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Concealer Required

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Mark (NCT), for @niickerzz91
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“I just think the main character is so incredibly stupid. She makes so many dumb decisions and then cries about them like it isn’t her fault that things don’t work out the way she wants,” you complained haughtily, waving your hands in the air.

Mark chuckled at you, continuing to watch the tv show the two of you were marathoning. “I think she’s kind of hilarious.”

“Ugh,” you groaned in disgust. “She’s so immature.”

“Maybe I’m just too young to understand, noona,” Mark replied teasingly, referring to your one year age difference. It was something he liked to bring up all the time, and he never let you hear the end of the fact that you went for ‘younger men.’

“Oh god, literally do not call me that. That is just awful, I’m barely a year older than you,” you groaned into your hands, pushing Mark slightly.

“Awww, you don’t like it? How come, noona?” Mark smirked at you, grabbing your hand. You pushed him even harder, but he held on tight to your arm and pulled you in closer to his side. Mark was a lot taller, and a lot stronger, then you so every time you tried to struggle out of his grip, held just ended up holding you together. His arms snaked around your sides, grabbing out your waist and digging his fingers in.

You yelped loudly, squealing as you tried to wiggle away from Mark and his tickles. You failed over and over again and your very ticklish sides were left to be the victims of Mark’s torture.

You were borderline screaming you were laughing so hard as you writhed on the couch. Mark was cackling above you, enjoying watching you be tortured.

“Mark…Mark please… sto…stop please…” you gasped out in between laughs, your chest hurting from how hard you were cackling under Mark’s hands. After a few more sharp squeezes from Mark’s fingers, he finally stopped moving them and kept them resting on your sides. You were both completely out of breath, the tv show completely forgotten.

“You’re the worst,” you groaned, your chest heaving. Mark was still smirking down at you.

“Aw, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, noona,” he teased again. With a cry of frustration you launched yourself at him. He fell back on the couch with a gasp as you landed on top of him, pinning his arms above his head. You straddled his waist, knowing that he would be able to break free from this hold at any moment.

“Promise you’ll stop calling me ‘noona’ and I’ll let you get up,” you growled in your most menacing voice. Mark tried to look scared, but you could tell he was trying to hold back a chuckle.

“Or what?” he asked finally.

“Or else…” she got really close to his face, making sure your lips were just tickling the surface of his. “I’ll drink all your favorite juice out of the fridge.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Mark snapped as you pulled your lips slightly farther from his. Suddenly, he flipped you over so that you’d switched positions, your arms know trapped above your head in only one of his. Mark smirked down at you, bringing his face closer to yours to mimic your actions. “You were saying?”

You tried bucking your hips up and pulling your arms away, but there was no getting out of Mark’s grip. Suddenly, Mark’s mouth came down hard on yours, locking your lips tightly together. You kissed him back greedily, twining your tongue with his when it slipped past your teeth.

The kiss was frantic. Mark let you slip your arms out of his grasp and wrap them around his neck, trying to pull him even closer to you. He pulled at your bottom lip, tugging it in between his teeth delicately. You groaned low in your throat, throwing your head back as you did so.

Wrapping your legs around Mark’s waist, he brought the two of you into a sitting position so that you were settled in his lap. He kept his hands working up and down your back, sometimes finding their way under your t-shirt to stroke against you skin, causing you to break out in goosebumps.

Mark slowly kissed down your jawline and along the curve of your neck: one of his favorite spots to pay close attention to. He licked along the tendon that was sticking out, nipping at it occasionally.

You tugged at his hair, another soft moan escaping your lips. In your daze, you almost smirked to yourself; if this always happened, you wouldn’t ever mind Mark calling you noona.


The next morning, as you were getting ready for work, you groaned loudly. Peering into the mirror, you saw a bruising red hickey splotched across your neck, angry and inflamed. Mark was totally going to get a piece of your mind for giving you one so visible.

Patting on at least a pound of concealer, you hoped it was completely covered and dashed outside the house, almost late for work.

However, no amount of concealer seemed to work against your male coworkers; they seemed to have a six sense for this sort of thing, and teased you endlessly about it. Between the constant jokes and remarks, you knew Mark was going to get a piece of your mind when you got home, no distractions allowed.

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do the TAs have any funny stories about eachother?

I hacked into Aria’s cell phone and computer once, I occasionally change her music to random death metal or Country while she’s studying. Also just for fun, I have sent a bunch risque texts, started facetime, and sent a bunch of her selfies to Prof. Genji a couple of times. (All the TAs knows that she has a crush on the man so why not use it to have fun?) Her horrified expressions are hilarious to me, besides she deserves it.  – Reyes’ TA

There was one time… Excuse me. There were many times during our mini stay home spa dates where we would all somehow fall asleep while watching some ridiculously bad rom-com movie at God know’s place and without fail, we always fall asleep with some kind of face mask on. From what I recall, it’s always been one of those pre-packaged gel sheet masks or those jelly-like hydration masks that you slather all over your face but we would always fall asleep with them on and when someone wakes up (and in turn wakes up everyone else) it’s always a pain to take off, especially for whoever (if not all of us) is using the sheet mask. Our faces are baby butt soft, the masks are sometimes stuck in our hair, but the price we have to pay for it… Is it worth? – G. Shimada’s TA

I’ve been inviting Professor Vaswani to many of Masha’s favorite cafe’s and places she frequents for lunch. Without telling her of course. Because she turns best shade of red when she hears Professor Vaswani’s voice over the cafe’s chatter. And the first five minutes of conversation are always a little strained and awkward, but they seem be much more comfortable with each other as the lunch hour draws to a close. It’s happened enough times that Masha has started sitting with her back to a wall, and bailing as soon as she catches the slightest hint of her appearance. I guess I’ll have to change tactics…..Maybe I should invite her along when we go out to the movies next week? – McCree’s TA

Alright, so I live with my brother and he likes to throw parties at our place every Friday. One time I had gotten enough of it and called everyone over. Somehow we managed to make him and his “bros” to go somewhere else and had ourselves a party too. By the morning though, we had lost both Maya and AL. The only clue we had was a video on Celeste’s phone of us taking shots and Maya yelling that she’s going to go fight Morrison. We found her sleeping on top of her car with a bag of chips as a pillow. We couldn’t find AL though. She showed up later with coffee and a smirk,  and she still refuses to say where she went. – Amari’s TA

Strictly Ballroom: such a gorgeous film

“We’re telling a story. The rumba is the dance of love. Look at me like you’re in love.”

“You know what I said about the rumba and it being pretend? I think I made a mistake.”

“I don’t want you to be like them. You’re better than all of them.”

God I love this movie so much.

George Weasley Imagine for anon

#11 “My eyes are up here” 
Hope you like it!

*George’s p.o.v*
I was walking down the hallways with a glass of water for my ultimate prank with Fred. It will be hilarious. And it will all consist of some spells and a glass of water. I was so focused on the prank that I didn’t really watch where I was going, until I bumped into someone, spilling all the water. 
“Oh my god!” The girl who I bumped to said. I recognized her from some classes we have together, she seemed nice. And of course, she is beautiful. Really beatiful. And neetheless to say, she is smoking hot as well. And I literally spilled water on her. Damn.
“I’m sorry I didn’t watch were I was going” I managed to say without stuttering. God, why I’m so nervous?
“It’s fine, really. I didn’t watch were I was going either” she said, with a smile. Crap, that smile. Is. So. Beautiful.
“Let me help you clean you up” I said, as we got to the nearest bathroom, which happened to be a girls bathroom but thank god it was empty.
When I was about to dry her up I became aware of the situation. I mean, I spilled water on her chest. On her DAMN chest. And after this thought, I couldn’t help but watch the pair. She was wearing a red bra, that let me tell you, I bet it suits her perfectly.
“Uh-hum my eyes are up here” she said, and I felt my cheeks heat up.
“I don’t recall spilling water on your eyes though” I said, actually NOT thinking of what I was saying, until I became aware. “Oh shit, I meant to say ‘what’s your name anyway?’” I said, trying to cover up.
She giggled as she extended her hand. “I’m y/n, nice to meet you” she said.

Okay okay okay but thinking back to that Awkward Dinner From Hell in the Road Trip. IT WAS SO HILARIOUS LIKE EVERYTIME I WATCH IT I JUST GET TEARS IN MY EYES FROM LAUGHING TOO HARD.
I mean honestly all four actors do SUCH a good job of creating an authentic Awkward atmosphere and Melissa Fumero just shines like a god damn jewel in that episode, like I genuinely can’t believe how good she was in that episode.
And then just the way the lines were delivered and followed up, the pace was so DAMN COMEDICALLY PERFECT and then like you’re cringing and laughing and then teddy says Amy used to like Jake and THEN IT’S QUIET AND YOURE CLUTCHING YOUR HEART AND ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU WANNA DIE BECAUSE THEY GIVE EACH OTHER THESE //LOOKS// AND I WANT TO BE BURIED IN AN ENDLESS ABYSS I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH.