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Harold Finch | Ties (Season One)

Mr. Harold Finch seems to have approximately 70+ different ties in Season One. They include roughly two speckled, ten plain, twelve striped, nineteen vintage patterned and twenty-seven geometric.

Now here is the fun part: one of the images above showing Finch’s ties is actually of Reese’s. Have you found it?

“What have they done to you?” (meme) - @cheryl1967

​My muse is being held hostage and is being experimented on. Send me “What have they done to you?” for my muse’s response to yours finding them shackled and chained in a small room.

Sam had no idea how long it had been since his captors had drugged him and taken him to this god forsaken basement. Days? Weeks? He was tired, beaten, bruised, bloody, and didn’t know if he was gonna make it out this time. He hoped Dean would find him, but as they had been in a fight before Sam walked off (to his supposed doom), maybe his big brother was still mad and didn’t bother looking.

He opened his eyes to the dim room for a second and saw a figure standing in front of him, was that—?

“Ch-Cheryl?” he managed to ask after he heard her familiar voice.