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if i were a tag !!

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if i were a…
month: February I think .
day: Tuesday?
planet: PLUTOOO!!!!
god or goddess: 
sea animal: MERMAID FIGHT ME
piece of furniture: one of those SUPER huge beanbags
gemstone: jade? maybe?
flower: lilly of the valley 
weather: those 15 minutes before a huge motherfucking thunderstorm
colour: like a minty green
emotion: relaxed
fruit: uhhhh? i don’t like fruit but maybe a peach? 
element: water
place: bedroom (not for spicy reasons stop it)
taste: raspberry hard candy. my loves. 
scent: citrus
body part: eyes
pair of shoes: grey vans 

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[TianShan Week]

Day 5: AU

…Avatar: The Last Airbender alternative universe!

Even I don’t know what He Tian was injured by lol~

In this version, from the get-go, I knew the siblings were going to be from the Southern Water Tribe and Guan Shan was going to be a non-bender(an ex-Freedom Fighter and later finds out his mum is still alive and now currently living with her at Ba Sing Se, working at a family-run restaurant).

He Tian and Jian Yi were so much harder for me to decide… One could be the Avatar(but I thought it didn’t make much sense since both currently have living family), or both from Fire Nation, or something else– Then I realised, why am I thinking so hard about this? I’m not going to draw a whole lot about this universe! XD

So now Jian Yi is a waterbender(I guess he could be from the Northern Water Tribe), just to reinforce the “waterbenders” line that Guan Shan delivers. God knows what element He Tian is in this– I just chosen the colours of the clothes he normally wears lol :P

Shower Fun

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: It’s Elena’s birthday and Damon is insanely mad with you because you are running late. You try to rush things up, but your boyfriend Klaus shows up. Let’s just say things get steamy. 

*Requested smut, read carefully. :) 

Word Count: 1784

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Rowaelin’s daughter x Feysand’s son Headcanon Part II

With the help of the fandom (especially these two @dorianthekinkymf and @readinglikewildfire), we came up with the name for Rowaelin’s daughter, Seraphine and Feysand’s son, Kastiel. Also, let me now if you enjoy this. I’ve been contemplating on doing a fic instead of a hc!

Check out Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.


  • Kastiel’s breath stopped as he took in the sight of the silver jewel drop from the sky
  • Everything seemed to happen too fast when he realises what—no who it actually was
  • Kastiel shouts commands to his team as the large troll wakes up with a rumble
  • He shoots out to catch the girl with the glinting silver hair who’s fallen from a temporary black hole in the sky
  • His other team mate, Grigor, catches the girl’s unusual companion—a wolf with strange coloured fur
  • Landing in Kastiel’s arms is a girl, unconscious and bloody 
  • The first thing he notices is the stark contrast between her silver hair and the blood smeared between them
  • There’s already blood seeping into his Illyrian armour from the girl’s back
  • Kastiel couldn’t stop the panic (something he rarely feels) rising out of him
  • He sees his team fighting the troll, but calls for them to retreat, that there’s another task more important than the mission
  • With the girl in his arms, the team fly towards a safe spot
  • The mist is thick, and the air stuffy as the team fly silently with the troll roaring behind them
  • Kastiel feels the questions hanging in the air, but he knows his team trusts him as he sets down to land in a small clearing between two large willow trees
  • Kastiel gently places the girl down, and he suddenly wishes he could use his mother’s powers to wipe the blood away from her face
  • But the mist continues to swirl around them, stoping their magic from working
  • Her wolf companion limp from where it was resting towards them
  • It lets its sharp fangs show while it watches Kastiel’s every movement
  • He assigns Ariadne to scout the area, and to look for a nearby stream
  • Grigor starts a fire, while Zephyr paces with panic in his face—they had not retrieved the ruby and cannot leave 
  • Zephyr questions the girl’s motives
  • What if she’s not as innocent as she looks, Zephyr asks (this stuns Kastiel into silence)
  • He wanted to shout, look at her—her frail body, her face and hand covered in blood
  • How could she ever hurt anyone he wanted to say
  • But Kastiel remained focused, inspecting every inch of her with the help of Lilia
  • A sliced up palm (where most of the blood smeared on her face and hair is from), deep scrapes in her knees where her pants have torn, and the most worrying of all is a small arrowhead still stuck behind her back in her upper shoulder blade
  • Digging his fingers deep into her wound, Kastiel had no choice but to pick the arrowhead out, noticing a strange marking on the tip
  • He makes a note to thank his uncles, Cassian and Azriel, for teaching him how to patch up his squad while in battle
  • Saving the girl could be part of our mission is his explanation to his team, but he doesn’t voice what he truly feels—the strain in his heart that tells him to save her, save her, saver her
  • And suddenly, turquoise eyes, with golden rings around them slowly open (the most beautiful eyes Kastiel had ever seen)
  • The air hangs heavily between them
  • Until the girl reaches for Kastiel’s face, smearing blood in his cheek, down his face, matching hers
  • Is this a dream? she asks him, voicing his own thoughts, before falling back asleep


  • There was darkness for so long—behind her, in front of her, all around her
  • Seraphine wished so hard for her mother’s fire magic to light the way
  • She wished Fen and Enox were right next to her, but she knows she’s alone in her own void
  • Until Seraphine sees stark blue eyes the colour of the sea, the smell of the woods at twilight
  • And she reaches for the colours contrasting her darkness—not the same as fire, but maybe something better
  • And suddenly it feels like all she’s ever dreamed and wished for is resting in her palms


  • Kastiel makes a silent prayer to thank the Gods for preventing him to bind the girl’s hands
  • Gently laying down the girl on top of soft moss near the fire, Kastiel makes a plan to finish this mission and get back to the Night Court
  • Now would be the time for his mother to save him with her healing magic, he thinks.
  • Ariadne comes back and gives him a slight shake of her head
  • The team did not count on staying in the dense part of the forest for long, and have no extra supplies for one more person
  • Kastiel knows they must all tackle the troll together to complete the mission and save the girl go home
  • Their plan was to distract the troll (not kill it), grab the fallen ruby and fly out of there with his team
  • Grigor and Zephyr grab the ruby from the ground near the troll (awake and weary of them)
  • Kastiel chargers up to the troll and takes out it’s eyes
  • The loud roar fills Kastiel with hope—that the girl will be safely at his room in Velaris, under the hands of his mother’s healing powers
  • Much to Kastiel’s relief, they quickly snatch the ruby back (Grigor and Zephyr carrying it between them)
  • But on their way back to camp, a loud howl echoes in the air, breaking the silence of the forest
The broken arm - Peter Parker

gif not mine

Fandom: Spider-man: Homecoming

Characters: Peter Parker/Reader

Warnings: mention of the broken arm

Summary: Peter somehow broke his arm and he called the reader to help him create some story for Aunt May.

Author’s Note: First Marvel imagine! Thanks @junebugjupiter I’m so happy and grateful that I have you! 

Please, leave some feedback! Enjoy the story!

“You what?!” Y/N asked in a high voice. Peter sighed and repeated himself.

“I broke my arm… Don’t lau…” But loud laughter echoed on the other line. Peter heard how his friend choked with laughter, before hearing a strange click. “Maybe they fell and died of laughter,” he thought. He rolled his eyes. Peter adored his friends, but Y/N was special; they always teased Peter and laughed at his stupid mistakes. He knew that Y/N didn’t mean anything by it. They just liked stupid and funny mistakes. They even laughed at their mistakes, too. But sometimes Peter wanted to web his friend’s mouth and hit them, like right now.

Peter stopped thinking about how he would kill his friend if he had the opportunity when he heard Y/N’s voice.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, I’ve dropped my phone. So, you broke your arm. What do you want from me? A kiss on the cheek or on the broken arm?” they asked in a sly voice.

Peter dramatically sighed and said, “You know how Aunt May will react, so I need some cover story. Like, I was helping an old lady but something went wrong…”

“…And you meet the wall or the floor while you were in Spider-Man’s suit? I got it, pretty boy. I think I can help you. I can’t wait to tell this story to my grandchildren! Oh good God, it’s so stupid but so cool! Where are you? I’ll meet you in 30 minutes.”

Peter recited the hospital’s address and finished the call. He knew that Y/N would tell only his friends who knew about his night life. And he knew that his friends would tease him for 3 months. Definitely.

Parker observed his room once again. Dull grey colour covered walls, simple furniture and hard bed where Peter was lying; nothing special. It was an old hospital where people from the neighbourhood could go to heal their wounds for free.

Peter heard several knocks before seeing a pretty face with Y/H/C hair poke around the corner. A bright smile lit up the dark room.

“Hey, wounded insect. How are you?”

Peter smiled and gave a thumbs-up with his unwounded arm. Y/N smiled again and took a seat near the bed. His friend took their colourful backpack where Peter knew they kept everything for surving high school and big city life.

“So, what do we have here?” asked the friend after greeting Peter. He stretched out on the bed.

“My broken arm and your cheesy jokes.”

“Nuh-uh, Peter. Only your broken arm and my amazing imagination! So, let’s start. You were helping the old lady, like you said, and what happened?” Y/N looked at Peter with Y/E/C holding a black pen and notebook.

“She… Oh God, it’s terrible… ” Peter rubbed his face and sighed. “She was a bandit! Not a bandit bandit, but she was tied up with bandits. She is the grandmother of this gang leader who wants to reveal my identity. And she put on this act where she was in trouble and I helped her. And guess what? Her dear grandson knocked me down! I was so absorbed in helping this lady, that I didn’t notice the car. Even my spidey senses didn’t work!”

Peter expected another burst of laughter, but Y/N was writing the whole story with a straight face. Peter didn’t hear anything that sounded like laughter and he was pretty confused. The boy silently admired Y/N’s features and once again asked himself why such beautiful person talked with him?

Y/N drew a fat point and looked up at Peter with bright eyes. A wide smile appeared on their face.

“I think you should cut the gangster story and leave the story about the lady and the car. You pulled the lady out from in front of the car, but you weren’t so fast and you broke your arm. Do you like this?”

Peter nodded, thankful. “I wish I was creative like you, Y/N. You simply pulled that story from the original story! I’m sorry I bothered you…”

Y/N chuckled and put a hand on his shoulder. Peter looked straight their bright eyes. “Don’t worry, Spidey. I’m glad I helped you.” His friend stood up, stretched, and contentedly grunted. Peter smiled. “So get up. I will walk you to your house. You never know! Maybe a gangster’s grandfather was asked for help and his grandson will break your other arm!” Peter and his friend laughed together.

The boy got up and drearily began, “You know, I’ve got the heavy backpack and the broken arm…” But he was interrupted by his friend.

“No, Peter, I won’t carry your backpack. You have another healthy arm!”

“Oh, my heart! That’s rude, my friend!”

“Bla-blah-blah, insect, I don’t understand your whisper…” The couple left the room.

Another loud laughter in the hallway and the dull grey room became quiet and empty.

readerisland  asked:

If you're still doing prompts could you do 7,97,98,93,1 with Sherlock please? xoxo

Ah, this was a hard one, but so much fun to write! Thanks for requesting this cool combination!

Prompts here X

You ducked behind a piano and took a deep breath while examining your glock.
After seeing that you still had enough ammunition and a spare magazine in your pocket you sighed innerly.
Maybe there still was a chance for not dying today.
Suddenly you heard something thump down directly next to you.
Without hesitating you unsecured your gun and pointed it at the man next to you.
“Jesus Christ!”
You hissed when you realised that it was ‘just’ your flatmate and colleague Sherlock Holmes who, apparently, was also searching for some protection.
The two of you had been hunting down an especially cruel part of London’s Russian Mafia, which had resolved into you being caught in this old theatre, which more resembled a battlefield right now.
“Never. Scare me. Like that. Again.”
You panted and leaned your head against the cool backside of the piano.
For a moment, you were safe.
Well, for a moment.
Because less than a minute later a bullet passed your ear very, very closely.
Time to go back into battle.
You looked at Sherlock who was staring into the void with a concentrated expression.
“Hey, posh boy! What the hell is your problem? We don’t have time for your mind palace- meditation-thingy now! Remember? We’re in the middle of a fight. With the mafia.”
He bolted together and looked at you.
“They’re shooting at us.”
You rolled your eyes.
On any other day you would have admired his ability to drift off whenever he wanted to, but today it was… a little bit icky.
“No shit Sherlock. Now get back to earth. You still got enough magazine?”
He nodded, still seeming to be a bit confused.
Fights were more your thing than his.
You got ready to leave your little safe place and took a deep breath again.
“Lestrade will be here in a few minutes, we’ll get through this. Oh, and Sherlock?”
“As soon as this is over, we should definitely make out.”
You didn’t leave him the time to answer.
Because by the time the detective had realised the meaning of your words you were already firing back at the Russians, yelling things like ‘Dos vidanya’ from time to time.
You truly were something special.
Sherlock eventually followed you to back you up and ten minutes later the police finally arrived.
After that the fight ended quickly.
One of the policemen started talking to Sherlock to know what happened before you could make your way through to him, so you went to greet Greg.
The two of you were close friends and had gone out for some drinks a few times already.
The detective inspector practically started running towards you the second he saw you, capturing you in a tight hug and pressing a kiss on your hair.
“Did your mother never tell you not to start fights with the mafia?”, he asked while pulling away.
You chuckled.
“I guess she just didn’t expect me to solve crimes with a crazy detective.”
His expression changed from playful to something more serious and soft.
He stared at you for a moment.
“Promise me to call earlier the next time you two lunatics plan on doing something stupid like that.”
You smiled and nodded.
“I promise.”
He seemed to be wanting to say more but in this exact moment Sherlock interrupted the two of you.
The detective nodded at the inspector in a manner of greeting.
“(Y/N), can I talk to you for a moment?”
You frowned.
“Uh- sure?”
Sherlock immediately took your arm and almost pulled you away from Lestrade.
“What’s wrong?”, you asked when Sherlock stopped.
The two of you were standing in a little room next to the theatre’s stage now.
“Nothing. I just didn’t want to look at Lestrade flirting with you anymore.”
You lifted one eyebrow and crossed your arms.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous.”
Sherlock lowered his eyes and muttered something that strongly listened like 'I’m not jealous’.
Was he blushing?
“What’s wrong Holmes? Is this the part where you confess your undying love for me?”, you joked and winked at him.
He was acting unusually weird.
“If you want to call it like that, yes. And you’re not really making it any easier for me.”
You widened your eyes.
“Wait. What?!”
“I- I really… like you, (Y/N). And seeing you recklessly risking your life out there today made that finally clear. I realised that if something were to happen to you… I’d never be the same again.”
You had a hard time answering something, anything.
“But- but you’re Sherlock Holmes! You don’t feel for people like… that.”
He looked up again, the turquoise colour of his eyes as shocking as never before.
“I guess you’re the exception then.”
You pressed a hand on your mouth and laughed, feeling as if you were able to fly all of a sudden.
You were living with this god of a man, of course you had developed feelings for him at some point, but given up after realising that he would never feel the same way.
But never was a strong word.
And you couldn’t find any words to properly express how you were feeling right now, so you did the only thing that came to your mind.
You pulled Sherlock close and kissed him softly.
“I really enjoy the idea of being the exception, Mister Holmes.”

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Bad Daddy

Ok so i had an idea for this Fic and just wanted to write it and get it out of my system help me god I have sined. It’s my first smuty phanfic please be gentle also my first language is French so probably a lot of typos. Anyway enjoy!

Warnings: very very smuty, daddy!kink, Dom/Sub, phil!top, Dan!powerbottom, Viagra (;p), dirty talk (my favorite), swearing (ofc), praise!kink, cockslut!Dan, baby boy!dan (he’s his normal self just called baby boy), pain!kink(?), slut!Dan, and that’s about it any other that you see?

Summary: Phil received Viagra for is birthday as a joke, but the next morning Dan as a little evil plan he will put to use, let’s just say it involve him drugging Phil’s coffee.

Usually Phil his the Dom but because of Viagra and all Dan takes control for a bit, but phil regain dominance at the end. It start with Dan’s POV then Phil’s then Dan again and after its a third person POV. Tell me if you want me to do their “next time” like it said in the end (sorry for the spoiler ;p) and what you would want me to put in the Fic like what kink or a prompt or something, also I will accept critics as long as they are to help me not say that I suck ok? Please be nice…

Dan’s POV

‘What is it ?’ I asked curious. It was phil’s birthday and phil was opening pj’s gift smiling, until he realized what was the gift, his smile fell. He looked dead serious into an incontrolably laughing pj. “Are you serious pj?! You really got me those thing for my birthday!” He said throwing the medicine bottle to pj, they were Viagra pills. “Oh come on Phil I was just playing mate. My real gift is at the end of the bag” he said chuckling while reaching for the bottle of Viagra that hit Chris rather than pj and put it on the table.
“Well that’s a better gift” phil chimed seeing the little dessert flavoured candles and getting them out. “thanks Pj now Phil will have an easier job of burning the house down!” I said sarcastically. I love phil very much (even if it was a secret for our friends), but I had to play the fireman every time we were about to go out somewhere and be sure phil didn’t let a candle burning, it was annoying.

Phil opened other gifts and was really happy Chris got him a house plant (a cactus of course), we then talk and laugh and pass the time until Pj said they should go and get some sleep since it was 1 am. Me and Phil said our goodbyes and went straight to Phil’s bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up early and went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast before making coffee, because every time I make it, it’s like phil as a radar and smell the fresh coffee and wakes up. I made waffles of course for my daddy’s birthday and wrote in chocolate sauce 'best Daddy in the world’. Then I started making the coffee by getting the grounded coffee beans in the cupboard but remembering we brought it into the lounge yesterday. I go into the lounge get the coffee beans and Im about to go back, but stop in my track. It’s too late, I saw it, my brain is already thinking of it. With an evil plan in mind, I takes the little bottle from the table and bring it to the kitchen. I serves two cups of coffee and in Phil’s cup put one of the pills. I know it’s wrong and Phil wouldn’t want that (or would he?), but I wants to be fucked senseless by Phil’s huge cock.

Just thinking about phil’s cock in my mouth made mine twitch. I almost trip on my way to the bedroom with Phil’s waffles and cups of coffee. The smell of fresh coffee woke a smiling Phil up of course and his smile grew wider when he saw what was written on the waffles. “I’m the best Daddy huh?” He was now smirking which made me blush and giggle I loved it when Phil was like that “yes” I said almost inaudibly. “Well your the best baby boy in the whole wide world Dan” he kissed me and went back to eating.

Usually I would whine when Phil wouldn’t pay more attention to me, but I know what’s coming so I just waits like a predator on its pray. Phil finishes and I offer to watch a movie and take a day in, Phil agrees and we go in the lounge and start a Buffy marathon, to please Phil.

Phil’s POV

We were about 10 minutes in the third episode when I felt it. At first I taught the pillow was in a weird shape and tried to move it but then I felt my cock throb and knew I was rock hard. I didn’t know how it happened the episodes weren’t arousing or anything and I wasn’t even that close to Dan. I didn’t even think anything sexual, I was kind of freaking out and my cheeks started to let it be known with a crimson colour appearing on them. Oh my god how am I getting out of this one, I can’t really ask Dan to suck me off right in the middle of a Buffy episode and for no apparent reason either. Maybe I could go to the loo and take care of it myself. I quickly get up and reach the door almost running earning a questioning look from Dan.

Dan’s POV

I see him getting hard, I see him getting embarrass, it turns me on just the taught of his huge and thick cock leaking pre come begging me to just touch it. I’m shaken out of my thoughts when I see Phil running for the door, why didn’t he just ask me to take care of his problem? I’m his baby boy, I’m supposed to take care of his cock it’s my job, a job that I enjoy very much. Seconds later I hear the bathroom door close, oh no he’s not taking care of this on his own I want my daddy’s cock in my mouth and up my ass. I run over to the bathroom and open the door seeing a very flustered Phil on the toilet pants and underwear at his ankles getting off with closed eyes moaning so loud he didn’t even hear me.
“Oh fuck it would be so much better if it was Dan” phil thought aloud “I’m here Daddy”
Phil’s eye shot open looking straight at me and stoping his hand, he was getting redder if that was even possible. “You’re being a bad Daddy, touching yourself without me’ I get closer to phil ’ if I’m not suppose to do it so can’t you” I’m now on my knees in front of Phil teasingly kissing his thighs getting closer and closer to his rock hard cock and like I thought he was leaking pre come. “But now that I’m here’ I said continuing my little speech ” let’s do something about it"
Without letting Phil interrupt me I start licking his slit making him throw his head back in pleasure, I wrap my lips around his head and start sucking only making him moan louder. I suddenly stop get up and walking towards the door making Phil whimper and whine “DAAAAN!” Pleaded Phil “why’d you stop”
“Phil I am not going to suck your wonderfully large cock on a toilet get your ass in my bedroom” Phil whined kicking of his pants and underwear and resume to follow me to my room he’s the one usually commanding not me, but right now he is in such a state he will do anything to get off. Phil lays on my bed, spread his leg while I rid myself of clothing and search for the lube and other toys we could use in my dresser. I turn back only to see Phil getting off once again “HEY! Did I tell you, you could touch yourself?”
“Then stop right now” I ordered
“What if I don’t?” Phil asked cheekily.
“I am going to punish you”
Phil chuckled continuing getting of “You punishing me, yeah right. You couldn’t even….” I shut Phil up by tying up his hands “what do you think you’re doing?” He asked
“Punishing you Daddy. You didn’t stop when I asked you to, now you can’t touch yourself” I get back to the dresser take a gag and put it on my nightstand “now if you can’t keep quiet Daddy, I’m going to have to put that on you, you can moan, beg and dirty talk but no more defying my dominance and talking back to me understood?” Phil nodded which is the only confirmation I needed. “Now Daddy, the safe word is Buffy and you tell me if you want to stop ok?”
“Yes, s-sir” Phil said hesitantly
“No keep calling me baby boy, I prefer it that way” I said smiling reasurdidly
“Sure baby boy I like it that way too” he smiled back “But please baby take care of my cock”
“But I need to stretch first” I said innocently, I know he was aching, but he disobeyed me and he needed to learn the lesson, also I wanted him to fuck me hard since this morning I couldn’t wait for it either. I took the bottle of cherry lube, put some on my fingers and started to warm it up so it wouldn’t be too cold and proceeded to massage my rim with my index making sure Phil was seeing all of it. I pushed the first digit in, not taking to long to insert a second one, gasping at the intrusion.
“Oh god! You’re so hot baby boy, I can’t wait to fuck that tight little hole” Phil was now bucking in thin air desesperatly searching for friction on his cock, I took my fingers out letting my hole clench on nothing. I straddle Phil’s lap and put my ass right above his length putting my hands on his hips making sure he wouldn’t buck right into me.
“You want me to ride you Daddy, huh? Want that tight little hole stretch around your huge cock tearing it open?”
“Yes! fuck Dan get on with it” My eyes widen and I slap Phil’s lap.
“I told you to call me baby boy and told you not to talk back… Now suck my dick if you want to get inside me… If you do a good enough job I’ll ride you… Now suck!” I ordered putting both of my knees on each side of his shoulder and placing my cock on his mouth. He didn’t took long and wrapped his mouth around my head and sucked stoping once in a while to lick my slit, I knitted my hand in his beautiful black locks of hair and shoved him further down my length I looked down making sure he was ok and he looked straight back with lustful eyes praying me to fuck his mouth, so I did.

I stopped when I felt a knot form into my stomach. “Now are you gonna be a good Daddy and let me ride you the way I want?” I asked looking deep in is wonderful blue eyes. “Yes!” Phil screamed “yes baby boy!” He was at my mercy, but I wanted to tease him more, I liked the power dominating gave me so I straddle Phil’s hips once again and rubbed my ass on his length, Phil was shuddering and whimpering at the so very little friction “please…” He whispered breathlessly.
“You’re gonna have to beg better than this if you want me to ride you Daddy”

3rd person POV

Dan knew Phil would make him pay by edging him and make him beg even more once this was all done and Phil would be back to his Dominant self, but to tell the truth he couldn’t wait to be punish back. And Phil knew all he could do, to finally have release from his aching hard cock, was to beg his baby boy who was being an ass right now, but an ass he wanted to fuck so badly
“Fuck! Please Baby boy, please ride me,… I know you like my huge cock in your tight ass tearing it open,…. fucking you deep into your hole pounding your sweet spot every time making you come hard! Please baby!”
Dan sinked himself right onto Phil’s huge cock loving the burning sensation the stretch gave him, leaving Phil crying out in pleasure. Dan was bouncing on Phil, bottoming out and hitting his prostate every time. “FUCK YES DADDY! You like when I bounce on your huge throbbing dick like the filthy cockslut I am,… Am I being good for you Daddy? Is your baby boy ridding you good? Making you want to come?”
“Yes Baby you’re so good, let me touch you ” Phil pleaded wanting to fuck Dan deep into the mattress and gain back his dominance.
“Of course Daddy” replied Dan to tired to keep up his dominant side and untied Phil’s arm then throw the tie away. Phil then placed his hand on Dan’s hips and flip them over, Dan yelped in surprise but started moaning “Daddy!” Louder and louder letting Phil know he could fuck him hard. Phil thrusted harder and faster into Dan praising him “you’re so good baby boy taking my huge cock like the dirty slut you are. Who’s slut are you?"Phil asked while kissing Dan’s neck and leaving a mark.
"Yours D-daddy! Yours, and only yours!"Dan cried out in pleasure he was getting closer and closer to cumming. "D-daddy… I-I’m close..” Dan warned
“Me too baby, do you want Daddy to come on your beautiful face?’ Phil asked nipping at Dan’s earlobe 'Do you want your Daddy to fuck your mouth like you did before? You wanna taste Daddy’s come MY little cockslut?” And it’s all it took to push Dan over the edge and come all over his and his Daddy’s stomach clenching around Phil’s cock and screaming in pleasure. Phil helped him ride out his orgasm his thrust getting sloppier.

“Fuck my mouth Daddy! Fuck your baby boy’s mouth and come on my slutty face Daddy!” Phil pulled out and got off the bed standing, Dan kneel in front of him and took Phil’s dick into his mouth. Phil took hold of Dan’s hair and pushed him slowly further down his length until Dan’s nose was touching Phil’s groin. He hold the position, Dan swallowing around phil and moaned. Phil then pulled out to let Dan breathe and buck right back into Dan’s mouth fucking it hard. He fucked it harder then usual, but Dan loved it and couldn’t wait to taste Phil’s wonderful come, Phil moaned loudly letting Dan know he was close. He pulled out and started pumping his length rapidly looking at his baby boy’s face, mouth open, tongue out waiting for his huge load to spat on his face. Dan looked at him with lust filled eyes and Phil came undone spurting white ribbons of come on Dan’s face. Dan licked all the come off his face and collect it with his finger to taste it.
“Mmmhm Daddy’s come is so good and warm” he then sucked Phil and made sure none was left and swallowed it all.

Phil then fell on the bed tired from the amazing sex they just had, Dan cuddling up to him and putting his duvet on them. The Viagra had worn off and Phil was finally back to normal, but he couldn’t help wonder why he got so hard all of the sudden for no reason. “Dan?”
“Yeah?"Dan answered sleepily
"I don’t know why I got hard and I was kind of freaking out and kind of still am. What if it happens in public? We couldn’t take care of it like we just did” Dan chuckled which made Phil frown “Dan I’m being serious there was no reason I got hard I wasn’t even thinking about you”
“Well I’m glad you think about me when you get hard, but I wouldn’t worry as to why you were hard"Dan giggle when phil gave him a questioning look "don’t hate me, but…I put one of the Viagra pills in your coffee’ Dan looked down full of guilt when Phil’s furious eyes looked at him "I’m sorry Daddy, I just wanted to see what it would be like to be the dominating one” Dan softly said pouting, Phil’s eyes soften when he saw Dan’s sad face. “Oh baby it’s alright you could of just tell me you wanted to try… I quite enjoyed you making me beg… But please don’t tell me you think I need those pills to please you” now it was Phil who was sad, he was always afraid he couldn’t keep up with Dan’s stamina, he was older then his baby boy.
“Oh no Daddy! You please me enough, I just knew you would be begging for me to touch you if you were and… and I quite enjoyed it too, I would like to alternate if you want Daddy?”
“Of course baby and I’m glad I can please you, now let’s cuddle ok?”
“Ok, Daddy… I love you phil"Dan replied sleepily
"I love you too, Dan” Phil said before they both drifted to sleep already dreaming of their next time.

It’s not hard to guess who inspired this, hm?

Best Friends Forever - Taehyung/V angst

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Hello I’m back

“Tae, can I talk to you?” you asked from your position on the sofa crammed in the corner of the practise room. He didn’t hear you at first; he was too busy trying to perfect a step.

Jimin was flopped on the floor, looking up at the younger boy closely to make sure he didn’t go wrong anywhere or overbalance and hurt himself.

Taking a deep breath, you stood up and started again, taking a few steps closer.

“Tae,” you said, making his head move up to meet your gaze through the reflection of the mirror. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”

He shook his head immediately and you shrunk into yourself a bit. “Not right now, Y/N, I really have to get this bit down.”

“Oh, okay. Afterwards?”

“Probably not; I’m going straight to bed after this.”

“Ew, what? You gotta shower first.” Jimin interjected from the floor and Tae shrugged, taking up the starting position from the previous step.

“I’ll shower in the morning.”

“That’s gross - you’ll have sweaty bedsheets.”

As the two boys continued their arguing, you stepped backwards and turned to leave the studio.

“See you tomorrow.” you called after you as you left. Jimin waved in your direction.

“Bye, Y/N!” Tae yelled.


“So, did you tell him?” your best friend asked you and you sighed into your phone.

“No, I didn’t get a chance to. I don’t know what to do.”

“Oh. Well, how many days have you got left? Until the end of the week, right?”

“Yeah.” you answered, chewing your thumb nail.
“You have plenty of time to tell him until then, don’t worry.”

“But what if I can’t tell him? He’s really, really busy lately and he doesn’t have the time to talk to me at all, let alone help me out. I’m really stressed out about this.”

“Don’t be. It’ll all fall into place, okay?”

“How do you know?” you sighed, falling backwards onto your bed and staring up at your dark bedroom ceiling.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t. How much more do you need until you can get your own place?”

“Not that much; it’ll take me only about two weeks to earn it from my job. I just don’t have anywhere to stay for that last week.”

“Agh, I wish I could do something. You’re being evicted for God’s sake! I feel so useless all the way over here.”

“Don’t, you’re being my moral support. It’s invaluable,” you yawned. “Well, I’m going to go to sleep. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight, Y/N. Don’t worry about a thing!”


“I don’t know, Y/N… He’s in a pretty rough mood…” Jungkook said at the front door, not meeting your eyes and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“What do you mean?” you questioned. “Listen, Jungkook, I really need to talk to him.”

“No, I mean it, Y/N. He’s not in the right frame of mind. You’d be better to come back tomorrow when he’s rested more and isn’t trying to kill everything that moves.”

“What the hell? What’s wrong with him?”

“We don’t know,” Namjoon walked up to front door and shifting Jungkook away, the youngest disappearing into the dorm. “But Jungkook is right; you probably shouldn’t be here right now.”

“Oppa, please, this is really serious. Can I just go in for five minutes to see hi-”

“No, Y/N,” he said sternly. “Go home now. I’m sorry.”

With that, he shut the door in your face.

What the hell was that?


The next day ended similarly and you were getting progressively more desperate. Even your best friend couldn’t say that everything would be okay; you were getting evicted tomorrow and you had no where to stay at all. Your mother was leaving the city for a few weeks to stay with her sister, as was your father, but you couldn’t leave because you had school. You had to find somewhere in less than twenty four hours and with no friends apart from classmates you didn’t really know and Taehyung, who was too busy for you, you were in serious trouble.

“I’m going to have to be homeless.” you cried, tears streaming down your face.

“No, no, don’t say that! You’ll find something, I know you will.” your best friend said confidently. “Is there a library nearby? You could try and hide in there overnight. It’ll be cold so wrap up warm. Or, is there a twenty-four hour coffee shop near? They’re used to students sleeping there overnight so they won’t be too bothered by you.”

“How the hell do you know all this?”

“It’s been rough. So, are you gonna try this?”

“I… There’s no harm in trying. I haven’t seen any twenty-four hour coffee shops so I’ll go to the campus library. There are toilets there too.”


You had been sleeping at the library for three days after you had finally been kicked out of your apartment. Tae and you hadn’t spoken at all and you had only caught glimpses of him rushing somewhere. Even though you knew he hadn’t had any part in it, and it wasn’t his fault for ignoring you, you couldn’t help but feel neglected. You expected him to at least try to text you to see how you were or if you were okay but you had gotten nothing. Except for the calls from your best friend to check in on you and the regular messages from each parent making sure you were alive, your phone was completely silent.

Fuck him, basically.

On the fourth day, you decided that you deserved a coffee and somewhere warm to sit whilst you did some work, so you made your way to the coffee shop that was just outside of campus.

Settling into your chair at your table of choice next to the window, you sipped on your hot beverage and flipped your notebook open, brows furrowing as your tried to discern the messy scribble of your notes.

You had been sitting there peacefully for the last ten minutes when the door was slammed open, sending a wave of cold air washing over you, catching your attention so you could glare irritably at the unwelcome newcomer.

However, just as your face formed a glare, it was gone as soon as your saw who it was and the strange mixture of relief and anger mixed on their face as they stormed towards you.

“T-Taehyung?” you stuttered as he grabbed your arm and heaved you out of your seat, frog-marching you towards the door. “What the fu- Let go of me!”

You struggled in his grip but his hands were holding onto you for dear life and you couldn’t get him off you, no matter how hard you tried to pry him off.

“Taehyung!” you cried, ignoring all of the stares from the other customers in the café.

However, he remained completely silent until you had left the building and even then, he walked a few paces from the entrance and gently pushed you against the wall of the café, barring your exit by resting his hands on the wall on either side of your head.

“Where have you been?” he asked and you were surprised at the softness and raw emotion in his voice; a stark contrast from his dark expression.

“Why do you care?” you snapped, your glare not wavering even as you stared deep into those eyes that you loved so much.

“What are you talking about? Of course I care, you’re my best friend!”

“Are you?”


“Taehyung, I’ve been gone for over a week and you haven’t noticed until now? And you call yourself my best friend.” you scoffed, crossing your arms angrily over your chest.

“Do you know how scared I’ve been?” he whispered and you were caught off guard when his eyes began to fill up.


“When you left the studio that day, I knew I should have gone after you but I didn’t think much of it. I just thought you’d come back the next day, but you didn’t. You didn’t come the day after that either and when I was given time to think, my thoughts were constantly on you; where were you? What were you doing? You were always around and I felt so lonely when you weren’t.”

“That doesn’t explain why you didn’t come and look for me, Taehyung.” You said, voice softer than it had been, but arms still crossed securely, defending yourself from him.

“I tried to! God, Y/N, I tried so hard, but they wouldn’t let me! It was practise, practise, practise! I’m supposed to be practising now but I said I had to go to the bathroom and I ran straight out of the building to your apartment but the woman next door said that you had moved out!”

He was beginning to get hysterical now, his cheeks colouring red and his eyes wide.

“You had moved out and I had no idea where you were! I was so scared, I thought you had left me completely and I was too busy to listen to you!”

Tears were beginning to stream down his face as his voice became distorted from his panic and sorrow. His hands left the wall on either side of your head and reached down to unfold your arms, clutching tightly onto both of your hands in his and bringing them to his chest.

“Where have you been, Y/N? Where did you go?” he asked, one hand leaving the bundle to rest on your cheek. You exhaled lightly, leaning into his touch, closing your eyes momentarily before opening them and looking up into his again. They were red-rimmed and slightly puffy as well as slightly glassy from the remaining moisture.

“I’ve been… I was… I was e-evicted.”

He didn’t move for a solid thirty seconds and you were beginning to get uncomfortable with the intensity of the gaze so you tried to move away but his grip tightened on your hands and face.

His eyes just stared into yours, a whole flurry of emotions flashing across his beautiful orbs at a pace you couldn’t keep up with. The two of you just stared at each other, desperately, until;

“Move in with me.”


“What?” you gasped. His face held no hint of a lie, or a joke.

“Move in with me.” His voice was deadly serious and he showed no signs of changing his mind.

“W-What? Taehyung, be serious-”

“I am being serious. You’re my best friend, Y/N. You mean the world to me. If I have to fall out with management to ensure you won’t be living on the streets, so be it.” He let go of your face, reaching down to gather both of your hands and clasping them against his chest. “Move in with me.”

Was he insane? Did he actually put any thought into this at all? Like, any? Not only would his managers wholly disagree with the arrangement, you would have to share everything with seven boys. There was already no room as it was and you would be intruding. You would be alone a lot of the time as they had schedule’s and you would get hate and backlash off all the fans. It just didn’t make any sense. No way. You couldn’t.

“You act as if I give you a choice,” He muttered, turning away whilst keeping one hand firmly glued to yours, tugging you back inside the café. “Coffee’s on me. We have a lot to talk about.”


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if i were a…

month: June

day: Saturday/Sunday

planet: Venus

god or goddess: Persephone

sea animal: Dolphin

piece of furniture: Rocking Chair

gemstone: Rose Quartz (this was so hard, I love so many)

flower: Gardenias

weather: Sunny

colour: Forest Green

emotion: Excited

fruit: Strawberries

element: Water

place: France

taste: Icing

scent: Bergamot

body part: Eyes

pair of shoes: Surprisingly comfy heels

i’m tagging: @purgatoan @winvhesters @sapphirebluecas @thinkwritexpress-official and anyone who wants to because I’m to lazy to tag anyone else!

We should play truth or dare more often

Pairing : Kyungsoo x reader
Genre: smut (tiny bit of fluff)
Word count: 2,472

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Gathered around a bottle, you sat with nine boys, playing a strange and definitely tamer game of dirty truth or dare. 

 "So who’s turn to spin next?“ Jongdae smirked. 

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((Why thank you, darling. :3c This is my first NSFW in a while,so I hope it’s good. ♥))

Tsunayoshi Sawada:
He felt what it was like to worry, and it left a bad taste in his mouth. A stirring pain in his stomach that made his heart twist with desire on a whim- plagued with a certain longing that twined his tongue to yours on a heated breath that drew those lips in closer when he imagined them plastered to someone else.

Tsuna couldn’t have that. He couldn’t see you with another man if it killed him- his hands groping skin that had yet to be exposed a little rougher than other nights he spent undressing you. Savouring his sweet treat with bliss as it was time his darker colours showed through that soft side he gave up so easily.

Lord, he never wanted to imagine again what it would be like to have someone else break and unwind you. To have that voice breathy and shattered when he plowed deeper inside of you and watched his own hips grind into you like a piston making those hips rise under him.

“Slow down-” You begged, but he was hardly listening through intense thoughts making his head spin at that very moment. All he wished to do was ravage you- make you wish you never spent a day with another man that wasn’t him as he made you finish hard and wrap those legs tight around his heavy lower half that pushed into you hard and left you panting for more. “Tsu-na-!”

“Yeah-” He voiced subconsciously, but his lips were just speaking out on their own when they moved. He was on cloud nine; still on the high of having your sleek skin slowly grinding against his when your head fell back into the pillows and your body went slack. “Oh g-god…”

His eyes felt heavy. The starry spiral of colour and dizziness flashing before his lids when he wanted to lie on top of you and just crash into the sheets. It was his best performance in bed ever, and it was driven by pure, hated, jealousy.

Kyoya Hibari:
Blackness. A solid shadow gripping your wrists and another that chewed your lip with rusty copper- razored bites making you quiver, but you wanted it all. You wanted the seething hatred built into jealous pits making him dread treating the one he should have found some care for like a dog begging on their pathetic knees.

There was no faith in the one he buried into the floor with a catch of his wrist and forced them down so unceremoniously. It was ugly jealousy- his brain running free with the ideas of disloyalty and disgusting lies that he wanted to burn to ash and cinders before he could have to face those pitiful eyes again when they couldn’t face him so low.

No when the mouth of yours couldn’t so much as speak around his cock. Tongue pressed flat under veins stroked with saline cum drizzling against your mouth and swollen lips so hotly where he wouldn’t look. 

He didn’t like sex much, but it was one thing when he held your mouth to his dick and made you choke him down a little rough as payment for all the deceit and treason he faced. His gruff moans worth every second of the idea that you were ever unfaithful to such a man capable of getting you off only with his heated voice flowing out whether he wanted it to or not.

“Watch your teeth.” he growled above you, fingers threading at your scalp deeper when he was close. The grip of his cum spreading down your tongue as your mouth bobbed down his shaft and gave him a taste of pleasure when you tried to slip away, but felt him shove you further along his cock just when he came. “I hate wasting my time with you.”

“I would never cheat on you.” You spoke, swallowing down the um he poured into your mouth grossly, and he winced at the way you dared speak to him again. “But if that’s what it takes to make you want me- then I’ll do it all over again.”

Dino Cavallone:
Dino was your boyfriend. He was your lover, your partner, your everything- but, when you were told your boss wanted to see you. It was chilling. A thrill shivering in your spine when talking to someone a little naughtily got you some wanted attention. Discipline, really, and it was worthy of licking your lips before he punished them in every rugged kiss.

It was worth knowing that you were covered in his every bruise and menacing love bites when you thought of all the reasons you ever thought of starting up trouble just to make this bad boy come out of his shell. 

Just one night where slow and steady wasn’t going to finish you before Dino did- and he was out for blood. No mercy, he wanted to hear you scream when he had a way of making that mouth suck in all the right places. His tongue so able to brush along the lips of your entrance heatedly- dragging further along to the clit he sucked like candy with a hum that left you shaking with wanton desire. 

“You will never find someone like me,” Dino whispered darkly. His body glowing with the touch of sweat he worked up just getting you hot. His muscle defined in the shade of his bedroom as you wanted so desperately with a smirk. 

His dirty, little girl who sat back all pretty and disheveled when he aimed to make you feel like there was only one man who could take care of you. And his name was Dino Cavallone. The name he wanted to hear you cry out when he fucked you- listening to ever sharp breath coming from the mere seconds he grazed hot kisses of passion to your neck and let you whine for him. 

“Tell me you want me,” He purred, hands falling along your sides to dig bruises into your skin where he marked you hard. “Say it.”

He had no reason to be jealous. There was no guy as perfect as him. No one with a face as flawless and eyes as beautiful as his when they streaked by your binds in a hasty chuckle prowling down over your back where his hard-on pressed down to the dip of your back on the slow rut of his body to yours from behind.

He could get off just rubbing along your perfect skin- swallowing with joy at the prey all tied up and gagged when he tapped the dimples in your skin and waited for you to plead for the forgiveness he had no reason to give, but loved to watch you suffer and try. 

But if you wanted it- you would be a good girl. You would sit in your ribbons and collars like a precious puppy willing to play and behave when he demanded it. 

“That’s a good girl,” Byakuran smiled, his fingers passing along the latex coating edging down your thighs carefully when he gave the band a little stroke teasingly and watched you squirm. “You’re a lot quieter when you aren’t flirting with my soldiers.”

No response, and your eyes trembled. His stare was just getting started- his mercy at its limits when he let his erection show through the bulge he gently stroked under his jeans tensely. He didn’t mind putting on a little show for you either, after all, who could you tell. It was just getting you hotter- endlessly making you wish you could touch the soft, sensitive flesh between your thighs…

“You won’t mind talking back to me that way, would you?” He requested, that voice dropping a few octaves when his face moved near to yours when a palm lifted your jaw. His fingers tugging slowly at the curve of your lips when he laughed. “Let’s hear you dirty talk me, sweetheart.”

There was no making it back to the bedroom; it was dominance he needed to assert, and there was no need for the comfort of sheets or the floor for what he could do to you. The riling growls and grunts of his voice making him sound agitated when he took you on his hips hard. His hands pinned to your sides hard when he rode you down on his cock fast- his breaths breezing by your neck when he heard those moans rolling down his own skin.

Backed against the door, Xanxus didn’t give a fuck if no one or everyone heard you riding him. He just wanted you to realize the way you made him so horny- the way he hated when you talked about some other asshole like he was the sexiest thing you’d laid eyes on when a true stud was right there before your very eyes and making you cum down his shaft like never before. 

He was perfect. Xanxus was the best lover without a doubt who hit the right spot on the first try- arching his back when you came down on him and cried out his name. “There-” You called out louder, hips falling against his cock- thighs aching from the roughness but still craving another round- or never wanting this one to end. “Oh god- there!”

He could only laugh. The scene you were causing making you seem so adorable- like a virgin having her first taste of real sex that was about to leave you so spent and drained you would regret mentioning that lackluster moron to your real lover. 

“Xan-xus,” Your breathy voice groaned out, and his lips tilted to yours in the moment. Hands gliding around your waist when he lowered you from his cock to the floor with a trembling shudder in his powerful muscles. “Take me home.”

He scoffed. “Why don’t you get your lover boy to do it for you." 


Unforgettable (Baekhyun drabble)

23. Hey! Not here, people are watching!
35. Wow… that escalated quickly

Word count: 1085 (Here I am again with my long ass drabbles, sorry)

Genre: fluff 

A/N: This one is for a beautiful anon, I know it took me ages but I really hope you like it and forgive me for taking so long. Thank you so so much for the request it’s my first Baek writing. Enjoy and take care xoxo.

Originally posted by wooyoung

You looked around every way possible. The place was full of people. People behind you, people beside you, people in front of you…

It was only matter of time for them to realise the guy next to you was Byun Baekhyun, the same guy who was holding your hand and the guy you’d been dating for almost a year now.

You were sweating your heart out because you knew once this boy had something in mind there was no way for him to back off. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to do it either, of course you wanted to but you knew as well it wasn’t the right time and specially not the right place.

You put your eyes on Baek and you saw that look on his face, the look of pure desire and determination.

– Jagi! – he pleaded squeezing your hand.

– Hey! Not here! People are watching! – you said letting go of his hand, and looking around once more.

You wanted to please him, you really did, not just because of him but because of yourself too. When would you two have an opportunity like this again?

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okay okay okay okay but no

  • aoba cutting koujaku’s hair like he said he would in the drama cd
  • koujaku sitting there secretly really nervous letting this amateur cut his hair
  • but he’s like tryna reassure himself like “it’s okay koujaku you love aoba your trust aoba it’s gonna be fine he’s not even cutting that much off it’s okay it’ll be fine what could possibly go wrong" 
  • and then when aoba’s almost done there’s this really loud snip and all koujaku hears from behind him is "oops" 
  • and he turns around so fast and aoba’s just holding this HUGE FUCKING CHUNK of black hair and looking mortified and he’s like "oh my god koujaku i’m sorry i’m so so sorry”
  • and koujaku is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED because oh my god that is so much hair how did he even manage to do that but aoba looks so upset like he’s on the verge of tears so koujaku can’t even be mad at him
  • so instead he just gives aoba a hug and is like “it’s okay it’ll grow back it’s not even that bad” tryna reassure him even though it is SO MUCH HAIR he cut off and it clearly IS THAT BAD
  • and he feels aoba’s shoulders shaking uncontrollably and his breathing hitching and he’s like “oh my god is he actually crying about this?” and pulls away to give him a comforting lil kiss
  • but then he sees aoba’s shoulders were shaking for a different reason
  • he’s fucking laughing
  • like full on, tears-streaming-down-the-face, can’t-inhale, laughing his absolute ass off
  • and koujaku’s like “what the fuck aoba”
  • and aoba can’t even fuckin talk he’s laughing so hard so he just opens the hand holding the chunk of hair so koujaku can see that it’s a fucking extension
  • he went out and bought a fucking hair extension the exact colour of koujaku’s hair in advance just to fuck with him
  • and it slowly sinks in and by the time koujaku fully understands what has transpired here (read: his boyfriend is the most evil human being on the planet) aoba is just absolutely howling
  • that is until he sees the look on koujaku’s face then he makes the wise decision to turn tail and run for his life
  • and then koujaku chasing aoba around their apartment and aoba’s like “REN HELP HE’S GONNA KILL ME” and koujaku’s like “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I’M GONNA KILL YOU YOU ASSHOLE” and ren’s like “idk man i warned you this would happen when you bought the extension” and continues to just chill with beni watching their dumbass owners chase each other around like idiots
  • and then eventually koujaku corners aoba in the bedroom and tackles him onto the bed and tickles him mercilessly until aoba begs his forgiveness 
  • and it’s really cute and they’re huge dumb loser dorks in love who just fuck with each other for fun and and good time is had by all
Eustass Kid Headcanon RANT
  • He isn’t overly fond of clothing. It tents to be in his way while using his devil fruit power.
  • He always carries a little bag with little metal stuff.
  • He hates rust.
  • He likes to listen to music, he doesn’t care about the genre though.
  • He had to shave his eyebrows due to a bet with Killer… Helost, and decided to keep it that way.
  • He has commitment phobia.
  • Kid really likes raspberries. (But he thinks it’s to feminine so he keeps it to himself)
  • He doesn’t really like Luffy, Apoo and Bonney. But he gets along pretty well with Zoro, X Drake and Hawkins.
  • He has a little sister who follows his adventures via the newspaper. She has a huge crush on Killer nobody knows about.
  • Speaking about Killer… His hair often gets caught in Kid’s prosthesis.
  • He hates to do chores, especially cleaning the dishes.
  • He and his crew landed on Drumm as well. That’s were he got his coat.
  • He is more of a cat person. But he likes big dogs!
  • Kid’s an amazing artist. His 3D-sketches for his prosthesis are breath taking!
  • He has a hard time talking to women.
  • He doesn’t believe in God, but in demons and ghosts.
  • He loves the sound of biting into fresh green apples!
  • If he isn’t drinking alcohol, he only drinks water or coffee. Black coffee.
  • He likes simple home cooked meals. It reminds him of home.
  • His favourite colour is a ver very dark purple.
  • He sleeps naked. (Or in whatever he wore when he fell asleep)
  • When not working on something metal-like, he likes to read.
  • He gained his devil fruit power when they just entered the Grand Line.
  • Before that, he used to be a sniper.
  • He doesn’t really like cute stuff.
  • Kid is often braiding Killer’s hair when drunk.
  • His father is an engeneer, his mother tailor.
  • He hates the smell of cigarette smoke.
  • When he first used his devil fruit power, he broke his nose with a flying jug.
  • He is a heavy sleeper, but moves a LOT.
  • He really likes pastries.
  • Kid actually misses swimming.
  • He HATES porcelain puppets!
  • He cares a lot about his teeth.
  • He takes a shower twice a week. He doesn’t bathe though.
  • He’s amazingly flexible.
  • Kid is a very good basketball player.
  • He suffers phantom limb pain.
  • He is a hustler and pyromaniac.
  • He fishes to calm down. (It doesn’t work.)
  • He’s allergic to Nickel.
  • He became a pirate because of his father. He used to say: “Kid, my kid, do not become a pirate!” BAM, rebellious teenage phase… and Kid was gone.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

A/N: Here’s the third and final part of Captured! Hope you’ll like it.

Pairing: Steve x reader

Words: 2,462

Warning(s): mentions of nightmares, pain, some angst, reader is recovering from being mind controlled

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Prompt:  “Y/N, I’ll die before I let anything happen to you.’’

Pairing: Jace Wayland + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 1k+
Warning(s): Fluff, demons (should this be considered a warning?)
Note: Hooray! I reached 1k followers. And to celebrate it, here’s the first Shadowhunter imagine, whoop. :D

+     +     +     +     +     +

You finally did it. Your instincts suddenly kicked it and you could reach out for the Mortal Cup inside the card. Maybe it was the pressure of wanting it so desperately since it was the only thing that could rescue you at the moment, demons creeping towards you and cornering you. There was no way out, so you just tried again. 

Or maybe it was because you were so afraid, your anxiety level reached its top and you just did it without really realizing what was happening. Either way, you got the Cup, made the demons go away and ran your way out of the ending corridor. 

As you entered the main room again, where Izzy and Jace were previously in a fight with some demons, silence hit you like a slap. There was no one, no Isabelle, no Jace. Not even Alec who could’ve caught up to you. Since no one was there, you just started to yell out some names.

‘Jace? Izzy?’

You frowned when there was no response, not even when you yelled for Alec. You tried again, this time only calling out for Jace and like some kind of dog, he finally appeared, jogging towards you, sighing.

He stopped in front of you as you reached out for him. A fresh scar right above his eyebrow was visible and you immediately started to worry. Even though you shouldn’t be, he was a Shadowhunter after all. He would heal eventually. But as you touched his face, he avoided it and an irritated face appeared.

‘I’m okay,’ he said, sounding a bit hurried, 'what happened?’

You knitted your eyebrows together, surprised and a bit taken aback by his question as you stuttered out an answer.

'I-I… Jace, I got the Cup,’ you smiled, motioning at your bag which rested upon your hip, 'I don’t know, I just did it. I’m probably just as surprised as you’ll be a-and…’

'Y/N,’ he cut you off, cupping your cheek with one of his hands as his multi-coloured eyes looked into your beautiful eyes, 'you’re amazing. I know you could do it. Now, give me the cup and we’ll head back to the institute.’

You were so caught up in his electric touch, always enjoying those intimate moments with Jace. He could make you feel like you were on cloud nine and made you feel appreciated in the institute, like you weren’t such an outcast.

But when he said those words, you blinked a few times and pulled away from his touch, which you still craved for secretly. 'Give you the Cup?’

'Yeah,’ he said like it was so obvious to give him the Mortal Cup, 'it’s for the best and it’ll keep you safe. Y/N, I’ll die before I let anything happen to you.’

It made you tear up a bit, hearing those lovely words from Jace’ mouth. Those words also made you reach out for the Cup in your bag, giving Jace one last glance as your heart skipped a beat.

His eyes turned blue, just for a second. Mundanes wouldn’t even notice, not even you in the first place, but some voice echoed in the back of your head. It was Jace, telling you how to catch up to the little details. How demons acted, almost craving for the Mortal Cup. And then the eyes, which sometimes turned blue.

This wasn’t Jace.

Your hand let go of the Cup and you grabbed your seraph blade, stabbing the demon right through his stomach, but still didn’t turn back into one. It was still Jace, his multi-coloured eyes begging for mercy as you noticed how he had trouble catching some air. ‘Y/N,’ he stuttered, voice sore and soft, making you almost sob.

‘Jace? Oh my god, Jace,’ you cried out, regret and sorrow filling your body and your hand almost letting go of the blade.

It took so long for you to notice, but this time the eyes turned totally blue and his face expression changed. It became hard, anger visible and then the monster opened his mouth, showing its ugliness and emotionless face.

You were suddenly filled with determination, pushing the blade through its body and then it turned into dust. You were left with the sword, still not realizing you just stabbed Jace. What if it wasn’t a demon? What if it was just Jace? You whimpered as you heard footsteps, turning around to another demon. Or Jace. You were left confused as you pointed your blade at him.

‘How do I know it’s you?!’ you cried out, tears slipping from your eyes as you still didn’t really process what just happened.

He surrendered by raising his arms and did not look surprised at all actually.

‘When I was nine, my father killed my falcon off because I loved it and did not made it listen to me,’ he rambled, almost nervous as you lowered your sword, convinced he was the real Jace.

‘Jace, oh my god it’s you,’ you whispered, letting him embrace you as you hugged him back, almost afraid of letting him go. His hands brushed through your hair as you silently sobbed into his shoulder, so glad he was still alive and okay.

You pulled back a bit, finally brave enough to do something you wanted to do for a very long time. As Jace opened his mouth to say something again, you just mumbled: ‘Just shut up and kiss me,’ and you placed your lips on his lips, immediately loving the feeling and taste of his chapped lips with your salty lips. It was like a puzzle finally fitting, like two people molding together.

Jace of course responded like he wanted to do exactly the same thing, but he unfortunately separated a bit too fast. He just smiled, you drowning in his smile and eyes.

‘Let’s head back to the institute, for real,’ he said, still wearing that warm smile upon his face, making you smile too as you nodded, grabbing his hand and walking out of the creepy place.


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Blogmas 4; A Very, Very, Merry Christmas.

What about a Christmas one with Louis where your really pregnant and it’s snowing and Johanna helps you give birth in the house with Louis on Christmas Day

I absolutely adored writing this one. Especially in the light of our darling second-mother, Johannah. 

I changed and tweaked the request up a tiny, little so it’s not going to be on Christmas Day but it’ll be a week or so before; but it follows the general gist of the request sent in. Thank you to to Anon who sent this in - it’s a wonderful little something.  

This story doesn’t link up with the Louis storyline I’ve got for his writing, but, it’s just a sweet little one-off something to make it Christmas-y.

Enjoy. xx

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