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Me? Getting super invested in HS?? more likely than you think


Whenever Draco has a bad day, Harry buys him flowers. 

The first time it happens, Draco comes home from work with a scowl on his face. He just got some really bad news and knows the next few weeks will be hell for him. When Harry asks about his day, he doesn’t say anything. He knows, if he opens his mouth now, he will only snap at Harry and he really isn’t in the mood to fight. Not after the day he had. So he sits there, throughout their dinner, saying nothing.

When he gets up to take a shower, he catches Harry gazing at him sadly. Draco knows Harry is only worried about him, but this gets him even more irritated. Because now, on top of his bad mood, he feels guilty for making Harry feel this way.

Taking a shower normally relaxes him, but when he walks into his and Harry’s bedroom, his muscles are still tense and the scowl still won’t leave his face. The crease between his brows deepens even more when he sees something odd on his bedside table. That bouquet of peonies wasn’t there before. When he hears Harry enter the bedroom, Draco doesn’t turn around.

“Do I look like a girl, Potter?” he grumbles through gritted teeth. Why would Harry get him flowers? Harry doesn’t reply. Instead, Draco feels his arms wrap around his waist from behind. When Harry starts nuzzling his hair, Draco sighs and puts one of his hands on Harry’s.

Harry is only trying to cheer him up. And although Draco would never admit it out loud, getting flowers from his boyfriend is… kind of nice.

From this day on, whenever Draco comes home grumpy or moody, Harry will excuse himself quickly and return with a bouquet of sunflowers, or daisies, or hydrangeas… sometimes Draco doesn’t even know the name of the flowers Harry gets him. The only thing he knows is, it warms his heart when Harry is standing in front of him, smiling almost shyly, with a big bouquet in his arms.

So now, Draco isn’t that irritated anymore, when he had a bad day at work. He’s still moody and grumpy, he can’t control that, but he also knows that Harry will buy him flowers. And while they’re beautiful and Draco always admires and appreciates them for as long as they’re on his bedside table, it’s about so much more than just the flowers.

It reminds Draco of how thoughtful Harry is. It’s a sweet little gesture that reassures Draco.

Harry will always be there to cheer him up.

To make him feel loved.

Part 2

at first, i was like holy shit look at this kid’s hair and i didn’t even NOTICE the shirt CAN HE QUIT IT


Sormik week day 6! Woohoo! I’m back.
No baby Sormiks this time, but have all the more fluff. This one is for @amarietie/ @tmariea for Storms in Our Blood. Today’s theme is “Lastonbell—Promises/Acceptance”, and although this scene indeed takes place in Elysia and has nothing to do with the Lastonbell promise, I figured the prompt was as good as any to do a marriage proposal.
I… I went over the top with the cheesiness, didn’t I? *hides*
The layers have fancy names to distract from the ridiculous romance going on here. Like “background panels”, background background”, “fucking rain”, “fucking lightning”, “rainy bits” and “rainy muchs”.

Anyway, I’m sorry this is so rushed, but I hope it gets the idea across just fine! I really really hope you like it, Mari! :,)
This is my little thanks for your kind words and deeds for me, and for your Earth Armatus Rose occasionally saving my ass in ToLink, hoho. HAPPY SEVERAL MONTHS LATE BIRTHDAY OR SOMETHING

For everyone else: go read the story, it includes more artistic use of seraphic artes, and more kisses in the rain, if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what to tell you

>how strange it is<

Gaster x Sans (Not related)

Sans has climbed the ranks of the Royal Lab far faster than anyone expected. Though he has worked hard to prove he deserved it, not even he could deny that his boss’ obsession with him has something to do with it. He tried to keep himself distant, but Gaster invites himself over to Snowdin one night to admit his feelings… but also to break bad news to Sans.  (AU where they’re not related, but work together. Gaster knows something bad is going to happen when the Core is activated, but he’s not sure what. He protects his favorites, despite their anger. And can’t help but try and make a pass at his true favorite.)

((This is a bit different than what I usually write. I just needed to vent tbh and I do so love me some Sanster. Technically it’s still Fontcest, because who else could Wing Dings gAster be, but a skeleton?   …… Not Beta’d.))

Sans had avoided bringing Papyrus to lab since he had become an assistant. His brother was still a kid, young and impressionable. Papyrus was both text-book definition of good and… Well, after everything Sans had been through, his brother was like a balm on his soul. Comforting when work became nearly too much to handle, understanding when Sans had to come home late from work leaving Papy to feed himself and most importantly

Papyrus was Sans’ last life-line, his only connection to what the older brother would call the ‘real world’.

The Labs were Gaster’s world and they sucked the very life out of you. There was no free time, no days off, no moments not focused on the scientist and his goals and vision for the Underground. The man held so much power and awe over the people that Sans would joke he could nearly raise a coup over Asgore.

Gaster seemed to preen at this, like it was a high compliment.

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According to one of the books the reason chekov became chief of security in the movies is because he was rejected from command school for being too immature but he still wanted to be in charge of people so he went to security school instead