god they were so cute in this scene

So in the new Avengers Assemble episode (3x21) among other stuff that happened (Hulk getting collared and becoming a hobo for one), Steve most definitely flirted with Tony! OK? I have no other explanation for the scene in which Tony’s like: “I don’t like Red Hulk, he’s a maniac, I don’t wanna work with him…” and Steve smiles at him and says “You know, I thought you were a maniac when I first met you.” And he also touches him, full hand on shoulder touch action! And Tony’s like (thinking) “Ok, I’m not quitting the Avengers. God why you have to be so cute, ugh…” and just follows Steve like a good half of a battle couple.

How is this show even real?

I just realized that in that first really cute scene where Even and Isak are in bed, Even is wearing all Isak’s clothes because he literally didn’t have anything else to wear besides that ridiculous God costume so he’s just totally covered in Isak garb from head to toe and it’s so cute? Like? How did I not realize this before? Of course Isak had to give him clothes bc they were all wet from the pool? Isak shirt Isak hoodie Isak pants (probably too short too because Even is a tall giant) ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I still can’t believe I opened YouTube one ordinary afternoon to be blessed with an evak fanvid in my recommended section. Truly grateful, my life was changed forever. Honestly the best teenage representation from a TV show ever & the epic soundtrack. What a gem honestly Julie Andem saved my 2016. I had been binge watching Malec vids the night before so that’s probably why, but I clicked on it, thought nothing special at first (they cute w/e), then the fucking “call your girlfriend” clip shook me tf up, then my eyes were blessed with the softest purest scene I’ve ever seen (bed scene from ep.5 obvi) & I was fucking shook to the core like no other, I couldn’t believe what I had just watched. So you bet ur ass I went straight to tumblr (the all knowing god) to find those precious beans. And hear I am now total skam trash, waiting (aka dying a slow painful death) for the s4 trailer WOot WOOt! I regret nothing!


My first thought when I watched 2x05 of Supergirl was “My god, this girl [Alex] isn’t sure about any of her feelings right now… but she sure knows that she cares about Maggie very, very much. She knows that she [Maggie] is sad and hurt. And that hurts her too.” And this were my favourite scenes in this episode… because she’s so humble, so polite, such a good, pure and cute person.

I love Aldrich so much it’s not even mathematecally calculable.
Scribbles of his pre transformation form, when he was still a huge bitch, both inside and out. Sulyvahn only appears once but believe me, he’s in every one of these scenes.

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not really a person of posting so i'll just complain here. WHAT. IN . THE. NAME.OF JESUS HAPPEND TO THE ANIMATION. It's looks like there's no sheets or supervisors, they just do whatever they want, in exceptions of a few scenes that look like they were intended to be specific but IS IT SO HAD TO FOLLOW A REFERENCE. before you know the episodes will be animated like Garnet Universe or something

tbh garnets universe’s art was cute but god the art now is so stiff and wonky

About Scorbus

I went to see The Cursed Child onstage (!!!) last saturday (22nd of October), and @magicalnicole sent me an ask but it bugged a lot and idek what happened, but anyway, I wasn’t able to post an answer. So I’m doing it here!

Question: You went to see the cursed child?? Can you describe the Scorbus moments? 😍:) did they nose boop?

Ohhh my god it was all so cute! They didn’t nose bump, but they were always very close, especially in the second part.
Just after Harry forbids Albus to see Scorpius again, there’s a little wordless scene (act 2 scene 12) with the boys walking near each other but never meeting, and then they end up at the top of moving staircases just in front of each other and they look each other in the eye, with so much emotion you can sense it, I was just like “NOW KISS”. My friend and I voted that best scorbus moment :’)
Then there was also that one scene in the Slytherin dorm, just after the boys come back in the *normal* reality. At first they’re each on their own bed talking about stuff but then all of a sudden Scorpius gets up and go sit very close to Albus on his bed for no apparent reason??? It was super cute and super gay too. Same just after, when they’re talking about destroying the time turner, they’re sitting near each other on top of moving staircases, and gradually go closer and closer! And then Delphi arrives and in a second Scopius moves far from them to the opposite side, like he somehow puts himself in oposition of Delphi+Albus. Alsoooo, speaking of Delphi, when she’s teaching Albus to duel, Scorp is acting super isolated/disappointed, and watch them with an envious look.
Moving to the hugs/touching! Most of the hugs were very fast and kinda disappointing, but the underwater one, oh was it cute, it lasted long af and it was soooo full of emotion :D and then later in the play, when Scorp understand Al’s plan to use the blanket to reach Harry (when they’re in Godric’s Hollow), he gets excited and he goes very touchy, takes him by the shoulders and almost fall in his arms ahhh just kill me now Scorbus is so real. And! When they fight agaisnt the Augurey at the very end, the two of them are all squished together and, I shit you not, Scorpius has his arm around Albus like he’s protecting/comforting him. So gay. Even at the end, at ~that~ scene of Scorpius talking about asking Rose, Albus is acting all flirty and they’re super close to each other (actually very possible a nose boop happened at that point, they were all touchy and close, I couldn’t see everything).
And anyway, the two actors had such a way of playing, they were very different from what I expected, especially Scorpius, who seemed always nervous and excited at the same time to talk to Albus, trying to make him laugh, and Albus was soooo flirty sometimes, and so tender toward Scorpius! Also, I forgot the part where they are on the top of the Hogwarts express, both trying to protect each other from the Trolley Lady, close as always, cute af.

Ok that’s it, what I can remember about Scorbus from when I saw it! Hope you enjoyed that :) (and thanks a lot for the ask!)

Solangelo Headcannon

Okay, so I was watching “How to Train your Dragon” and I thought WHAT IF HICCUP AND ASTRID WERE REPLACED WITH NICO AND WILL?!?!?!?!

Just imagine the cute bickering scenes.

Nico: Solace! Get me down from here!

Will: You have to give me a chance to explain.

Nico: I won’t listen to anything you have to say!

Will: Then let me show you… Please Nico.


Nico: *Punches Will* That’s for kidnapping me.

Will: *Awkwardly stands there*

Nico: *Kisses Will on the cheek* That’s for… Everything else…


Ruffnut and Tuffnut replaced by Conner and Travis stoll.

“Romeo and Juliet are just two rich kids who’ve always gotten every little thing they want. And now, they think they want each other.”

“They’re in love…” Mr. Stessman said, clutching his heart.

“They don’t even know each other,” she said.

“It was love at first sight.”

“It was ‘Oh my God, he’s so cute’ at first sight. If Shakespeare wanted you to believe they were in love, he wouldn’t tell you in almost the very first scene that Romeo was hung up on Rosaline.… It’s Shakespeare making fun of love,” she said.

—  Eleanor Douglas, Eleanor & Park

god… i keep thinking back to THAT scene in zootopia. when Judy publicly announces the false prejudice of predators only going savage. i physically felt ill and couldnt even look at the movie screen.

Then Nick confronting her was all so, so heart breaking. my whole being was coming undone, it was insane.

but you know what small moment BROKE me to tears? what shattered my soul? When Nick gives her back the application, and she looks down to see it WAS MOSTLY FILLED OUT. AND THERE WERE SOME REALLY CUTE THINGS LIKE UNDER SPECIAL SKILLS HE WROTE NIGHT VISION




Almost Famous (2000) - Cameron Crowe

5 bullets on this film:

  • It’s literally one of the cutest films I have seen. The plot is smooth and <3 but it’s also kinda dark and sad. I think Cameron Crowe did an amazing job and I’m in love with everything about this movie. If I died tomorrow I would watch this movie two times (I would also break into Dunkin’ Donuts and eat as much as I could)
  • I love the characters so much. They are very relatable and adorable, and the actors were amazing. Kate Hudson impressed me and this film made me like her. I mean, really, ALL the actors are great.
  • Some scenes are so well done and well thought, and the dialogues are unique and funny. The mood of the film is nice, there aren’t any scenes like ‘oh my god that’s so dark and messed up’, so if you want to watch a cute little movie, there you go.
  • Yes, I always say I love movie’s soundtracks, but this one is really good, with Led Zeppelin, Jimi  Hendrix  and Elton John. So, you know, it’s very nice.
  • Is it weird that I want to be a groupie now? I’m leaving to be a groupie, goodbye. 
The Fosters 4x01

So I just watched it and OH MY GOD WHAT AN EPISODE!

There was so much tension from the beginning till the very end. 

And it was very emotional, I was literally crying when the kids started to come out of the school and when Mariana came out and Jesus ran to hug her that was the end of me, I couldn’t stop crying. And then Mat ran to her too and oh my god!

About Brallie I have to say that I thought it was going to be so much worse, I thought that Brandon would be mad at her but the scene when he tells her not to apologize, that was so cute.

But please, now that the moms know about them…CAN SOMEONE JUST ASK THEM IF THEY WANT TO BE TOGETHER? Just give them the opportunity to choose. 

Anyway it was a GREAT  episode and I can’t wait till next week 

P.S.: How cute were Jude and Jesus saying I love you to their mom

P.S.2: Bring Emma and Jesus back!!!

Okay, but for real when is Oliver going to tell Felicity about seeing her before he actually met her. I need it like I need air. I need him to tell her about that little blip of a moment that stuck with him. How he thought she was so adorable. How he thought of her later on because he had seen her at QC before. I don’t doubt that he sought her out when he was looking for someone to help him with that bullet riddled laptop. He just didn’t expect her to see through his bullshit. 

I need him to tell her about this

And I need her to get flustered over it. Like at first she barely remembers the incident in the office, but then when it clicks she’s like “Oh god you saw that?” and “For the record if I had known you were lurking I wouldn’t have said all that. But I did think you were cute… I mean I still do.” 

There’s just literally so many ways to do a scene where they talk about and I just neeeeed it. 

Ok so things I loved about the finale

- I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really didn’t see most of the episode’s plot twists coming, Theo’s sister coming for him, Deucalion being with Scott all along, Marcel as the Dread Doctor…I’m glad Teen Wolf wasn’t predictable this time

- Mason is safe

- Kira was a badass

- The girls basically saved everyone’s asses, Lydia saved Mason, Kira saved Lydia and killed Theo, ALLISON SAVED SCOTT

- But also my baby Scott was so smart and amazing, his plans were awesome and I love him and I’m glad he’s happy again, he deserves it

- Melissa told Stiles to hold Lydia’s hand, Melissa ships stydia ok


- Lydia’s friendship with the ladies <3 First Kira, who saved her, then Malia and her locking arms and being so cute, then LYDIA’S FACE WHEN STILES MENTIONED ALLISON



- Since I was talking about Melissa shipping stydia, I also happen to know another McCall who is a hardcore stydia shipper… Did you see Scott’s face when he was looking at Stiles and Lydia sitting together you can practically hear him whisper “otp” also he was probably looking at them and thinking about his relationship with Allison dfskjfhjgjsg


Possible clue from a pll deleted scene?

So in one of the deleted scenes, Ali and Jessica are discussing the past:

Ali: So that’s me right?
Jessica: You were such a cute baby. You know I made the mistake of letting your brother stay up and watch the movie niagara. And he became obsessed with it. After that everything had to be vintage.
Ali: I don’t remember Jason being into old stuff.
Jessica: *Blanks that point*- God I look so young there.
Ali: That was one thing Jason and I always agreed on, we had the hottest mom in school.
Ali: Jason was with us right?
Jessica: The whole family went. It was the last trip that we all… *trails off*
Ali: Jason thinks that there aren’t any photos of him because no-one cared enough to take them.
Jessica: Why is everyone in this family so dramatic? Jason was camera shy. He was always pulling out his photographs.
Ali: I don’t think he remembers that.

So Ali asks is that me?- about the photos of the little girl in the photo album- could that possibly mean it isn’t actually her at all? ali ‘i don’t remember jason being into old stuff’ of course not, because perhaps it isn’t jason who was into old stuff, but charles! charles’ soul room is filled with old stuff, and it’s all very old wealth and ‘vintage’ as jessica says. jessica completely ignores the question about jason being into old things, perhaps because jessica knows it was not jason at all, but charles. ali later asks, ‘jason was with us right?’ she is clearly confused about it and doesn’t remember jason being on the trip they took, suggesting perhaps he wasn’t there afterall, or she was conditioned to not remember because both charles and jason were there. jessica says ‘the whole family went’ suggesting charles again? and then she says ‘it was the last trip that we all…’ and she trails off. last trip before something happened? specifically to charles? last trip they all took before charles was shipped off perhaps or disowned?? then they discuss photos from the family album, and there’s not many of jason, why? alison says jason thinks its because no-one loved him, (possible since he is actually peter’s son), but could it be because the photos included charles too? and so they were ‘pulled out’ because jessica wanted to hide the truth? alison then says ‘i don’t think he remembers that’ about jason. jason doesn’t seem to remember a lot of things. is it possible he remembered charles (he was older afterall) but he too was either conditioned to not remember him/ worse could he have done something to charles as a child himself? and the family covered it up? perhaps that trip was the last one because something happened between charles and jason?


I mean…what the…can we…WHHATT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!?!
This scene got me to the edge of my seat! All the frustration and tension OH MY GOD!!
The all episode was soooo intense!
The way Norma hit Alex several times it’s priceless, of course Alex drove her to it but he NEVER return any of those punches, WHAT A GENTLEMAN!

But when he grabbed her and push her to the wall I screamed “THIS IS IT! OH SWEET JESUS THIS IS IT!”
Their faces were soooo close! Their lips OH MY GOD! I swear in one second they get to rub a little bit! And the way Alex look at her…I mean…his eyes don’t lie, he has fallen in love!!
It’s so adorable how he hold her close to him, with his hand in her face and breathing so close to each other’s mouth…!

My heart broke when Norma said “don’t touch me” and he let go of her without hesitating, because he wasn’t going to force her…a gentleman never force the situation, even tough that means watch the woman he loves walking away from him. Eventually it would happen…and let me tell you…



sherlockaddicted glitchcaptain taronism

so i already have some asks about legend/Teddy. now, i have finally calmed down so i sat down to write to you guys. this movie has really affected me (probably new Colin Firth’s pictures made an impact on me as well), so I was REALLY emotional. 
the first time Teddy appears was around 15-20 mins into the movie, AND DAMN THAT SCE NE!!!! the pictures from that scene were not included anywhere, but his hair tho!!!! he had some cute curls <3 and i loved how he was dressed. that first scene in which Teddy appeared kinda introduced his relationship with Ronnie hehe (if u want me to spoil it message me lol) <br>i am not gonna write about every single scene (bc there are quite a lot lol, and every single one of them KILLED ME). even tho i nearly had a panic attack while watching Taron omfg. his character is so precious oh god. another topic is TEDDYS LAUGHTER, guys U WILL DIE!!! there is a scene in which he continuously laughs (yes im talking about that scene that was included in the trailer). i just thought im gonna lose it tbh, it was too much to handle for me. he only appears in the scenes with Ronnie, sometimes talking to him or Reggie. i thought that there is gonna be not as much of Teddy, fortunately i was wrong HEHE
i can’t wait for legend to be out, bc im definetely rewatching + more people will join me and talk to me about this, seriously, i am deeply in love with Taron’s character, he is like crazy in a cute way???? u know??? just so fucking adorable and funny this is too much for me bye  p.s. i tried to avoid the spoilers in this post