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What about the RFA members (And V!) accidentally Meeting MC before the first party outside somewhere? (Like a grocery store or something and they're all confused like I DONT KNOW YOU ????)

Thank you for the request, anon! I love the idea of them meeting MC outside of the party! I hope this works for you! The way I’m going to lay this one out is – above the cut is a short little intro. Then below the cut is where it branches into each RFA member!


MC had finally gotten approval to leave the apartment for a brief amount of time – she needed food. The massive amounts of canned food was driving both her, and her immune system, crazy. Not to mention she was also going stir crazy. Getting out, even if just long enough to go to the store down the street, was a blessing.

She was crouched down slightly in the pasta aisle, debating how much mac and cheese was actually healthy when she heard a very familiar voice – she thinks she’s heard it over the phone before … ?

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things i’ve said/heard at school

( lbr i said all of this, ri pm e )

“the universe can’t get any bigger, it’s already biggest!”
*loud, terrible singing of defying gravity from wicked*
“i could reenact the entire opening scene from the lion king RIGHT NOW if i wanted to. i just need a cat & some funky face paint.”
“dick pics? how about dog pics?”
*googles pictures of funny dogs*
“look at this freaking dog, look at him, he has a freaking PEANUT BUTTER JAR STUCK ON HIS NOSE!”
“oh my god what is happening, i’m so confused, someone hold me.”
“ ____, get off the floor.”
“the floor is my kingdom now, you can’t tell the queen/king of the floor to do anything!”
“i literally wrote in the essay ‘do you even read these’ & got a 100%.”
“( place completely ridiculous nickname here ) IS A TOTALLY VALID & GOOD NAME TO GO BY.”
“he looked at me! he LOOKED AT ME, & I LOOKED AT HIM! we looked at each other, WE’RE IN LOVE!”
“you can’t just go up to the money guy at taco bell & ask for his number.”
“well look at that, apparently you can go up to random guys at taco bell & get their number.”
“they …. ran out of mac ‘n’ cheese the minute i got to the front of the line … EVERYTHING IS FOR NAUGHT, MY LIFE IS OVER, GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!”
“it’s literally just macaroni, i could go home & make you some right now & bring it to you tomorrow.”
“please, please, please bring me mac ‘n’ cheese. please.”
“why is this a daily thing in our lives?”
“wait …. if theodore isn’t after franklin roosevelt … who was president after him?”
“was theodore roosevelt even a president …?”
“the entire time we were taking that test, i had fergalicious stuck in my head.”
“let’s braid our hair together! it’ll be like tying each others shoe laces to each other, but instead it’s braids!”
“no, no — that’s a terrible idea, how about we tie our shirt sleeves together!”
“why not both?”
“sometimes i think about dinosaurs & what it would be like if they weren’t extinct & how it would be to ride on one.”
“can you imagine it??? in zoo’s, the signs would be all like, dinosaur rides, $5 each! & you can just fly around or run around with your dinosaur pal!”
“we should bring dinosaurs back, why did they just fade out?”
“dinosaurs didn’t fade out, they exploded from a meteor ….”
“please, just get some sleep. maybe you’ll stop saying stupid stuff if you do.”

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oh god those invocationare terrible. don;t get me wrong I love art that goes against the common design of cards (Time spiral, full art lands/full picture cards) but the format of them just looks cluttered and unproffesional

I know for a fact that my friend @kelbremdusk who is super tidy with graphic design and such gonna be so angry tomorrow when i shove them into her face.

YOOO SO APPARENTLY it’s Magic Week with something in the Check Please fandom? What?!? I was not informed. Because I don’t pay attention. This is my fault. But as I will be gone the rest of the week with no Internet I wanted to write something quick regarding @midnitedancer​ and mine’s shitty Monster AU so here it is. Written during breaks at work on loose pieces of paper and unedited, the first actual writing done for MONSTER HAUS. Featuring terrible Kitchen Witch Bitty and his Jötunn boyfriend, Jack. 

Edit: HUGE shoutout to @gayforlardo for telling me all these Magic AUs are coming from @omgcp-tropechallenge!

Read on AO3. 

“Should we tell him?”

“I don’t know…”

“Like, I would wanna know.”

“I mean, for sure, but he’s totally gonna bug out.”

“Yeah, but it’s gonna happen sooner or later.”

“Yeah, but he’s like, so adorable sleeping like that.”

“I was sleeping.” 

When Bitty had first heard the voices, floating from somewhere above his head, he had assumed he was dreaming. Or maybe he had fallen asleep somewhere other than his own bed. It had taken a minute to place the unfamiliar accent, the breezy female tones, but he eventually got there. There were really only two people it could have possibly been anyway, given that he was, in fact, still in his own bed. Or two former people, really. 

Giving up any attempts at ignoring them, Bitty cracked open one eye, just enough to glare up at the two semi-transparent girls currently waving down at him. It wasn’t every day that the Haus ghosts made their presence known, it wasn’t even every week that he heard from them. Something was up. 

Or maybe the afterlife was just horribly boring and they liked to mess with him. That was Ransom’s theory anyway. 

Bitty reached over for his phone, slapping at the space for a moment before he found it. He groaned. 

It was 7 AM on a Saturday and two dead girls from the 90’s were trying to talk to him. 

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romancing garrus was a mistake

this is terribly awkward, but he’s so endearing…

zelena: regina is the absolute fucking worst oh my god [a picture of regina falls out of her pockets] no i’m holding that for emma, look regina is terrible and i hate her stupid face [more pictures of regina fall out of her pockets] i’M teLLing you those aren’t mine [dozens of pictures begin to fall out of the sky, raining down on her] fuck [she frantically picks them up] lisSTENgjhfhg


“Oh, you guys are gettin’ me all flustered.” Harry laughed as he gave his forehead a quick swipe, the interviewers laughing at how he had reacted. 

“C’mon then – tell us about Y/N and your steamy night together!” 

“Well, you don’t know that it’s steamy! I never said anythin’ of the sort!” Harry beamed, earning a nudge from Liam. 

“Don’t lie to the public, Harry.” He snickered, Harry’s cheeks reddening quickly. “We saw you pop into that Victoria’s Secret before her plane landed.” 

“Can you blame a man for wanting to get his girlfriend a simple gift?” 

“We heard you practically bought the entire store! Plus, these photos are explaining a lot more than you are..” A couple pictures popped up on the screen of you and Harry in your hotel room, you being dressed up in a particularly lacy lingerie set and Harry in the middle of peeling his shirt off. 

“Oh my god.” Harry murmured, covering his face as he let out a groan. “This is terrible! You people are terrible!” 


gifs aren’t mine!

Exo checking your blog out
  • Suho: Why does she spell my name as "$uho" ????
  • Kyungsoo: hey she called me hot ...aww.
  • Sehun: yess yesssss yesss continue with all the yehet memes yessss
  • Chanyeol: why's my laughin face so terrible o.0
  • Kai: /goes on Kaisoo tag/ ........... /gets mentally scarred for life/
  • Kris: why the hell are there so many posts of my hands compared to other things ...whats yaoi? *clicks on tag* oh god...oh god..no..exit exit exit...IS THAT TAO AND I?
  • Chen: hahahahaha my face is a troll face
  • Xiumin: yes tbh yes i AM the senpai of exo
  • Lay: is that a Lay x weed fanfic? what?
  • Luhan: mother of god...i AM pretty o_o <3

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blurb on y/n being self conscious about Mikey posting a selfie of them and y/n has a rounder face ❤️

you never were a fan of the shape of your face, but every time michael kissed your cheeks or cupped them, he changed your mind a little bit. michael nudged your shoulder, catching your attention from the book you were reading. you looked up, caught blindsided by michael as he snapped the picture before you could cover your face. 

“michael, don’t you dare post that,” you warned, because you knew how your boyfriend operated. any time he got the opportunity to have a picture with you, he wanted to flaunt you to the world. but he shook his head, a cocky smile pulling on his lips. “then at least let me see it first.” 

he angled his phone towards you, showing you the picture that he had snapped. you obviously looked like you were caught off guard, but you couldn’t help but notice how round your face - rounder than usual, in your opinion. 

“oh my god, don’t post that. i look terrible sitting next to you.” 

michael let his phone fall to his lap before taking your hand in yours. “don’t say that,” he said, his thumb washing over the back of your hand. “i think you look beautiful.” 

plus size!5sos blurb night, send in your requests/tag me in your own!

I missed you too much  (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

summary : imagine your parents not allowing you to go to Hogsmeade until you grades improve and Draco refusing to go cause you aren’t

pairing: Draco Malfoy x Fem!reader 

warnings : so much fluff it will rot your teeth 

notes ; Y/N - your name  , also this is my first imagining i am currently rereading prisoner of Azkaban and it came to me when harry isn’t allowed to go. so feed back is much appreciated

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Today is a wonderful person’s birthday. I wish you a strong, inspired and happy new year of life, dear @hachidorikun - I think my private message said enough, but: Don’t ever forget your own luminosity. This drabble is all for you and I think you’ll remember our talk about it. Keep gleaming.

“Of all the things you could have lied to me about - “

“I’m sorry,” Kentarou says. Or, well, he tries to, because Shigeru is having none of that. A hand slams into Kentarou’s field of vision, and even if it doesn’t touch him, Shigeru’s expression paints such a clear picture of calm before the storm that Kentarou snaps his mouth shut immediately.

“I need you to shut up. Right now. I’m so angry, I - this is - oh my god, you make me lose my words. This is terrible.”

Kentarou looks at the floor. His claws are still out, and he blushes all over his face before roughly pushing them underneath his thighs to sit on them. 

Shigeru narrows his eyes. “If you tear my sheets, I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.”

“I’m not gonna tear anything. Look, I’m really sorry - “

“Of,” Shigeru presses out, the word almost a growl between his teeth, and the irony of that thought makes Kentarou swallow a laugh, “all. The. Things. I would have understood if you hadn’t told me about what an absolute bloody bastard your dad is, okay, I really get that one, and I’m still eternally grateful and happy that you told me so we could do something. But still, I want to yell at you. A lot.”

Kentarou gives up then. He moves off the bed, turning to make his way over to Shigeru’s window where he’d entered half an hour ago. “Okay. That’s that, then.” It hurts more than the bullet (oh wait, plural, bullets) wedged between his ribs. He’s used to that. Seeing how your boyfriend screams in horror when you climb into his window at night in your quote real form unquote, that’s something else. A bit like swallowing acid while hanging upside down from the ceiling of a hunter’s basement (Kentarou’s Friday nights are never ordinary, okay, so he’s got that going for him and that’s nice. Or life-threatening, anyways, it’s not boring).

“Where do you think you’re going?” Shigeru is by his side, eyes softened from dark anger to something bright that Kentarou doesn’t deserve. He flinches when Shigeru reaches out, but the touch against his jaw isn’t a slap.

“Did you think I was - “ Shigeru says, voice cracking on gentleness, and Kentarou can’t.

“I’m not gonna bother you anymore.” He takes a deep breath. Shigeru’s fingers cradle his cheek then, thumb tracing Kentarou’s mouth where he’d kissed it just yesterday. This is the last time he gets to feel it. There’s no boyfriend anymore, just Shigeru who has a normal life and Kentarou who’s always going to protect him in secret.

“I can see your brain running,” Shigeru whispers. He’s close, and leans in even more, both hands reaching now to push Kentarou’s lower lip down a bit. The moon is bright outside, pale and harsh, and there’s no chance for Shigeru to miss the sharp fangs sliding out of Kentarou’s mouth. His claws are stuck where he’d slammed them into his pockets. “Ken.” Shigeru tugs at his wrist. “Ken, look at me.”

“I get it.” Kentarou hates himself for closing his eyes to breathe in Shigeru’s scent. This is home. Shigeru is everything good he’s ever had, the only precious thing he hadn’t ruined until now. Shit. “You’re scared, I get it, I’m a monst-”

“Cut me some slack here.” Shigeru sighs, annoyance swaying in his voice before he tugs Kentarou’s hand free and takes it into his own. “I’m a modern and tolerant man, but you bursting into my room at fuck o’clock with blood all over you and oh, the small detail of you having been a pony-sized wolf until you turned back into my boyfriend, that would scare anyone.”

“It’s not my blood,” Kentarou says, then hesitates. He doesn’t want to lie anymore. “Mostly. I heal fast, I practically can’t die, and the few bullets that - “

Shigeru makes a sound like someone punched his lungs. “See! You keep doing that, hiding things from me because you want to protect me! Ugh.” He pinches Kentarou’s cheek until he opens his eyes, and then Shigeru kisses him, makes him breathless and growling in his throat. Kentarou swallows when Shigeru pulls back, dares to rest a clawed hand on Shigeru’s hip, so careful that he almost doesn’t touch him. “You’re not running away. Yet. Are we still together?”

“I’m still angry at you - oh don’t make those puppy eyes, and oh my god! Now that I know what you are, they’re actual puppy eyes, that’s the best irony of my life. I know so many dog jokes. Anyways. I’m angry because you didn’t tell me, because you didn’t trust me.” Shigeru pulls him to the bed, and Kentarou follows fluidly, immediately tucking Shigeru into his arms so he can nuzzles his neck, humming happiness against his skin. “Can’t believe you still like me.”

“Not like,” Shigeru corrects, leans back into his embrace with a smile playing around his lips. “I love you, okay, memorize that. And why wouldn’t I? Ken, you treat yourself like you’re a bad person. You thought I’d leave you after you told me about your dad, even if he was the guilty one.”

“That’s because he was the monster in that case. This time, it’s me.”

Shigeru is silent for a long time after that. When Kentarou slides his chin onto his shoulder, pushing it forward to look at his face, Shigeru’s eyes are wet. 

“Hey,” Kentarou says. “Hey. Shi, don’t, don’t cry.”

“You’re not a monster.” Shigeru shifts, and then he’s flipping around in Kentarou’s arms and catapults himself on top of Kentarou, collapsing both of them on the bed. Kentarou doesn’t tell him that he’s pressing on the bullet between Kentarou’s ribs (it’s gonna heal), so he just cups a hand around Shigeru’s neck. “Okay. I’m just glad that you… still, even after knowing.”

“Idiot.” There are tears dripping into Kentarou’s neck, but nobody mentions it. “I told you, I don’t ‘still’ like you. I love you, not ‘still’ but ‘since’ and then indefinitely. And now you’re gonna let me look at those wounds or I’m gonna put another one into your leg, do you understand that?”

Kentarou kisses him on the crown of his head, closes his eyes. “Yeah. ‘course.”

Can we talk about this picture though?

OMG, just look at Killian’s face!  He looks so done!

“Here son, hand me the map.  I think I’ve figured it out this time.”

“Dad, you’ve gotten us lost three times already.  You’re terrible with directions.  I’m keeping the map.”

“Young man, you give me the map this instant!”

“I’m 300 years old and an experienced sailor and navigator!  Stop treating me like a child!”

“Don’t take that tone of voice with me!  I’m going to give you to the count of three to give me that map.”

“My God, Dad, you’re so embarrassing!”






“Fine, take the bloody map!”

“Thank you.”

「dearly beloved」

{ i’ve loved you from the very beginning }

Pairing: Kagami Taiga × Reader (Married)
Word Count: 1,206 words
Description: Generalized version of the letter + scenario gift for noijakupls, who gave me the lovely prompt, for the 2K special fanfic giveaway. A confession letter.

God, you really needed to clean the room more often. After you moved in with Kagami, let’s just say you spent way too much time doing… other things instead of keeping the room tidy. Since he was busy for the day, you went over to the small storage you shared and huffed, staring the stacks of boxes in it. Time to get started.

Trashing some of the boxes and keeping most of the mementos, you found an old box covered with a sheen layer of dust. It wasn’t that big. It was more of a tiny jewelry box. Who could’ve had this before? Your heart began to fill with worries and doubts but you had to trust him. Kagami was a loyal man and you knew that. Still, you needed to open the contents before you tossed anything away or kept it.

Inside was a single folded piece of paper. You frowned and picked up the thin and yellowing paper, opening it up.

Dear ____

The first words nearly made your heart stop. You hadn’t seen this before and it was written in Kagami’s messy scribbles. You cleared your throat and wondered whether you were invading his privacy but since it was dedicated to you…

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randomactsofangie: “Pictures are art and art is meant to be shared….juuuuuuist sayin”

Oh god this is um.. well I gathered what I had around my house and sort of did this cross between Emma and Hook and I guess this is it. I call this new person Elizabeth Jones. The first picture is my terrible attempt at doing that eyebrow thing hook does haha

Also on a side note, I had too much fun on photoshop and got carried away. I also made my eyes blue to match their light eyes and I look terrifying omfg

Luhan or not Luhan.

I woke up to a flood of pictures of this 

It does seem like Luhan but then, I could not check the original post and the dude has half of his face covered so… 

Since some EXO-L are very sensitive about Yifan being in the perimeter of EXO members, allow me to help you put your enraged mind into peace, if it is raging. 

Let me introduce you to Bii 

This is Luhan 

Oh my god, yes, a new dopple ganger!

This is Luhan

I know. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? The deer eyes, the soft facial features, pretty much a lot of resemblances between the two guys. Cover half of their faces and see whether you can tell them apart or not. 

Here. One more. 

What’s my point here?

If EXO-L think Luhan is holding Yifan’s picture that’ll make them feel a surge of hatred towards Yifan, don’t think of the guy behind the poster as Luhan. Think of him as Bii, who is another Chinese-Korean singer. 

Now, that’s not so terrible now, is it? 


P.S. This is also a shameless attempt to promote Bii because he’s also good singer who sings in English so you should totally hover over to Youtube and check him out no pressure.

So, just like I’ve been telling everyone, I met Billie Piper. And now, seen that I can’t stop staring thinking about it, I’m gonna write everything here because I’m still not over it.

I bought the day ticket for Great Britain because the normal ones costed too much for me and I didn’t even know when I would be able to go to theatre during that week.

So I watched the show, freaked out in silence, and basically got out of the theatre trying not to cry because, you know, I’d seen Billie Piper. (And Great Britain is amazing.)

We went to the stage door and stayed there for more than an hour, even if after a while I thought she was already gone. 

It was late, and we didn’t know when the last train for our house was, so we went away. I asked my dad if we could go to the front of the theatre cause he’d said that side of the Thames was beautiful at night (and I still hoped for a miracle if we could wait just a few more minutes).

And the miracle happened. We were walking towards the station when I saw Billie on the other side of the street. Well, I actually saw this blonde woman who wore a pair of shorts I remembered from a picture. And I was like “Is she her?” and my dad obviously couldn’t tell. And then she turned. 

“Oh my god, it’s her.”

And this is the story of how i invaded Billie Piper’s personal space before realizing it. (But she laughed and hugged me and asked if I’d had a good time and where I am from and she even let me take a picture with my phone too I’m just dead.)

And I know I look terrible in the picture but ughh I don’t care.


Tickled to be two

Dear Maya
Seems like I was just writing to you and April had barely begun but now it is almost May. More pictures have come out of our favorite girl from Chanel and some cute pictures of her at Coachella with fans.
I know those lucky fans are so glad to have phones with good cameras. Fuzzy is so annoying!!!

R: another successful birthday party honey. You outdid yourself

K: that was the perfect theme. I’d thought about that other thing but I’ll save it for next one since those invites have to go out before we go to Cannes!

R: I’m happy the unicorn cake we made for your birthday inspired you

K: for someone who tries to be inconspicuous don’t you think driving down the street with a big ass unicorn on the car was taking a risk?

R: no one followed me. I was behind the carousel. They probably just thought I was a delivery person

K: OK that was really cool but don’t you think that was a bit much

R: nothing is too much for my princess. She smiled all afternoon

K: she loved it. They all did. All of them galloping around on their stick horses was so fucking adorable

R: stick unicorns you mean but I think your adult party favor coffee mugs were a hit.

K: DUDE! speaking of HITS! Who were you picturing when you swung at that pinata??? Damn baby!

R: shall I make a list?

K: I can guess who! HA!

R: I had to hit it hard. The kids were too little. They were all squealing and laughing anyway

K: It was stuffed so full it looked like it was raining bags of rainbow goldfish & fruit snacks & teddy grahams.Thank God she doesn’t know there’s supposed to be candy in there

R: honey that was perfect. They had enough sweets with cupcakes and they’re too little for candy

K: what the hell were we thinking to let the dogs wander around. Did you see the pink frosting all over Cole’s face?

R: I think Bear was having a sugar high. I tried to keep them away

K: that was a fail! They were pretty good considering all the cupcakes in little hands at their head level

R: Bernie slept thru most of the party

K: LMAO at some of those gifts from our smart ass friends. Rhymes with Duck??? I know we’re surprised she hasn’t said Fuck even though I try not to say it around her.

R: What about the monkey game? She can already count up to 4 bananas

K: Uncle Bounce Bounce sending that little piano????? And the drums? Seriously? Is there not enough noise in this house already? She got so much stuff

R: twice as much because she’s two! They love to spoil them as much as we do.

K: my favorite was the camera so she can learn how to take pictures that aren’t fuzzy. And OMG all the Fuzzy themed books? If she only knew why we were laughing so hard

R: How about the “Where’s Daddy”

K: yeah meant to tell you how awesome it was for you to fly over from London for her party since she never sees you.LMAO

R: that shit is getting old! Thank God she got the “put together a face” game. We don’t want her thinking people’s features are always distorted

K: Guess now we have the terrible twos to look forward to?

R: but our two aren’t terrible at all

K: sweetie that’s not what they mean by terrible twos.
I think the shaking the head “NO” is only the beginning. She’s stubborn like you

R: I’m not stubburn

K: yeah right??? Hey next birthday party is yours but no snooping. It’s a surprise

R: what did you have in mind?

K: wait and see

R: Do you think I could get a little birthday preview?

K: if you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about then you celebrate all year dude.

R: you don’t make me cupcakes all year

K: I thought you were talking about something else. I can whip up a batch of cupcakes and not be awake half the night. Done. Cupcakes it is

R: you’re my favorite cupcake and you’re the one who keeps me up half the night

K: I keep you up?

R: the only one who ever has. I’m always up for you

K: Aren’t you tired from the birthday party?

R: is there any of that pink frosting left?

K: are you suggesting…..

R: honey if you know what I’m suggesting then you have a one track mind

K: you think?

R: I know

K: I know I love you

R: I know I love you more

So sweet Maya
My sweet girl’s birthday is next week. Even though it has been many years I remember that day like it was yesterday. Our most cherished memories are as clear as crystal bells! Nothing fuzzy about things that ring true.
It’s going to be OK.