god this is is awkward!!

I feel really weird for asking this but could you please pray for me. I’m surrounded by worry and pain and am kinda freaking out right now. I’m trying to trust in the Lord and calm down, but honestly right now I feel just like fighting and crying. Which probably isn’t the best response

If you don’t want to that’s fine but if you do end up praying for me I’d really appreciate it.

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Fic title: devil baby mama drama, say they five times fast

*rolls my eyes* ok, Dean

De-aged case fic. Sam (still on demon blood) or Jack gets shot with a de-aging curse, leaving Dean and Cas to coparent a supernaturally powerful baby a la 6.02. Dean joking keeps referring to Castiel as his “baby mama” while Castiel just glares at him.


Remember how awkward Castiel was caring for a baby? God I would kill for more of that in canon. And Castiel watching Dean bounce Sam around or sing him to sleep. UGH.

Send me a fic title!


- Hyung Suk is fucking terrified but he still doesn’t lose a fight against a zombie. He’s holding up in his little home, and is surviving okay. But often there are times where he skips meals because he doesn’t have enough food.

This is due to him only checking the obvious places for supplies, which are already robbed of everything. His survivor knowledge is pretty much anything he’s learned from zombie movies. He gives his dog Enu all the nutrition she needs, even if that means he won’t eat for the day.

- Jae Yeol is the bad ass loner with a motorbike who has been surviving by himself in a house full of food and supplies. He’s one of those people who’s an expert at all of this. Knows where to get needed items, knows where you’re most likely to find zombies, etc. Still so adorably socially awkward tho.

- Oh god I honestly can’t see Vasco ever leaving his house unless it’s absolutely necessary. If he’s scared of rumors about ghosts, he has to be absolutely terrified of walkers.

He doesn’t lose in a fight, but gosh darn it if he doesn’t give the funniest, high pitched screams while doing it. Everyone else misunderstands his screams as banshee battle cries but in actuality he’s just ready to piss himself. He and burn knuckles are surviving as a group.

- Honestly Jin Ho Bin would be the asshole that robs other survivors for their food and medicine. He’s cocky when around his group, but if he’s left alone with zombies he’s a big ol’ baby. He’s tried to rob Jae Yeol once, but got his ass kicked to high heaven, so he always avoids Jae’s territory now.

- Gimme all the bad ass girls surviving together with Choi Soo Jung as their leader. Choi has taught everyone how to fight, and they’ve all got a great base going with a good amount of tools and food. Jang Hyun and Jin Sung are also camped with ‘em.

Jin is grossed out by the zombies, but does what he needs to survive. I imagine Jang Hyun would be the type of guy who’s pretty, kind, and jokes around to lift the overall gloomy mood. But he’s freaking terrifying in a fight. Dude’s got sharp ass scissors as a weapon, don’t mess with him.

- Duk Hwa and Park Ji Ho are travelling survivors that stick to the shadows to avoid combat. Ji Ho is the best pick pocket one has ever seen, and one time he even successfully stole from Jin Ho Bin. Duk Hwa can defend them well, and often writes lyrics when they have rare moments of peace.

Eventually they’re saved by Hyung when in a pickle, and end up camping with him. Often they visit Vasco, partly for a place to stay, partly to trade supplies and make sure he’s alright.

- Gun, Goo, and Kouji are a part of Choi’s group. But more often than not Gun and Goo travel to survey the area and get more necessities. Kouji is their technology dude, who sometimes tags along in an attempt to get service and contact help/get information. Gun and Goo are also people that Jin Ho Bin avoids due to a hard ass kicking.

- Just…gimme this AU please I need this

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Concept, based on the 'looking sharp' thing: Hanzo realizes Mcree was flirting with him like an hour afterwards and breaks a bit inside

genji finds him on the floor half an hour later

(first part!!)

did a sketch of him with his greasy lookin black hair

  • jared: what, you have a crush?
  • evan: ...
  • jared: oh my god you do! on who?
  • evan: Idontwannatalkaboutitimeanthemurphysaresointintimidating
  • jared: I heard 'murphy'! oh my god that's so sad, zoe murphy is so out of your league!
  • connor: [walking by]
  • connor: why the fuck are you talking about my sister?
  • evan: [freezes]
  • jared: because evan has a pathetic crush on her!
  • evan: jared stop talking!
  • connor: are you fucking serious?
  • jared: I know right? as if he has a shot with zo-
  • evan: oh my god jared I wasn't even talking about zoe!
  • jared: but you said 'murphy'!
  • evan: yeah, well, she's not the only one with that name is she!
  • jared: ...
  • jared: OH
  • evan: [blushes angrily]
  • jared: oh my god that's even worse
  • connor: wait
  • connor: ...
  • evan: ...
  • jared: I've never witnessed anything more awkward than this moment right now

villains who’ve had a change of heart and rock up at their enemies’ base like hi i go here now is my aesthetic