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“Please forgive us.”

The ones Obi-Wan Kenobi loved most.

He deserved better. *gross sobbing*

secret relations (Part 2)

Anonymous: Can you make an imagine where spencer is dating the reader and they both work at the BAU but they keep their relationship a secret to avoid being teased and the reader gets jealous when one of the cops at the station flirts with him. xoxo

A/N: i might make this into a series im not sure, but i do have some ideas i hope thats okay. x

Part 1

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You all shared the information you had and you all went your separate ways you hurried outside dialing Garcia’s number breathing heavy “Y/N? what’s wrong?” you couldn’t steady your breathing but you looked around to make sure no one was around “P I saw Spencer talking to a blonde, they were touchy and giggly and i just cannot handle that.” she sighed and tried to calm you down “Y/N try to talk to him maybe it was a misunderstanding” you shook your head but you told Garcia you would after you hung up you turned to see JJ her eyes written with sympathy you shook your head “JJ, please i don’t know why this is so hard for me i always thought this would happen i just thought i’d be able to walk up to him, grab his hand and walk away with him” she nodded and walked towards you “i know it’s hard but maybe you should talk to him” “talk to who about what?” you leaned your head on JJ’s shoulder sighing loudly as Derek walked up behind JJ “come on Y/N you can tell me anything” you shook your head walking back inside the building, you walked up to Hotch “hey um can i speak to you about something personal?” he stared for a bit then nodded and took you into the conference room you both sat down. You took a deep breath “meandspenceraredating” you said quickly hoping Hotch didn’t really hear you he chuckled lightly which is something Hotch never did “come on now Y/N im a profiler i know, and… Reid already told me.” you sat back in your seat sighing in relief running your hands through your hair “he’s afraid Derek is gonna make fun of him” Hotch nodded “I know” just as you were about to answer him Spencer walked in you looked at him then back at Hotch “im gonna get back to work Hotch stood up sternly saying “no you two are going to sit here talk about how you’re going to tell the rest of the team, but mostly Morgan.” he straightened his suit and walked out. Spencer sat down beside you “Baby, what’s wrong?” you looked down playing with your fingers “lack of eye contact, unsteady breathing, dialated pupils, tear stained chee-” “stop profiling me. just stop” Spencer was taken back at your sudden change of voice “Spencer, I want to tell the rest of the team we’re together, Hotch, Emily, JJ, and Garcia already know im sure Rossi knows its only going to take a short amount of time before Derek finds out i don’t want to keep us a secret anymore Spence.” he stared at you his eyes pleading “please Y/N, not now” “then when Spencer? I cannot continue this relationship if you cannot tell our family something that makes us extremely happy, unless… I don’t make you happy.” he paused for a second and took a deep breath “after the case, I promise.” you nodded as he kissed your forehead as you pulled apart Hotch walked in “there’s another body” you sighed and followed Hotch out and into the SUV with him, you Hotch and Morgan went to the crime scene and since it was a little ways to go Morgan chirped “so Y/N what did you have to talk to Reid about?” you drummed your fingers on your lap Hotch cleared his throat looking at Morgan in the rearview mirror he threw his hands up in defense as you approached the scene you heard gunshots you quickly pulled out your gun as the SUV came to a stop the three of you got out weapons drawn pointing it at the source of the shots “put your weapin down! Now!” Hotch screamed at the unsub, you stepped forward as he was pointing his gun at Hotch and Morgan you inched closer to him “Stephen, look at me, look here.” you held your weapon up showing him you were putting it away tears streaming down his face you looked back at Hotch who nodded you looked back at the unsub “Stephen, i know you were sexually assaulted as a kid by your step father and your mom did absolutely nothing about it and for that i am terribly sorry” your hands up, inching closer to him “You don’t know what i went through! You don’t know me!” you stopped moving and just stared “I do Stephen, I know exactly what that feels like I understand you completely. when I was younger my step father touched me as well and no one did anything about it and the thing is I never told anyone about it, until right now. we can get you the help you need” you held your hand out as the man shook and sobbed “now please, hand me the gun it doesn’t have to end like this” he rose the gun aiming it at you he squeezed his eyes shut “im sorry” and fired sending you to the side getting hit in the arm as you fell to the ground you heard another gunshot and Morgan ran to your side “Y/N, are you okay?” you nodded and held your arm to stop the bleeding “we got him Morgan” you said happily and out of breath. he nodded and helped you up. Hotch arrested the unsub but before he got in the cop car he stopped and talked to you “agent, will you please talk to me when I need you?” Hotch’s face wanted you to say no but you just couldn’t you nodded your head and walked towards the ambulance as you sat down letting the paramedics check you out Spencer ran over to you “Y/N, Y/N! are you okay?” you smiled and looked up at your cutely worried boyfriend you nodded “yes Spence, I’m okay I mean other than getting shot” you smiled and watched as he rubbed your knuckles with his thumb you slowly pulled your hand away as Morgan started to turn around and walk over to you two he rests his huge hand on your tiny shoulder “how ya feeling?” you shrugged looking at your wound, “just got shot by a psycho killer but other than that Im great” you glanced up at Spencer who was watching you as you responded to Morgan “Wait so what did you need to tell Reid?” you chuckled and patted his chest “You’ll know when we get back home.” you got up and walked towards Prentiss “So did you tell Morgan?” you smiled and shook your head “We’re telling him when we get back and I’m actually okay with that” 

We were all at the BAU Morgan was all too eager to hear the news “come on guys tell me.” you giggled and took Spencer’s hand “Me and Spencer are dating, and have been dating for 2 years now.” “Well actually 23 months, 17 days, 15 minutes and 52 seconds” you looked at Spencer which caused him to smile wide you both looked at Morgan who stood shocked but happy “I’m happy for you pretty boy, so when is there gonna be little baby geniuses?” after hearing that both you and Spencer blushed. You playfully shoved Morgan’s shoulder “not for a while, Morgan” Morgan pulled you into a hug but quickly retreated and looked at you all “everyone else knew except for me?” you looked up at him innocently and smiled “everyone else just kind of figured it out, come on man you’re a profiler for god sake” everyone laughed and Morgan lightly shoved your shoulder, ruffling Spencer’s hair. Just as you all were all talking and making jokes a familiar voice echoed through the bullpen “so, this is where my little flower works.”

A/N: this is far from over, please let me know what you think of it criticism is expected, and if you have any ideas that you want me to add that would be great too. thank you. x


All the Time in the World

When Will gets home from work one day, his boyfriend Nico has a few surprises for him. (1.8k)

A/N: This was written in honor of the first anniversary of marriage equality throughout the US and takes place on June 26, 2015.


The apartment was unusually quiet when Will opened the door, and he glanced around suspiciously as he stepped into the main room. Nico was supposed to get off work early enough to pick up their daughter from school and, seeing as Will had spent most of his day on his feet, he was very tired and had been looking forward to spending the evening relaxing with his family. Usually when he got home, though, the apartment showed signs of life; Nico was frequently in the kitchen cooking dinner or in the living room working on an upcoming article, and Adriana was a rambunctious six-year-old who disliked being still or quiet for very long, and could usually be found playing in her room or the living room. It was rare for Will to come home to a quiet apartment, and he began to wonder if everything was okay.

“Nico?” he called, slipping off his shoes and setting down his bag by the front door.

At first there was no response, but after a long moment he heard a muffled, “Back here.” So Nico was home at least, and Will set off to find him, guessing he was in Adriana’s room. Maybe she was sick or something, he thought worriedly.

“Nico?” he said again, more quietly this time, when he reached the doorway to her room. “Is everything okay?”

Nico was sitting in the rocking chair with Adriana on his lap, facing towards the window. It looked like they were both looking at his laptop. Nico turned his head briefly to face Will and then carefully closed the computer and placed it on the dresser. “Are you okay, sunshine?” Will asked, slowly entering the small room. Nico gently set Adriana on the floor, where she waited quietly, watching the scene before her attentively, and finally Nico stood and turned around.

“Will,” he said softly, and it was then that Will noticed the tears in Nico’s eyes.

Will’s own eyes widened and he quickly strode across the room and pulled Nico into his arms. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he murmured, stroking a hand through Nico’s hair. “What happened?” He could feel Nico shaking his head gently into his shoulder.

“Didn’t you hear?” Nico asked eventually, pulling away from the embrace slightly. He was smiling widely now, and Will frowned at the sudden change, feeling more and more confused by the second.

“Hear what?” he asked, watching as Nico’s smile grew impossibly larger. “What are you talking about?” he added.

“Will,” Nico said, biting his lip as if to keep from crying again. He suddenly pulled completely away from the embrace and tugged something out of his pocket. Will had no clue what was happening, just standing frozen in place, watching his boyfriend.

“I have a question for you, Will,” Nico said, and then, before Will could say anything, Nico was down on one knee, holding up a small black box and saying, “Will you marry me?”

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Movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: 991

Summary: Pietro is having a hard time understanding and honestly somethings can be better left lost in translation.

Warnings: None

You had been recruited by SHIELD after the Ultron incident as a mercenary and their field combat medical expert and you couldn’t really complain. You stayed in Stark Towers with the Maximoff twins, who had quickly become your closest friends in the Avengers. You had helped a lot with Pietro’s rehabilitation process after he had essentially been brought back from the dead. He had woken up on your first day there from a 3 week medically induced coma that they had put him under in order for them to repair his body. After that first day he had to relearn everything physical like walking, running with and without his abilities, and hand-to-hand combat. He was also a little slow on the take when it came to verbal stuff as well.

Especially figures of speech.

The first time you had really picked up on that was when he had cut himself trying to cook, you had trained as a medic in the military so you’d be able to fix him up very quickly, without him bothering Tony and his research team about it. When you had done your work you gave him a pat on the leg and a smile.

“There, now you’re right as rain!” He cocked his head to the side in silence like a subdued puppy before taking your hand in his and leading you to the window.

“There is no rain Y/N.” He said pointing to the blue sky. You tried very hard not to laugh in his face because you didn’t want to be rude but you crumbled when he tried to pull up the weather channel to prove that you were wrong and that “rain” was not in fact “right”. You explained what the saying meant, after awhile he understood it, but it had been a treacherous journey for you both. This had been a repeat cycle for months.

“That was a piece of cake.”

“No that was a base camp full of enemies….wait did you get cake?!”

“Pietro I’ll explain when we get back.”

“Break a leg!”

“That’s not very nice Y/N.”

“No it’s a good thing.”

“I hope you don’t kick the bucket.”

“Why? Is it important to the mission? Should I protect the bucket? Where is it? Y/N this is important where’s the bucket?!”

“Please. Just…..please.”

And so on and so forth, it was exhausting at times but it never ceased to be endearing to hear him knock on your door in the middle of the night with a question about something that had been bothering him. Or when you two talked in the kitchen of the Towers for hours about the things you liked, about what he remembered about Sokovia before everything went bad. In those moments everything was crystal clear for him when you talked like that, and you could tell that meant a lot to him and that meant it meant a lot to you as well because you wanted him to be happy.

You were currently in the kitchen, it was almost 2 in the morning but you couldn’t sleep do to the jetlag from the flight from your last mission. You sat scrolling through the world news websites, constantly eyeing the box of chocolate that was way too far for you to reach and you were far too lazy to try anything besides standing on your tiptoes, which you had already tried and failed at doing. So you just sat there, pining for them in agony and silence, as Pietro entered the kitchen slowly. You smiled at each other in acknowledgement as he went to grab a bottle of water.

“You too have the um, lag of the jets?” He tried to piece it together. You let out a quiet giggle and nodded.

“Yeah I have jet lag, I’m guessing you do too?” you asked him, he nodded in response, leaning against the counter across from you. He noticed you looking past him and turned to see what it was that had you so intrigued. He thought it was cute when you got these little fixations, he liked the face you made, the way your eyes widened and you bit your lip in concentration. He spotted the box of chocolate at the top of the cabinet and smiled slightly, of course you would be plotting for candy.

“Did you want that?” He asked you, your head snapping to focus on him. You bit your lip and nodded slightly, embarrassed that you had been caught obsessing over something so trivial. He waved you over and you got up to stand by his side as he stood tall on his toes and grabbed the corner of the box, slipping it off the top of cabinet and bringing it down to the both of you. You smiled brightly, you were so happy you couldn’t even pretend to hide it.

“Oh my god, I’m so happy I could kiss you.” You looked up at him with gratitude. A few seconds passed and you saw something change in his eyes as he lowered his face to yours. He placed his lips on yours in an innocent kiss with nothing but adoration behind it. You kissed back and it matched his intensity, you both took it nice and slow, really leaning into it. Your bodies pressed against each other, the box of chocolate forgotten on the ground.  You brought a single hand up to his cheek, sliding it to the nape of his neck, deepening the kiss. He pulled back slowly, his lips remaining only an inch away from yours.

“I’m sorry.” He said softly, his accent thicker than before. You were confused, did he not want to kiss you?  

“For what?”

“You said I could kiss you, not I would kiss you. I should have asked first.” He responded. You threw your head back and laughed not caring who you woke up in the process. He looked at you strangely and waited for you to explain to him what was so funny. You gave him a quick peck on the lips, and he returned it with a peck of his own, his frosty blue eyes staring in yours.

“I’ll explain in the morning.”

A/N: I had so much fun writing this, I hope y’all like it! My request box is still open (as of August 8th, 2015) so send in your imagines, preference, or one shot requests for any character (of any show, movie, book, band, or video game) your heart desires!