god they're such idiots

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oh gosh i know!! there must be so much pain behind i just- ugh... let's cry together

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuhhhh don’t cry anon think happy thoughts at least they’re back together now!!!!!!!! 

oh lol, since we said our blog is a hate-free zone, we wouldn’t publish it there (learn to read: we said that if you haters are so thirsty for getting dragged, come at our personal blogs) but im sure since you’re obsessed with oikage enough to send hate to a fanblog, you’ll be checking tags? 

umm,, first of all??? you guys are transparent as fuck??? crying in our inbox bc you can’t even enjoy anything without projecting your own insecurities onto a character, lol. And it’s honestly so pathetic, the only reason you guys latch onto my precious baby is bc you think just “bc he’s jealous of someone too, he’s your relatable fave uwu”?? LMAO GTFO. 

Also, stop pretending to care about Kageyama. It’s clear you’re one of those tacky af IO stans who hate Kageyama bc “he invalidates oikawa uwu :(((”. You probably think he “sTOLE SUGAS PLACE :((((” or something equally retarded too LMAO. Aaanyway, Kageyama is a badass and even a wilting flower wouldn’t be hurt by a SLAP THAT NEVER HAPPENED lmfao jfc 

I’m getting sick of posting this everywhere but you guys just cant fucking get over your selective blindness so it seems i just have to??

Yeah, this is canon:

Hmmm…. idk, what do you think it means?? food metaphors? fave food? eating? umm?? i guess you guys would prefer to think oikawa as a cannibal rather than him liking kage but hooonestly???? it kinda sounds like he wants to blow him to me :///// Maybe after the shiratorizawa match which he suuuuddenly decided to go after hearing girls talk about “not putting off confessing”??? which was… idk, i wonder, why would he be so inspired to do that after hearing something like this, not to mention after angsting over kageyama all night??????? i think your generic fave Slapstick DudeBro cockblocked him by appearing at the game ://////////////////// yet another reason to hate his boring ass :’<

Aaaaanyway lol, if you lot could get your heads out of your asses, you’d see that Oikawa blatantly wanted Kageyama to win against Shiratorizawa (and yeah, KAGEYAMA, NOT karasuno, as he said himself that Kageyama is the only noteworthy player in karasuno, apparently you idiots needed that in writing, go read 7th novel in panic after this and have fuuun lol) and there isn’t much (any?) bite behind his literal tsundere act against Kageyama anymore. Kageyama never expressed anything about destroying anyone anyway lol. Both simply idealize each other and fixate like crazy and you pissbabies can’t stand the fact that our ship has much more canonical base than all your crackshits can ever hope to have.


  • Some demon on here: MAPS aren't all pedophiles!
  • Me: *trying to find how you could actually think that's logical* It's.... Minor attracted people..... they're pedophiles.... wh-
  • Some demon on here: OH MY GOD IDIOT ANTI GO BACK TO WHINING ABOUT BOY BANDS YOU M I N O R I want to fuck a toddler I'm so hard for this one first grader

Lets be real. If Hollywood were to ever make a film that depicted Hindu deities, there wouldn’t be a single Indian playing the roles of the main Hindu gods and goddesses. Hell, they won’t even cast any Pakistanis for those roles. Middle easterns, probably not. Those sacred roles will probably go to a bunch of actors from the U.K. They’ll get a nice spray tan or whatever paint and prosthetics needed, and that’s that.

Hollywood loves depicting other cultures just as long as they get to ignore the actual people of that culture. This isn’t even a surprise anymore.

Sequel to this one.