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I mentioned this yesterday on Twitter, but wanted to say something here as well…

I love the Colin O’Donoghue fandom. The people who are invested in Colin as an actor and as a person, separate from any character or ship. The people who are happy to just see him happy and proud to see him getting recognition.

Such a chill and supportive group simply here to enjoy and appreciate our favorite Irish nerd. It never feels like work, or a competition, with this fandom. And when some drama pops up, it always circles back to spreading positivity and love with and for and to Colin. And I love that.

Colin is such a chill, kind, genuinely unproblematic guy and, for the most part, those out there supporting him as an individual fall into that same category. 

Shout out, Colin fandom, for being epic and awesome. (And shout out to @rollyjogerjones and @captainodonoghue for their similar threads on Twitter!!)


Some of my favorite (non-verbal) moments from FedCon 23, 2014, featuring some of my favorite idiots 

Star of the Show- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by antoinebibeau

You smiled and took the nights’ final bow with the rest of the cast as the audience cheered before waving goodbye as the curtains closed.

“Great show everyone!” you heard the director call. “Time to head home! Everyone have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You grinned and hurried offstage, taking the red scrunchie out of your wig and going to the dressing rooms. Your musical debut was done and Veronica Sawyer had saved the school from her boyfriend once more. “Great job out there guys!”

“You too, (Y/N)!” Megan, the girl who played Heather Chandler, noted.”I’m seriously impressed. You were a natural out there. I guess all the rehearsals and tech week paid off for all of us.”

“I guess so.”

“And you seriously played the drama well,” Katie- the company’s Heather McNamara- said, “and- not going to lie- Dead Girl Walking got me turned on a little bit.”

Piper, who played Martha, snickered and chimed in. “You and everyone else. Let’s be realists here.”

“Well, it is a song about sex.”

Sam- who played Heather Duke- spoke up. “I still think it was enough to get Eric turned on, though. And he’s not into girls.”

You shrugged. “Well, maybe he was picturing it as Jonathan Groff or Aaron Tveit or someone instead of me.”

“How’d you guess?” you heard on the other side of the door, causing the room to erupt in laughter. He must’ve been walking by at the perfect timing.

“Lucky guess.”

You continued to dress down into your jeans, blouse, and jacket, and swapping your heels for sneakers and putting your costume back on the hanger to put away. You just finished combing your hair back out after taking the bald cap and wig off to put away when you heard a knock and a voice on the other side you recognized to be Alan, the guy who played Ram.

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s a couple of guys here who wants to meet the cast. Some celebrities it seems. Can’t do that without you.” he said. “One of them’s a looker, too. Your type. Just saying.”

You blushed. “What?”

Katie smiled. “Everyone good? No one’s naked. Good. Let’s go.”

“Wait, is this normal?”

“Oh don’t worry.” Piper said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You’re going to be fine. It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon either. Whenever celebs come to see the show, sometimes they want to go back and congratulate us in person. That’s how I met the Obamas that one time.”

You went out with the other girls to see the other cast members and your male co-stars talking with three big guys. One who was blonde and the other two were brunet. The blonde and the taller of the brunets has long-ish straight hair and the other had curls. Speaking of the other one, he must have been the one Adam talked about.

He was tall, but not lanky and he had a nice jawline and great cheekbones, too. His eyes were bright as he spoke with Eric and Jane, who played Ms. Fleming, probably congratulating them on how well they did when Eric turned his head.

“Ah and here’s our little starlets.” he smiled. “Gents, these are the Heathers, Martha, and our Veronica, fresh from her debut. Or, as we like to call them, Katie, Sam, Megan, Piper, and (Y/N). Girls, these are Nicklas, Tom, and Andre. They play here for the Capitals. It’s ice hockey.”

Megan joked. “Of course you know, Eric. You’re from Toronto.”

He scoffed and put a hand to his chest in mock hurt. “Hey! Hockey loving is a Canadian stereotype that I am proud to uphold.”

The three Heathers and Piper went over to talk to them with the rest of the cast as you stayed behind. Surprisingly, for an actress with the lead role, you were ridiculously shy. Anyone other than someone you’re really familiar with and you’re as shut in as a clam. You opened up to Twitter and scrolled through social media absentmindedly.


You yelped and nearly dropped your phone in fright due to the sudden voice. You turned your head to find you face to face with a pair of warm brown eyes.

“You’re a sneaky one, aren’t you? I barely noticed you over here.” he smiled, backing away so you could see him better. It was the one Adam was talking about. The curly-haired man from before.

You blushed “Uh h-hi.”

“Hi. Sorry for being rude. Just… couldn’t help but notice you alone here. I’m Andre.”

You took the hand he held out and shook it. “(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you Andre.”

“(Y/N)? That’s really pretty… Wait. You’re Veronica!”

You blushed and nodded. “Uh yeah. That’s me.”

“Wow! You were great! Really, I mean that.” he gushed. “You were… God it was so awesome! Congrats on the great show. It’s unlike any other show I’ve seen. It’s so… funny. Like an SNL skit but 20 times longer and darker. But the music was great and the jokes were funny.”

You were red at this point and couldn’t help but smile at him. He was just too damn cute. Like the human embodiment of 20 puppies stacked up in a trench coat. “Oh thank you! That actually really means a lot. It was my debut tonight, after all. That really means a lot to me. Thank you for coming.”

“Whoa, that was your debut? Like your first time?”

You nodded. “Professionally, yeah.”

“Wow.” he marveled. “That’s something else. Really.”

“Thanks.” you said. “Sorry if I’m awkward. I’m kinda shy.”

“It’s okay. Promise.”

“Yeah?” you smiled. “You wanna get a picture?”

He grinned. “That’d be awesome, actually. Thank you.”

You tapped Megan on the shoulder and asked her to take the pic. She took Andre’s phone and had you two stand close together and grin.

“Alright! Say Heathers!”

You stood still until she put the phone down and gave a thumbs up. “You’re good.”

“Thank you.” you said in unison with him before peering over at the phone to see them. “Awww they’re so nice!”

He smiled. “Yeah… Do you want me to send them to you?”

You blushed. “Are you asking me for my number?”

“And if I am?”

You smirked. “If so, just don’t be a stranger and maybe use it for something besides sending the pictures.”

He grinned. “I see you’ve found some confidence.”

“A bit. You’re just really easy to talk to.” you said, taking his phone and putting yourself into a new contact slot and entering your number, using one of the pictures as the saver. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” He replied, taking it back and hearing his friend call him. “I should go. Thank you.”

“No problem. Thank you so much for coming.”

‘It was my pleasure.” he grinned. “I’ll text you. Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight, Andre.”

So I met the actors of Team RWBY and Winter Schnee at Anime Nebraskon. I’m supposed to be hitting a panel with them later. But I successfully gave Arryn Zech the picture I drew for her, and she seemed to like it. She also took a picture of my Bob’s Burgers shirt, which was incredible. I also got signed by all of them. I might go through tomorrow to get signatures for my smol niblings. But yeah, my life is complete.


Nyssara Arrow season 4 trailer


Wally: Oh my god! That was badass (Name)! You were so awesome!

(Name): Thank you…but anyone with powers would be awesome like you and Barry, I still have so much to learn.

Wally: That’s not true, (Name) You’re just as amazing  and badass as you were before having powers!

(Name): Really?

Wally: Really.

(Not my gif)

uirgiliana  asked:

What do you think would have happened following Finwe's death if Feanor hadn't been Finwe's heir? For example, if the kingship had passed to the spouse rather than the child and thus to Indis, or if elven monarchies weren't hereditary, so Feanor doesn't really have much formal authority?

Congrats, I think you just invented an AU Feanor would find worse than the one where he’s the one imprisoned and tortured by Morgoth!

Accepting a mode of succession that goes Ruler > Spouse is kinda predicated on accepting the marriage to said spouse is legitimate, which I don’t see Feanor doing. I imagine things would go similarly to the original timeline, with hideous tensions growing between the factions supporting Feanor and Indis, even before Finwe’s death, with her likely commanding the larger faction. His distress at feeling his mother’s legacy and he himself were being usurped would be more legitimate in this AU, if the title passed from ruler to spouse to spouse’s child (though Findis and not Fingolfin would be in line to inherit after Findis).

If the Noldor use some other mode of government Feanor is, let’s remember, charismatic enough to convince a terrified and traumatised people that leaving their homes to go wage war on a literal god is an awesome idea so if someone were to attempt to organise an election in the aftermath of the Darkening, he’s likely gonna co-opt that shit. He has all the filibustering of like ten regular dudes shoved into one body, those campaign debates are gonna be intense.

anonymous asked:

So I keep finding sources with several different Gods supposedly being the "creator" sun god etc, Khepri, Re, Atun.... WHO IS IT REALLY!?


So, in the beginning during Pre-Dynastic times, there was nothing to unify all of these different areas. And they all started their own kind of cosmogony about what god created the universe and how. The oldest appears to be about the Ogdoad of gods out of Hermopolis, which were the gods before the universe was created. That’s where Nun and Naunet come from and we even see a familiar name in there: Amun. That creation myth is more about forces before we get into the actual act of creation. Once the eight gods come together and create, we get the mythology where the first mound is created and then there is an [goose] egg from whence the sun god will hatch. Or, in another version, there is a lotus blossom which starts off as Khepri and then manifests into Nefertum.

So, Amun was pretty important even when it came to the Hermopolitan Cosmogony. He grew in prominence around the Middle Kingdom when the Theban kings were like, “Y’all, our god is so fucking awesome: we were able to re-unify the country out of this Civil War we’ve been in for a century or two.” And the people of the land were like, “Yeah, man.” This is further added to when the Theban kings, a second time, re-unified the country after a period of chaos, specifically the rule of the Asiatic leaders or the Hyksos. So, like, Ahmose comes down and kicks some very serious ass in both Kush and Lower Egypt and then is like, “Yo, so my god is so fucking awesome that I won all the wars and I was able to destroy all of the Asiatic fuck-faces that made our lives miserable for a century. And what?” And the people were like, “You’re so right, man.” And thus, his power was pretty much assured.

But, we have the Memphite Cosmogony which goes on about how Ptah totally did the thing because he is a superior craftsman and crafted everything. He was all like, “I’m a create this bitch and I’m going to do it right.” And because he is a superior craftsman, it is so. But this is actually kind of in debate right now (whether or not Ptah actually has his own Cosmogony or not), so let’s just ignore Ptah and his creative things because he’s not actually ever syncretized like the other creator gods. So, let’s get down to the last Cosmogony.

Then we have Atum who is the man over down in Heliopolis. He is self-aware in the Nun and is bored as shit. He talks to the Nun about how bored he is and the Nun is all like, “you have the gift in you; so create!” And so, he does. He makes the entire world.

Look, I honestly don’t know which one is THE one. And I don’t think it really matters. This quote, which I fucking love beyond belief, I think explains syncretism really well, so I’m going to just fucking recreate it here while I bore you to tears,

“Just like people, the gods had roles and responsibilities, jobs in the cosmos that only they could perform, as well as limitations. The gods of ancient Egypt were not omniscient and not omnipotent, but they could manifest themselves in different forms simultaneously, allowing them to remain in the sky or the afterlife realm of the Duat, while sending their bau to appear on earth.

“A god’s responsibility was unique, a cosmic role in the created world that no other deity could perform. Nut ensured the sky continued to exist. Shu’s force kept the sky and ground separate. Hapy governed the inundation’s yearly occurrence. Osiris enabled new life to spring from death - universal regeneration. The god Min ensured fertility. Because each god’s role was unique, if a god wished to perform another god’s function, the two had to ‘inhabit’ one another - a process called ‘syncretization’ by Egyptologists, and described as the gods ‘resting’ in on another by the ancient Egyptians. Gods were not all-powerful, and thus needed to the ‘force’ provided by another god’s responsibility to perform certain functions. So, for the god Amun to perform a fertility role, he and Min - god of fertility - inhabited one another temporarily to become Amun-Min, a new god who was at once both. Similarly, Amun, who embodied invisible and hidden power, might join Re - visible power - to form the all-powerful Amun-Re, the totality of visible and invisible power, the ‘king of the gods.’ In the middle of the night, the dying sun god joined with Osiris, to be empowered by his regenerative energy. The two gods then separated again, allowing the regenerated sun god to continue on his way into the dawn sky.”

- The Egyptian Myths by Garry J Shaw

This is why all of the creator gods are THE creator god. They all have parts that they played, but they couldn’t play them out completely while they were individuals. So they needed to borrow things from one another. Amun needed to borrow Ptah’s ability to craft things and to use words effectively to create things and name them. He also needed to merge with Atum, in a way, to complete the creation process.

If you really still feel like you need “one god” to distinguish as THE creator, then it would probably best to use “Amun” since, out of all of the cults around, he seemed to claw his way to the top of the list the most often.

Okay, so I hoped I helped or explained things properly. And that, you know, you learned something useful.


Look at these AWESOME PEOPLE cosplaying my designs at RTX!!!!! Casual Texas [cosplayer] (she’s even doing the pose god bless), King Gavin [cosplayer], Casual Theta [cosplayer], and Guns For Hire Felix! I’m not sure who Felix is so tag you if that is you!!!!

YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOUR COSPLAYS!!!! Thanks again guys I’m so super honored and happy to see my designs come to life you are all awesome! Let’s do it again 2015!

So i made this edit and that’s my new lock screen and I had my phone on the table in school today and without knowing who he was some of my friends were like “oh my god who is that he looks so awesome- do you have a bf?” and one of my besties went like “Guys.. if you knew her a little bit better you’d immediately guess that it is Johnny Depp” and then they went like “oh my god he looks so good that can’t be Johnny Depp! He looks so handsome!”

And I just thought “well well… you guys no nothing- he doesn’t just look good but I was kind of proud to show them that the media is so wrong!

oh man, reading old rp blogs from like 5 years ago is such a trip…

Musketeers 2x10 (Spoilers)

Okay, I am going to do yet another rant because this show’s previous episode was so suspenseful and intense and its finale was nearly perfect in every way.  I only started watching The Musketeers this summer (because the BBC played previews so much during their promotion of Doctor Who’s season eight premiere ).  But in such a short span of time, the show has got me hooked line and sinker and now ties with Doctor Who as my favorite current tv show.  So now, here is the break down of the Season 2 finale of this beautiful, wonderful show:

-Omfg, I was so freaking nervous about Constance and holy shit, what an incredible rescue.  Athos, D’artagnan, and Treville are bosses.  Once again, Constance has shown she is equally if not more tough than the Musketeers by refusing the blind fold before the almost execution. Props for Treville for handing Rochefort’s ass to him and showing that loyalty is far stronger than any manipulation.

-Ah, Porthos and the Spanish ambassador.  That was a western style shoot out  and it was brilliant.  He’s got some serious balls for taking out like ten guards on his own and a great strategy with having guns in specific places on the forest ground.  And lets not forget Constance with her zinger line to the Spanish ambassador: “Perhaps, I bring men to fight for me.”That’s another great thing about The Musketeers is that it says fuck you to sexism.  I mean because Treville is such a dad, he at first shoots Constance down when she days she wants to come with, but not one objects after she says that Rochefort is her enemy too (Lemay was her medical bro).  D’artagnan treats her more as an equal in this episode and only tells her to be careful.  God, the four of them were so awesome together.

-Milady-master of sass: “God works in mysterious ways” when saving Aramis.  It was also very much of a “surprise bitch, thought you’d seen the last of me” moment that made me laugh.  While showing that Milady is a bamf (but we already knew that), the scene also intrigued me.  It shows the contradictions Aramis is made of.  On one hand he is the Don Juan, a great soldier and not bad with charming the ladies.  On another hand, he has a deep respect for God and has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong (which he may not always act on, but what can we expect, he’s human).  We can see the look/mask of Milady fade when Aramis just punches out the guard (He says she doesn’t have to kill him) and says that she values life too lightly.  The thief, the manipulator, and the chameleon will always be a part of her, but that doesn’t erase the desperate girl (when she was a common street thief) and the desperate woman (the genuine feelings for Athos and her attempt to clean herself up through her marriage) thats also inside.   

-I don’t think BBC ruined Milady’s character by having the scene between her and Athos saying that they are bound together (a fear that some fans have).  It showed a lot of vulnerability on on both their parts.  It in no way, dumbed down their story line.  In fact, it made it much more complicated because she gave Athos an ultimatum.  Deep down she knows Athos will choose the musketeers because its his duty, but she still hopes to have the life with Athos that they were robbed of.  She doesn’t outwardly say she loves him and neither does he.  I had major feels when Athos in his own way said he loved her by saying “It rains a lot in England…”  My Milathos feels, you guys…

-The scenes with Louis and Rochefort were like WTF, but at the same time, gave me more perspective on Louis’ character.  He is so alone in the world (father was murdered, his trusted advisor is dead, he’s been kidnapped (ok that one was more his fault), and he had a psycho play russian roulette with his wife and child).  I understand his feelings of paranoia and since he’s super weak minded, it makes sense he’d latch on to Rochefort.  Louis desperately wants to save his wife because she is the only companion he has had.  Multiple times, he pretty much tells Rochefort to shut the fuck up, because having to execute his wife and give up his son is in no way just a matter of state.  I still don’t excuse him though for giving in and signing Anne’s death warrant.  And OMFG, after the emo-king phase, is he really ready to declare a war with Spain like a day later…Jesus, his character is so flippant.

-The trial scene  for the most part went the way I expected (good for you, Aramis for calling Rochefort out), and, therefore, I was more interested in watching Magritte.  I like the subtleness they put with her character to show how much her guilt is destroying her from the inside out.  She looks so worn out with dark circles around her eyes and the dark gowns.  Her face looks pale and angular.  I know some of you were like she got what she deserved when she killed herself, but I always to a degree felt sorry for her.  She was at the mercy of Rochefort (you have to really understand the time period to understand how much reputation and position meant economically for not only a singular woman/girl, but also for her family). In the end, she is laughed at for having confessed for sleeping with Aramis, which was the thing she was trying desperately to both hide (her reputation) and forget (her broken heart).  Rochefort completely threw her under the bus by doing this and therefore, like Lemay, I’d count her as another victim of Rochefort’s cruelty and ruthlessness. 

-My boys and Constance storming the palace gave me the “hell yeah” feeling and was the centerpiece of the episode.  And Treville was there with them, which gave him an opportunity to dad (he can never not do this) and reclaim his honor (not that it was actually gone, but you know, Louis ruined him).  Man, and the scene leading up to it, showed a huge character growth in Queen Anne, especially with another verbal bitch slap (”know that I did not think a day about you” when Rochefort was being the creepy dude he is).Anne was every bit a queen when she knew/saw what Rochefort intended to do with the chain.  There was no fear in her eyes, just utter bravery (something her husband should really get).  There’s so much coldness when Rochefort looks up at her after being stabbed and she looks back, unemotionally, and does not move an inch.  She’s no longer so naive nor merciful to others who dare threaten her.

-Rochefort, the douche/fuckboy he is, is one tough fuck.  I mean he gets shot in the arm by Constance, stabbed in the back by Aramis, and he’s still able to fight?  And he just pulls the sword out of his back and tries to fight D’artagnan, Athos, and Porthos. As evil as he’s been the whole series, the comparison i made to Rochefort’s last moments was that of a trapped animal.  He knows that Anne despises him, the Spanish ambassador spilled everything, and that Aramis can no longer be executed.  He’s been tortured physically for five years (also lets you know how sadistic the Spanish ambassado is) and now the only thing left to do is not surrender/face execution to gain half an ounce or redemption, but to claw and snarl back.

-On that note, I’ve got to say, I think everyone within the show, was shocked at D’artagnan straight up stabbing Rochefort through the heart.  I mean, I know earlier he said Rochefort is mine, but he had a certain coldness in his eyes and an element of ruthlessness (Rochefort was pretty much done for anyway).  And no, I’m not at at all sympathizing with Rochefort, it’s more on the grounds of the Musketeer’s code of honor.  I think it opens up the gate for a little more darkness for D’artagnan’s character.  Not that I want him to go the opposite direction from the way he already is (love my Musketeers the way they are), but it’s a definite step away from innocence.  Basically, it opens up for more character development for season 3.  

-The wedding was freaking adorable and one that D’artagnan and Constance deserved.  It was so sweet Athos walked her down the isle (he’s so much like Treville).  The only bad thing Treville has done the entire show was cock block Athos from getting to Milady on time by telling him he has to prepare for war.  There’s a sense of grief as he watches the wedding of his friend out of his own broken marriage and it is the trigger that pushes something inside him to say that he wants to fix it. His bros cover for him as he neglects Treville’s orders to go and catch her carriage.  Once again, Milady’s vulnerability is shown through the scenes in between.  She’s dressed in a flowy, blue gown, which was very good symbolism to show that she is bearing herself to Athos and is opening herself up to the feelings of guilt/despair but also hope.  The way she jumped out of the carriage when she heard that random horseman was so heartbreaking.  I wonder if she thinks that Athos doesn’t love her now…NOOOOOOOOOOOO, but we know he does.  So sad that he realizes he’s too late and he finds the singular blue glove. He’s heartbroken…Damn you BBC, she better be coming back.

-Whelp, Aramis learned the moral of the story and that is to control his dick.  But in all seriousness, I think his commitment to live a monastic life shows more about his character and that he truly is trying to fix who is as a person.  He cannot bring the Cardinal’s mistress or Magritte back to life nor can he take back how much fucking danger he put Anne in.  He realizes that and him staying away and living a different life is part of the long road of redemption.  As Porthos said, “That boy is the king’s son.”  I mean, I was heartbroken when he said he was leaving, because he’s my favorite (okay, it’s actually always been a tie between him and Athos because I can relate a lot to Athos and he’s basically the Obi-Wan of the show).  And I didn’t want some random newbie showing up to take his place.  Really glad that it ended with Athos, Porthos, and D’artagnan riding off (of course with dad Treville’s permission) to tell Aramis about the war with Spain and how they’re going to need him.  Most likely, he’ll be back in the game and the perfect team will be united again.

Miscellaneous notes:

-The world of The Musketeers just got ten times bigger with the on coming war with Spain. 

-I’m really hoping Milady will return and part of me thinks she will.  She’s going to England, which leads me to my theory of the season 3 villain.  I think it’s going to be the Duke of Buckingham (the righthand of the king of England).  Pretty sure the book had France and England as allies against the Spanish, if I remember correctly.  Somehow, I think she will be linked to him and it will be a way for her to reunite with Athos.

-Fan girl me says nope Aramis, nope, you’re not leaving your bros and me to go pray. Nope. 

-Really glad Treville is guiding Louis.  Not really happy it’s through war (and neither is Treville), but at least there won’t be another Rochefort running the show.

-Louis is freaking moody and needs to grow up.

-Athos needs to be happy one day and BBC needs to compensate him for his Someone-just-kicked-a-puppy look when he picks up Milady’s glove. 

-The cinematography for this episode was beautiful (when Aramis is walking off on his own with the autumn leaves falling and the other three riding off to go get Aramis).  It was also so well used (the blue of Milady’s dress as well as the emphasis of her left-behind glove in Athos’ hand).

-Louis: “It’s like I’ve woken up from a nightmare.”  Everyone’s like no fucking shit and thinking so have we, so have we…

-Hoping Annamis doesn’t go away.  Their relationship is very domestic, whereas Athos/Milady’s is complex and disfunctional and D’artagnan/Constance is passion/young love.  I like all the ships on the show.

-Constance is awesome and I hope she has no less screen time in season 3 than she had in this season.

-The ladies of the show had all the best lines.  Preach it, ladies…