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Lost stars (3D version)
Lost stars (3D version)

Jungkook - Lost stars (3D version)

as i like to say, in jungkook’s own words, ‘oh man holy shit’ 

can you hear my fucking tears. this is the best thing I’ve ever uploaded. I’m crying really hard cause this is perfect here you want to know why jeon jungkook is perfect? listen to this my friend i dare you tell me differently. its freaking comeback october and they freaking dropped this song right now I’m ready to hop off a cliff because this is just isudfhu oh my god alright okay I’m sorry I’m just really emotional. anyways

listen with good headphones for the best quality
or, if you’re wearing earbuds, listen with both buds :)

enjoy your four minutes in heaven ^.^ (its literally heaven no lies)

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Even a God Needs help

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Warning: I would say some anger issues maybe

Prompt: Where Loki is in a relationship with reader for awhile and they are in love but deep down he still holds anger towards everyone and one day he can’t take it and breaks down in front of her and pleads for her to help overcome the anger.

Notes: hey guys Anahi here sorry we haven’t been uploading in a few and this whole week for at least me it’s going to be hard due to midterm finals so yes please bare with me. We will try to get the requests done as soon as possible. Regarding “not good enough” i was actually thinking about not continuing it but lately people have been asking for it so i was like aye why not so yes I’m going to start writing it after the requests are done there is going to be an estimated 3 more chapter left so yes. Hope you enjoy and have a great day. -Anahi<3  

Who would have guessed it. You an average human dating a God. He wasn’t any God he was the God of Mischief, the same God that not long ago tried to take over the world but the only thing that mattered to you is that you love him and he loves you but lately things have a been… Strange,
“Loki would you please tell me what’s wrong. Since our ski trip with the avengers you seem so different.” You stated with a bit of worry in your tone. Loki suddenly snaps out of his daydream and gives you a small smile before standing up from the couch to embrace you in a loving hug. Moments like this were the ones that you cherished the most, where the world would stop and It would just be you and Loki,
“Worry not love.” Loki whispered into your ear, “Its only me remembering the nights we spent together exploring each others bodies. You blushed intensely but something deep inside you told you Loki wasn’t being sincere but you left it at that and went along with your day. Weeks went on and Loki was beginning to grow more and more distant you continued to ask him what was wrong but Loki would just shake it off saying he was fine but you knew he wasn’t fine. "Could he have another women.” You thought as you headed off to bed. Just the thought made you sick but it could be a possibility. It had been raining hard for a couple of days so when you heard a faint knock on you door you dismissed it thinking it was just heaving rain. The knock became louder and louder and it was beginning to freak you out, you slowly got out of your bed  and walked through the hallways where it would lead you directly to the front door of your house. You peaked out the window that was located near your door and you saw a tall man with a black coat and middle length hair standing in the rain, your eyes widened when you realized it was Loki. You quickly unlocked your door and told Loki to get inside. Something was off about Loki, his eyes didn’t meet yours and he didn’t give a warm greeting as he usually would when he visited you, “This is it.” You say to yourself in defeat as you thought he was here to end the relationship you loved dearly. The next thing that happened surprised you greatly, Loki suddenly dropped to his knees
“I’m loosing it y/n. I can’t take it anymore.” He whispered as he looked blankly at the wall. Never in the time you and Loki had dated had he looked this bad as he did today,
“Tell me what’s happening Loki,  I can help you.” You say dropping to your knees in front of him. You looked into Loki’s emerald eyes filled with anger, a emotion you didn’t expect to be there.
“I still hate them y/n, I hate them so much.” He growled suddenly looking straight into your eyes.
“Who, who do you hate?” You said trying to maintain your voice soft.
“All of them. The foolish avengers, the weak Misgardians, and Odin especially Odin. He  is the one I hate the most he ruined my life he has locked me out Asgard and separated me from Frigga. He Has banished me to this dirty pathetic world where nobody understands me.” Loki got up from the ground and his voice began to raise raised as his anger grew but just as fast as the words spilled out of his mouth he realized what he said and the damage it caused you; although you didn’t say anything Loki saw the hurt in your eyes,
“I-I’m sorry y/n I didn’t mean it like that…” Loki quickly apologized as he realized his mistake but you cut him off before he was able to continue,
“I understand you more than you think.” Your soft voice maintain as you got up from the floor and stood in front of Loki.
“I need help y/n. I can’t handle with this anymore. One day I’m going to explode and it’s going to hurt the wrong people.” Loki said as his voice began to crack. You looked into his eyes and worry was all you saw. Since the day you and Loki began dating, Loki always had the appearance of someone strong and completely sure of himself and seeing Loki like this broke you. You caressed his face in assurance,
“Why didn’t you tell my sooner?” You asked.
“I didn’t want you to think I was the same Loki, the Loki that hated himself more thank anything. I wanted to prove to you that I was a changed man and I would be able to forget about my pass.” Loki admitted as he rested his head on the palm of your hand.
“Oh Loki someone can’t change in a day. It takes time and effort and the most important thing the support of your peers.”  You softly say as you slowly begging to play with Loki’s hair, a technique that would always sooth his mood.
“I want to change y/n b-but I don’t know how. I’m getting more and more lost in my thought.” Loki searched your eyes for help.
“We’ll find help Loki but we will find it together no matter what happens we will face it together. I love you Loki and I don’t like seeing you like this I need to know that you trust me.” You assured him as you continued to play with his raven black hair.   Out of blue Loki leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours as a sign of gratitude,
“Thank you love.” Loki whispered into your ear. That rest of the night you and Loki were in each other’s arms giving each other support. Eventually Loki found the help that he needed and he after hard work learned how to forgive and forget, there were many obstacles that you and Loki had to face but you faced them together.

sorry this is so late, i poofed & panicked a lot after losing the password to this account … i’m a mess. anyways, i’m mabel & i’m a mess, but i’m writing an even bigger mess that is park jimin so he can manipulate darkness, sure, that’s edgy & all, but he has a hard time managing the ability in the first place ?? he’s awkward ?? a little clumsy ?? bad with emotions ?? also suffers from insomnia because sleeping is Not For Him … i love you guys & this is such a weird time to post, but please do hmu if you want to plot !! just give this post a little like & i’ll slide right in to your im’s <3