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Fragments - Part 9

Word Count: 5766

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence 

A/N: Unbeta’d. Any mistakes are mine.

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Sam was normally the first one up every day, but today Dean and you were in the kitchen at the table way before Sam. Dean was playing Words With Friends with Mary while you were infatuated with sending snaps to Donna. “Dean!” You grabbed Dean and pulled him over, holding your phone out to take a selfie. “Flower crowns! Strike a pose!”

“Y/N.” Dean groaned but posed with you anyway. He secretly loved it, not that he’d ever admit it. “How did you even find out about Snapchat?”

“Donna downloaded it for me.”

“Remind me to kill her next time we see her.”

“Sure thing. Except you love it.” You smiled and batted your eyelashes. “Don’t think I haven’t seen you checking yourself out in the filters on my phone. You make an excellent duck face by the way.”

“Shut up.” Dean abruptly turned back to his game and laughed, sending a message to Mary. You peered over his shoulder, seeing that he played the word twerking.

“How are you gonna play a word that didn’t even exist when she was alive? That’s cheating.”

“It’s in the dictionary.” Dean shrugged. You scoffed and went back to playing with Snapchat filters, moving on from the flower crown to the puppy face.

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These are gonna be short and (sweet) retarded. I’m really sorry but you wrote that in caps and I really wanna do that. If you want something serious tell us! - Mod Feve

P.S- This is while they’re stll underground and have N O idea humans have bones. 

P.P.S- I THINK I’M FUNNY AND THIS MIGHT BE A BIIITT OFFENSIVE SO IF YOU’RE AGAINST THAT READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS. And yes I won’t mind if people start hating on me because of it.


He’d probably lose his sh*t. Like no more chill Sans he’s not in snowdin anymore he’s all the way in Hotland where nothing is chill and everything d i e s. He’s completely gone until either you scream at him to shut up and help you, or Papyrus’ll do it for you.


Intense Nyehing all the way to Hotland, too. Although he’s never been chill, seeing that you had a f**king bone sticking out of your skin, he’s just extremely freaked out, until he figures out that his theory about humans descending from skeletons is right, then he forgets. Until you tell him to gET YOU SOME HELP BECAUSE IT REALLY HURT S.


Yeah no this one legit faints. Might have gagged a bit. It’s not the fact that the bone is sticking out of the skin, but just that you b ro k e it. (vietnam flash backs for Sans) So… uhm, well after he wakes up and chill the heck down, he’ll try to help you, even if Pap’s (who can’t even look) trying to tell him that you should handle that yourself.


Now he can’t stand it. He tries to look all tough and scold you about breaking a bone, but listen, you’ve broken a bo n e. The base of your body brOKE. YOU ARE IN PA I N. So yeah, he’s uncomfortably nyehing under his breath, and he’ll somehow help you out. After scolding you to get rid of the gross feeling.


I’m pretty sure the whole town thought he was the one who broke a bone. His screaming is so freaking loud. He thinks this is just a dream and that you’re not hurt, that you can never be hurt (lil’ cinnamon bun). So well, Pap has to help you up and get you to the couch because Sans is up in his room rocking himself forward and backwards muttering the Sponge Bob theme song. 


LisTEN. THE CARROT IS S C A R R E D. He’s gonna help you get somewhere where you can lay down and try to stop the pain, but once he’s done everything possible, he’ll try to get somewhere calm (his room) anD S C R E M. Maybe he’ll need some therapy becauSE YOU BROKE A B ON E. A BBONE. BONY. BONY BONY BONE OH GOD THEY BROKE A BONE. 


Now he could have passed out from this the moment he heard the snap. But the only thing keeping him going is the fact that if he freaks out people will think he’s not so menacing. So, well he’s shivering and ordering Papyrus to get you to the couch, while he goes upstairs to check in his resources how to heal human bones. He’s actually trying to erase the memory out of his head with any method he can find. The best one yet is watching kittens and puppies be happy and play (no one SHALL KNOW. NO WITNESSES).

He hasn’t been out of his room for 10 hours. 


He’s been unconscious for about ten minutes, and he shows no sign of actually waking up. Well, he is tossing and turning on the ground, until he accidentally touches the spot where the broken bone is and you sCREM. That was a good wake up call. He sCREMS too and well he’s freaking out. You yell at him to help you (because come on we all do that when we’re feeling like that) and it’s only after you’re on the couch, slightly less in pain that he starts apologizing over and over and BAM. Back on the ground he goes. 

You can see that I have given this no effort at all i am so sorry I hope you enjoy

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Hansy Prompt: Both Harry and Pansy are Aurors who have just been assigned a drug case. Long hours of stake outs and and little to do but watch the flat across the street for evidence gives them plenty of time to talk.

DISCLAIMER: I swear to God if I get one angry anon saying I’m a racist piece of shit for writing Pansy as pale when, in this fic, she’s half Korean and half Caucasian, I will scream. I wrote her that way because in Korea a recent beauty standard is to be pale, and because of her being, well, h e r, she would want to be updated on the latest trends. So yes, she is pale in this story. Please don’t be mean to me I try to act tough but I will cry.

Anyways, OH MY GOD THIS TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE I AM SORRY! It’s longer than normal so I hope you like it!

“Stop hogging my side of the alley!” Harry whispered intensely as he glared across at his new partner, Pansy Parkinson.

Her hair, short like her, was a messy black bob that contrasted against the paleness of her skin and matched the color of her eyeliner. They’d been sent on a mission to watch the headquarters of one of the most elusive drug lords in the country, yet she still wore an inappropriate pair of heeled boots and so much cakeup, sorry, makeup, that Harry wondered if she even had a face. Because what does she care about protocol? So what if she’s seen by an extremely dangerous member of the drug cartel? As long as she looks pretty in her casket, he didn’t think she cared. Oh, wait. He knew she didn’t care.

“Listen, Potter. Just ‘cause you wanna die lookin’ gross and old with wrinkles, doesn’t mean we all do.” Pansy continued reapplying her wine colored lipstick as she rolled her eyes at his statement. Why the hell would anyone want to look like a raisin with eye-holes on their death bed?

Harry stared in disbelief. “I don’t want to die old. I want to die knowing I’ve lived a full life.”

They’d moved into a dingy London flat across the street from the old “shoe store” aka “Venemum” headquarters.

It was cheap and the grimy carpet had spots that made the apartment smell of cat pee. There weren’t many windows, leaving the living room, kitchen, and bedroom dark at most times of the day. The walls were bare and a dull white; the only furnishings within the flat were those of necessity. A large bed in the bedroom, a single cotton couch and table with equipment in the living room, and food in the kitchen cupboards with a table and two chairs off to the side.

Pansy lay on the floor, whining out of boredom. “Are stakeouts usually this lackluster?”

“No, normally they’re worse than this,” Harry replied with a bit of sarcasm in his voice, eyes rolling as he heard a loud groaning noise from her side of the room. “Stop bitching, you’re the one who got the couch.”

She shot up from her spot on the carpet. He made her so angry. His voice, his face, his hideous fashion sense, and Merlin save her, his fucking cough WAS infuriating. It was all scraggly and soft, and he would always try to be quiet so he would spend ten minutes getting rid of that tickle in his throat. Half the time, she was sure he only did it to annoy her.

“Maybe I wouldn’t be so bitchy if you would’ve bought two beds!” Pansy’s tone became fierce and snappy.

“Maybe I would’ve bought two beds if you didn’t declare the couch yours!” He huffed; fuck, she pissed him off.

Her makeup was perfect, her outfits were, her walk was perfect, the ratio between bitchiness and playful sarcasm was perfect - everything about her was perfect. The way snorted when she laughed too hard at his failures, oblivious to anyone else’s opinion. When she smiled at herself in the mirror, old vanity from their school days peaking through, as usual. Even her name sounded perfect. Pansy Parkinson. Everything she did, was perfection.

And it made him furious.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it! Two nights ago you were practically getting off in your sleep - on my ass! Honestly, never thought Harry “I lost my girlfriend to Neville Longbottom and now I never get laid” Potter would ever try and snag a Parkinson.” Pansy shouted in annoyance and began chipping off the nail polish on her nails.

He jumped up from his spot at the table, knocking a few files off the edge. “You’re such an entitled bitch!”

“Stop acting like it’s not true.” Pansy traced the old carpet with her nails, nonchalant as ever.

“It’s not true! God, you’re the most ignorant person I’ve ever met! Do you think of anyone but yourself? Or is it all about Pansy fucking Parkinson? And do you realize how much of a safety hazard those bloody nails are? We’re on a mission for fuck’s sake! So stop dressing like it’s ladies’ night down at the pub! Merlin, I can’t fucking stand you!” Harry put his hands on his head and paced around the room.

Pansy didn’t flinch as his fist slammed into the wall. She sighed and walked into the bedroom, keeping her composure.

She felt her back hit the wall, sliding into a comfortable sitting position on her bed; correction, their bed. It was a ludicrous idea to consider a Potter and a Parkinson sharing a bed, but there they were. Side by side, as far away from each other as possible, uttering snide remarks and degrading comments.

Harry held a muggle book in one hand, while the other grasped onto a dirty mug of reheated coffee. Moonlight filtered through cheap blinds and Pansy noticed the reflection on his glasses; he looked… peaceful. Normal. Ordinary. It was odd. Harry Potter was suddenly Harry, just Harry. The man he always wanted. The man she unexpectedly stopped ignoring.

He turned his head, raising an eyebrow as she gazed. “Is something interesting?” Harry inquired, quickly letting his eyes wander down to her chest, where the neckline of her shirt exposed the tops of her chest. He saw a light splattering of freckles on her breasts - they were obvious and contrasted with the paleness of her skin, he wasn’t thinking about her in that way.

“Is something interesting about my tits, Potter?” She smirked, not bothering to look up from her wizarding fashion magazine. According to Korean beauty standards, her pale skin is all the rage. Guess she had her mother to thank, and possibly her addiction to reading up on skincare and guides to living wrinkle-free; maybe she’s also a bit paranoid about her freckles as well.

“I-um, no. I just didn’t know you had freckles is all.” Harry stuttered, his cheeks flushing as he swiftly jumped off the bed and walked into the bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, he took a good look at himself. Why was he blushing? Why was he staring? Was it a quick glance? It was supposed to be a quick glance? He leaned down and splashed water on his face, deciding separate beds would’ve been a wonderful idea.

He was in the kitchen, preparing a meal for the two of them. A simple white bean soup with grilled chicken on the side. Easy. Harry’d been cooking since he was a child, and it’d become a pastime of his.

Pansy came in from the living room, rubbing her lower back in discomfort. “Fuck, that chair’s broken, I felt wood digging in my back the whole time.”

“Come here.” Harry sighed, putting down the knife he’d used to chop onions with.

She made a face, “Um, why?” Her brows were furrowed and her hands landed on her hips.

He huffed loudly in frustration. “Just come here!”

Pansy shuffled over, dragging her feet along the once white linoleum that was now a dirty beige. Harry turned her body to where she wasn’t facing him and placed his hands on her lower back. He moved in small circles, then moved lower towards her hips. She became rigid as his hands reached the hem of her shirt, and lifted it slightly. His fingertips were hot against Pansy’s cold skin, and she quickly adjusted to the sensation.

This is odd. Harry knew it, but he liked how soft she felt against his calloused hands. He liked the sound of her light breathing and the way she leaned back into him as she calmed down, letting his hands wander farther down than they needed to.

Neither of them had been with anyone in a month. They knew they shouldn’t. That it was wrong. He was Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world. Conqueror of the Dark Lord. She was the daughter of two well-respected former death eaters that served Voldemort during the war, and even in his death. She was the disowned daughter of two repulsive creatures that called themselves human. How could you leave your own child because of a fucking belief? It pissed him off more than it should have.

So, despite his better judgment, the angel on his shoulder screaming no, he gave in. He let his lips graze her shoulder.

Pansy shivered. Harry Potter placing light kisses on the back of her shoulders and she could feel him turning her forward. And so, against everything she was taught, against her conscience, she let him.

Maybe it was an act of rebellion. To disobey everything she’d been told, to have control for once in her life. Maybe it was because she simply needed a good shag. Merlin knows she hadn’t had one in a good while. Or maybe, it was because she saw him as Harry. A man with old, round glasses that could take a trip to St. Mungo’s and be done with lenses forever. A man that pushed his godson on the swings and read to him every night he could. A man that she’d learned to trust with her secrets.

But who knows? They only cared about the now, never bothering to mention the future.


Chapter 6: Sentiment

The night went quickly for Evan.

He woke up to Jon cuddled into his armpit with his mouth open, dribbling slightly. He looked so little, like back when they use to cuddle up next to each other and it wasn’t gay and wasn’t weird for them too. He loved those times were they didn’t have to worry about anything other than what they felt then. It was peaceful. Now they had so many responsibilities and such that he forgotten what it felt like to relax and not worry about anyone other than himself.

Evan found himself staring for too long at Jon though. No, something was different, it wasn’t just the responsibilities, but the way Jon’s jawline and his perfectly assorted face was held, the way his arms had tangled their way around him, how his sleeve tattoo and his piercings only added to the fact he was already a good looking human. Perfect in Evans eyes. Growing up had always scared him and Jon, but nothing could have prepared him for these confusing feelings.

Evan gingerly moved his arm a little, coming to bring Jon closer. He looked across to see Tyler sleeping across his feet, Brock was next to Jon, hugging Brian as he saved him from falling off, Anthony and Scotty were already on the floor with a space of where they once were on the bed, Lui seemed to be sleeping on Jon’s desk chair, David was half in the wardrobe somehow and Craig, Marcel, Ryan and Luke were nowhere to be seen. Luke being sober probably meant that they were somewhere sensible rather than in the cramped bed.

It took a while for them all to wake up. Luke was the first up, knocking lightly on the door frame of the bedroom.
Evan looked up, he seemed to be the only other one awake.

“I can’t believe you’ll cramped in here, there was another bedroom me and Ryan could of shared. That one has a door too.” He whispered, chuckling to himself.

Evan smiled in agreement, his head hurting like a bitch.

“You want anything there?” Luke asked, rather amused by the way his brother from another mother was wedged into Evans arms.

“Water please.”

He heard Luke walk away before laughter erupted from the bathroom causing a few people to stir. Luke came running back in, almost crying.

“Marcel’s in the fucking bath asleep, scared the complete shit out of me!”

Evan giggled slightly causing Jon to turn.

“I thought he was with you and Ryan?”

“No! I guess that’s where he’s been sleeping all night, freaking idiot.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Tyler mumbled, his eye cracking open slightly.

“Where’s Craig?” Luke whispered now, Evan shrugged. “This is when we find him dead some place. And also, why the hell is David in the wardrobe?”

Evan chuckled lightly.

“I actually have no clue.”

There was a weird silence as they looked over the sea of dead looking teens.

“Water.” Was all Luke said, before turning to leave.

Evan had gotten up after Luke had given him glass of water. They talked for awhile about random things.

Evan liked Luke, he had acted like a big brother to him and especially Jon. He loved Jon to bits.

“What the hell happened last night?” Scotty asked, walking slowly down the stairs.

Luke laughed at his pain.

“You fucked Anthony.”


Luke laughed harder, causing Evan to snicker. They had agreed to tell everyone the most outrageous things they could think of, and that was having sex with another person.

“It’s true.” Evan added, taking a glass of water to him. “In Jon’s fucking bed too, it was gross.”

“Yeah! We had to pry you from the fucker before any of us could get some sleep.”

Scotty started to turn red.

“You’re lying!”

“Nu-uh.” Luke mumbled, putting his serious older brother face on. Evan was internally dying of laughter.

Scotty stood there in shock before shaking his head. This made Luke laugh hard.

“I know you’re fucking lying you dicks.” Scotty frowned, punching Luke’s arm lightly.

They told Scotty the plan.

They waited for an hour, talking again about nothing in particular.

“Where the fuck is Ryan, is he dead?” Luke stated, beginning to climb the stairs.

A minute later he came down basically dragging the hungover lad by his arm.

Ryan cursed under his breath, before rubbing his eyes.

“Hey guys.” He yawned.


“Anyone seen my glasses?”

“I’ve got them.” Luke replied, going to his bag and handing them to him.

“Thanks buddy.” Ryan popped them on. He was good at rocking both the contacts and the glasses, as long as you could still see his beautiful eyes he was a catch.

“Hey did you know you two fucked last night?” Scotty said a little too excitedly.

Ryan laughed sleepily, looking over to Luke.

“Oh yeah? Did we now?” He replied sarcastically, brushing Luke slightly. “I remember it being the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Stop it you fucker.” Luke mumbled, he knew that wouldn’t work on Ryan. He was far too flirtatious to get all red and shy if he had fucked him anyway.

“Yes a fucker is what I am, I’m guessing you must of been the fucked then?” Ryan laughed far too cutely for Luke’s liking.

“You’re a bitch.”

This made Ryan laugh harder.

“Can I play?”

Tyler was the next to come down. They told him he had fucked Craig, but he was far too stubborn to believe them. Next it was Anthony who got told about the whole Scotty case. He was convinced until he saw Scotty start to laugh. Then it was Lui, who thought the idea of him fucking David in the closet was hilarious and was way too funny to be real. After that it was Jon.

He almost fell down the stairs, tripping over his half-on sock.

“Alright mister eager!” Luke cried in laughter.

It was about 1pm and Ryan was only now making breakfast with whatever food he could find. It smelt delicious.

Jon groaned.

“I am either dying or dead and this is a shitty afterlife.” He yawned, coming to sit next to Evan.

“Sup man.” Evan mumbled. “Have a good one?”

“I dreamed I was in a weird ass universe where we had all the inside body parts of us on the outside. It was damn weird.”

“What?!” Luke laughed.

“Too much information.” Evan added. “I didn’t ask you for a novel.”

Jon snorted, still a little too light headed to start laughing.

“Oh,” Tyler butted in, getting up from the sofa. “Did you know you and Evan fucked last night?”


“Yeah dude, Evan was trying to get over his girlfriend and-”

“Too soon!” Ryan yelled over the sound of the pan sizzling.

Evan exhaled loudly, looking over to Ryan and nodding. Ryan smiled, before going back to his cooking. Thank God he had saved him. He didn’t feel like he could deal with the whole Georgia thing this morning. He had actually forgotten until Ty had said something.

“Anyway you two just fucked. Totally not for that reason.” Tyler mumbled, annoyed Ryan had ruined his catch.

“What?” Jon said again, a little less surprised. He raised an eyebrow up at Evan.

“Yeah totally.” Evan said in his sarcastic monotone voice. “We frickle fracked in yo bedroom.”

“Damn without a door? That must of been spicy!” Luke added.

Jon laughed, a little blush still on his face. “Damn that’s risky. I bet it was good.”

“Of course it was.” Evan said, feeling he was taking it too far. “Could work a little on flexibility though, I had a HARD time getting there.”

Evan started to blush, damn why had he said that. He was thinking about it now. An image he could never get rid of in his head.

“Well I’m sorry! We can’t all be perfect hoomans like you, you damn hoodini.”

This made Evan laugh. Thank God Jon hadn’t made it awkward.

“Anyway…” Tyler mumbled, a little freaked by the flirting the two were doing. He thought he had got use to flirting from Ryan’s flirty nature, however this was more innocent. The way they lightly blushed and the nervous teasing. It made him shiver. “Where the fuck is Craig?”

They found him in the garden, sleeping like a log underneath one of the boys cars.

Marcel woke up about thirty minutes later complaining of being wet and achy and David around an hour later, confused why he was hanging out of a closet.

Brock and Brian were the last to wake up. Their soft chatting could be heard from the boys downstairs.

“So what do you guys wanna do?” Evan asked knowing some had work later and such. “I’m staying here tonight, right?”

“If you wanna, it’s kind of a shit-hole.”

“It’s always a shit-hole.” Evan stated.


“Well me and Brian have to go like, now, we have a date with Brian’s mom. I agreed to swing by and paint her living room.” Brock mumbled, getting up and helping Brian up. “And I’m helping I guess.” Brian said in annoyance causing Brock to laugh.

“It’s your mom.”

“I can take some of you dudes home in a bit. As Craig knows my car’s outside if anybody wants a lift, but it’ll have to be in a sec. I’ve got work at 4 and it’s like half 3 now.” Marcel said, also getting up as he looked around the circle of his friends.

“I’ll take you up on the offer dude.” Tyler mumbled.

Anthony and Scotty looked at each other. “us too”

“And me!” David yelled, Marcel frowned.

“Man you like live a million miles away I’m not taking you home.”

“Damn it.”

“I’ll take you home.” Craig muttered, rolling his eyes. “You can come with me a Lui.”

“Woo awesome!”

Jon looked towards the two older boys for their answer. Luke spoke first.

“Well my car’s out front so we’ll go when ever my princess wants too.”

“Aw thank you my dear prince Lukey boy.” Ryan replied, chuckling. “So that should basically be whenever you want us to go Jon.”

“Okay.” Jon replied. He looked towards Evan who was watching them all leave.

“How long are you planning on staying?”

“Um, like all holiday basically? I was hoping if you got bored of me I could crash at someone else’s for a while.”

Jon laughed.

“You’re damn right you’re staying all holiday.” Jon smiled, shuffling slightly. “You gotta make up for the years you’ve missed with me.”

Evan giggled, looking in his direction. “I will, don’t worry.”

The early boys left then and there, and not even an hour later the Craig carpool left, leaving only Jon and Evan, and Ryan and Luke.

“What do you lads wanna do?” Luke asked as Ryan went to the toilet.

Jon shrugged. “my mama said she’d be back at like 8, so make that about 9-ish to 10-ish so we have load of time.”

“Yeah, we’ll go when ever your mom gets home.” Luke mumbled, before the footsteps of Ryan could be heard.

“How about filling us in on anything interesting that happened last night Luke?” Ryan asked as he jogged back down the stairs, coming to join them all snuggled on the sofa bed.

“Hmm.” Luke scratched his beard. “Well I’m like 100% sure that Brock and Brian are a thing, Marcel got a little too excited and threw up outside, and Craig stepped in shit whilst he and Tyler ran around wrestling In the garden. Hence why he slept outside. Evan you decided it was a good idea to teach Jon to ice skate by throwing ice everywhere. And Ryan, oh Ryan, I think you sent a dick pic to everyone we know. I’m not even lying this time.”

“Well fuck.” Ryan replied, grabbing his phone from his pocket.


“Told you.” Luke laughed along with Jon.

“I think I got one.” Jon mumbled, bring up his phone to find Ryan had text him.

Ryan snatched the phone away from him.

“Deleted.” He muttered, giving Jon’s phone back causing Jon to laugh harder.

“Oh boy, I wonder who else has seen.”


Luke burst into laughter as Ryan showed him the angry text he had got from his mum.

“Goddamn it, can I stay at yours tonight luke?”

“Convince me.”

“Well I didn’t send you a picture.”

“You did, and I caught you in the act too. That double minus points.”

“Fuuuucckk. I’m dead.” Ryan cried.

Jon was laying into Evan, trying not to wet himself. He hadn’t remembered laughing so hard in the last year he had been here.

“Of course you can stay, I got you bro.”

“Thank God, you lifesaver.”

“Just call me Jesus fucking Christ.”

“Jesus is fucking Christ? I didn’t know that. Is that something that also happened last night?” Evan joked making Jon laugh harder, he was laughing so hard nothing was coming out and he was just rolling around as he grasped for air. Evan had missed this so much. He had missed Jon the most though. His laugh alone made him laugh. It was the best feeling ever, laughing at nothing other than someone else’s happiness.

They decided on playing a friendly match of Mario Kart. Evan, of course, being Luigi, Jon as Baby Luigi, Luke as Peach and Ryan as Daisy.

“YOU DAMN HOOCHIE!” Jon screamed as Ryan bashed him with a red shell as he flew past him into first place, with both Evan and Luke following close behind. “DAMN IT ALL!”

Evan somehow managed to get first as Luke and Ryan beat eachother up. He jumped up in triumph.

“Come on Jo, you can do it!” He chanted as he bumped into him lightly.

“I’ll never do it!” Jon cried back as he raced towards the pair, with Ryan hit by a shell and Luke falling from the side.

“You will.” Evan whispered, getting closer to his ear. “If you do it I’ll give you a kiss.”

Jon’s head spun to meet his eyes causing his character to crash into the back of a fence, making him loss.

“Oh dear, looks like you won’t get one. Did it distract you that much?” Evan began to laugh, forgetting the other two were sat right next to him.

“No!” Jon exclaimed in panic. “No, of course not. I let ya’ll win! Yeah, yeah…”

“Of course you did.” Luke said, rolling his eyes.

They suddenly heard the front door go before the familiar face popped around the corner.

It was Jon’s mum. She almost looked identical to him apart from her long hair.

“Hey guys.” She mumbled quietly, carrying what seemed to be a suitcase.

“Why you back so early mama?” Jon asked curious. He knew she had stayed at a friends last night and had told him she’d be back late.

He jumped up to help her in, as well as Evan who seemed stuck to his side.

“Hey Carol.” Evan smiled, causing her to look up to the unexpected voice.

“Oh! Ev! I haven’t seen you ages, how have you been?” The cheery voice she had on didn’t seem like her at all. Jon frowned.

“I’ll take that mama, you speak to Evan. I told you he was coming down, didn’t I?”

Carol nodded, not really remembering if he had or not. She frowned weirdly at her son and then back over to Evan. He had grown a bit taller and harboured buff shoulders and muscular legs. It was weird to not see him as the round little boy anymore, mind you, she could’ve said the same about all of Jon’s mates, including himself.

Jon started to take the suitcase, lugging it up the stairs as it was heavier than expected. Evan stared at him for a moment, before looking back down to his best friend’s mother, she had changed and not for the better.

“Hey Jon.” Luke hollered before Jon had made it all the way. “You okay there? If so me and Ryan are gonna head off. Ryan reminded me there’s a car show I wanted to watch on TV.”

Jon laughed, God Luke was a nerd.

“Yeah I’m good, see you guys some other time.”

Evan sat in the kitchen with Carol. It was weird. He felt like he hadn’t seen her in forever as she was never really here when he was here anyway. “So, how have things been Ev? I’ve heard a lot about you from Jonathan. He’s been real excited about you coming back.”

“Has he now?” Evan chuckled, hearing a light bash upstairs. Jon was too cute.

“I’ve been rather busy with my whole hockey thing, I’m just looking for Universities now.”

“Why don’t you go to the one down here? Ryan said it is really good there, especially for whatever he’s doing… business is it? I can’t remember. And Jon has missed you so much, I think it would be great to have you down here again.”

Evan stared at her, the sentiment sweet and kind. The thing was, he had been looking at St Yale-field University as it was well equipt in the realm of economics as well as business, but the hockey was limited. He couldn’t decide on whether to go with the head or the heart in his predicament.

He just needed more time to think it over, hence why the holiday was going to be a long one.

“Yeah, I might go there.” He mumbled under his breath causing Carol’s face to light up.

“That would be nice, for all of us.”

Evan frowned, what was Carol saying? He didn’t want to make decisions based on others; okay, maybe he would for Jon though.

If Jon needed him, he’d do anything

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10691808/chapters/23896068

Purge Day | Part 1

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook (main) x Reader (OT7 BTS) x Hoseok 

Genre: Purge!AU, angst, slight fluff

Warnings: mentions of unstable family life (more to be added in later chapters)

Word Count: 1,800 (so exact)

Jeon Jungkook.

One of your brothers best friends, play boy, fuck boy, heart breaker. He practically screamed dangerous, but there wasn’t a moment in the day you weren’t able to think about him and his perfectly chiselled jaw, muscular body and delicious thighs. He was danger.

How your brother, Hoseok, ended up hanging out with someone like him and his friends, was a question that remained unanswered. Hoseok was a sunshine, happy all the time and wanting to make everyone around him happy. Until he met Jungkook and his gang. They turned him into everything he wasn’t. He started drinking, started partying more than he should, got into fights and came home with a black eye and multiple bruises, playing with girls hearts, fucking them one night then dumping them the next. He came home with a tattoo one night, your parents brushed it off, telling him to cover it up when he goes out. The next week he came home with another. The next night, three more, the cycle kept going until he was covered in inks, they were beautiful and each held meaning to him – but your parents didn’t see that.

He was still your brother, still your Hoseok, only he was so much more different.

Your parents weren’t taking any of it. They were rich, we all know what they’re like. Snobby, wanting nothing more but money and being on the front paper and news, making their faces known. That’s exactly what they were like. They wanted to be perfect, be seen as perfect, have the most expensive clothes hanging on their bodies, being seen as perfect.

But they were far from perfect. Home life wasn’t perfect. Ever since Hoseok had started hanging out with those ‘hooligans’ he’d been the center of most of the fights that happened in your household. His behavior made your father furious, Hoseok would never listen to him or his words, he would never listen to your mother either. Your parents would be yelling downstairs as you’d be in your room trying to drown out the noise of glass shattering and screaming. Hoseok would walk into your room without a word and hug you, holding you close letting you know he’d be there for you and that he’d sorry. You’d fall asleep in your brother’s arms and wake up with some breakfast by your table and a note from him saying he’d stay away for a bit so the fighting would calm down. But it’d all start up again the second he walked in through those doors.

One day it was too much. They kicked him out, placed his bag on the front door and told him to go. You tried to stop them from doing do, you really did – but nothing could change their minds. He left for good. Your parents warned you not to go and see him, to leave him be, that you needed to be the child who ‘remained pure’ in the public eye but it’s not like you’d listen. He was your brother and he’d always be.

The first time you’d met Jungkook was when your parents were away from home and on a business trip and the guy’s thought it was a good idea to barge into your home and throw a party. Obviously, Hoseok didn’t disagree, instead he dragged you down and told you to loosen up and make friends, “but don’t get drunk, one of us needs to be sober” he told you.

You wished he had told his friends that because when you attempted to open the bathroom door, Jungkook came into view while he was pulling his boxers up his body, his jeans hanging low on his thighs and being slightly covered in sweat, causing you too look away with your jaw threatening to open in shock “You’re Hobi’s sister, yeah? He never told me how hot you were,” he smirked, pulling his jeans up and zipping them up.

“You’re one of his fucked up friends, am I right?” you spoke through gritted teeth, wanting him to hurry up so you could go into the bathroom that probably smelt like sex and sweat now.

“Woah, uptight much?” he chuckled, ruffling his hair and leaning against the bathroom door, “That’s not how you greet attractive strangers these days, baby girl,” he held out his hand, “Jungkook. Jeon Jungko-”

“Look can you move out of the way? I need to use the bathroom. Take your fuck toy with you.” You said rather angrily.

“Fuck toy?”

“Her,” you pointed to the girl who was on the floor of your bathroom passed out with the strap of her dress down her shoulder.

“She has a name baby girl.” He chuckled before stepping aside and walking off before turning around to you, “Good luck taking care of her. Oh, and if she asks for me, tell her I went home or some bullshit. Nice meeting you baby girl.” Jungkook winked and continued walking off leaving you to take care of the girl on the floor.

March 20th 2017 | 11:18 AM

One day until Purge night. It came around sooner than you expected. It’d been about three months since Hoseok had been kicked out. He barely had money and you didn’t expect any of his ‘gang’ to have much either, the least you could do was find them a safe place for the twelve hours of the Purge. You parked your car out in front of their ‘house’ and walked to the front door. What you didn’t expect was the door to be opened by a shirtless Hoseok with a gun in his hand.

“What the fuck are you doing with that?!” You gasped.

“Hi to you too baby sis,” he rolled his eyes and gave you a kiss on your forehead before stepping aside and let you come in. “Hey, sorry. But – why are you holding a god damn gun? You’re not seriously going to-”

“Purge? Hell yeah we are,” Jungkook smirked at you as he swirled a knife in his hand. “Wanna join us sweet cheeks?”

“Honestly, I’m going to punch you. Stop trying to pick up my sister, that’s disgusting Kook.”

“She’s hot, don’t blame me.”

“Surprised Hobi’s been able to keep her away from you for so long. Jungkook would have fucked her by now,” a pink haired Namjoon came out from the kitchen with a bottle of beer in his hand. He’d dyed his hair again, it was blonde last time you’d seen him.

“Guys, come on this is gross. Don’t talk about fucking her.” Hoseok whined, the idea just being revolting.

“Anyway, can I talk to you, Hobi? In private.”

“Yeah come on.” He ushered you into his room before closing the door and sitting down on his bed. “What’s up sis?”

“Was Jungkook serious? About you-” you took in a deep breath before saying, “you going out and purging…”

“Yeah. None of us are safe in this so called house. It’s breaking down and so easy to break into. What’s the point of staying when we’re gonna be killed easily? Besides the guys know what they’re doing. It’s not the first Purge they’ve gone through without protection.”

“That’s not the point Hoseok. It might not be the first Purge they’ve gone through, but it is yours. You wouldn’t even be able to kill someone, I know you wouldn’t be able too. Let me help, I won’t tell mum and dad – just let me find you and the guy’s a place for the twelve hours Hoseok. Security and everything…” you begged, you couldn’t live with the thought knowing you not finding a safe place for him resulted in him dying that night.

“Look, I appreciate you worrying, Y/N. I really do. But, I want to. I want to Purge this year. It’s one day a year where I can do what I want without being locked up. Everything that has happened in the last few months has me so mad, you-you don’t even know half the anger I feel right now. We all want to Purge. Let me do it.”

“Are you- are you serious? Are you sure?”

“I’m positive Y/N. I trust the guys with my life. They wouldn’t let me go if I was in danger. I know they wouldn’t. I’ll be fine yeah?” Hoseok took your hands into his, squeezing yours to reassure you but you couldn’t get rid of the sick feeling in your stomach. You only nodded back at him, not finding the words to say.

“Now go on home, don’t come out yeah? You better be home in your room, promise?”

“I promise, douchebag.”

“You love me.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around you tightly. Neither of you pulled away. This could be the very last time you two could see each other.

“I love you Hobi, please-please stay safe.”

“I love you too sis. You stay safe too. Stay with mum and dad, yeah?” you nodded back at him. “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

Hoseok opened his room’s door and walked you out the front door to your car. “I’ll see you in a few day’s time, I promise. You know I never break my promises.”

“I know Hobi, I know.” You smiled and hugged him again before pulling back, a sad smile overtaking your features. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. NoW go go go, get your little ass back home.”


“You love me, don’t you? Forever and always am I right?”

“Forever and always Hoseok, forever and always.”

March 21st 2017 | 5:58 PM

One hour and two minutes until the Purging started. The day was finally here. How stupid of your parents to have you go and guy god damn groceries at this time of night. Did they want you killed?

You slammed the door closed as you sat down and placed the key into the hole and turned it to the side. “What the fuck?”

You tried again. Nothing. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! This can’t be happening, fuck!” You rummaged around your bag to find your phone. With shaky hands you dialled your mum’s number.

The number you are calling is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

You hung up and tried your fathers.

The number you are calling is currently una-

Next was Hoseok’s but he didn’t pick up either. You glanced down at the time. 6:03 PM. No one was going to come and get you at this time, no shops were open either, and everything closed an hour or so before the Purge.

You got out of your car and grabbed your purse, opting to run all the way home even though you knew there was no way you were going to make it home by running in an hours time.

a:n/ okay the first part/chapter is kind of boring but i promise the next chapters won’t be! i hope you all enjoy this series because honestly i’m so excited to write it! i’ve been pretty dead with inspiration so i hope after this i’ll be writing the requests again!

i’m not tying to copy @jungblue with this fic at all (cause her purge fic is oh my god so amazing, go read it if you haven’t!) i’ve always wanted to write a purge!AU but i’ve been stuck for a plot, but damn here y’all go. hopefully this won’t flop cause i’ really excited for it! 

feedback is appreciated :)

breeeliss  asked:

What's problematic about "I hate love you"?

buckle up people bc this is gonna be a long ride

before I start the one thing i wanna stress the most is that i don’t hate this writer. I think they’re misguided or they don’t know what they’re writing is wrong but i can honestly say that I don’t hate them. The last thing I wanna do is discourage a writer from writing especially because they saw hate for their fic or something but there’s a line you know? And the writer was actually pretty nice when I commented saying these things were wrong they told me they disagreed with my opinion and they did follow through with my request to add trigger warnings.

Speaking of triggers this rantish type post will include mentions of abuse so if you’re uncomfortable with it don’t read!!

  • I’m not gonna judge this fic on it being OOC. Because it is. Very. OOC. So OOC that my friends and I don’t even call the Adrien in that fic by his name. Because he’s not Adrien. At all. And Mari’s a little dramatic but im not gonna say a single word about that bc she’s being abused
  • Background for people who are reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about: Mari blows up at Adrien about the gum thing and then rejects him during umbrella scene and he turns into a demon because of it and decides he’d make her life living hell. He plays innocent pranks on her, they’re not that bad I guess. It gets bad when he starts manipulating her.
    • Adrien makes bad comments about her body. Very very bad comments. Like those things usually don’t make me uncomfortable but I honestly felt like taking a long hot shower to rid myself of the horrible things Adrien said. Not only that, but to everyone else in their class, he makes it seem like he has a crush on her. So while he’s tormenting her Mari is definitely crying for help and no one’s helping her because they all think he’s in love with her.
    • That’s not even the worst part okay. Adrien finds out Mari has a huge crush on Chat. And he’s Chat. So he goes to her balcony and sweet talks her and they make out. This is so beyond manipulative oh my god. Okay and outside of that because he starts making out with her he realizes he really likes kissing her which is why he starts “””falling in love”””? Which is so beyond gross he continues to go on about how much he likes kissing her every time he talks about how he likes her he’s reducing her to her body I can’t recall a single moment in which he’s talked about any other part of her but I digress.
    • HE DRUGGED HER. I think Chat drugged her with candy or something so she’d be asleep so he could do another thing:
    • While Mari is sleeping Adrien sneaks into her room. He brings a camera. He wraps his arms around her (also he’s not wearing clothing) and he takes pictures of them. The next day at school he shows the pictures to her and tells her he’s gonna send them to Chat if she doesn’t pretend to date him (Adrien). If you haven’t seen why this is gross I have no idea what you’re doing. Why he decides to fake date Mari i have no idea but it happened. He makes her make him lunch he makes her kiss him he’s grossly overprotective. Also non-con kissing did I mention that?
      • “First you’ll have to proof that you weren’t the one who invited me into your room, seduced me, stripped me of my clothes and who knows what else. You are hugging me here as you can see…” some proof for ya
    • Also he continues to make out with Mari as Chat and “””falls in love””” with her
    • CHLOE chloe was my savior she wanted him to stop being so gross but then she started saying things like ‘if you keep being horrible to her im gonna start thinking you have a crush on her’ and also plagg says this too and im so upset about it if a boy is tormenting you it does not mean he likes you it means he’s a dick and you need to talk to an adult and get help
    • I’m sure other things happen but we’re gonna head over to reVEAL
  • I don’t remember how reveal happened but reveal happened and mari was pissed (rightly)
    • Adrien cried. He cried. A lot. He was crying because he lost the love of his life. Like he was a mess. He was a Mess. and it was great I was really happy about it he doesn’t deserve happiness
    • Mari was a mess too but also he abused her so of course she was.
    • Alya found out Adrien was tormenting Mari and she FINALLY FELT GUILTY ABOUT NOT LISTENING TO MARI’S CRIES FOR HELP BLESS but then it goes downhill from there
    • Chloe sees Adrien being A Mess so she and Alya and Nino organize a lunch and invite both Mari and Adrien but they don’t know the other is coming which is no just no. Mari could have so easily been triggered. They were not being considerate.
    • I can’t remember what happened after that but Adrien tries to get Mari to forgive him. The writer’s main argument is that Adrien worked for forgiveness. I’ve read and reread this fic and I cannot name a single time Adrien gave a sincere apology. You know what he did? He turned the Eiffel Tower pink. Oh also Adrien got shot. “hey i got shot so maybe you should forgive me for doing horrible things to you :))))” Oh also he buys her gifts how great.
      • ALSO TIKKI: "Awwww he’s trying to apologize Mari. That’s probably why chat was spying on your balcony - to see if you got his box. Maybe Adrien isn’t that bad after all just like you said before this whole mess exploded. Maybe he was just confused" no no n o tikki noooo he abused her gifts don’t get you forgiveness
      • And Chloé makes this bullshit speech like ‘Adrien is warm and nice and this kind of life doesnt work for him like it does for me and it’s hurting him and I’m cold but he’s not he’s dying’ and I’m like????? Who cares???? He still did it???
    • Mari forgave him which??? no???? no no no no no no she would never

Now I think they’re heading into relationship land and it’s just so no.

I think I left out a few things here and there but that’s the gist of it. Basically this fic is teaching victims to forgive their abusers, teaching girls that boys torment you when they have a crush on you, and other awful things.

Before I requested it, the fic had no trigger warnings for abuse too.

There are so many good enemies AUs out there. Go read one of those. They’re cuter and Mari doesn’t get fucking abused.

Remember kids, abuse comes in many forms. Not just physical

Also????? kids read fics. 13 year olds read fics. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a 13 year old reading this and thinking this is what love looks like. There are kids in this fandom it’s a kid’s show.

OKay this was kind of a mess but yup that’s pretty much what it is.

Stiles- A Little More Than A Friend

Request-  I already requested an imagine a lil while ago when the requests were open but I’m not sure if you got it, I sent you a fanmail but your requests weren’t open, sorry about that. I don’t remember the exact details but the reader was on her period and Scott and Stiles are worried because she gets really bad cramps and is in pain. Also Stiles likes her. Idk if you have the rest or if you remember, sorry.

A/N- Sorry about losing your request. Sometimes they just don’t go through, especially if you sent it on mobile. Anyway, this is it and I hope you like it. This is my last request, thank god, so my ask will be opening soon.

“Psst, Lydia!” a voice hissed from behind, causing the strawberry blonde to close her eyes in annoyance.
She looked behind her out of the corner of her eye and glanced at Stiles, who was definitely not completing his test like he should have been. Her pencil hovered over the paper, pausing in the air as she whispered to Stiles.
“Stiles,” she said under her breath. “You’ve done that about five times in the past minute. Do you think that’s going to get me to answer you?”
Stiles grinned and leaned forward in his desk. “Well, you just did.”
“Fine,” she muttered. “What do you want? And make it quick. I’m not getting in trouble for cheating.”
She glanced up at the front of the room, where a late student had just walked in. A short girl with blonde hair handed the teacher her pass, and for the moment the woman was too busy to notice them.
Stiles set his pencil down and eyed the empty seat in the aisle next to him. “Where’s Y/n?”
“Seriously?” the banshee questioned. “This can’t wait until we’re finished with the test?”
“I’m worried about her,” Stiles told her. “She didn’t show up to school and she didn’t text me about it. She always texts me.”
“She stayed home today,” Lydia told him quietly. “She wasn’t feeling well.”
“Like how?” Stiles asked. “Does she have the flu? Or is it worse? Oh god, she’s home alone today isn’t she? What if something really bad is happening to her?”
“Nothing is happening to her,” Lydia hissed. “She just stayed home okay? And FYI, you might wanna tone it down if you wanna keep that crush a secret.”
Stiles opened his mouth to protest, but suddenly their algebra teacher stood up at her desk. The dark-haired boy sank back into his seat, but luckily Stiles and Lydia weren’t the reason she had gotten up.
“It looks like I’m one copy short of the test,” she announced to the class. “I’m going to make a quick run to the copy room, but I should be back within five minutes. No cheating. If I catch you, it’s an automatic F.”
Then she grabbed a tiny flashdrive from her desk and walked out of the room. After about thirty seconds, the room erupted into whispering. Even before that, two seats ahead and one row over, Scott turned to Lydia. “Hey, is everything okay with Y/n?”
Lydia let out an exasperated sigh. “Yes, she’s fine. She just didn’t feel well.”
“Is she sick?” Scott asked. “Maybe we should go over there after class and check on her.”
“She didn’t text me this morning,” Stiles informed him sullenly.
“For the love of god,” Lydia breathed. “She’s just been having really bad cramps, okay?”
“Cramps,” Stiles repeated. “Cramps like….?”
Lydia rolled her eyes as Stiles trailed off. “Yes, period cramps. I swear, men are so weak.”
“Hey,” Stiles complained. “Can’t that mean something really bad though?”
“Sometimes,” Lydia told him. “But she’s fine, Stiles. She just wanted to stay home.”
Stiles frowned as Lydia turned back to her test and Scott did the same with a sigh. He opened his mouth to say something else to her, but then the teacher walked back into the room. He sighed and went back to his test, but he couldn’t stop thinking about you.
Scott might have been his best friend, but if he had to pick a runner up, it would be you. He had known you almost as long, and when you didn’t text him that you weren’t coming to school, Stiles knew something was wrong. Maybe it was something as simple as cramps, but he didn’t want you to be alone all day. He didn’t care what Lydia thought. He was going to see you.

Ping! Ping!
At the sound of your phone going off, you cracked open your eyes. The last thing you had remembered was curling up in bed and watching some netflix documentary about serial killers. It must not have been that interesting, because it appeared you had fallen asleep.
You winced at the throbbing pain in your abdomen and sat up, leaning over to snatch up your phone. You squinted down at your phone and realized that you had two texts from Stiles, and they were both from several minutes ago.
Hey, Lydia said you weren’t feeling well so I came to check on you.
Then a few minutes later, So you didn’t answer, but I’m going to come inside. Please don’t be naked.
You rolled your eyes and reached up to brush some hair from your face just as there was a knock on your bedroom door. You jumped and that was when you realized that Stiles was actually in your house. Your eyes widened and you quickly swore under your breath. He must have used the spare key.
It wasn’t that you didn’t like Stiles. In fact, you actually felt a lot more toward him than just mutual friendship. The thing was, you just felt disgusting. You were probably bloated, and your cramps were killing you and most of the reason you hadn’t gone to school today was specifically so you didn’t have to see anyone. But now it appeared that Stiles was probably too good of a friend, and you guessed you weren’t going to get rid of him easily.
“Y/n?” a voice called from outside.“Are you okay?”
Yep, you thought. Definitely Stiles.
“Yeah,” you called out uneasily. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for checking on me, but you can go now.”
“What?” Stiles asked with a laugh. “Y/n, come on.”
“Stiles,” you groaned. “I’m just gross right now, okay? You don’t wanna come in here.”
“Aw, come on, Y/n,” Stiles said. “You know I don’t care.”
“Fine,” you relented. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
Your bedroom door opened, and you braced yourself for the disgusted face you knew Stiles was going to make. But as he walked in, he simply looked at you.
“Okay, where’s Y/n?”
“What?” you asked with a laugh.
“Well she told me she looked gross, but all I see is a beautiful girl in some pajamas sitting on her bed. So if you could just tell me-”
“Stiles,” you complained, not being able to hold in your giggle. “I get it.”
You pulled yourself up and moved to one side of the bed, patting the empty space beside you. “So, you came to check on me, huh?”
“I was worried,” he admitted. “You always text me when you’re not coming.”
“I was really excited about sleeping in,” you admitted. “As excited as one can be when they feel like their insides are attacking them.”
“Well, I’ve got something that might make you feel a little bit better,” Stiles told you, reaching into the pocket of his jeans.
He pulled out a chocolate bar and held it up to you with a grin. You smiled and reached for it, but he pulled it away with a sly smile.
“You gotta promise me something first,” Stiles told you. “You can’t kick me out. I wanna stay and make sure you’re okay.”
“Stiles, you don’t wanna stay,” you said. “Trust me.”
“I do,” he swore, waving the candy in front of your face. “Deal?”
You sighed.“Deal.”
He smiled and kicked off his shoes, pulling himself up onto the bed next to you. You moved back against the pillows and he followed you with a smile. You snatched the chocolate from his hand and grabbed your laptop, pulling it closer so you could hit play on the documentary.
“What is this?” he asked quietly as he scooted closer to you.
“I honestly don’t even remember,” you told him with a shrug, bumping his shoulder in the process.
You sat there for a few minutes, but then you turned to Stiles. “Why did you really come over?”
Stiles turned to you, pulling his brown eyes away from the blood and crime scene tape on screen. “I was worried about you. I told you that.”
“Is that all?” you asked curiously as you opened the candy bar.
Stiles pursed his lips. “What if I told you it wasn’t?”
“Then I’d ask you what the other reason was,” you told him with a smile.
Stiles rolled his eyes, but his lips turned up in a grin. “Maybe it’s because I like you. And maybe…maybe it’s as a little more than a friend.”
You blinked and looked up from the brown packaging you had been messing with. The chocolate fell from your hands and you looked up at Stiles in shock. He swallowed thickly, terrified that he had said too much, but you were only surprised. You had never expected Stiles to tell you that, even though you had dreamed about it over and over.
“I, uh, I guess I shouldn’t have said that,” he said quickly, pulling away from you. “I’ll, uh, I’ll g-”
“Stiles,” you cut him off. “Don’t. Don’t go.”
“What?” he asked. “You mean-”
“Of course,” you said with nod. “I mean, you skipped school to check on me. You brought me chocolate. You’re watching this murder documentary even though I’m pretty sure neither of us knows what’s going on. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t like you.”
“Oh,” Stiles said, his eyes going wide. “The maybe we should-”
But Stiles never had time to finish, because you were leaning forward and kissing him. His eyes opened as wide as they could go for a brief two seconds, but then he realized what was happening. The girl of his dreams, the one he had been so sure would never return his feelings, was kissing him.
He wrapped his arms around you and ran his thumb across your cheek, savoring the moment of having a girl as beautiful as you in his arms. He slowly pulled away when he realized you probably needed to breathe, but he continued to keep his arms around you.
“Thanks for checking on me,” you said softly as you leaned back against the pillows.
“Any time,” he told you. “Seriously, let me know if you need me to, because I am definitely doing that again.”
“Okay.” You laughed as Stiles squeezed your shoulders and leaned down to press a kiss to your forehead.
There was no way you could have known what would have happened when you stayed home that day, but now you were really glad you had. You stayed like that all day, with Stiles’ arms wrapped around you as you just talked and watched Netflix. You could easily say you had never been so happy to have cramps in your life.

EXO’s Reaction to: Bugs

[This was a request made on my first fanservice blog ‘exowriter’ but I’ll post it on this one since this’ now the fanservice blog I’m paying 100% attention to!]



Xiumin: *bends down to look at the caterpillar on the countertop* “Oooooohhh~~~~ it’s so cute look at its little legs omo why would you-”


Xiumin: *sighs* *slides a small piece of paper underneath the caterpillar* *releases it into the wild* “Sometimes I forget how violent you can be, Y/N seriously.”

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You: *let’s out a small scream and ducks when a bee flies close to your face*

Luhan: “LOOOOOL That bee is so small compared to you what are you so-” *bee flies close to his face* *gif*

You: “You were saying?” ;D

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You: *throws a shoe at him and takes cover behind a chair* “YOU DO IT YOU’RE CLOSER.”

Kris: * D: * *picks up the shoe* *takes a deep breath to mentally prep himself* *kills the cockroach while yelling a battle cry* “It’s dead!!! You’re welcome. I know you love me. I was totally going to kill it all on my own anyway you didn’t have to ask me to do it woo~~~~~”

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The gif is the type of face he’ll make from the moment he sees the roach to the moment he kills it, and his face will still continue to stay that way until the thing is in the trash. Only when he’s 10001% sure the roach’ll never come back is the time his face’ll return to normal. XD

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Lay: “Dwdwdw I gotchu I got this I’ll take care of it don’t scream any more just wait there it’ll all be good okay it’ll be out of our room in no time.”

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Baekhyun: “I can’t kill it by myself you have to come with me!! T-T” 

You: “Omg fine fine fine.” *walks behind him toward the room where the bug’s flying around*

Baekhyun: “Jagi… Jagi I think you should go first…”

You: “Are you serious???”

Baekhyun: “Pls T-T”

You: *sighs* *Goes in front of him* *slowly walks into the room with baby Baekhyun behind you*

Baekhyun: *turns into demonic Baekhyun as he pushes you forward, grabs the door handle, and pulls the door shut with him safely outside and you left on the inside*


Baekhyun: “Sorry only people who have killed a bug in the last minute are allowed outside of that room~~~~~”


Baekhyun: *as he’s still holding the door shut* *gif*



Chen: “… but I’m so comfortable here I don’t wanna mooooove…”

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Chanyeol: “Where is it, show it to me.”

You: *while guiding him to it* “It’s so gross and it’s gigantic are you sure you’re ready to kill it?”

Chanyeol: “Of course I’m ready to kill it what are you-” *sees the thing* *gif* *horrified* “what is that thing????”

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You’ve been calling this kid’s name for the last two minutes, but finally you give up and walk into his study. 

You: “Kyungsoo-ah. >:(”

D.O: “…” *thinks* if I stay quiet she’ll think I’m not here-

You: “I know you’re hiding behind your computer.” 

D.O: “…” *slowly peeks above his laptop screen* “Oh, jagi, you’re in here? I didn’t notice hahaha silly me-” *thinks* please don’t make me go into that room with that insect T-T

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Tao: “Omgomgomgomg ewewewewewew help me dear lord that thing is disgusting please don’t make me go near it Y/N please I beg you-”

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Kai: *sees the thing as you cower behind him* *laughs like crazy* “Are you serious?? It’s so small! Why are you so scared hahahaha it’s not like it can bite you, omg you’re so ridiculously cute I can’t even right now.”


After bringing Sehun to the room where the bug’s crawling around, imagine you as D.O (Kyungsoo) in the gif and that you’re both looking down at the bug. 

Sehun: “So………………….. I’m 100% sure I’m not going to be the one to touch that thing.”

You: *no words just leaves him in the room*

Sehun: *whines* “But jagi-yaaaaaaa T-T”

You: *doesn’t answer him*

Sehun: “At least don’t make me do it by myself what if it’s poisonous omo T-T”

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- Karina :D

Never Broken

This is an ace!Ladynoir fic and probably the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever written. I love sin fics but I need more ace superheroes in my life and these nerds are adorable.

Can also read on AO3

He was flying.

Chat whooped as he leaped over another roof, Ladybug a red blur in his peripherals. Chat threw his arms out, grinning as his heart pounded in time with the wind beating against his ears.

Now this is true freedom…

His descent began too soon and Chat opened his eyes as he fell to the roof and ducked into a smooth roll upon landing. He noticed that Ladybug was a roof behind him and he leapt again, beaming at her as she swung across a different building to pull up aside him.

The two superheroes ran side by side over tiled rooftops, the sparkling city at their feet, and Chat’s heart soared with elation as the rushing wind and his burning muscles swept away all of his worries for the night.

No family appearances to uphold.

No questions he didn’t understand.

Nothing - absolutely nothing - to make him feel like an outcast.

No, he thought, smiling into the wind, just me, my partner, and all the freedom I could want at my fingertips…

“Do you wanna have sex?”

Chat choked and his foot caught on a gutter. He spiraled through the air, ears pounding and throat closed and oh god could an akuma attack right now please?



Huh that roof looks a little close, he thought distantly, barely registering that he was hurling to the ground head first.

It took every bit of his cat instincts to get his feet under him in time for his landing, just barely managing to absorb most of the impact through his legs as he tumbled and skidded to a stop.

Do you wanna have sex?”

Chat choked down the bile rising in his throat and rolled onto his elbows. A dull throb echoed in his shoulder and his knees stung but Chat couldn’t register the pain through the question echoing in his head.

Do you wanna have sex?”

A red blur streaked towards him, abruptly solidifying into Ladybug as she skidded across the roof to him with panic in her eyes.

Do you wanna have-”

Please dear god, send an akuma now.

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CasXReader: And TFW

Request:  Could you do a casxreader where they are connected and always gets glimpse of each other faces in their mind and the reader every time he is hurt can see/feel what he is going threw and vise versa they always dismiss it in till they some how meet maybe on a hunt or something btw I love your stories!

Request:  Can you, if you dont mind, do a Castiel fanfiction where when he was first created god let him choose a soul to be with forever and he picks the reader and now that shes alive he’s ready to take her as a bride and soul mate. Maybe a cute little fluffy wedding then a super sweet soul mate ritual or something? Thankies if you decide to do this ♡

Request:  Hey, can I request a one shot where the reader is immortal and she’s gone by so many names and lived so many different lives and when she meets one of Sam and dean’s old hunting buddies (who’s pretty old) he recognizes her and it gets pretty deep. [sorry if it’s too specific]

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Experiences at my sales call job and I’ve only been here two weeks
  • talking to a man who says he can’t use phones or computers, because the magnetic fields around them are dangerous to him, and could kill him, so he has to avoid all electronics, and this is definitely a real illness, his doctor told him, you can call his doctor if you want to confirm (I never challenged him on it, but he still let me know this anyway, I also didn’t ask him how he was talking to me on a phone if this was the case), also we had to be careful what we were saying, because the government is listening
  • A guy who, for work reasons, I’ve had to call multiple times who’s always like “oh hey baby hey California girl, yeah I gots time for u baby girl, you can call me any time” and I always have to be like COOL SO. YOU WANNA GIVE ME MONEY. OR WHAT. 

  • the man I call from Louisiana who found out I was calling from Los Angeles and was like “All the way from Hollywood? Wow this signal is really strong! That’s a long telephone line! I can hear you so well! That’s amazing!” and was just so amazed by the existence of phones and I thought oh my god Skype would blow this dude’s fucking mind

  • ALSO CUTE MAN FROM LOUISIANA about my calling from Los Angeles, “Am I going to be on TV?” 

Okay so part of our script that we have to read involves asking the person on the line if they’ve heard of Netflix. We state at the beginning who we’re calling from. We are not Netflix. We just need to know if the person on the line even knows what Netflix is because if they don’t then we can’t sell them our thing. And you would be surprised how many people don’t know what Netflix is. But that’s not the point.

  1. The point is I ask this guy with a thick Southern accent during a call if he’s heard of Netflix and he says, “Is this Netflix? I have been trying to get ahold of you!!! I used to love your service!” and then he starts shouting, “It used to have good shows and movies on it! But now its all just GARBAGE! I want to cancel and I can’t figure out how! You’re from Netflix! Tell me how to get rid of Netflix!”

    “Sir, I’m not from Netflix. This isn’t Netflix.”

    “Then why did you say you were?”

    “I didn’t. I asked if you’d heard of Netflix.”

    “Well now you’re just playing word games. You fancy Californian. Why would you do that? Why would you trick me-?”

    “I- didn’t… I was calling-”

    “Why would you trick a Texan? Why did you do that? What Californian would think its safe to trick a Texan?”

    “I wasn’t trying to trick you.”

    “Don’t trick a Texan! I’m from Texas! Fuck You!”
  • the gross Islamaphobe Homophobe today who derailed about how the liberal media and Muslims (while Trump’s not his favourite “at least Trump will deport all the Muslims”) are responsible for the Orlando shooting and every other mass shooting and we’re supposed to pretend to agree with whatever the person on the other line says to a point and try to steer them towards the product but after seven minutes I was seeing red and was just like OH NO LOOKIT THAT I JUST ~LOST~ THE CONNECTION BY ABSOLUTELY HANGING UP ON YOU WOW I HOPE YOUR FLESH MELTS SLOWLY OFF YOUR BODY AND YOU FEEL PAIN FOR THE REST OF TIME BYE

  • The woman who answered and I asked for her husband, because he was the guy in our database (this happens a lot, and a lot of street smart wives screen our calls before their more recklessly spending husbands can get them), but instead of it going like it normally does, where the wife just says something about not appreciating solicitation and whatever, this time after the wife asked who was calling and I said “Jessica from [company]” she was like “Howard, that motherfucking whore. Another one. Are you another one of his girls?” and I was like “UM, NO I WAS JUST CALLING-” and she was like “I don’t want to hear any of your excuses, trying to make it look like business. You never call here again.” and she sounded pissed. HOWARD, WHEREVER YOU ARE, I AM SORRY. 

and my favourite

  • when I call at first I can’t get an answer, and I hear a guy with a thick Minnesota accent saying “No, leave the body ‘til the team comes! No don’t touch the body” and finally I’m like “Hello? Hello?” and thick Minnesota accent goes “Who is this?” and I’m like “Jessica from [company]. Is Bill there?” and Minnesota goes “Bill is DEAD. This is a MURDER CASE. I’m the SHERIFF and you just CALLED THE CRIME SCENE.  That makes you a MURDER SUSPECT.” and I was like, “Ah, really? He’s dead?”, “YES. HE’S DEAD. What did you say your name was again? We’re going to need to take you in for questioning.” And I’m like completely sure this was a guy sick of telemarketers pulling my leg and at this point I was laughing too hard so I just mumbled something about having a nice day and hung up and had to pause calls for three minutes until I could stop laughing to move on.
Friends || L.R.H. || Part 2

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Part 1

Summary: Having a different lifestyle from most guys is difficult. But it’s more difficult if the person you’re having occasional sex with is deeply and madly in love with you. 

Relationship: Luke Hemmings/[Y/N]

Word Count: 1215

You heard very loud, persistent, continuous knocks at your door as you groaned gathering strength to get out of bed rather than ignore the pounding at your door. You grabbed a large sweater to drape over your body as you waddled sleepily to the door - knocks still heard. Opening the door you were almost knocked off your feet as Luke waltzed in, not giving you a chance to welcome him in. 

“Why won’t you actually date me?” He questioned making you gather your eyebrows in confusion. 

“Luke it’s like four in the morning.” You told him completely ignoring his initial question. 

“Believe me, I know. I haven’t been able to sleep all night.” He admitted as he stepped closer to you after you shut and locked your door. 

“So, what is it?” He asked again vaguely but you knew exactly what he was referring to. You took a deep sigh before walking over and slumping onto your couch, huddling in a throw. 

“It’s complicated.” You mumbled as Luke sat down next to you cautiously. 

“Try to explain it, please?” He pleaded trying to find your eyes but you just averted his gaze. 

“It’s just, I’ve always had commitment issues. And I never expected for them to get in the way so much but they did.” You spoke, staring at the dark display of the TV. You felt Luke huddle closer to you, and you welcomed the warmth of his body. 

“So I went online trying to research my problems and how to overcome them.” You continued still staring blankly at the dark TV. “

I found this website. It basically listed a bunch of ways to help people face their fears. So when they said that having shorter relationships would help, I began doing it.” You sighed as you fumbled with the edge of the blanket draped over your body. 

“It was supposed to be a temporary thing but it just worked so damn well that I don’t want to stop it.” You admitted, this time looking him straight in the eyes. He didn’t seem angry or frustrated, he looked like he was sympathising with you and that he was concerned and cared for you. 

“And you’re scared that if you let someone in, you won’t know what to do.” He whispered as his hand grazed your cheek, comforting you. 

“Luke, I’m scared.” You let out shakily as he pulled you into his chest, hushing you. 

“You don’t have to be. You know what I’m like, you know I wouldn’t hurt you.” He cooed, making you feel better. 

“I know, but that’s not the thing.” You mumbled into his shirt as you pulled away. 

“Then what is it?” He asked with furrowed brows. 

“I might hurt you.” You whispered. 


It had been over a week since Luke had come over, basically confronting you. The night ended awkward to say the least. It ended with you ushering Luke out the door after he tried to kiss you, which you usually wouldn’t have opposed but it didn’t feel like the right thing to do that night. 

Now you had ignored his multiple text messages, phone calls and even had your flatmate cover for you when he showed up at your door. You had to say that you’d made some progress. You broke it off with the other guy you were seeing so you could focus on Luke. As much as you hated to admit it, Luke had a point. It was ridiculous for you to keep living your life like this, you wanted to get married and you wanted to have kids at one point. All which require a significant other. 

After gathering up the courage you finally left the confinements of your flat and stepped out into the real world after some time. You didn’t know where you were going, all you knew is that you needed to get away from everyone else. Mindlessly, your feet carried you into the familiar territory of a small park that wasn’t far from your flat. It was situated on a little hill and had a river flowing at the far end of it. During the day kids would gather with their parents and feel ducks small pieces of break and at night its inhabitants would be angsty teenagers smoking something and begging for some cheap thrills. 

You made your way up the small hill and walked diagonally through the park before stepping back onto the grass and continuing down to where the river way. There was a little entrance hidden by a large tree that’s easy to miss but you had managed to find it when you were wandering with Luke one time. He was the one that actually introduced you to the park, it’s where you first “went out”. He showed you the little path that led to a little ledge that overlooked the river. It was the only peaceful place you could think of that was within walking distance. 

So you perched yourself on the rock, legs dangling off its edge just inches away from the water. A few ducks swam by hoping you would have something from them but they only swam away, hunting for someone else. You felt calm and at ease, the situation with Luke slipping out of your mind as you focused on the sound of the river and the chirping of birds. 

“Didn’t think I’d find you here.” You heard a familiar voice snap you out of your thoughts. 

“Luke.” You gasped as you turned your head to the boy who was already taking a seat next to you. 

“Told you it was peaceful.” He chuckled as you smiled slightly, turning back to watch the river flow. 

“To be honest, I didn’t think you’d remember this place.” He said turning his head to you, smiling. 

“I can’t forget this place.” You smiled. You pulled your legs up from the ledge to cross them under you. 

“I’m not purposely ignoring you.” You said looking down at your hands. 

“I just got scared.” You told him, squinting up at him from the sunlight.

“Thank god, I thought I lost you for good.” He joked, brightening the mood. 

“It takes more than that to get rid of me, Hemmings.” You laughed as he grabbed your waist, pulling you into him by surprise. 

“That’s good because I don’t plan on letting you go anytime soon.” He said, kissing your nose as you cringed making him pout. 

“Ew gross, boys.” You giggled as he laughed. 

“So does this mean you’ll give me a chance?” He asked, now more serious. 

“And when I mean me, I mean only me.” He clarified as you jokingly rolled your eyes. 

“I don’t know.” You said, standing up, “it all depends on if you can beat me to the swings.” You said before taking off in a sprint to the swings, Luke hot on your tail. 

“That’s not fair, you got a head start.” He whined as he caught up behind you, a second too late. 

“I would’ve so beat you if you played a fair game.” He joked, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you in. 

“I guess I can make an exception for a ridiculously cute boy.” You winked before pulling him into a long awaited kiss. 

A/N: i kinda wanna do like an epilogue?? with like a proposal or somethin’ like that???

Carmilla - Finale Week

Welp. it’s been a ride, kids. Like it or not, you can’t deny this season has got people in the fandom arguing and behaving like children talking. Having done several re-watches of everything up to this point, I have this to say:
It’s a solid season. It’s not perfect, but literally no show/movie ever is. Did they take on a lot and try to do new things? Yes. Did it work out all the time? Nope, but I goddamn well appreciate their ambition and drive to try new things. Are some of the cast leaps and bounds ahead of others in terms of talent? Fuck yes and to me, *that* was something that I found distracting. But for a season that was filmed in 4 fucking days? The season flows well when you take it as an entire piece. Season 1 gave us the building blocks of a story. This season showed us character growth, depth, development and death (some I’m unhappy about, some I give zero shits about and some I hope come back because ~Silas~). If we get a season 3 (pray to the sponsor gods ubykotex that we do), we can look at that as the 3rd act. We had an intro, a buildup with a partial resolution, but more to come. I trust hotladypants Jordan and anamatics and Spencer and the tremendously talented cast to deliver us the goods. If everything was puppies and kittens and rainbows and happiness, that would be FUCKING BORING. You need conflict and strife and while your ship may have sunk or is sitting on a funeral pyre, there’s more to the story than just the romantic relationships.

That being said, one last time this season, let’s do it.

“Not Afraid” kicks off with a bit ‘o action. Laura, Danny and Kirsch stumble in all bloody and beat up and impaled on pitchforks (yeah dude, don’t taunt the angry mob). Kirsch gets deposited on the chair and good god I hope they’ve got that thing Scotchguarded because WOW here has been a lot of blood on it this season. Danny and Laura barricade the door against the minions trying to beat it down and kill them.

Even in the face of death, she finds it in her to rag on Carmilla. Dude, we get it. You wanna be the big hero. Shut up. Also if Laura had waited like 3 fuckin’ seconds she would have seen that Carm TRIED but is now caught in a fuckin’ net somewhere. So they’re gonna fight on their own. The big red stringbean goes to kick some asses.

Get the fuck away from me you totally are. “Oh look how badass I am fighting for you while wounded.” Fuck off, she didn’t ask you to - you took this on yourself.

WELP. There it is. We all knew it was coming. And it was Theo. Big shock there. He’s been a twatwaffle since the get-go. I’m hoping that someone shanks him in the spine at some point. And Vordie too. He killed Danny because the old windbag gave him an offer. Is he the fucking Godfather now? Theo, you killed someone to RULE A UNIVERSITY. I know frat dudes are typically idiots and can take longer to finish school than most students BUT HOW LONG ARE YOU PLANNING TO BE THERE? I’ve never been much of a fan of Danny and i sure as fuck don’t see her as the hero that some of you do, but that was a shitty way to go. Jordan, well done for writing a character like this and for making her into such a divisive figure.

Kirsch, in a valiant attempt at revenge, lunges at Theo, only to fall to the floor in a bloody sputtering mess.

Danny channels her best Jim Lahey (someone else must watch the Trailer Park Boys yeah?)

Yeah the shitweasel stabbed you. Personally, my preferred insult is fuckweasel but hey, to each their own. Her reaction: “that sucks”. Yeah. Yeah it does. Dying from a stabwound from some little asshat would definitely be high on my list of things that suck.

I have so much respect and admiration for Elise. She’s consistently nailed it this season and it’s been so great to watch her (and Natasha and Annie) really progress in terms of talent this season. These kids are gonna go places, man.

Assbag and Mel strike a deal and Mel is gonna take Danny for her funeral.

I really, really wish that this scene had been blocked a little better. This could have been super emotional but we lost a bit not being able to see Matt’s face.

Yeah. Mel’s speech pretty much sums it all up. She’s gonna get her hero’s burial after dying where she always wanted to be - Laura’s arms. I could go on at length but I’ll leave this in the hands of my buddy wrackwonder who is incredibly eloquent and insightful:

“Danny Lawrence chose this path. No one asked her to do it. Laura did not ask her to do it. Danny chose – out of her sense of loyalty, out of her sense of justice, out of her own love for Laura – she chose. And yet, by choosing, she makes herself a false hero.  Danny is not a terrible person, but she IS selfish, misguided, and manipulative. I cannot be angry at her for loving Laura, but instead of acting like a grownup, or someone above the age of 16, she’s essentially spent the back-half of the second season running around in circles screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!”  She is heroic, but she’s actively choosing to make herself heroic, which makes her kind of…not heroic. It’s misguided heroism.

Carmilla IS heroic because she inherently is – she doesn’t want to be – but damn if she can help herself. She’s convinced that she’s not – she’s been told that she’s ONE thing and that one thing is not the hero. But over and over again, when given the freedom to choose what SHE wants to do, Carmilla chooses the side of good (minus a few murders here and there, but it’s a show about a vampire so as the audience, that’s a conceit we should expect).   Sharon Belle has done an amazing job capturing Danny’s complicated, problematic nature. She’s so much more than Laura’s knight in shining gym shorts. Laura did not ask her to do that. If anything, her actions will lead to guilt for Laura, guilt Laura shouldn’t have to shoulder, but will. Carmilla is Laura’s knight in shining armour, because Laura loves her and also sees so much good in her. She has learned that she cannot define what is wrong and what is right and in doing so, moves a step closer to embracing all of Carmilla’s shades of grey.   Danny never learned to do that. Danny loved Laura. She wanted Laura. So she grabbed a sword and ran into battle. But Laura never asked her to. Laura never wanted her to. She was never Laura’s knight. Carmilla is Laura’s knight. And, more and more, Laura is her own knight.  Danny’s inability to see this and, worse, her inability to allow it, was her doom.”

The LaFerry Family have ““““surprisingly”““ found a secret passage but the victory dance is put on hold:

Thanks dude, we got it. Poor Laura though. Her entire world has just been shattered. I’ve never seen her look quite this defeated. I just wanna wrap the poor kid up in a blanket and give her some tea.

So we’re down to one episode. Can’t wait to see what Thursgay has for us!

*pterodactyl screeching*

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#3 He thinks he lost you and panics


so this is my third preference (I don’t now why I always write which preference it is but…yeah) and I hope you like. If you don’t mind please tell me if you do or not.

Louis:  Louis has taken you to Paris with him in his off time. He wants to spend your first year anniversary in the city of love with you and give one of the most romantic dates ever. He surprises you with a dinner for two in the evening on top of the Eiffel Tower. Suddenly the two of you get into a fight and yell at each other. “I just said that it looks okay. This doesn’t mean it’s bad or so” you say. “I put so much effort in all of this and you still have to complain about it?” “I didn’t complain. I’m just nervous.” “Why should you be nervous? It’s not like this is our first date” he yells. Suddenly you get so angry that tears form in your eyes. “Oh please don’t cry. Why are you crying now?” he asks and stands up annoyed. “Just fuck off” you say. “Go to hell Y/N.” “What if I just jump down the Eiffel Tower instead?” “Great, do it.” He walks to the other side where both of you can’t see each other. “Great. Maybe I will” you yell and get up. You want to go downstairs with the elevator and wait for it. “Y/N?” You ignore Louis. “Y/N?” he suddenly yells. “Y/N!!!” You sigh and go to him. “What is it?” you ask annoyed. He  is bending down the railing and looks up with a horrified look on his face. Next thing you know is how he wraps his arms around you and hugs you tightly. “Louis are you okay?” you ask. “No. No I’m not. Gosh I thought you did what I said. I thought you jumped.” “I’m okay.” “Thank god. I thought I lost you. I’m so sorry for fighting with you.” You hug him back tightly “No don’t be. It’s my fault. Louis I really appreciate everything. I do. It’s just…I have a fear of heights.” He takes a step back and looks you in the eyes. “I’m so sorry” he mumbles. “Don’t be. You didn’t know. I never told you.” He cups your face with his hands and presses his soft lips against yours. You forget everything, the fight, the height. There is just him and you.

Harry: You and Harry are fighting again and again it is because of something really stupid. You have answered his questions if you had seen his phone which he had lost again with a sassy tone what made him shoot back with an attitude you didn’t approve. Now you two fighting.  “I can’t take this. I’m going” he yells. “Good and when you’re back I’ll be gone” you yell back but he is already gone. You kick the bed in frustration and only end up hurting yourself. Suddenly the door bell rings and you storm to the door. “Harry I SWEAR if you..” You stop yelling when you notice it’s Calum who is standing in front of you. “You wanna tell me what happened?” he asks wide-eyed. You sigh and let him while telling him what happened. You and Calum are friends from your time when you still went to school and due to him you met Harry. Many thought you and Calum wouldn’t be any longer any good friends but you even became better friends because he is always there when something happens, just like now. Both of you decide to watch a movie after he assures you a couple of times that everything is going to be okay and puts an arm around your shoulder. Suddenly he mutes the TV and says “Let’s talk for them.” “Okay.” “Oh Brad I love you so much” he mimics a girls voice. You laugh because it doesn’t fit the scene in the movie. “I don’t think that’s what she would say.” 2Y/N just do it. Come on.” “Okay, okay.” You wait for the guys turn. “Whitney you’re so hot.” You try to mimic a guys voice but fail completely. “That was bad” Calum says. “Yours didn’t sound any better.” “Okay, let us switch.” Calum waits a while and then says in a theatrical tone “Run away with me.” “But what about…” “Sssht.” He puts a finger on your lips and you suppress a laugh because he is overacting way too much. “Don’t think just say yes.” Suddenly Calum takes your face in his hands and gives you a wet kiss on your cheek. “Uaaah Calum that was gross” you say while pushing him away. He laughs and suddenly Harry barges in. “Y/N please don’t leave me.” He sounds panicked. Confused you look at Calum and back to Harry. “I’m sorry I gave you that shitty attitude and fought with you again. I love you and I hope you know that.” “Harry…” “I’m sorry I don’t say it often enough and would totally understand it if you would leave me but I hope you don’t” You go to him, put your hands on his cheeks and force him to stay quiet. “What are you talking about?” you ask him. He looks at Calum and back to you. “Really? You’re cheating on me with Calum?” “What is that supposed to mean?” Calum asks in disbelief. You laugh at both of them. “Calum you’re great and I don’t think I have to tell you that. And Harry…How can you think I’m cheating on you?” “You said you’ll be gone when I come back and then I heard him asking you to run away with him and…Gosh I though I lost you” he says and hugs you tightly. You hug him back and hide your face in his chest. “I’m here and I’ll be always waiting here for you” you say. “I think I should go and…” Calum says and is cut off by Harry “Yeah you should. I have to make up to my girlfriend.”

Liam: You and Liam are at a park having a picnic date. He has set up everything and surprised you with it. Both of you are sitting on a blanket and eating all the food he has brought in a basket. After a while you throw each other grapes into the mouth and he accidentally pokes you with one in your eye. You pout and he kisses your eyelid of the hurt eye. After that you throw grapes at him hitting him everywhere but not his mouth. “Are you doing this on purpose?” he asks with a serious yet adorable look on his face. “Doing what on purpose? I can’t do something against the fact that those grapes are on you so much.” You say while a smirk conjures up your face. He looks at you in disbelief and says “That was very naughty. You know that, right? Come here. This isn’t allowed to happen again.” He motions with his hand to get close to him. You shake your head. He bends over the plates of food to get you by your foot but you stand up quickly. “Now you’re being naughty again. Y/N. Now” he says. “No” you say stubbornly. “Then I guess I have to catch you.” He stands up while you’re looking in shock at him because you know you have no chance when he once gets up. You shove him on the blanket again and run away having a start by five seconds. You manage to get rid off him on a playground and then hide behind a big tree. “Y/N” You hear Liam shout. Right then you have this idea and you scream. You cover your mouth with your hands to not make a noise. “Y/N?” Liam sounds concerned. “Y/N where are you?” he shouts with a voice full of panic. You see him run around the park like a maniac and decide to creep up on him and scare him. When you’re right behind him you scream again what makes him turn to you with a horrified look on his face. You burst out laughing and can’t stop. That’s when he wraps his strong arms around you and pulls you in for such a tight hug that it hurts. “Don’t you ever do that again” he growls into your ear. “Liam…I can’t breathe” you manage to choke out and he immediately frees you. “Ouch” you say and rub you arms. A concerned and apologetic looks replaces the horrified one on his face. He cups your face with his hands and says “I’m sorry. It’s just you scared the hell out of me.” “It was just a joke, Liam.” “Please don’t do that again. I thought I lost you.” This time he hugs you gently.You’re not mad because you know how childish and foolish your behaviour was and how cute he is. “I won’t” you say and snuggle into his arms.

Niall: You and Niall sigh when you see the whole mob outside the car. There are so many girls screaming Niall’s name, how much they love him, asking him about the other boys and so many other things that you can’t hear. You see how nervous Niall is and swallow the lump in your throat.You know exactly how dangerous those mobs can be. You already have been in some of them with Niall and even without him. This wans’t the biggest mob there was one that was bigger but this definitely is one of the biggest and automatically one of the scariest. For Niall you have to stay strong and that’s why you fake a smile and put your hand on his. He looks up at you with fear in his eyes. “Lets go back home” you say and he nods. The car door gets opened and both of you step out in the small barrier formed of Paul and other bodyguards. You grab Niall’s arm and stay close. You would love to snuggle in his side and hide your face in his chest but you act strong for him and try to comfort him. It’s not that easy because you get pushed and some of the fans even pull on your clothing and hair. Someone grabs your bag and it lands on the floor. You bend down to pick it up and that’s when Niall gets separated from you. “Y/N” you hear him shout. The mob goes crazy and two bodyguards that are with you try to bring you to the entrance of the airport as fast as possible. You almost panic and shiver and you would love to call out for Niall but you know that would worry him and the mob would even go worse. When you’re finally behind the metal barrier and out of the mob you lean against the wall to calm down. Suddenly you hear how Paul and the other bodyguards are shouting Niall’s name. and you go to them. Niall sneaks under a bodyguards arms into the mob. “NIALL” you shout and run to him. Paul manages to drag him back and you pull his sweater.  He doesn’t turn to you, frees his arm and tries to go again into the mob. You grab him by his collar, shake him a little and yell into his face. “NIALL STOP?” He looks surprised at you and then embraces you in a tight hug. He squeezes you so much it’s hard for you to breathe but you only hug him back. “I thought I lost you in there” he says sighing. “I’m okay. I’m here” you try to calm him down and rub his back. “We have to go now” Paul says. Niall squeezes you a little and wants to give you a small peck on the lips but when his lips touches yours it turns into a deep and long kiss.

Zayn: All the boys and you are at a beach and enjoying your off time. But you can’t do that really because Zayn is doesn’t want to swim with you. You are pouting, giving him the puppy look and begging but he only goes in the water till his waist and goes out after a couple of minutes. He walks away to a ledge in the rocks  and you follow him. “Zayn are you…” you start but get cut off by him. “Would you please leave me alone for a while?” “I’m sorry I was just a little worried.” “I went away because of you. I just want a little space.” “You were alone the whole time and I felt bad. I wanted you to join us and have fun with us.” ” I can have fun on my own and by the way you could have just join me but you are too selfish.” “I’m in stress the whole time and wanted to forget that. What is so bad about it?” “Nothing. Just leave me lone” he yells. “Why are you yelling now?” “Because you go on my nerves.” “Oh yeah? And you go on my nerves” you say while you shove him a little. “Don’t shove.” “I’ll shove and YELL” you yell the last word and shove him again. “Okay. Then I’ll YELL and shove too.” He shoves you while saying the word. You look at him in shock because he is much stronger than you and that’s why his shove of course is harder than yours. “Don’t shove me.” You try to shove him as hard as he did. “You started.” This time when he shoves you you slip over the ledge and fall into the ocean. You swim to the surface and can’t believe what he did. You are under the ledge of the rocks and that’s why he can’t see you. “Y/N” he shouts. You decide to let him suffer and creep up to him and scare him. “Y/N!” He sounds like he is getting in panic. You giggle and that’s when you hear a splash. You swim out under the ledge and look up to where Zayn was standing. No Zayn. “Zayn!” Now it’s you who sounds like she is getting in panic and you do. “ZAYN.” No response. You swim under water and search for him. A few feet in front of you you see him struggling to get to the surface. You swim to him and help him to get to the beach. He is lying on the sand and coughs up some water. “Have you lost your mind Zayn? What did you think?” you yell at him. “I didn’t think at all.” He sounds really mad but his next sentence is so calm that it gives you goose bumps. “I didn’t think at all when I thought that I had lost you. I just wanted to have you back.” You fall on yor knees next to him. “I can swim Zayn.” “I thought that you got hurt and are unconscious. I could have never forgiven myself and…” You cut him off with a kiss. “I love you Zayn. And I’m so sor-” Now he cuts you off with a kiss. “Don’t be. It’s my fault. I should have never yelled at you and shoved you back. And I love you too.” You put your forehead on his and close your eyes. “Are you okay? And please tell me the truth.” “I’m fine when you are with me” he says and hugs you tightly.