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nickname(s): Sable
star sign: Taurus
height: 5′4″, 163cm
time right now: 4:10pm
last thing you googled: Haemosu (a Korean sun god)
favorite music artist: I like songs, not artists, but I went to a Sia concert??
song stuck in my head: “Spring Day” by BTS
last movie I watched: Lego Batman
last TV show I watched: Produce 101 (I regret)
what I’m wearing right now: My baseball buttondown and an expensive sports skort as pajamas;;;
the kind of stuff I post: My fandom-of-the-week, current events, writing tips, DnD, and pretty things, pretty much
do I get asks regularly: Recently, yes! I’m glad for it, too. I like responding.
why did I choose my URL: [insufficient points to unlock this backstory, aha]
Hogwarts house: Slytherin and proud.
Pokemon team: Team Mystic; androgynous Blanche all the way.
favorite color: Shades of blue.
average hours of sleep: I average 6 but can’t sleep more than 7 consecutive.
lucky number: I have no proof that it’s lucky, but I always take 53 as a sign.
favorite character: God, I can’t choose just one, but let me tell you, I have such a type - I am such an easy mark. I have such a type. Just give me a person with an outward appearance of complete control and competence who, in reality, is slowly self-destructing because they can’t handle or can’t express their feelings, and they are my favorite and I will find their suffering exquisite. 
dream job: Some kind of storyteller; I would like to publish a novel or write a videogame some day. I have a lot of strong thoughts about this.

tagging any of my followers who may want to participate, aha

Casually adding this to the list of things that I wish had happened

Sean and Wiishu was the reason for the death of my copy of Photoshop ‘cause of how cute these beans are! My brushes and layout was horridly messed up ∑(゚ロ゚〃) i was really nervous about posting it, but i hope you like it!

@therealjacksepticeye @wiishu ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

  • Me: wow this landscape is gorgeous where is this i wish I could go th...
  • Me: *squints*
  • Me: this is a video game isn't it