god they were all so hilarious to watch

jack and the bilingual bullshit
  • jack won’t watch a british show without french subtitles because it’s too hard to understand their accents, but he also watches foreign movies with english subtitles even though the french option is right there??? jack????
  • unclear on how his own name is pronounced. his parents don’t seem very sure either. he is afraid to ask.
  • jack hates english punctuation so much. so much. why is it always cramping his style. 
    • shitty can tell when jack’s writing a paper in English because his texts get increasingly capital-F French
      • shitty replies with “hello jack       .   when are we going to annie   ‘  s   . lardo says     << i   ‘ m hungry >>    .”
  • The Autocorrect Struggle
    • autocorrect is also cramping his style
    • marty texts to ask about the game schedule the next day and jack, being half asleep, forgets to change his language settings and replies “Devonshire entire la a 17 heiress pour lo dinner”
      • marty always replies to these texts with “thanks, jacques, that was helpful”
        • he is a jerk.
    • jack’s slowly teaching his english autocorrect to speak french; shitty claims that if you yell “hey siri - FUCK NO” when it corrects to the wrong word it’ll learn faster
      • autocorrect knows to leave tabarnak alone, because jack is a great teacher.
      • speaking of siri - why does she not understand anything jack says ever, any of the time. jack and siri Are Not Friends. they are not bros and jack does not like her.
  • absolutely refuses to watch disney movies in english. that is not the language of disney. he’s seen a whole ten minutes of the english version of the lion king; all of the voices were Wrong
  • he thinks bilingual puns are so funny!!!! he only gets say them every once in a while but they’re hilarious!!!!!!!
    • jack once called ransom, with an actual honest to god phone call, just to tell him a great pun that bitty didn’t react to strongly enough
      • (a key part of rans’ impression of jack is the phrase “i just told bitty this one but he didn’t laugh”)
  • he takes german for his language credit freshman year (shitty: HAVE YOU NOT DONE ENOUGH) and fails a test on possessives because he never learned how to use apostrophes in english and he can’t figure out how to translate plural possessives. he may be the first person to fail a german test because his english isn’t good enough.
    • just?? random gaps everywhere in his english knowledge, honestly. he can write a paper but he doesn’t know what an adverb is. he missed two spelling tests in high school because of a concussion and he still just lets spellcheck tell him how to write “occurred”
  • jack knows history vocabulary but he learned a lot of it out of books and he doesn’t actually know how to pronounce any of it in english
    • he does presentations with his Absolute Most French Accent just so everyone is really clear that he doesn’t know what he’s doing
    • has no idea about science words and won’t discuss it with anyone in english, no thank you
      • someone claims that jack once implied that petroleum comes from exploding fish bones; every time they try to ask jack about it he dodges the question and then runs away.

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What is the Hulu show about? The one mentioned just recently.

well it is VERY hard to explain and I’m about to go to bed b/c it’s almost 2 AM, but okay.  So.  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  It’s like…

The whole show starts out with a violent murder scene, surrounded by a bunch of bizarre and unexplained phenomena.  Our MC witnesses some of those phenomena, and then shortly afterward meets Dirk Gently, certified not-exactly-psychic weirdo, who for reasons at this point unknown to basically anybody, is like HELP ME SOLVE A MURDER!  And throughout the episodes it starts to come out that not only was the murder just as bizarre as it looked, it was moreso.  The world has a certain amount of suspend-disbelief in-built bizarreity that actually reminded me weirdly of Pushing Daisies???  And the MC is played by Elijah Wood??

But actually just overall it’s got a really great cast, and it was pretty damn dark in places but also hilarious as well, and also genuinely heart-wrenching at multiple points?  There were great female characters, and great POC characters, and the plot was BIZARRE and full of weird parallels and bookends.  ((I’m in love with Farah Black and if you watch it I guarantee you will be too, oh my god.)) 

…………..also, and this was my very favorite part because it hit basically ALL my fav. tropes, one of the side-plots features a group of joyously rowdy punks with supernatural powers, who also turn out to be basically The Best.  They are so??? FULL OF JOY.  And anger!  Chaotic Neutral! (Chaotic Good?)  And they take a character who’s hurting and scared and they just, like.  Adopt her?  

I’m in love with the Rowdy 3 and the way they go from “LET’S SMASH THIS CAR WITH BASEBALL BATS, YOU WANNA GO?!?!” to “you don’t have to be scared anymore, now sit down and let me put neon green nail paint on you.”

But also Ken and Bart are bizarrely amazing?  And Dirk and Todd are really important to me, and Todd’s relationship with his sister Amanda, and the police officers, and Amanda just by herself as a lady with a chronic, invisible, debilitating disease!  And, oh, okay, the fact that throughout the WHOLE ENTIRE PLOT there’s just


literally nobody, no scheming villains with big plans, no all-knowing secretive oracle character, everybody has like two pieces of the puzzle, and it’s weridly hilarious/reassuring to see the entire cast going “WHY THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!  WHO ARE YOU??  WHO IS THAT?!?!  DESTINY OR SOMETHING?!  WHY IS THERE A KITTEN?!  WHERE DID THAT SHARK COME FR

EXO’s Reaction to You Dancing to Playboy


Always a slut for his own music, Xiumin wouldn’t hesitate to join you. Though you’d be embarrassed at first, when you saw his “smooth” moves you’d quickly laugh off your shyness and join him, only stopping when the two of your were completely sweaty.


Otherwise known as Michael Chenson, Chen would be happy to join you and turn it quickly into a dance battle. Your stomach would end up hurting from laughing at your boyfriend’s improv skills… or lack thereof.


Normally the more dancey, loud, in-your-face member of the relationship, Baekhyun would be a little surprised to find you dancing it out to Playboy. “Jagi!” he’d yell, making you almost bang into a table out of surprise. “You didn’t tell me you could dance!” he’d say, before turning up the music and joining you.


At first this gentle giant would be confused, not sure why you were grinding on an invisible person in the kitchen. However, when Chanyeol heard Playboy playing, his face would light up and he’d run in, taking the place of the invisible person and singing along with the song wholeheartedly.


For some reason, Lay would think it absolutely hilarious that you were dancing so passionately to one of his songs. Instead of joining you, he’d just sit down and watch, giggling as you exaggerated your movements to see his reaction.


Though D.O would definitely love the fact that you were dancing to Playboy, he himself wouldn’t want to join you. When you kept trying to pull him in he’d just continue to back away, all with a shy and definitely awkward smile on his face.


Seeing you dance would awaken Suho’s inner dancing machine, and dear God prepare yourself. He’d run up and turn the music louder, before breaking out moves that you could’ve sworn were illegal. You’d end up laughing too hard at him to be able to continue dancing yourself.


Like Lay, Kai would find your dancing hilarious and adorable all at the same time. When you stopped, he’d shake his head and insist you keep going. “Jagi, you’re rocking it. No worries,” he’d encourage you with a smile, cheering ridiculously loudly when you continued.


As always, Sehun would take the opportunity to turn it into a hardcore dancing competition. He’d win, though you’d insist that using pre-choreographed dances was definitely against the (nonexistent) rules. Nonetheless, he’d flaunt his victory, using smugness to cover up how much he actually loved watching you dance to his music.

Dallas Winston x Reader | Spin The Bottle

Request: Imagine where The gang (plus reader and maybe curly Shepard?) play spin the bottle and Dal kinda likes the reader and vice versa and it land on her on his turn and they kiss. And whenever it lands on someone else for her he gets all pissy? And afterwards they like makeout? :)) sorry it’s very specific

A/N: I actually spun a bottle to tell who it was going to land on lmao. It worked out pretty well.

The Curtis gang along with Curly Shepard, some of your girl-friends, Soda and Steve’s girlfriends and you were sat in their living room playing the infamous game of ‘Spin the Bottle’.

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🍂 ☇ 01 | halloween prompts *:。

➸ member: seungcheol

➸ word count: 952

prompt 3: i should get a kiss for having to go through that + setting 1: drive-in movie.

The last time you had watched a horror film with Seungcheol, broad daylight was spinning through the window panes, filling the pale carpet with golden patterns and completely ruining each suspenseful moment. It was to Seungcheol’s dismay that your fragility could handle nothing more than a single jump scare before you would lunge for the remote, smashing the buttons until the screen blipped to blackness.

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Concealer Required

Originally posted by jaehynu

Mark (NCT), for @niickerzz91
Type: Fluff

“I just think the main character is so incredibly stupid. She makes so many dumb decisions and then cries about them like it isn’t her fault that things don’t work out the way she wants,” you complained haughtily, waving your hands in the air.

Mark chuckled at you, continuing to watch the tv show the two of you were marathoning. “I think she’s kind of hilarious.”

“Ugh,” you groaned in disgust. “She’s so immature.”

“Maybe I’m just too young to understand, noona,” Mark replied teasingly, referring to your one year age difference. It was something he liked to bring up all the time, and he never let you hear the end of the fact that you went for ‘younger men.’

“Oh god, literally do not call me that. That is just awful, I’m barely a year older than you,” you groaned into your hands, pushing Mark slightly.

“Awww, you don’t like it? How come, noona?” Mark smirked at you, grabbing your hand. You pushed him even harder, but he held on tight to your arm and pulled you in closer to his side. Mark was a lot taller, and a lot stronger, then you so every time you tried to struggle out of his grip, held just ended up holding you together. His arms snaked around your sides, grabbing out your waist and digging his fingers in.

You yelped loudly, squealing as you tried to wiggle away from Mark and his tickles. You failed over and over again and your very ticklish sides were left to be the victims of Mark’s torture.

You were borderline screaming you were laughing so hard as you writhed on the couch. Mark was cackling above you, enjoying watching you be tortured.

“Mark…Mark please… sto…stop please…” you gasped out in between laughs, your chest hurting from how hard you were cackling under Mark’s hands. After a few more sharp squeezes from Mark’s fingers, he finally stopped moving them and kept them resting on your sides. You were both completely out of breath, the tv show completely forgotten.

“You’re the worst,” you groaned, your chest heaving. Mark was still smirking down at you.

“Aw, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, noona,” he teased again. With a cry of frustration you launched yourself at him. He fell back on the couch with a gasp as you landed on top of him, pinning his arms above his head. You straddled his waist, knowing that he would be able to break free from this hold at any moment.

“Promise you’ll stop calling me ‘noona’ and I’ll let you get up,” you growled in your most menacing voice. Mark tried to look scared, but you could tell he was trying to hold back a chuckle.

“Or what?” he asked finally.

“Or else…” she got really close to his face, making sure your lips were just tickling the surface of his. “I’ll drink all your favorite juice out of the fridge.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Mark snapped as you pulled your lips slightly farther from his. Suddenly, he flipped you over so that you’d switched positions, your arms know trapped above your head in only one of his. Mark smirked down at you, bringing his face closer to yours to mimic your actions. “You were saying?”

You tried bucking your hips up and pulling your arms away, but there was no getting out of Mark’s grip. Suddenly, Mark’s mouth came down hard on yours, locking your lips tightly together. You kissed him back greedily, twining your tongue with his when it slipped past your teeth.

The kiss was frantic. Mark let you slip your arms out of his grasp and wrap them around his neck, trying to pull him even closer to you. He pulled at your bottom lip, tugging it in between his teeth delicately. You groaned low in your throat, throwing your head back as you did so.

Wrapping your legs around Mark’s waist, he brought the two of you into a sitting position so that you were settled in his lap. He kept his hands working up and down your back, sometimes finding their way under your t-shirt to stroke against you skin, causing you to break out in goosebumps.

Mark slowly kissed down your jawline and along the curve of your neck: one of his favorite spots to pay close attention to. He licked along the tendon that was sticking out, nipping at it occasionally.

You tugged at his hair, another soft moan escaping your lips. In your daze, you almost smirked to yourself; if this always happened, you wouldn’t ever mind Mark calling you noona.


The next morning, as you were getting ready for work, you groaned loudly. Peering into the mirror, you saw a bruising red hickey splotched across your neck, angry and inflamed. Mark was totally going to get a piece of your mind for giving you one so visible.

Patting on at least a pound of concealer, you hoped it was completely covered and dashed outside the house, almost late for work.

However, no amount of concealer seemed to work against your male coworkers; they seemed to have a six sense for this sort of thing, and teased you endlessly about it. Between the constant jokes and remarks, you knew Mark was going to get a piece of your mind when you got home, no distractions allowed.

HannibalCon RDC3 - day 2: personal recap

Day2: Hopefully with a few less spelling and typing errors (sorry!).

So my inner clock woke me again at 5:30, making me extremely grateful that I actually went to my room, bathtub and bed yesterday evening after the truly astonishing, hilarious and fantastic FannibalMusical and the equally awesome Cosplay contest. My voice was nearly gone from all the squealing and whistling and cheering on :). More of that later.

The hotel has english breakfast, which is yummy but I truly can’t quite stomach it on not enough sleep so I stuck to croissant with fruit which is also quite alright^^.
My first stop for the day was for my photoshoot with Aaron and Scott and I asked them to do bunny ears on me and I LOVE how their expressions turned out^^.
(link further down)

They are both very sweet and kind and it has been my honor to meet them here, hopefully will happen again (damn, I’m getting emotional and there is still one whole day ahead, geez).

Anyway, small break after that, got my additional autograph vouchers and then went back to queue for Hugh. Probably the longest and fastest building queue…. ^^. They went through the queue to get to the room for the group photo (which I didn’t take) and you know, it’s something you have to say for Starfury: they’re “near”. Meaning, they don’t just show up for two minutes of stage time and then get escorted back by heavy security as in other cons, but they’re actually there, walking around. Of course they retreat after the various shoots and panels but they don’t get hid away in a sense. You get to walk by Hugh Dancy in a corridor on chance. They walk right through the crowd to the shoot. They sit next at the table to you or at the contest at a table just over there. It’s…. intimate :P. And very very precious and appreciated. There is like a feedback loop of energy that will buffet you for the days there, and, from experience, for the months to come.

Anyway, I have to say Demore’s calming me down the evening prior had helped and of course having seen them up close before I wasn’t -quite- as nervous as at the last con anymore for the photos. Still ran little circles into the carpet and probably drove everybody around me nuts. I’m sorry guys (whoever stood around me).
Hugh did something close to what Eddie Izzard did, he greeted you (with a smile) and then offered you an open embrace. I know other people asked for various poses (and got them, he said at the panel he even picked someone up^^ (which he apparently shouldn’t have^^)), but honestly, that posing was just fine with me. I mean, I got to embrace Hugh?^^
(link farther down)

Just noticing that you can’t see my hand which was around his back and very lightly on his waist. Well you all know he is built from The Path. Just sayin’.
I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and ‘I love your shirt’. Which is so nice because these little comments aren’t prompted. And I love that the smile reaches his eyes. I think / hope he had a fantastic time this weekend, as we all did (imho).

I had to go right to the next queue for Bryan and Bryan + Demore next. And you know Bryan probably had the time of his life (bless him). I asked him for a hug and I got a really tight one - not for the camera. *sniff* He asked how much I’d slept and laughed when I said 'not much, 3h’. Got another hug for the camera. It must have been hell for his back because he bent down and went slightly low with his legs all the time but… look at it.^^

(link below)

He is taller than Hugh^^. Thank you, Bryan. I hate myself in here but I remember the feeling and that is the bestest ^^.

Just a few minutes later was the pic with Bryan and Demore and I asked them for bunny ears as well and look. At. Their. Faces. *g*

I love^^.

(Pics here: https://twitter.com/allionne/status/835483248990044160 and https://twitter.com/allionne/status/835497370846695424)

I went to the main hall after since Aarons and Scotts panel was up (Hughs and Bryans signing was moved through sheer fannibal queuing force^^ (another thing, Starfury does not cut the lines and I’m grateful for that… it just might take longer and things might get moved around a bit. I heard from the SDCC? that they cut the autograph lines for Hugh there and… imagine that. That sucks.)
You can see the pics from the panel (you may take photos as you wish, but no filming) on twitter. It was -hilarious-. I mean, even Martha commented on it^^. Somebody brought Hannibals collar from Digestivo and “Margot” had a riding crop and… well. There were high heels involved as well and Aaron lost it on stage.
Just…. read through the tag. They reaaaaallly love to play off each other. God I hope we get more of team Sassy Science.

I admit I skipped Ellens and Demores talk after that because I needed food. We went over to the unhealthy but cheaper option and collected our autograph items for later. Hughs and Bryans panel was next. Only…. Bryan was still busy and so Hugh did the panel alone for the most part. And I think he was a bit … not reserved exactly but careful as to how he phrased things? He did have a lot of fun though I think, some of it made him laugh in earnest and blush :P. He gives very honest and deep answers and that is fascinating to witness. Also, yes, his face is that mobile and it is astonishing^^. I had to go and queue for autographs close to the supposed end, I learned later that I just missed Bryan (though I did hear the cheering and surmised as much) and well. Go and read the tag. Bryan apparently almost opened the thing with telling everyone that Will&Hannibal would switch. And appently nobody even really asked the topping/bottoming question *g*. Anyway, I’m told it was a blast and that Hugh really was a bit relieved and Bryan called Hugh his crutch and that Will would stay part of Hannibal. They will give another panel today and I. Cannot. Wait.

Signing was very nice and relaxed, I had he ad signed and I had to grin a lot when I saw that they had put Scott and Aaron on opposite sides of the line….. LOL.
Anyway, went and collected photos inbetween and then went to the lobby to distribute more badges to their owner. At least I managed 3 (yay!) Also got to meet the lovely @vourer (Twitter) and I got my art book from @hanniwill (so beautiful!).
Went to my room for an aspirin and a breather and then queued early in front of the door to the main hall because I wanted a seat at a table in front (and got it, yay!).

The Hannibal musical was a riot, as mentioned before. And the booklet is extremely beautiful, made up with art and pics of the performers and I was so happy when 'they’ joined and watched as well, and I think they had the time of their lives as well. Or I hope so, because we did^^. Hugh blushed with the final scene^^. (They were in my direct left side line of vision when I watched the stage, I ended up holding up my arm the whole time because I got distracted watching them^^^).

Kudos to all those that made that happen, what a highlight.

Cosplay contest was another one, topped off by Bryan coming in with -his- Hannibal suit (you know the red black one) and Hugh in pyjamas, slippers and Masons blue robe. Thank you gods^^. The cosplays were diverse and hilarious at times (Funko pop hawaiian murder husbands!!) but Kay blew them away with her Mason makeup. And yes, it was…. whoa. ^^

We sang happy birthday for Demore and I think he was really moved. Precious.

I went to bathtub and bed after that because my inner clock sucks and I wanted to be able to be fit “enough” for the next day… because there’s still one photoshoot coming up… Bryan and Hugh. *giddy* And their autographs^^. And panels.

And lots of tears tonight.

Strictly Ballroom: such a gorgeous film

“We’re telling a story. The rumba is the dance of love. Look at me like you’re in love.”

“You know what I said about the rumba and it being pretend? I think I made a mistake.”

“I don’t want you to be like them. You’re better than all of them.”

God I love this movie so much.

headcanon that candy actually did change her last name to morningstar, and that she obviously wasn’t going to but lucifer told her to, that way the scary traffickers in vegas or wherever else would know to never mess with her again, and he gave her a lot of money and she can go open her juice bar slash tanning salon and live happily ever after

i’m so pleased oh my god they handled that pretty much exactly as i wanted, and THERE WAS EVEN A CHLOE/CANDY HUG AND MOMENT OF RECONCILIATION AND I WANT HER TO STAY AND BE PART OF THE WEIRD FAMILY OKAY ALL RIGHT I DO

but omg lucifer, since you were never actually married, you never were unfaithful to chloe, therefore you can’t understand why she is mad at you, and just… boy that is…

not how feelings work

not even a little

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Just for the shear fun of it I watched back the hotel scenes from Thursday and seriously did you see how many sandwiches where there? Then the empty plates. I'm surprised Robert could even move after eating all of them!! lol

I KNOW, those scenes were hilarious and it was so good to see Robert get a taste of his own medicine, he looked terrified. God bless Ryan Hawley, he killed it.

Okay okay okay but thinking back to that Awkward Dinner From Hell in the Road Trip. IT WAS SO HILARIOUS LIKE EVERYTIME I WATCH IT I JUST GET TEARS IN MY EYES FROM LAUGHING TOO HARD.
I mean honestly all four actors do SUCH a good job of creating an authentic Awkward atmosphere and Melissa Fumero just shines like a god damn jewel in that episode, like I genuinely can’t believe how good she was in that episode.
And then just the way the lines were delivered and followed up, the pace was so DAMN COMEDICALLY PERFECT and then like you’re cringing and laughing and then teddy says Amy used to like Jake and THEN IT’S QUIET AND YOURE CLUTCHING YOUR HEART AND ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU WANNA DIE BECAUSE THEY GIVE EACH OTHER THESE //LOOKS// AND I WANT TO BE BURIED IN AN ENDLESS ABYSS I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH.

Monsta X Reacting to you being a better dancer than them

This wasn’t requested but I just wanted to do something with Monsta X because I’ve been getting into them recently so enjoy :)

As a gifted dancer himself he would be super proud of you and the fact that you work so hard to do it. He would love nothing more than to stand and watch you dance, he would often invite you in to practice alongside the group. It wouldn’t be abnormal for you two to be the last ones in the studio, he would value your opinion greatly as he knew you were really good.

Originally posted by allbout-starshiplanet

He would super confused and shocked as to how your body could be so powerful and complete some of the hardest moves. He would just stand there shocked and attempt to do some of the moves that you apparently made look super easy but when he failed miserably he gave you a lot of credit for being such a good dancer.

Originally posted by yuhwan

He would make a joke out of it. He would claim that he is better than you and would often challenge you to dance battles in which you always “lost” he was honestly so proud and happy that you were so talented, he would constantly remind you of the one time he beat you though. When you did the moves he attempted perfectly he would try and get involved but the others would stop him, there was nothing funnier than watching Minhyuk try and dance against you.

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

He would be in disbelief and when he watched you do it he would often be with others and would brag about how you were his girlfriend. He was super proud of you and if you ever appeared on television he would make a constant effort to be free and ready to watch you perform. You would tease him about the dance he did on right now and how he just flopped on the floor

Originally posted by shownubot

He would concentrate on you fully and cheer you on but after a while he would try and distract you. Especially when you two were alone he would laugh and complain that you were making him sad and making him realise that he was a bad dancer, he was obviously joking but in order for him to stay at the top he would often try and make you laugh during performances.

Originally posted by dhjung

He would be shocked and just stand in silence. He would avoid it until you asked him to attend one of your shows, despite his cool initial reaction he would often complain and show the other members videos of you dancing and show them the competition he had. When the others told him just how good you were he would just defend himself by claiming they needed to hear you try and rap.

Originally posted by jooheonsbooty

This boy would deny it all the time, if you ever reacted back to him he would challenge you to see who the better robot is. This dance machine would never admit defeat and to annoy you the others members always supported Kihyun and assured him that he was the better dancer, just so you would keep challenging him because watching him freestyle was hilarious. Therefore the robot god was still the best dancer.

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victory face^

~Admin Ban

Modern Day!AU Texts/ Strange Magic Shitty Texting, Part 5! It gets a wee bit smutty here, so ye be warned…

Sunny: dude. monty python marathon on right now, n i got a free case of hard cider from work. u free?

Bog: tempted but can’t. mum needs yard work done, and marianne and i promised to help. probably will be all day.

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George Weasley Imagine for anon

#11 “My eyes are up here” 
Hope you like it!

*George’s p.o.v*
I was walking down the hallways with a glass of water for my ultimate prank with Fred. It will be hilarious. And it will all consist of some spells and a glass of water. I was so focused on the prank that I didn’t really watch where I was going, until I bumped into someone, spilling all the water. 
“Oh my god!” The girl who I bumped to said. I recognized her from some classes we have together, she seemed nice. And of course, she is beautiful. Really beatiful. And neetheless to say, she is smoking hot as well. And I literally spilled water on her. Damn.
“I’m sorry I didn’t watch were I was going” I managed to say without stuttering. God, why I’m so nervous?
“It’s fine, really. I didn’t watch were I was going either” she said, with a smile. Crap, that smile. Is. So. Beautiful.
“Let me help you clean you up” I said, as we got to the nearest bathroom, which happened to be a girls bathroom but thank god it was empty.
When I was about to dry her up I became aware of the situation. I mean, I spilled water on her chest. On her DAMN chest. And after this thought, I couldn’t help but watch the pair. She was wearing a red bra, that let me tell you, I bet it suits her perfectly.
“Uh-hum my eyes are up here” she said, and I felt my cheeks heat up.
“I don’t recall spilling water on your eyes though” I said, actually NOT thinking of what I was saying, until I became aware. “Oh shit, I meant to say ‘what’s your name anyway?’” I said, trying to cover up.
She giggled as she extended her hand. “I’m y/n, nice to meet you” she said.

TorCon 2014

Last weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) I went to the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Toronto and, let me tell you, it was amazing.

First things first, I met Richard Speight, Jr. Who, might I add, is a sweetheart.


These two girls who were a few before me kissed him on the cheeks in their picture, and he had to stop for a minute to rub off all the lipstick haha

Then this happened:

Yep. Me and God. No big deal, or anything. Watching Rob doing all his photo-ops was hilarious though. People were praising him and praying to him, and he was giggling like the adorable little thing he is.

Aaaaaand then:

These little shits were just the sweetest haha. And slightly terrifying. Which is to be expected. Sidenote: notice my Random Acts sticker?


This is my favourite thing ever. I walked over to them and, planning on telling them what I wanted to do, I started with “So, I’m the Impala” and turned to show them the license plate. Then, Jared’s eyes just lit up and he goes “You have lego!” and then he proceeds to rip it off of my vest. We all just stared at the lego in his hand and he goes “oops” and tries unsuccessfully to stick it back onto my vest. I kind of just sighed and took it from him to put it on myself, and Jensen goes “Yeah, shut up, Jared.” Then, while trying not to laugh, I explained that, since I was the Impala, I wanted Jensen to… drive… me (I was very careful with my words there), and then I pulled out this vial of demon blood that I had bought from one of the vendors and asked Jared to “drink” it– which he was totally stoked about, might I add. Big Jared-grin and everything. Then Jensen kind of organised us into an acceptable position, and everyone in line started laughing when we took the picture, which was pretty awesome.Then, as I was leaving, Jensen gave me back another lego from my other shoulder that he had knocked off. Honestly, those boys…

And now for the encore…

Yes, I lied. Misha is the finale. Misha is always the finale. So here we are, of course, doing the nose-boop-thing. This was so hilariously awkward and awkwardly hilarious. I was just like “can we do the nose-boop-thing” and pointed at my nose, and we kind of just awkwardly stared at each other for a second, and then Misha slowly reached out to poke my nose, and I slowly reached out to poke his, and that was that. Another sidenote: you can see the little army man on my vest in this picture :D

So there you have it. I’ll probably post about other TorCon happenings later, but these were the events of my photo-ops.


PS: I’m missing a Latin class to post this. Irresponsible adult life in action.

The First Day I Met Chris Colfer..

A lovely anon asked me to write Chris meeting Darren on set, being a Starkid fan and all awkward. I hope it’s something like what you wanted. ~1,805 words.

Darren was led to the to a room inside the large gray building.

So this is where they come up with all the ideas for Glee.’ he thought to himself. ‘Wow.

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#You don’t understand how happy this picture makes me #all the crap on the coffee tables #they were obviously just hanging out and drinking #Rhodey with a beer in hand #Mjolnir just resting on the table #the sheer number of beers on the tables #the chinese food boxes #the way that Clint is sitting on the couch #the way that Steve and Tony are looking at whoever is talking #like whatever they’re saying is kind of hilarious and stupid at the same time #and the way that Rhodey just looks so absolutely done with everything #like they’re just having a guys’ night #oh my god it makes me so happy #like did they watch a movie? #did they play ping-pong and did Clint just whoop everyone? #did Bruce join in the fun or did he stay at home? #is that him sitting next to Steve or is that Thor? #and is Thor wearing ~civilian clothing~ #and if so who bought his clothing? #like was it Darcy or Jane or did Clint take him on a shopping spree? #and if he’s in civilian clothing does he just take mjolnir everywhere with him regardless of what he’s wearing? #and Clint why are you sitting on the couch like that #are you uncomfortable sitting on the couch like a normal person? #and did Tony invite everyone over? #like did he send out a text message?? #does he have everyone’s cell numbers??? #was he just like #‘hey guys let’s get together’ #did Steve show up with a brown paper bag full of chinese food?? #why does Tony seem so dressed up? #and Rhodey? #is Natasha there too? #or is Steve the one drinking white wine? #(bc let’s be serious here Steve totally drinks white wine) #did Clint and Nat carpool? #did they pick Steve up on the way there? #NO BUT SERIOUSLY WHY IS CLINT ON THE COUCH LIKE THAT #whY ARE THEY DOING THESE THINGS #I NEED TO KNOW

okay can i just say that i’m smiling from ear to ear right now. i’ve had a pretty crappy day (which is unusual for me!), but watching the flash mob has literally made me SO happy.

i can’t believe how enthusiastic Jim was about it either! Idk why but i kind of assumed he’d be a bit reserved when it came to dancing, perhaps because he wasn’t in the first one. But OH MY he did NOT disappoint. He was hilarious! They all were, Kunal was actually a great dancer too!

Ugh i love this show, this cast, this fandom.

God bless.

Saw The Book Of Life

oh my god it was so good ;u; like actual tears here guys. It was so brilliant and perfect because

  • Powerful women that were still ladies and didnt have to act like men to be powerful
  • friends that didnt stop being friends even after their love triangle started up again
  • friends that would do anything for each other
  • villain didnt stay all “oh ho im evil lookit me”
  • he recognized his mistakes and made up for them
  • Family bonds
  • La muerte oh my <3333
  • Xibalba you trash I love you