god these were so awesome


Now if Peake shows up I’m gonna lose my shit


Nyssara Arrow season 4 trailer


Woooh!!!! I CAN FINALLY POST THE ART I DID FOR THE BEFORUS ALBUM! this was such fun and great experience, and oh my god, the tracks i got were so. awesome. in every. way. ;___;

i loved working on album art, and i’m really happy i got the chance to participate in this project! the music and other covers are great, so i reccommend checking out the whole project. c:

mituna drawing was made to accompany “7UN3″ by Princezz, and the kankri art is for  “March 9f the Insuffera6le”, that was composed by Toris Crow (it was actually my first allocation, but this fit better aesthetically).

i have no idea what else to say!!! i love fandom projects!!! I  HOPE TO WORK ON MORE FANDOM PROJECTS


Man… I don’t know what to do now. This last episode of One Punch Man was so great, those battles were awesome, oh God, Saitama is such a good hero! Everything was perfect, and I don’t know, but because of the way it ended it looks like a second season may be possible? Haha, maybe I’m just saying things because I don’t want OPM to end :( but hey, at least there’s the manga! And, oh! Those parts at the end felt like both Saitama and Genos were like a married couple. Somebody has to change that “And… his disciple” for “And… his husband” I mean, c'mon! Anyway, I love it all and now I feel like crying and laughing at the same time. I just can hope for that 2nd season! P.D: SaiGenos stole my heart forever and nothing will change it. P.D: I can’t wait for the OVA!

my personal headcanon is that your progenitors were dragons that were Exalts - great warriors or whatever they were for their clans (IE healers or mages), who went to serve their God. But they were either so awesome at what they did, or maybe they gave a great service to their Flight, that their God sent them back into the world to raise and lead the strongest Clans possible.

and just like the God in question predicted, your dragon progens found each other and started assembling a fucking army and help supply the dominance wars with more troops under the progen’s tutelage.


OMFG I MET danisnotonfire and amazingphil they were so nice and sweet and oh god after I met them I was a crying mess. They were so freaking awesome and just amazing! Today was a really good day at VidCon, I actually saw an interview that they were doing with Benjamin and we started talking and he was amazing and it was really awesome. The Fine Brothers were so cool and funny! I actually got noticed by Ian and Anthony and it was so awesome! Everyone was super sweet!