leaves.
  • He’d rather be at home playing video games and eating cheeto casserole.
  • He’s a bright ball of sunshine, but he enjoys people watching more than actually talking to them. He can hold a conversation, but he likes watching from afar and taking pictures of all of the interesting people he sees.
  • He keeps a photo album of them, trying not to be creepy, but he uses it as a record of the fun faces he sees.
  • It often makes him sad, however, especially after the fall of Insomnia, where the faces he took pictures of end up being nothing but the memories of ghosts now.
  • When they return to the ruins of Insomnia ten years later, he takes the photo album with him and asks Noctis and the others to get through the ruins to return the pictures to the places where he had taken their picture from.
  • It’s his way of letting the souls of the dead finally return home and rest in peace.
  • He’s quite superstitious. Talks about ghosts as if they actually are real.
  • Sometimes, he sits and talks to himself, but he actually hopes that maybe a ghost is listening to him, so he doesn’t feel as lonely anymore. He’s both creeped out and comforted by it, so long as its a good spirit, he hopes.
  • Out of the other boys, he’s someone who has his license too. Unlike Noctis though, who took private lessons to learn, Prompto actually had to take his exams to get his licenses.
  • He just barely passed both of them, nearly wrecking the Jaguar that Cor had let him borrow from the Royal Garage to take his test, and almost getting kicked out of the exam center for failing too many questions.
  • He’s actually the safest out of all of the drivers, but he just doesn’t have much focus on the road.
  • He screams ‘That’s a good boy!’ to all animals, regardless of gender. He then feels bad when he gets confused about their gender.
  • He probably has the highest alcohol tolerance compared to the rest of the boys. Gladio’s too much of a goody goody to drink that often, Ignis never drinks, and Noctis just plain hates the taste of alcohol.
  • Prompto used to drink casually just so he can sleep better at night, but he eventually grew a tolerance to it.
  • Cor kicked his ass when he found out that Prompto was drinking underage though.
  • He’s the guy who would probably walk into a bar and order an appletini.
  • JD, is that you?
  • Has his own mental theme song too whenever he walks. Does the little ‘bah-na-na’s’ and all whenever he’s thinking about it and walking on by.
  • Try to compliment sometime. He’ll turn into a babbling mess.
  • Prompto’s just an awkward turtle, and we all know it.

Prompt: Can you do one based off #96 “Look at me–Just breathe okay?” Reader and Keanu are co-stars on a movie, where they play lovers, except they share a bedroom scene, which the reader is nervous as heck to do because she’s been crushing on him the while time.

96. Look at me—just breathe, okay? 

     Today was the big day, the day you’ve been waiting for and the day you’ve been dreading. Today was your sex scene with Keanu Reeves. Oh god, how the hell are you going to do this? Not only are sex scenes already awkward, but now you’re going to be doing one with the man you’ve had a crush on since you started the movie.

     You sat in your trailer, going over everything that could go wrong in your head, and let’s just say that’s a long list. Time flew by without you knowing, just sitting and staring at the wall, your mind racing. A knock that rang through your tiny trailer finally pulled you out of your trance. “Come in,” you yelled, thinking it was a stylist or the director. You heard the door open, but still didn’t make any move to see who it was. That is, until you heard his voice.

     “Hey Y/N, is everything okay? We’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Your head whipped around to look at none other than Keanu Reeves, and your heart skips a beat.

     “Y-yeah,” you manage to give him a small smile, “I’m fine, just um…just a little nervous I guess. I’ve never done a scene like this before.”

     He smiled back at you, god he had the most amazing smile, it could light up the whole world. “I’ll admit, they’re always pretty awkward…but you get through them. It’ll be okay, Y/N. It’s me! There’s nothing to worry about.”

     That’s exactly something to worry about, but you were definitely not telling him that. A small sigh escaped your lips, “I mean, what if- I don’t know, there’s a million things that could happen, I don’t want to screw it up.” Keanu slowly made his way over to you, taking your hand. You stood up, and he looked down at you.

     “Don’t worry about it. It’s not like this matters, right? It’s just going into the movie,” he chuckled, and you felt your heart drop a little as he led you out the door of your own trailer.

     “Yeah,” you mumbled, “it doesn’t mean anything.” Keanu led you all the way to set, your hand still in his.

     “I found her!” He announced to the director, who turned to look at you.

     “Great! Are you ready Y/N?”

     “As ready as I’ll ever be,” you tried to act happy, that was your job after all.

     “Okay, places everyone!” The director yelled, and you and Keanu wandered over to the bed in the middle of all the cameras. You could feel yourself start to panic as you climbed on the bed, Keanu on top of you. When you started to shake, Keanu took notice.

     “Look at me–” He said, and your eyes flickered up to his. “Just breathe okay? We’ll get through this, and maybe after the two of us could go grab some dinner or something,” he winked at you, and your eyes widened. 

     “Wait, wh-”


I Met God

Yesterday night, I met Danez Smith at the Call It Home Poetry showcase. And let me tell you, it was an ADVENTURE and a half. 


Doors open at 7pm. I walk into the Drake Hotel lounge just as Danez Smith walks in. They look glorious and are wearing a red kimono that looks like it has been crafted with silks from the heavens. They are RESPLENDENT. I turn around and exit immediately.


I walk around the whole block trying to work off a panic attack. Yet as I am walking back towards the hotel, who do I see? It is Danez Smith, Julian Randall, and Nabila Lovelace. Not one, but THREE god-tier poets. You know that scene in movies where the coolest people in the universe walk towards you in slow motion because time itself wants to immortalise this moment? Yes. That was it. I was LIVING it. So I walk past them while making the most awkward sort-of-but-not eye contact ever and immediately stop after to scream about this on social media. They turn back and notice me being a complete loser about this. The shame is real. I whisper softly, “I love you,” but only the wind hears it. 


I finally go up and talk to Danez while trying not to cry. I told them I’ve loved their work since 2014 and I literally never thought I’d be in North America or that I would ever see them in real life. I was trying really hard to tell them how unreal it was to see someone who’s an inspiration to me here, the same way I often have trouble believing I’m actually here and writing, but they smiled and hugged me. And after I went back to my seat, they actually came up to me and asked to take a picture with me. I said yes immediately because let’s be real if they had asked for my left foot I would be like “yeah!! Ok!!" 

So I like rambled about how much I love them and they kindly let me, and then I said, "I wanna get on your level someday”, and Danez said, “you will, and I’ll be there in line with your book for an autograph.” They were looking at me with absolutely no pretense. Like they have absolutely no way of knowing if I will ever be that good or if I’m any good at all, but they wanted me to know they believed in me. They believed in me so much I believed in me too. They are so humble, sweet, and truly good, and there was just so much genuine loveliness radiating from them, and there was a heavenly glow upon their face and I realised then that god inhabited the body of this person and I was blessed for the rest of my life. 

Also, the reading was unreal. I would post a pic of us but I was literally ugly crying, so instead please enjoy this pic of Danez reading from their latest book.

Every Enjolras.  Ever.

What is the problem here?  Victor Hugo was extremely thorough in his physical description of Enjolras.  So why is it apparently so damned difficult to cast this part for movie adaptations, and why do other visual media find it impossible to draw him according to his description?  What the hell am I missing here?  Is there some widespread conspiracy to portray all revolutionaries as dark-haired and/or ugly dudes?

I needed a laugh the other day, so I started compiling a visual collection of every Enjolras I could find.

In chronological order:

^^^1912 French silent movie.  I’m sure he’s in there somewhere.  Just, please God, don’t let him be the one in plaid pants.  (Oh Jesus, I just looked up at the photo again after writing that sentence, and realized THEY ALL HAVE PLAID PANTS ON………=___=;;)

          EDIT:  I have subsequently seen this version, and in fact he is the guy in the plaid pants.  Sigh.  At least he’s the hot one in the plaid pants…

^^^1925 French silent movie.  Whoa there, Marlene Dietrich, ease off that makeup a little!  Enjolras went a little eye shadow crazy, and Lord knows he needs all that ghostly foundation to distract from the fact that he’s about twenty years too old for this role, but strangely enough, still not the worst Enjolras ever.  At least he gets a Le Cabuc scene…

^^^1934 French movie.  Wild hair Enjolras.  It looks respectable here, but it gets progressively crazier and crazier as the barricades go on.  Speaking of crazy, this Enjolras tends to have a bit of the wild eye too–but, you know, he also thinks blowing up his own barricade is actually a good battle strategy, so…  (Also, he smokes like a chimney–is that even canon?  I don’t think it is…)

^^^1937 Soviet movie, Gavrosh (Гаврош).  Not much I can say about this crazy Soviet propaganda film that hasn’t been said already.  This is one of the strangest roles for an Enjolras ever in a Les Mis adaptation, but that seems suitable for one of the strangest Les Mis adaptations ever.  His hobbies (besides barricading) involve graffiti art and hanging with escaped convicts, and his end comes when he is shot dead by Javert at the barricade.  Sadly, he doesn’t live long enough to see his barricade go on to succeed, and the revolution is won without him.  Oh well!  At least he gets to die in Gavroche’s loving arms, though.  ……Wait, what fanfic was I reading again…?

^^^1943 American comic book.  He doesn’t have much of a role to play here.  And I have to say, this is one of the few times I have had too many candidates for the title of Enjolras.  I’m pretty sure this is him, though there’s a guy with a skeezy goatee who also seems to think he’s Enjolras…I’ll just pretend I didn’t see him…

^^^1948 Italian movie, I Miserabili.  He exists, and he seems to be the leader at the barricade, but he’s also extremely hard to screencap, because the little jerk moves with the speed of lightning.  So this is what you get, a blurry Enjolras getting dragged out to die by blurry soldiers.  A GIF might be more appropriate here.  As far as his Enjolras abilities, I have only one thing to say: rolling barrels down the street is not a good barricade defense strategy, Enjolras.

^^^1952 American movie.  There isn’t an official Enjolras in this one, but this guy sure acts like him, so let’s call him Enjolras.  Because this Marius sure as shit doesn’t deserve to be the badass barricade leader here.

^^^1957 French movie.  Meh, he’s okay, but too old, too weird-looking, too not-blond.  Looks kinda like David Rossi from Criminal Minds, but not as cool.  And his personality didn’t leave too much of an impression either, to be honest.  But one has to laugh at the awkwardness of the Friends’ introductory scene in this version, which is about as literal (and ineffective) an interpretation of their character descriptions in the book as one could imagine…

^^^1964 Italian movie (miniseries?), I Miserabili.  This guy’s a beast, he’s a fucking god.  A straight-up amazing Enjolras, even though, like most Enjolrati on this list, he’s definitely too old for the part.  He does have an unfair advantage over most other Enjolrati, though–he got to do a Le Cabuc scene, and he rocked the hell out of the speech after it.  Talk about an Enjolras moment for the ages, where you can see the crazy and the idealism all expressed in the gleam in those staring, trance-like eyes as he hoarsely whispers his way to the end of that speech–he looks like a fucking crazy biblical prophet foreseeing the apocalypse.  Which, I guess, is kinda what Enjolras is after all. 

^^^1966 Soviet animated short, “Gavrosh” (Гаврош).  I’m actually really fascinated by the animation style in this thing: it’s grotesque and nightmarish and scary as all hell, and everyone looks strung out on meth, but there’s something strange and beautiful and Tim Burton-y to the universe they create.  This is Enjolras, though he doesn’t have a huge part to play here (I mean, the whole thing is just over 15 minutes long or something).  

^^^1971 Spanish (Castilian) telenovela, Los Miserables.  Enjolras is pretty cool in this, not gonna lie.  But I might also be a bit biased and prejudiced by that amazing, amazing, amazing coat he chooses to put on his body:  

!!!!!!  So that, I can say for this Enjolras: he has good fashion sense.  There are many who don’t.  I won’t name names.  Musical!Enjolras. 

^^^1972 French miniseries.  Cold as fucking ice, this one.  Total sociopath and dead behind the eyes.  To understate the matter: definitely not a touchy-feely Enjolras.  Also, he looks a little too Corsican to be flinging poo at Corsica and Napoleon…

^^^1978 American TV movie.  Meh, didn’t leave a strong impression on me.  His funniest moment was probably how he died–thought he was being sneaky, he did.

^^^1979 Japanese animated series, “Jean Valjean Monogatari” (ジャン・バルジャン物語).  Doesn’t have much screen time, but what little he has is pretty well spent.  WTF is that chin, though…?  I think when they heard Hugo say “high forehead” they got confused as to which end of the face that was.

^^^1982 French movie.  Bad teeth.  Funny Saint-Just earring.  Likes to bust Courfeyrac’s balls (“you’re an hour late!”), even when Combeferre got to the meeting, like, just two minutes earlier.

^^^1985 Japanese manga.  I know next to nothing about this manga–pretty much just what you see here.  He has a certain retro shoujo look to him…a little Rose of Versailles-meets-Tezuka going on there.  At least he dies properly.  (Though I’m guessing there wasn’t much of a Grantaire in this version, since he gets to die alone…)  “Republique banzai!”

^^^1985-present, British stage musical.   A Tony-winning ass…oops, I mean role, a Tony-winning role.  Those tight pants couldn’t have hurt.  The musical saw Enjolras’ promotion from a secondary or tertiary character in the novel to one of the most memorable characters in the musical, despite never having his name sung in the libretto even once.  Like Eponine (also a Tony-winning role), he receives much more than his fair share of great music and striking moments, not least of which being the original turntable staging of his death scene on the barricade, a piece of stagecraft so creepily beautiful that it drew a round of applause when I saw the show in Japan.

^^^1992 French animated series.  Easily the worst Les Mis adaptation ever made, and I certainly don’t just mean the design of Enjolras.  Makes for amazing drinking games, though.

^^^1998 American movie.  It’s kinda hard to say there’s an actual Enjolras in this movie at all, except in name only.  His entire role in the plot has been assigned to Marius instead, to much confusion.  This guy is left with a totally thankless job.  He’s just there to be the wet-blanket whiny nursemaid to Marius’ oh-so-awesome-impulsive-revolutionary-awesomeness.  He also has the dubious honor of giving voice to one of the absolute stupidest lines to ever pass the lips of an Enjolras: [discussing Marius’ sex life:] “After tomorrow you can make love to her as a free man!”  Ick, I think I need a shower just from typing that…

^^^1998 Japanese fighting game “Arm Joe.”  Do I really even need to say anything here?  I think Arm Joe generally speaks for itself.  See the entry on musical!Enjolras above, since this is basically him.  (Except dropping barricades on people and stuff, like a fucking 1832 Wizard of Oz tornado.) 

^^^2000 European miniseries.  Marius’ BFF slumber party bro.  I have serious doubts about this Enjolras’ maturity and readiness to take on the task of being an Enjolras.  Watching the Friends rallying for the revolution is like watching a frat party spilling out into a street riot on a Saturday night: hyped-up grinning Enjolras on a table, going, “Yeahhhh, let’s go build a barricade, u guyz!!!  Yeahhhh!”  Also, I feel like I’m watching the musical with this “Marius&Enjolras best friends 4 eva” bullshit–I mean, Courfeyrac exists in this version.  Why?  He sure as shit doesn’t have anything to do.

^^^2007 Japanese animated series, Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette (レ・ミゼラブル 少女コゼット).  This Enjolras made a pretense of being aloof and cool in his first appearance in this anime, but in the end he turned out to be pretty soft and smiley for an Enjolras, and easygoing, and totally understanding when you tell him you’d rather not go to his barricade and get yourself killed.  He’s willing to listen to other people’s opinions, he goes through moments of doubt at the barricade, and he doesn’t even get mad while fending off Combeferre’s awkward advances (yay for workplace sexual harassment…?).

^^^2009 Japanese manga.  This Enjolras is essentially an offshoot of musical!Enjolras, with all the same totally all-consuming problems.  Of course I mean Marius’ love life, not building a doomed barricade.

^^^2010 French bande dessinée.  Forget Corsica, son, what you need is some conditioner–some serious split ends there.  Don’t you just hate it when men with long hair don’t take care of it?  But seriously, this is the best argument I’ve ever seen against Enjolras having a ponytail–he’s so busy with other shit that this is seriously what his hair would look like if it were long.

^^^2012 American-British movie musical.  This musical!Enjolras was saddled with the usual musical!Enjolras distractions: having to supervise Marius’ antics; being undermined in his own meetings by drunks and dumbasses; having to wear ridiculously ridiculous gaudy clothes; having to admit, in the end, that in fact he was “on his own” and “has no friends.”  Beyond the junk that his stage predecessor had to deal with, he also suffered the indignity of having to fall backwards out of a window and try to make it look cool. 

^^^2014 American manga.  This Enjolras is pretty much what you have come to expect from a manga version by now.  Too much ponytail, of course, and him saying that quote in that speech bubble above makes me want to put my fist through my screen.

^^^2014-2015 Japanese manga.  The jury is still out on this one–he’s still a work in progress.  So far, doing an okay job at Enjolrasing (despite sporting a ponytail, ew), but the real test will be if, in the animal scheme of the manga, he is represented by an eagle at the barricades.  I mean, it’s almost too obvious, right?

^^^2015 British picture book.  I love that speech bubble: I care about Les Misérables, Enjolras!  But, um, he looks a bit like an unkempt Dumas, complete with big ol’ cup of wine sloshing around.  Is that a comparison Enjolras would have wanted to draw…?  I honestly doubt it–it’s like Robespierre being asked if he’d like to be drawn like Danton in a picture book version of his adventures.

Okay, so overall, I will give them this: Enjolras seems to be getting blonder as time goes by.  Also, the Japanese win the prize here, because they are absolutely adamant that he is blond.  (Then again, they think all French people are blond, so…Also, they need to cut his ponytail off, but for whatever “Rose of Versailles” influenced reason, it persists in Japanese versions.)

I think I got pretty much every Enjolras who’s ever existed and who is reasonably available for the getting.  If I’ve forgotten any, or if you know of some I can find somewhere else, do let me know, and I’ll add to the master list! 

Also, if you have any questions about any of these versions of Les Mis or about their Enjolrati, ask away, and I will do my best to answer them!

For anyone who missed Willemijn's last performance as Elphie, here's a breakdown of my favourite parts from each scene: ACT 1

Wicked - London - 19/7/14 - 7:30pm - Row A - Seat 15

Elphie - Willemijn Verkaik

Glinda - Savannah Stevenson

Fiyero - Jeremy Taylor



~ Willemijn’s Elphie got a HUGE cheer when she ran on, of course.



~ Elphie was so dorky and awkward and gangly and perfect and she kept pushing her glasses up her nose along with all sorts of other gawkish quirks GOD BLESS her little heart :3



~ Willemijn’s Elphie has the most spectacular Poisoness Look of Death that she reserves for scenes like this. She looked so disdainful of Glinda, like she was something unpleasant on the end of her shoe. Yikes.

~ Glinda attacked Elphie with a mirror, going ‘snap snap’ in her face and I choked with laughter.



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anonymous asked:

I've never read thomas hardy before but after reading your blog i really want too. (Truthfully i had never heard of him before you). which book do you recommend i read first? And how many tissues should i buy in preparation? Lol

Since you’ve not heard of Thomas Hardy before, let me introduce you properly to my favourite crotchety old man. Hardy (1840 - 1928) was a born and raised Dorset native with an intense love for his home, its people and its heritage. He wrote stories and poetry set almost exclusively in the West Country, and to describe the “partly real, partly dream” landscape in which his fiction is set, he revived the ancient Saxon name of Wessex (which you may perhaps recognise as the kingdom of Shakespeare’s Lear).

His stories are often termed “pastoral tragedies” and this is an entirely apt description. Hardy was classically educated and he loved Greek, Roman and also Shakespearean tragedy. He took these traditional forms and used them in his work, applying them to the structure of his novel, and lacing his works with deliberate quotes and references to ancient tragedy. But what’s remarkable about this is that the characters and the people and the places he writes about are not kings and queens in palaces; they are ordinary people of the West Country, farmers and traders and labourers. Traditionally, the main character of tragedy - the titular character, often - must be of a high enough status that their downfall affects the whole nation. Otherwise they’re not really worth writing about. Macbeth, Hamlet, Oedipus, Agamemnon… they are all royalty.

Hardy looked at this tradition and said “nah. Ordinary people are just as worthy, and the downfall of a peasant girl, even if it affects no-one but herself and her family, is still worth writing about.” He took the classical forms of tragedy – so grand and far-reaching and heroic, with such dignity and gravitas (drawing particularly on Aeschylus, from what I can tell) - and applied them to the lives ordinary people. 

The other thing to note about Hardy is that he was a stone cold social rebel who had a lot of problems with society, and particularly the treatment of women and the hypocrisy of the church. His novels are often a criticism of social mores, as tragedy and horror and heartbreak is enacted upon innocent souls as a consequence of the constraints and prejudices of society. Here are some quotes from the man himself; in the author’s preface of Jude the Obscure (written some time after the first publication) he says:

My opinion at that time, if I remember rightly, was what it is now, that a marriage should be dissolvable as soon as it becomes a cruelty to either of the parties—being then essentially and morally no marriage—and it seemed a good foundation for the fable of a tragedy, told for its own sake as a presentation of particulars containing a good deal that was universal, and not without a hope that certain cathartic, Aristotelian qualities might be found therein.

In a letter to his wife Florence (in 1911) he says:

You know what I have thought for many years: that marriage should not thwart nature, and that when it does thwart nature it is no real marriage, and the legal contract should therefore be as speedily canceled as possible. Half the misery of human life would I think disappear if this were made easy.

He says he rejects the happy-ever-after formula of marriage, because in real life marriages can be miserable. They can be abusive. They can be the worst thing that ever happens to someone. In Candour in English Fiction, he writes:

Life being a physiological fact, its honest portrayal must be largely concerned with, for one thing, the relations of the sexes, and the substitution for such catastrophes as favour the false colouring best expressed by the regulation finish that ‘they married and were happily ever after,’ of catastrophes based upon sexual relations as [they are].

Some people naturally ask: was Thomas Hardy a feminist? Yes, and he was so forward-thinking on women’s rights that he was worried he was too radical even for the suffragists. The Fawcett Society requested his support for the Suffragist movement and he replied:

I have for a long time been in favour of woman-suffrage. I fear I shall spoil the effect of this information … by giving you my reasons. I am in favour of it because I think the tendency of the woman’s vote will be to break up the present pernicious conventions in respect of manners, customs, religion, illegitimacy, the stereotyped household (that is must be the unit of society), the father of the woman’s child (that it is anybody’s business but the woman’s own)… and other such matters which I got into hot water for touching on many years ago [after writing Jude the Obscure].

Liberal feminists at that time idealised marriage; Hardy’s view was that no, the nuclear family shouldn’t be the foundation of society, the church should not be allowed to bind people in unbreakable marriages, illegitimacy and the punishment of single mothers was fucking stupid and cruel, and society needs to reform so that a woman’s worth doesn’t come from her place as a wife, nor her chastity, nor from the paternity of her children. All of these opinions and more come out in his novels.

Tess of the d’Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure are considered his masterpieces, and they are. Tess, with the secondary title of “A Pure Woman” is about a sixteen year old peasant girl who is raped by a wealthy, privileged twenty-four year old man. The rest of the novel chronicles what happens to her as a consequence of this. It is an incredibly moving and sympathetic portrayal of a rape victim, whom he terms from the outset “A Pure Woman” because fuck. you. A woman being raped does not make her impure. Why should we blame and ostracise women for what men do to them? Why do the rapists go unpunished? Why, especially, are the rich able to abuse the poor like this? As you can imagine, this was incredibly controversial at the time.

Jude the Obscure goes one step further. The titular Jude is a poor young man who aspires to one day attend university. The story of his life is a biting criticism of the way women and poor men are barred from higher education. It also deals frankly with sex and marriage, as Jude and his lover Sue are two people who endured ghastly first marriages, and divorced so they could be together. Rather than marry again, Sue pleads with Jude for them to remain unmarried, and simply live in a de facto relationship. For this choice they are cruelly ostracised and suffer unendurable heartache. In the character of Sue, he really rails against marital rape and the way women are made to feel like it is their duty to submit to their husband, or that they are committing a sin by not submitting. Sue is a demisexual woman, and she is only ever capable of summoning desire for one man – Jude. Part of her tragedy is that she is tortured and punished for this sexuality.

The backlash against Jude was severe. Hardy was hounded and abused for daring to suggest that women ought to have sexual autonomy; that people should be released from cruel marriages and not suffer societal backlash for it; that the lives of illegitimate children should be valued and protected; that the poor ought to have access to education, etc. A bishop claimed he burned the novel in disgust. One reviewer called it “Jude the Obscene.” A lady wrote to the New York Times saying she had to run outside for air after reading it. Hardy received a box of ashes, presumably the remains of Jude, from an irate reader. Hardy was always pretty thin-skinned about reviews (after his first novel, Desperate Remedies, was published, one review made him wish he was dead and threw him into a funk of depression) and after negative feedback from Tess he said “If this sort of thing continues, no more novel-writing for me. A man must be a fool to deliberately stand up to be shot at.” The criticism Jude brought upon his head meant that he made good on his promise, basically said “fuck all y’all” and devoted himself to poetry for the remaining few decades of his life.

This has been a basic introduction to the life and works of Thomas Hardy; now in terms of what I can recommend, out of his fourteen Wessex novels, Tess and Jude are obviously essential, but you should probably start with Far From the Madding Crowd. This is perhaps the funniest and most optimistic of his books, with witty and endearing characters, a gorgeously rendered rural setting and a beautiful love story between the wilful Bathsheba Everdene and my dear awkward son, Gabriel Oak. Return of the Native, The Trumpet-Major and The Mayor of Casterbridge are my other favourites. Desperate Remedies is his first novel and only Gothic novel, and I always like to flag it because it has an honest-to-God lesbian scene in it.  “The instant they were in bed Miss Aldclyffe freed herself from the last remnant of restraint. She flung her arms round the young girl, and pressed her gently to her heart. ‘Now kiss me,’ she said.” 19th century Gothic lesbians, anyone?

Thomas Hardy was a super prolific writer, and he produced a great number of short stories and poems in addition to these novels. Don’t be afraid to hunt around until you find something you like. All his works are public domain now, so you should easily be able to download his ebooks. Happy reading!

The Episode *Part Three*

Part Three of A Christmas With Family

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4


Pairing:Dylan O’Brien x Reader

“Ahhhhhh!”,my entire family said as they came towards Dylan and I. And one by one they started to hug him, kissing him on the forehead,and squeezing his cheeks together. I guess this was their way of welcoming him.

“Back up! Back up! God damn! You all are gonna give the boy a damn anxiety attack.”,said my mother sternly. Everybody backed away and sat down in their original spots.

“Okay.Okay. I think the little ones need their sleep.”,said my grandpa. His statement was followed by whining from the kids. They begged for just 10 more minutes but my grandpa was a stern man and demanded that they go to bed.

See my family had lived a complex in which we lived along with two other family friends. Everybody’s house was walking distance from each other. Sooo, yeah, we were pretty close.

As the kids were being escorted to bed, I was introducing Dylan to my aunts and uncles.My aunts and uncles sat in a circle in the family room with beer in hand.

“You look familiar to me,Dylan Are you in acting like (Y/N)?”,asked my aunt,Cindy,tipping her beer bottle towards Dylan.

“Yes. I am. I’m actually on the same show as (Y/N).”,Dylan answered.

“I knew I knew you from somewhere. You’re that Stiles kid,right?”,said my uncle,Jason.

Dylan nodded his head. His awkwardness was adorable.

“Speaking of Teen Wolf,(Y/N),we were saving this week’s episode to watch with you!”,said my mom,barging into the conversation. (My family is very supportive of my acting career and watching every episode of Teen Wolf together.)

What? What? What? No,we can not watch this episode. You may be asking why we can’t watch this particular episode. Well, you see my character,Alice, and Stiles have developing a romantic storyline ever since the season started. And this episode is filled with lots and lots of romantic and sexual scenes with Stiles and Alice. I was hoping that my family was going to be too busy to see the episode and I could sneak off and delete it without them noticing. But now we are about to watch with Dylan and my family who think I’m the purest human being in the entire universe.

“Great! But I’m sure, everybody’s tired.”,I said.

“No way!”,responded the remaining family.

My family gathered around the television in the family room. I sat right next to Dylan and we shared a bowl of Doritos. My heart was racing as I awaited Alice’s and Stiles’ scene to happen.

Let me explain Alice’s story in Teen Wolf. She was a born wolf. Her father was killed in front of her and she can forgive herself for not saving her father. She was skeptical to trusting the pack and it was Stiles who helped her open up about her father’s death. Stiles was the first one who she trusted him. She is very protective of Stiles. Lydia recently set up her up with a friend of a friend and they have been dating for 2 months. And at every mention of Alice’s new boyfriend, Stiles gets jealous. In this episode, she is recovering from finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her.

We watch as Alice and Stiles are seen on the television.

‘Are you okay?’,Stiles speaks.

‘I don’t know. I mean, I get this overwhelming crushing feeling that makes me want to cry. But I keep telling myself that I can’t cry. If I cry, then I become weak. Then I become the girl who cries over a boy she meet 2 months. And the morbid thing is that he probably never even liked me. He had much prettier girl on side. She probably gave him butterflies when he saw her or he probably watched her intently just memorizing her face. All the things that a guy will never to do me.’Alice speaks.

I look behind me to see my Cindy and Kaela in tears. My mom patts of the shoulder. They’re proud now but probably not later.

Stiles walks to Alice and looks her thoughtfully.

‘Don’t say that. Don’t say that. Because you are so beautiful. So beautiful that you give me butterflies when I see you.So beautiful that I sometimes stare at you,just memorizing your face. So gorgeous that when I wake up in the morning all my brain can think about is you. So marvelous that at every mention of you and Mr.Perfect Boyfriend, I wanted to punch something. And you aren’t just beautiful. You are so strong. And maybe crying every once in awhile isn’t gonna tarnish your strength. Because you are human. The most perfect human to me.’,Stiles said, inching closer to Alice at every sentence.

An overwhelming ‘ahhhh’ filled the living room. My uncle,Chris, leaned closer to Dylan and I.

“You guys make a cute couple.”,he said.

Dylan let a light, awkward chuckle.

Alice looked at Stiles.

‘Oh my god. Oh my god. I said too mu-”,Stiles said but Alice cut him off by kissing him.

“Ohhhhhhh!”,screamed my family as they shook Dylan’s shoulders.

My cheeks were bright red as the scene continues.

The light kissing turned into hot making-out.

Alice tugged her shirt off and revealed her bra.

Stiles kissed her neck.

‘Are you sure?’,Stiles asked cautiously.

‘I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life’,Alice said,biting her lip.

“Oh my god!”

“They’re gonna do it!”


All of this was basically my family’s reaction to this scene.

Alice jumped up and wrapped her legs around Stiles waist.   

“He’s not a virgin no more!”,said my mom.

Dylan’s cheeks turned as red as mine.

I was scared to look at him.

As the scene went to commercial, I took a sigh of relief. Thank god that is over!

“Damn! That was hot!”,said my uncle,Matthew.

The Sunqueen (La Reine soleil/ Napkirálynő, 2007) is a french-belgian-hungarian coproduction which I higlhy recommend to every animation fan.

It takes place in the ancient Egypt in the time of Pharaoh Akhenaton who estabilished a new cult, the cult of Aton, the God of Sun. He worships his God so much, that he can’t see the people suffering from it, not even his own family. So it’s up to his daughter, Princess Akhesa to find a way and bring peace to the kingdom.

I really love the character designs, the scenery, and how the creators managed to play with light and shadows to create the world of Aton. The plot  is good too, with some good action scenes and  sweet, slowly builded romance. Sometimes it’s a bit chilidish, then other times it shockes you. A lot of characters die here. Not Game of Thrones style, but still.

And it has the most awkward rescue-scene, where the prince have to use his “pants” (I don’t know what it’s called) as a rope to save Akhesa from a trap. So if this isn’t convincing you to watch it, I don’t know what will. :D


I think we may have discussed this, but Sam serves as Danny’s nurse and does all the first aid stuff for the group. And she get’s really good at it and even stitches up Danny and Tucker and herself when needed. Tucker can do some stuff, not as much as Sam and he isn’t gentle. Jazz is also really good for first aid, but Danny prefers Sam because she always goes the extra mile and really coddles him.

Also, and I’ve seen a couple fanfics like this, but Sam also massages Danny when he needs it.

And Sam, when they’re dating really goes above and beyond for their little massage sessions. Candles. Aroma therapy. Candles. Hot stones…..and sitting on his back in minimal clothing….

I blame Fanfiction.

Also. The Fentons, Mansons, and Tucker ALL have a tendency to burst into places. And when Danny and Sam are getting down and dirty, it doesn’t stop.  There have been a few times where things get going and one of them bursts in.

Tucker teases them and pretends he will take pics. Jazz covers her eyes and back out of the room, really flustered, stuttering and bumping into everything and knocking things over. Sam’s parents requires Danny to go ghost and leave. Sam’s granny just teases and roots them on and compliments a blushing Danny and tells a mortified Sam to get at it.

With Danny’s parents. Well, Jack roots them on and is all “That’s my son! Putting the Fenton ability to pleasure women to good use! It works wonders on your mom!”


And the ghosts too. Maybe the box ghost can steal the box of condoms.

And Sam and Danny are just there like….”We need to start screwing in the GZ”

Yeah this sounds familiar, we might have talked about it before but what the heck, let’s go at it again!

I imagine Sam or Jazz would be more likely to do Danny’s first aid because Tucker would probably faint or puke at the sight of his nastier injuries, Jazz would probably do it the most because proximity but after she moves away to go to university Sam would take up the torch (and yeah she’d pamper him if he was really beat up)

Also hell yes to the whole massage scene 100% down with that (but they’d be a special occasion thing like after really hard battles)


And just the Mansons would barge in all the time because they KNOW Danny sneaks in (but enhanced ghost hearing is Danny’s best friend, even if it gets a little hard to concentrate when he’s in the middle of some fricklefrackling)

Sam’s grandma though oh my god that’d be hilarious a+ just everyone’s reactions just a++


Meet Johnson | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6


The next morning I woke up all tangled up with Johnson. Our legs crossed each other, we both were lying on our left side and we were literally spooning. His arms were around me, my hand was resting on his wrist and I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the situation, but I wanted to avoid the awkward situation when he wakes up.

I tried to get out of his grip as slowly and gentle as I could, but when I was almost out he tightened his arms around me pulling me completely to his body. And then I felt something hard.

“Oh my God,” I whispered with wide eyes. Was he having a morning wood? It was the most awkward situation in my entire life. I didn’t even dare to move, what the hell was I supposed to do?

He started to shift in his sleep and his hand slipped a little bit lower on my stomach. Now this started to get really awkward, I had to do something. I took a deep breath, but before I could do anything…

“Do you feel awkward?” he muttered still not moving.

“Um, yes, thanks for asking,” I said quietly. He finally let go of me and turned to his back, but I immediately missed his touch on my skin even though this whole scene was really weird and awkward.

“I’m a guy, I can’t hide it when I see something I like.” I turned to him, his arms were tugged under his head and he was glancing to me.

“I would say that this was the most beautiful thing a guy ever told me, but you have to try harder than that.”

“Even more harder?” he asked raising his eyebrows. When I understood why he said that I felt my cheeks redden immediately.

“Oh my God, I hate you,” I said getting out of the bed and locking myself into the bathroom. I had to take some deep breaths to process what the hell just happened. I quickly washed my face and fixed my hair so I didn’t look like a mess. When I got out he was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at his phone.

“What are you going to do now?” I asked stepping to my closet and looking for something to wear.

“I don’t know, I have to find a place where I can stay until I figure things out.” I heard him standing up and then I felt his presence behind me. “Put on that green shirt, I would love to see you in that,” he murmured into my ears and he even brushed his fingers through my arm. I hated how he could affect me. I had to take a deep breath before I could turn around.

“You can spend the night here anytime,” I said all of a sudden. It caught me by surprised that I said that, just like I said something like that earlier the night when I said to him he could sleep in the bed.

He looked at me and I couldn’t decide if he was thinking about how big of an idiot I was or if he was thankful. I tugged my hair behind my ears and started to regret what I said when he finally spoke up.

“Okay. Thank you. But I don’t want to get you into trouble with your mom.”

“Don’t worry about her, I can handle it,” I shrugged but I honestly didn’t know what I would say to her if she found out I’m hiding a boy in my bedroom.

“I’ll think about it, but I have to go now. I will be back in the afternoon and then we can work on the project if you want to.” He walked to my mirror and fixed his hair. His bruises looked better now, but it was still obvious that he had a fight. To be honest, this bad boy look was so good on him, and so hot. It was hard to control myself around him.

“Okay, I’ll be there,” I nodded looking away from him.

“Should I go through the window or…” he pointed to my window, but I shook my head.

“My mom isn’t home, you can just use the front door,” I smiled. He gathered his stuff and then I led him downstairs.

“Thanks for taking me in, Skyler,” he said glancing back at him, when I was standing in the doorway watching him walk away.


My mom was really back by lunch. She bought a few stuff, like pillows and towels, she looked excited to do the final touches on the house even though there was a big chance we wouldn’t be there in a year.

“So, how is school going? Do you have friends?” she asked over lunch.

“I guess yes,” I said and immediately thought of Johnson. I wondered what he was doing at that moment.

“You know, you should invite them over sometime!” my mom said all happy that this time I wasn’t a socially awkward weirdo in my school.

“Actually, one of them will come over this afternoon, we are working on a project together.”

“Wonderful! I can’t wait!”

After lunch we washed the dishes, mom talked about her work and how weird her colleagues are, but she said she likes it there. Then we decided to watch a movie. I wanted to concentrate on the movie, but I was just too excited to see Johnson again. I didn’t know when he was coming, but I hoped he would be there as soon as possible. We finished the movie and mom suggested to watch another but then the doorbell rand and I immediately jumped to my feet.

“Sorry mom, this must be Jack,” I gabbled and rushed to the door. Opening it I saw Jack smiling at me with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey,” I breathed out feeling my heart beat fastening.

“Hey,” he greeted and stepped in. When I turned around I found my mom standing in the hallway, smiling at us.

“Mom, this is my friend, Jack. Jack, this is my mom, Betty.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Jack,” my mom cooed shaking hands with him.

“It’s a pleasure, Mrs. um…” He didn’t know how to call my mom, and also the Mrs. was wrong, since she wasn’t married, but my mom solved the situation.

“Just call me Betty. I’ll be in my room, I have some work to do, you two have fun,” she smiled walking into her bedroom.

“She is nice,” Jack stated looking after her.

“Yeah, she is,” I nodded and headed up to my room Jack following me.

We settled down and I switched on the laptop so we could start to work. Jack seemed to be calm and focused, we finally could get the first part of the project together. After one and a half hour we ended up just lying on the floor between the books and I put on some music. It was supposed to be a short break but we had been doing this for more than fifteen minutes.

“So where are you going tonight?” I asked with my eyes glued to the ceiling.

“Not sure yet,” he sighed sitting up and checking the time.

“I told you, you can stay here if you want to.” I got up too and looked at him trying to figure out what he was thinking about.

“I know and I told you I would think about it,” he said giving me a warm smile. I liked cocky Johnson but it was so sweet when he was gentle and nice, it made him so much more lovable.

“Okay,” I whispered.

My mom yelled up if we wanted to have dinner together, and I thought he would refuse it, but he said yes. All three of us sat down to the table and we really had a great time. I thanked God that mom didn’t ask much from Jack making it awkward. Jack seemed to like being with us and I suddenly felt so much more happier that once in a while it wasn’t just mom and me sitting at the huge table. Jack made it more special and better.

“It was really delicious, Betty, thank you,” Jack smiled at mom when we finished.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“I did. But I should go now. It was nice to meet you, Betty.” He gave mom a kiss on the cheek and I could tell she liked Jack. She was happy that I finally had a friend even though she denied before, that I was a socially zero teen in my previous schools.

“You are welcomed here anytime Jack. Goodnight,” she said as we headed out to the hallway. We stood there for a long moment, I didn’t know what I should say. I wanted him to say that ‘hey, see you in ten, because I’m staying here for the night again’ but I couldn’t force him into staying.

“Thanks for the dinner. See you soon, Skyler,” he smiled at me and stepped out to the night.

“Bye, Jack,” I said quietly leaning at the doorframe. He waved at me one more time and then disappeared in the dark. When I closed the door and turned around mom was standing right behind me.

“You like this guy, don’t you?” she asked smiling at me. I looked down at my feet and nodded slightly.

“How did you know?” I mumbled looking back up at her.

“I could tell from the way you look at him. And I think he likes you too.”

“I’m not sure about it,” I scoffed. She stepped closer to me and took my face into her hands.

“Honey, you can’t be sure about anything. Give it a try, maybe he likes you too, it won’t hurt you to give it a try.” She kissed my forehead and went to her room. Taking a deep breath I headed up to my room.

I quickly cleaned up the mess Jack and I made and was about to go and have a shower when I heard a knocking on my window. It scared me to death and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what it was, but then I heard it again and I had to check it out. When I opened the window I saw Jack sitting on the tree in front of my window.

“Hey. Can I stay in the Skyler hotel for another night?” He had this cocky grin on his face and there was no woman in the world that could say no to him. Besides, there was nothing else I wanted more than having him next to me again.

“Make yourself home,” I told him smiling widely and let him in.

anonymous asked:

Hahah honestly I didn't expect any other answer from you! Maybe you could do a top 10 if you want and have the time? But pls don't feel rushed to do so, take care of yourself and your obligations first :)

your question got me thinking!! okay this is what I think are my top 10, not really in any particular order but like the one’s that are like the most memorable and made me have the wildest reaction lmao

1) my icon!! when jinyoung and mark were in separate cars for a journey and then when they were reunited, they ran towards each other and hugged and laughed

2) “when I came to the dorm after work and mark hyung was there sleeping with coco in my bed” I mean…….can u actually believe……….that I am still alive

3) in real got7 ep 6 when mark kissed jinyoung’s hand twice before hitting him and hugging him after

4) this fansign;

its so teasing and they’re so wrapped up in each other and their laughs are so cute and I just???? cant

5) real got7 ep 10 was just…..amazing. after telling everyone to not touch him whilst he was speaking, mark got emotional about how much closer he’s got with the other guys because of real got7. jinyoung leans down to comfort him and mark lets him!!! and then obviously, the kiss at the end and mark’s cute “what was that??!!” and laugh

6) “jinyoungie, I love you” and running towards each other and jinyoung jumping into mark’s arms and looking so smug and mark looked so happy and then the kISS IM YELLING!!!!!!

7) their WHOLE got2day episode but especially their story of how they met it was just so adorable and mark was so talkative and giggly it was life-saving

8) every single time mark whispered “stop fronting” in jinyoung’s ear during the A performances I LIVED for that and the dance practice when jinyoung put his arms around mark and they both grinned ughdkghdkgkd

9) when jinyoung was mark’s teacher during that igot7 episode I cant remember which one…maybe 6??? idk but when jinyoung was teaching him, mark literally looked at him like the sun it was astounding and I think jinyoung said “hyung, I believe in you!” at some point

10) that fan meeting where jinyoung and mark said they want each other in their fan groups or whatever its called and jinyoung sat in mark’s lap and mark rocked him like a baby it is simultaneously the best and worst thing I have ever seen


11) the “how to make mom happy” igot7 episode was just…pure gold

12) jinyoung proposing to mark on stage and mark accepting and them hugging and laughing

13) “so why are we here tonight?” “we’re on a date”

14) when yugyeom was messing with jinyoung and mark appeared like BIG MISTAKE MAKNAE STEP AWAY FROM MY MAN

15) when Jackson made mark do aegyo and jinyoung stared at him with so much love I actually…….passed out 1000 times


17) jinyoung being a fussy whiny baby during igot7 about what he wanted to eat and mark just promising him anything 

18) that fan signing where jinyoung was gonna re-enact a scene from my love eundong and Jackson said it would be mark instead and jinyoung went into awkward caught mode and tried to change the subject and mark just….stared at him……that will haunt me as the most unexplained situation ever

19) like just every single fan signing man!! they’re so filled with markjin moments I cant name all of them!!!


I have reached 20 so I should stop hahaha but honestly, there are so many more I want to talk about so I’m really glad I’m making those masterposts so I can just go wild!!