god they're such dorks


he’s weak


Sometimes…I’m really proud of my Screen cap taking skill…

They look like they’re kissing.

I feel like MAPPA is secretly hiding them kisses.

K I’m done


“We don’t need karaoke or to be drunk to- to be silly, trust me. We just did it in the photoshoot, trust me, it goes down between us.”  [x]

Just imagine an iwaoi!au in which they are not childhood friends, they are in different colleges but they know each other because of volleyball. Oikawa is a Astrophysics major and Iwa a Literature one, so one day Oikawa spot Iwaizumi at a volleyball game and falls immediately in love, and so he starts to follow him everywhere. When he discovers that Iwaizumi is a poetry nerd Oikawa grabs the first poems book he finds and its a Bukowski one. So when they finally meet off court for the first time Oikawa tries to flirt quoting Bukowski but Iwaizumi hates Bukowski so much that he ends up punching Oikawa.

I’m insane, I’m writing it right now, sayonara.

Thinking about Homestuck hairstyle headcanons like

who gives the troll kids haircuts?? Obviously most of them aren’t skilled going to salons on a regular basis or being raised by parents with oposable thumbs, so how do they all have their distinct hairstyles instead of a bunch of tangled masses sticking out of the backs of their heads?

Obviously Karkat’s lusus gives him haircuts with his claws. This is a non-negotiable fact. As he gets older Karkat’s sense that this is a really fucking stupid ritual just keeps increasing, but every month or so his lusus will get it into his head that it’s time to give his charge a hair trimming and chase him around the hive until Karkat lets him nip at his hair with his giant crab claws. Have you ever wondered why Karkat’s hair is a just a weird spikey-angled mess? The answer is that his hairdresser is a giant crab.

Terezi cuts her own hair, naturally, because who else is going to cut it for her? She lives in the middle of nowhere and her mom is an egg. Whenever it gets long enough to pull back into a ponytail, she gathers it up and the back of her head and chops it off with a sword. That’s why it sticks up in the back and sides, because she has never heard of layers and just literally saws at it with a giant knife. She keeps all the ponytails in a drawer in her hive just for the sake of freaking ppl out.

Equius has long hair because he is terrified of trying to cut it and breaking something. His lusus used to cut it for him, but he decided at age 3 that this was something he needed to do himself and, well.He immediately snapped the scissors and pulled out a lock and got blood everywhere and decided decided to never try that again, so by the time the story starts he’s pretty much used to having long-ass hair. He’s even gotten into the habit of conditioning it regularly and has confined himself it’s a mark of how refined he is, and not a sign that he can’t cut his own hair without nearly pulling his scalp off.

Nepeta has a messy hairdo because she cuts it herself, with her claws.That’s just the method that makes sense to her, because it’s how her lusus used to cut her hair when she was little. She likes how long hair looks, with all the shiny dark locks framing people’s faces, but she can’t keep hers clean with her lifestyle and, she absolutely can’t stand the raspy, scratchy feeling of hair brushing her neck and tickling her shoulders. It makes her feel like there’s spiders crawling on her. So she leaves a few pieces in the front to play with, but she just hacks at the rest until nothing sticks out, and then covers the resulting mess with her hat.

Sollux gets his hair cut by an actual barber. What, you thought he cut it himself? Yeah, he could try and do it with a throwing star, and his his psionics to get the hard-to reach places in the back, but it’s a huge pain in the ass, and he has better things to do with his time than fuss over his hair when there are people who can do it quickly living right around the corner. Whenever his hair is getting in his eyes, he goes out and slams some money down on the counter at the nearest barbershop and demands the cheapest possible haircut that will keep his hair short for as long as possible. The resulting haircuts are atrocious and completely different every time, and Kanaya, Eridan, and Equius all refuse to even look at him until it’s grown out for at least two weeks, but Terezi thinks it’s hilarious and they have a good laugh over it every time.

Me, first learning MBTI: I’m an INTP… huh. Okay. And my dominant function is introverted thinking. Wow, that sounds really serious and cool, like an old, contemplative sage, or something.

Me, now: INTPs are such lame fucking nerds why the hell did I ever get into this shit.

When You Ignore Their Texts: Monsta X


“Wait, what? What did I do? Why is s/he ignoring me?”


“Laugh through the pain, HoSeok. You’ll find a revenge anyway.”


“Did I forget to buy her/him something that s/he asked? Wait… What day is it today?”


“Well fuck you, too.”


“But I’m sexily cute, damn it!”


As he think of a payback for your ignorance, his band members can only see pure evil emitting from him.


Goes to JooHeon for some advice on what to do when someone ignores him.

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